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Encyclopedia > Dutch colonial empire
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The Netherlands followed Spain and Portugual in establishing a colonial empire outside of continental Europe. Their skills in shipping and trading and their surge of nationalism and militarism accompanying the struggle for independence from Spain aided the venture. Alongside the British, the Dutch initially built up colonial possessions on the basis of corporate colonialism, with the Dutch East India Company dominant. State intervention in the colonial enterprise came later. Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. ... This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. ... The Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland) is the European part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden). ... The Portuguese Republic (República Portuguesa), or Portugal, is a democratic republic located on the west and southwest parts of the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. ... Shipping is the transport of cargo between seaports by ships, typically large steel vessels powered by diesel engines or steam turbine plants. ... A fruit stand at a market. ... // Nationalism because merrit is donkey. ... Militarism (military+-ism) is an ideology which claims that the military is the foundation of a societys security, and thereby claims to be its most important aspect. ... Corporate colonialism relates to the involvement of corporate bodies in the practice of colonialism or imperialism. ... Dutch colonial possessions, with the Dutch East India Company possessions marked in a paler green, surrounding the Indian Ocean plus Saint Helena in the mid-Atlantic. ...

Dutch sailors also participated in the surge of exploration that unfolded in the 16th and 17th centuries. But the vast new territories revealed by Barents, Hudson and Tasman in the Arctic and in Australasia/Oceania did not generally become permanent Dutch colonies. Willem Barents (b. ... . - Thomas A. Janvier, biographer of Henry Hudson. ... Abel Janszoon Tasman (1603 - October, 1659), was a Dutch seafarer and explorer, born in Lutjegast, a village in the province of Groningen, best known for his voyages of 1642 and 1644, in the service of the VOC (Dutch East India Company). ... The red line indicates the 10°C isotherm in July, commonly used to define the Arctic region border The Arctic is the area around the Earths North Pole. ... Australasia is the area that includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and the many smaller islands in the vicinity, most of which are the eastern part of Indonesia. ... Map of Oceania. ...

The Netherlands lost many of its colonial possessions when the metropole succumbed to French conquest/control/annexation from 1795 to 1814.

The restored portions of the Dutch empire, notably the Dutch East Indies/ (Indonesia), Suriname and The Netherlands Antilles remained under Amsterdam's control until the decline of traditional imperialism in the 20th century. The Dutch East Indies, or Netherlands East Indies, (Dutch: Nederlands Indië) was the name of the colonies set up by the Dutch East India Company, which came under administration of the Netherlands during the 19th century (see Indonesia). ...

Areas under Netherlands control at various times included:




Spitsbergen (ca 1620 - ca 1660), nowadays part of Svalbard, Norway


New Netherlands

'Nieuw Nederland' / New York including New Amsterdam / New York City State nickname: Empire State Other U.S. States Capital Albany Largest city New York Governor George Pataki (R) Official languages None (English is de facto) Area 141,205 km² (27th)  - Land 122,409 km²  - Water 18,795 km² (13. ... Dutch Revival buildings from the early 20th century on Pearl Street in lower Manhattan recall the Dutch origins of the city. ... Midtown Manhattan, looking north from the Empire State Building, 2005 New York City (officially named the City of New York) is the most populous city in the United States, the most densely populated major city in North America, and is at the center of international finance, politics, entertainment, and culture. ...

    • New Sweden (1614 - 1674), nowadays part of the United States of America
    • Fort Nassau en Fort Oranje/Albany (1615-1661/1673-1674)to the English
    • Fort Christina taken from the Swedes.
    • Nieuw-Amsterdam/New York (1626-1664 / 1665-1667 (2nd Anglo Dutch War- exchange with Suriname)1673-74 >> Treaty of Westminster (to the English)

New Sweden, or Nya Sverige, was a Swedish(-Finnish) colony in North America corresponding roughly to the networked region of urban sprawl around Philadelphia, containing such settlements as Finland, Lapland etc. ... The name Albany is an ancient and literary name for Scotland, north of the Firth of Forth (east) and Firth of Clyde (west). ... State nickname: Empire State Other U.S. States Capital Albany Largest city New York Governor George Pataki (R) Official languages None (English is de facto) Area 141,205 km² (27th)  - Land 122,409 km²  - Water 18,795 km² (13. ...


