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Encyclopedia > Dragon Tales
Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales logo
Format Children's television series
Created by Jim Coane
Ron Roedecker
Developed by Jim Coane
Wesley Eure
Cliff Ruby
Elana Lesser
Jeffery Scott
Peter Moss
Starring Kathleen Barr
Eli Gabay
Andrea Libman
Danny McKinnon
Jason Michas
Ty Olsson
Chantal Strand
Country of origin Flag of the United States United States
Running time 30 minutes per episode
Original channel PBS
Original run September 6, 19992005

Dragon Tales is an animated children's television series chronicling the adventures of two siblings, Max, Emmy, and their neighbor,Enrique, and their dragon friends Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie. The television series was created by Jim Coane, an Emmy-award-winning creator and executive producer. It has been shown on the PBS Kids Channel/PBS Kids Sprout and PBS in the United States since September 6, 1999. Image File history File links Dragon_Tales. ... Childrens television series are television programmes designed for and marketed to children, normally aired during the morning and afternoon hours, mainly before and after school. ... Jim Coane is an award winning television producer, writer, director and development executive. ... Jim Coane is an award winning television producer, writer, director and development executive. ... Kathleen Barr is a Canadian voice actor. ... Eli Gabay is an actor. ... Andrea Eva Libman (born on July 19, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian child actress and voice actor. ... Danny McKinnon is a voice actor, probably most well known as Kohaku from the anime series InuYasha. ... Jason Michas is a Canadian-born voice actor, who played in animated television shows such as Sabrina: The Animated Series as Harvy Kinkle. ... Ty Olsson is a Canadian actor born in 1974 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. ... Chantal Strand (born October 15, 1987) works with Ocean Group in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. ... Image File history File links This is a lossless scalable vector image. ... Not to be confused with Public Broadcasting Services in Malta. ... is the 249th day of the year (250th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Events of 2008: (EMILY) Me Lesley and MIley are going to China! This article is about the year. ... Year 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday (link displays full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ... Jim Coane is an award winning television producer, writer, director and development executive. ... PBS Kids Channel logo girl. First official kids ident from PBS; 1993–1999 PBS Kids Channel logo boy. PBS KIDS, also known as PBS KIDS Channel, was an American television network produced by PBS founded on September 6, 1999 and targeted at children aged 3-10 years. ... PBS KIDS Sprout (sometimes referred to as PBS Sprout, KIDS Sprout, or just Sprout) is a US digital cable television channel, video-on-demand (VOD) service, and website providing PBS KIDS shows and original programming for preschoolers and their families. ... Not to be confused with Public Broadcasting Services in Malta. ... is the 249th day of the year (250th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Events of 2008: (EMILY) Me Lesley and MIley are going to China! This article is about the year. ...

Dragon Tales is based on illustrations by Laguna Beach, California artist and retired educator, Ron Rodecker. Coane, then a producer at Sony Pictures Television, found the art work and developed it into a television series with several other writers, including Wesley Eure. Coane and Eure share the development credit on every episode. Coane then brought the project to Sesame Workshop, where Marjorie Kalins helped him and Sony Pictures Television obtain a grant from the Department of Education and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Coane was the executive producer for the first two seasons, as was Nina Elias Bamberger from Sesame Workshop. SPT logo Sony Pictures Television, Inc. ... Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Childrens Television Workshop (or CTW), is a non-profit organization behind the production of several educational childrens programs that have run on public broadcasting around the world (including PBS in the United States). ... The Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Building[1]) , ED headquarters in Washington, DC A construction project to repair and update the building facade at the Department of Education Headquarters building in 2002 resulted in the installation of structures at all of the entrances to protect employees and visitors from... The Corporation for Public Broadcasting logo, used from 1969 to 2002. ...



In the episodes, the children transport themselves to Dragon Land through the use of a magical scale given to them by a musical Dragon with the line "I wish, I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons in a land apart" at the beginning of each episode. They are then transported back to their world by using the same refrain and the phrase "I wish, I wish to use this rhyme to go back home until next time." For other uses, see Music (disambiguation). ...

In Dragon Land, the children meet up with their Dragon friends - Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie (the latter two being two halves of a two-headed dragon) - and their bilingual teacher, Quetzal, as they learn valuable life lessons, aided by the fact that the children are inexperienced with the magical flora and fauna of Dragon Land. The term bilingualism (from bi meaning two and lingua meaning language) can refer to rather different phenomena. ... Simplified schematic of an islands flora - all its plant species, highlighted in boxes. ... Fauna is a collective term for animal life of any particular region or time. ...