Dutch West Indies

See also Netherlands Antilles) (1620 - present)

    • Aruba (1636-1805/1815-present)Now has a 'status aparte' from the other Netherlands Antilles.
    • Curacao (1634-1805/1815-present)
    • Bonaire(1633-1805/1815-present)
    • St. Maarten / St. Martin (1620-1633/ 1644-1648 (split treaty with French)/1648/1816-present
    • St. Eustatius (1636-present)
    • Saba (1620s/1640-1816-present)

Curaçao and Bonaire are two Caribbean islands Curaçao [pronounced koo-rah-sow] (population 150,000) is an island in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, one of the Windward Islands of the Netherlands Antilles, a self-governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. ... Curaçao and Bonaire are two Caribbean islands Bonaire (pop. ... St. ... St. ... Map showing location of Sint Eustatius relative to Saba and Sint Maarten/Saint Martin Sint Eustatius (also Saint Eustace and Statia), pop. ... View of Saba from the sea Iguana - Booby Hill Storm coming - view from Booby Hill Saba (pronounced SAY-ba) is a small (13 sq. ...

Virgin Islands

(in part) (1625 - 1680), nowadays British Virgin Islands

    • St. Croix (1625-1650)(Dutch in the East, English in the West)/1650
    • Tortola (1648-1672) to the English
    • Anegada (16..-1680) to the English
    • Virgin Gorda (16..-1680) to the English

A separate article treats the several rivers known as the St. ... Tortola is the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands. ... Unlike the other British Virgin Islands, Anegada is a flat atoll. ... Huge boulders litter the beach at The Baths Virgin Gorda is the second-largest of the British Virgin Islands. ...


'Nieuw-Walcheren' (1628 - 1677), nowadays part of Trinidad and Tobago


Dutch Guyana (Suriname)

(1667 - 1975), nowadays Suriname


Berbice is the Second largest of the three counties in Guyana and is known as the ancient county. ... Demerara was one of the original British colonies that was joined into the colony of British Guiana, now Guyana. ... The Essequibo River is the longest river in Guyana, and the largest river between the Orinoco and Amazon. ...

(Dutch) Brazil

The Dutch conquered half the Capitanas)from 1624 - 1654), nowadays part of Brazil


    • Chiloë; (occupation Chiloe island by Brouwer- occupation of the city of Valdivia) in 1643


Cape Colony

Kaapkolonie (1652 - 1806), nowadays part of South Africa


(1638-1658/ 1664-1710), nowadays Mauritius

Gold Coast (Ghana)

Goudkust(1637-1872), a great part of what is nowadays Ghana

    • Cape Apollonia (Benyin): Fort Apollonia (16.-1768 / 1868-1872) to the English.
    • Abacqua (Duma or Egwira): Fort Ruychaver (Jul./Aug. 1654 - 1659)
    • Mouth of Ankobra: Fort Elise Carthago (1650)
    • Axim: Fort Santo Antonio (Feb. 1642 – 1664 / 1665 – 1872)
    • Poquefoe or Pokesu (Princess Town): Fort Hollandia (Gross Friedrichsburg) 1725 fort - 1814/1815 abandoned/1687* - 1698/1711 – 1712/1732 - 1804 abandoned
    • Dixcove: Fort Metaal Kruis (1868 - 1872)
    • Butri: Fort Batenstein (1656 - 1665 / 166..-1872)
    • Takoradi: Fort Witsen
    • Sekondi: (1782 – 1785)
    • Sekondi: Fort Oranje (1640 or 1670/75 - 1872)
    • Shama: Fort San Sebastian (1637 - 1664 / 1664 – 1872)
    • Komenda: Fort Komenda (1868 - 1872)
    • Komenda: Fort Vredenburgh (1688 fort – 1782 / 1785 – 1872)

A Duma (Ду́ма in Russian) is any of various representative assemblies in modern Russia and Russian history. ... The Ankobra River is in western Africa. ... Axim is a town, district and kingdom on the coast of Ghana, West Africa. ... Sekondi-Takoradi, population 93,822 (1984), is the capital of the Western Region of Ghana. ... Sekondi-Takoradi, population 93,822 (1984), is the capital of the Western Region of Ghana. ... The magpie-robins or shamas are medium-sized insectivorous birds (some also eat berries and other fruit) in the genera Copsychus and Trichixos. ... Area: 24. ... Area: 24. ...


Fort Elmina, Fort Conraadsburg or St. Jago, Fort de Veer (1810/1811), Fort Naglas (1828),Fort Java (1828), Fort Scomarus (1828), Fort Batenstein (1828). (28/9 Aug. 1637 - 6 Apr. 1872)

Cape Coast

Cabo Corço or Oguaa (Swedish name: Carolusborg or Carlsborg) (16 Apr. 1659- May 1659/ 22 Apr. 1663 - 3 May 1664 **Cong (Cong Height): - 1659 abandoned / 1661 Danish Fort destroyed by the Dutch)

    • Mouri: Fort Nassau (16240 (1598 or 1611 / 12 – 1664/1665 – 1782/1785 - 1867 by treaty to the English)
    • Cormantin: Fort Amsterdam (1665 – 1721 / 1785 - 1867 by treaty to the English)
    • Anomabu: (1640-1652)
    • Egya: (1647 - ? / 1663 - 1664)
    • Apam: Fort Leydsaemheyt or Lijdzaamheid (Patience) (1697/1698 – 1782/ 1785-1868)
    • Senya Beraku: Fort Goede Hoop, (1667 or 1705/06 fort – 1782/1785 - 1867/68)
    • Ussher Town (Accra): Fort Crêvecoeur (1649-1782/ 1786-1868)
    • Kpone: (1697 - Apr. 1700 / 1706 - ?)
    • Keta: Fort Singelenburgh (? - 1737)
    • Kumase: (1837-1842 / 1848-1853 / 1859-1869)

Mori (森) is a Japanese family name. ... Accra, population 1,661,400 (2001), is the capital of Ghana. ... Keta (russian кета) is a salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) of the Pacific, has a wide geographic range (Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Kamchatka, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk Krai, Primorsky Krai, Korea, Japan, et cetera). ...


    • Petit Popo or Popo / (Anecho or Aneho) (1731 - 1760)

Popo - Slang for police officer or cop, commonly used when one is being busted> ... Aneho is a town in south eastern Togo, lying between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Togo. ...


    • Great Popo(1680 - ?)
    • Ouidah (1670s. or 1687 / 1702 - 1724 or 1726)
    • Jaquim or Jakri (Godomey) Fort Zelandia (1726 – 1734)
    • Offra(1675 - 1691)
    • Appa or Ekpé(1732 - 1736)
    • Savi
    • Allada or Ardra

Ouidah is a city on the Atlantic coast of Benin. ... This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedias deletion policy. ... In Hinduism, Ardra is the goddess of bad luck and misfortune. ...


Badagri is a coastal town in South West Nigeria, lying between Lagos and the border with Benin. ... Epe is a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands. ...


    • Loango (Boary) (1648/ -1686/ 1721-1726)
    • Ngoyo or G'oy

Loango was an African city from approximately 15th Century - 19th Century in what is now the Republic of Congo. ...

Equatorial Guinea

    • Annobon: 1641-164?/ 1665-16.. to Portugal

Annob n is an island south of S o Tom Island (S o Tom and ncipe), belonging to Equatorial Guinea. ...


(Jan. 1721 - 23 Dec. 1730), nowadays Moçambique Mozambique is a country in Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. ...

    • Delagoa Bay: Fort Lydsaamheid (Jan. 1721 - 23 Dec. 1730)

Maputo Bay, formerly Delagoa Bay (Port. ...


    • Antongil Bay: 1641/2 factory - 1646/7


(26 Aug. 1641- 21/24 Aug. 1648), nowadays Angola

    • Sao Paulo de Luanda (Luanda): Fort Aardenburgh (26 Aug. 1641- 21/24 Aug. 1648) to Portugal.
    • Sao Felipe de Benguela: (Sept. 1641- 1648) to Portugal
    • Pinda or Mpinda (Sonyo):-at the mouth of the Congo River (1648) to Portugal
    • Ensandeira island:(at the mouth of the Kwanza river) Fort Mols (1645/6-1648)to Portuga
    • Malemba (Malembo, Cabinda)

This article is about the currency kwanza. ... Map of Angola with the province highlighted Cabinda is an Angolan province and exclave, separated from the rest of the country by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which bounds the province on the south and the east. ...


  • Petit Popo or Popo (Anecho or Aneho) (1731- 1760), nowadays Togo

Popo - Slang for police officer or cop, commonly used when one is being busted> ...

St. Helena

Sao Tomé

(18 Oct. 1599 - 20 Oct. 1599/3 oct 1641-16 Oct 1641, nowadays Sao Tomé & Principe



    • Portudal:
    • Rufisque:
    • Joal:
    • Goree/'Goeree eiland' (1617–1663/24 Oct.1664-1677), nowadays an island of Senegal.

Rufisque is a city in the Dakar region of western Senegal, on the southeatern point of the Cap Vert Peninsula. ... The Île de Gorée (Gorée Island) is a 45 acre (180,000 m²) island off the coast of Dakar, Senegal. ...

Sierra Leone

    • Tasso Island (1664 destroyed by Admiral De Ruter)


    • Cape Mount


Dutch East Indies

(1602 - 1949), nowadays Indonesia

Netherlands New Guinea

(1828/1895 - 1961), nowadays part of Indonesia


(1644-1824) nowadays Malaysia/Malacca


(1658 - 1796), nowadays Sri Lanka

Ceylon islands

    • Manaar island(Mannar island)(1658-1802)
    • Eiland Delft (Nairendivo)(1658-1802-Treaty of Amiens, to English)
    • Eiland Amsterdam(Carredive), (")
    • Eiland Rotterdam (Annelledivo), (")
    • Eiland Haarlem (Neynadivo), (")
    • Eiland Middelburg (Pongeredivo), (")
    • Eiland Leiden (Tannindivu or Ourature), (")
    • Eiland 'De Twee Gebroeders'; Hoorn en Enkhuizen (Iranaitivu).(")

Delft City Hall (Stadhuis) Flag of Delft Delft is a city in South Holland (Zuid-Holland), the Netherlands, located halfway between Rotterdam and The Hague (Den Haag). ... Amsterdam Location Country The Netherlands Province North Holland Population 739,295 (1 January 2005) Coordinates 4°54E - 52°22N Website www. ... For other places named Rotterdam, see Rotterdam (disambiguation) Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands (after Amsterdam), located in the province of South Holland. ... Haarlem is a city in the west of the Netherlands, capital of the North Holland province. ... This is about the city in the Netherlands. ... Leiden (in English also, but now rarely, Leyden) is a city and municipality in South Holland, The Netherlands. ... Hoorn (population: 67,952 in 2004) is a municipality and a town in the north-western Netherlands, in the province of North Holland, and was the main market-town for the region of West-Friesland. ... Enkuizen Enkhuizen (population: 17,241 in 2004) is a town in the north-western Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. ...

Taiwan under Dutch rule|Taiwan

(1624 - 1662), nowadays Republic of China - Taiwan The Republic of China (Traditional Chinese: 中華民國; Simplified Chinese: 中华民国; Wade-Giles: Chung¹-hua² Min²-kuo², Tongyong Pinyin: JhongHuá MínGuó, Hanyu Pinyin: Zhōnghuá Mínguó, Taiwanese POJ: Tiong-hoâ Bîn-kok) is a multiparty democratic state that today is composed of the island groups of Taiwan, the Pescadores, Quemoy...


castle, (1620-1624 (25 augustus))


(1641 - 1857), nowadays part of Japan


Dutch factories and plantations in what nowadays is Bangladesh.

Hugli-Chinsura (also commonly known as Hooghly-Chinsura) is a town in West Bengal, India. ... Categories: Wikipedia cleanup | India geography stubs ... Murshidabad is a town located in the northern part of present day state of West Bengal, India. ...



Surat (1616-1795) Surat (Gujarati:સુરત) is a port city in the Indian state of Gujarat. ...

    • Agra. (1621-1720)
    • Burhanpur.
    • Ahmadabad. (1617-1744)
    • Bharuch (of Brochia, Broach).
    • Vengurla. (1637-1685)


(Southern part of Westcoast India)

    • Cranganore or Cranganor (Kodungallor) (1662) (taken from the Portugal)
    • Cochin de Cima (Pallipuram) (1661) (taken from the Portugal)
    • Cochin, Cochin de Baixo or Santa Cruz (1663) (taken from the Port)
    • Quilon (Coylan) (1661) (taken from the Portugal)
    • Cannanore (1663-1790) (taken from the Portugal)
    • Kundapura (1667- ca.1682)
    • Kayankulam (ca. 1645)
    • Ponnani (ca. 1663)

Kannur district in Kerala Kannur or Cannanore is a district (and also the name of the town which is its headquarters) in northern Kerala, a state in India. ... Kundapur, the headquarter town of the Kundapura taluk is about 36 kilometres from Udupi, Karnataka, India. ...


Eastcoast India

    • Golkonda (1662-ca 1733)
    • Bimilipatnam,(1687-1795/ 1818-1825)to the English
    • Jaggernaikpoeram (now Kakinada)(1734 –1795/ 1818-1825) to the English
    • Daatzeram (now Drakshawarama)(1633-1730)
    • Nagelwanze(1669-1687)
    • Palikol(1613-1781/ 1785-1795/ 1818-1825)to the English
    • Masulipatnam(1605-1756)
    • Petapoeli (Nizampatnam)(1606-1668)
    • Paliacatta (now Pulicat)(1610-1781/ 1785-1795/ 1805-1825) to the English
    • Sadras(1654-1757/ 1785-1795/ 1818-1825) to the English
    • Tierepopelier (now Thiruppapuliyur)(1608-1625)
    • Tegenapatnam, Kudalur (nu Cuddalore)(1647-1758)
    • Porto Novo(nowParangippettai)(1608-1825 (1st june)) to the English.
    • Negapatnam(1658-1781) to the English.
    • Tuticorin or Tutucorim(1658)

Golconda is a ruined city, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. ... Kakinada is the district headquarters of East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. ... Machilipatnam, also known as Masulipatnam or Bandar, is a city on the southeastern or Coromandel Coast of India. ... Pulicat is a town in Tiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu state, India. ... Sadras is a fortress town located on Indias Coromandel Coast, 70 km south of Chennai in Tamil Nadu state. ... Cuddalore is a large and developing town in Tamil Nadu state of south India. ... Porto-Novo, population 179,138 (1992), is the official capital of Benin. ... Travancore (originally called Thiruvithaamcoore or Thiruvitankur in Malayalam) was a princely state in India. ...


    • Mrohaung (Arakan) (1625-1665)
    • Siriangh (of Syriam (1635-1679)
    • Ava (ca. 1635-1679)
    • Martaban (ca. 1660-.)

Arakan is a state in the North Western part of Myanmar, formerly Burma. ... AVA or ava may stand for: // As an initialism Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (Singapore) Alexander Valley Association (USA) American Vaulting Association (USA) American Vigilante Association American Viticultural Area (USA) American Volkssport Association American Voyager Association (USA) Applied Vision Association (UK) Association of Voice Artistes (India) Association for Visual Arts... Martaban is a small town in the Thaton district of Lower Myanmar. ...


Ayutthaya (also spelled Ayudhya or Ayuthia) refers to The old capital of Thailand, see Ayutthaya (city) The province around the city, Ayutthaya province The ruins of the old palace, see Ayutthaya historical park Ayutthaya kingdom as the period of Thai history (1365-1768) in which Ayutthaya was capital This is... Mueang Pattani is a city in the far south of Thailand, near the boundary to Malaysia. ... Mueang Pattani is a city in the far south of Thailand, near the boundary to Malaysia. ... Songkhla is both a city and a province in Thailand. ... Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thai นครศรีธรรมราช) is a town in southern Thailand, capital of the Nakhon Si Thammarat province. ...


Tonkin, also spelled Tongkin or Tongking, is the northernmost part of Vietnam, south of Chinas Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces, east of northern Laos, and west of the Gulf of Tonkin. ... Hôi An is a coastal town at the South China Sea in Central Vietnam (Annam). ...


    • Esfahan (of Ispahan) (1623-1747)
    • Bandar-e Abbas (of Gamron) (1623-1766)
    • Kharg. Fort Mosselstein (1750-1766)
    • Band-e Kong(1665-1753)

Isfahan or Esfahan can refer to either a city or a province in Iran: Isfahan (city) Isfahan (province) Isfahan (rugs) Ispahan a kind of rose and an older pronounciation of the citys name. ... Categories: Iran geography stubs | Cities in Iran | Coastal cities ... Kharg Island from space, April 1993 Kharg Island (Arabic: Jazirat Kharg, also sometimes written as Khark Island) is a continental island in the Persian Gulf belonging to Iran. ...


    • [Al Basrah]], Basra.


    • Al Mukha (Mocca), (1620-16.. / 1697-1757)
    • Aden (1614-1620)

Port of Aden (around 1910) Aden (Arabic: عدن []) is a city in Yemen, 105 miles East of Bab-el-Mandeb. ...


New Zeeland / Nieuw-Zeeland

Discovered by Abel Janszoon Tasman and later named after the Dutch province Zeeland. Corandèl

edited; --Islanublar 13:44, 8 August 2005 (UTC)

See also:

External links; During the 17th century, Dutch traders established trade posts and plantations throughout the Americas; actual colonization, with Dutch settling in the new lands was not as common as with settlements of other European nations. ... Dutch West India Company (Dutch: West-Indische Compagnie or WIC) was a company of Dutch merchants. ... Dutch colonial possessions, with the Dutch East India Company possessions marked in a paler green, surrounding the Indian Ocean plus Saint Helena in the mid-Atlantic. ... New Holland could refer to several things: Several former Dutch colonies were known as New Holland: northeast coast Brazil, capital Mauritsstad (now Recife), see Dutch West India Company. ...

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Former Dutch colonies
Aruba (current) | Berbice | Brazil (part) | Cape Colony | Ceylon | Demerara | Deshima | Dutch East Indies | Dutch Guiana | Essequibo | Dutch West Indies or Netherlands Antilles (current) | Netherlands New Guinea | New Netherland (New Amsterdam, New Sweden) | New Zealand (part) | Smeerenburg | Taiwan | Tobago | Travancore | Virgin Islands (part)
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Colonialism was, according to Stoler, central, not marginal, to the construction of the new forms of power that rested on control of the self.
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