Show structure

The series mixes in Spanish language elements to promote a bilingual experience for the audience. By incorporating parts of another language, the show appeals to a wider audience, as well as providing a new learning experience for children. This article is about the international language known as Spanish. ... The term multilingualism can refer to rather different phenomena. ...

Each show is divided into three segments: the first story, a song known as a "DragonTune", and the second story. Each story is approximately 10-12 minutes long.



Max is a rambunctious and independent six-year-old. He's a bundle of energy with a big smile and is prone to sudden bouts of silliness. Despite being the smallest and youngest of the group, Max is determined to keep up in a big way. "I'm big!", he insists, ready to jump over the stream just like the rest of the crew. However, his small size does not allow him to succeed in all of his adventures. When it comes to Emmy, his sister, Max is her biggest fan. She's the one Max looks to for approval.


Emmy is Max's eight-year-old sister and the leader of the group. "I know what to do. Come on!" is her mantra. Emmy is brave, smart and good-natured. She is supremely confident in her abilities. She can be found marching into the Forest of Darkness without fear, even though she may be holding Max's hand to make "him" feel better. She usually believes that she's right and emphasizes it with her signature slogan "Definitely!". Sometimes her over-confidence can land her and her friends in a heap of trouble. And that's where the learning begins.


Enrique is Max and Emmy's next door neighbor. He is a eight-year-old boy from Colombia who is being raised by his father and by his grandmother, whom he calls abuelita (granny). He is smart, logical and bilingual. He had moved several times before and found it hard to make new friends. Once Emmy and Max reach out to him, they soon become inseparable, sharing fun adventures in Dragon Land. Enrique is a character that has only appeared in recent episodes.


Ord is the largest, strongest, fastest, blue dragon who is afraid of almost everything. More than anything Ord wishes he could be brave. Ord has a badge that lights up when he finds a way to overcome his fears - even if his courage is fleeting. Like the other dragons, Ord loves to fly. When Emmy or the other dragons want to encourage their big friend, they point out that he once was afraid of flying and now he's not. Perhaps the one thing bigger than Ord's heart is his appetite and he can almost always be distracted by food -- his favorites are dragonberry pies, dragonberry muffins and dragonberry cakes. Ord loves his friends, especially Max, whom he affectionately calls "little buddy". When Ord is afraid, he turns invisible. If there is one thing that Ord loves above all else, it is probably giving Creambeards to Cassie. Regardless, he's the dragon who makes mistakes all the time especially the kind that can be funny.


Cassie is the little, lovable pink girl dragon. She's the 35th hatchling of 72 in her family - the typical middle child who strives to help everyone. Cassie is the first one to offer a bandage when someone gets hurt and is always ready to cheer up a gloomy friend. She is shy about expressing her ideas because she worries that she'll be wrong. When she's sad, she shrinks. When she's happy again, she grows back. Slowly but surely, Cassie is learning to trust her own instincts - even when others don't agree. She wears a dragon badge in the shape of a pearl which glows brilliantly when she gains the courage to speak up and believe in her own wisdom.

Zak and Wheezie

Zak & Wheezie are brother and sister–one body and two heads. Zak is the neat, quiet, orderly, sissy, stubborn, arrogant, green brother; Wheezie is the wild, loud, friendly, free-spirited, crazy purple sister. Because they're real music lovers, they make up a "one-dragon band"; they can even play scales on their scales! Also, they know a music-gifted creature when they see one. At times, their opposite personalities can lead to disagreement, but harmony returns when they learn to respect and listen to each other. They'll try anything to get away from each other in moments of anger and violence. once, a magical chant that separated them; or an "Alone Cone", which isolated one head from the other--but in the end they're always glad to be reunited. Their musical-note badges light up when they can find a way to meet a difficult challenge–like getting along with each other. As with most brothers and sisters, they don't agree on a lot, but when they put their heads together, it's music to their ears. Zak's catchphrase is "Take it easy, Wheezie!" Wheezie's catchphrase is, "Looooove it!"


Quetzal (prounoced "Ketzel") is a wise dragon who has been in Dragon Land for centuries. He is an expert on Dragon Land lore and is a great resource for Emmy and the others. As one of the older members of the Quetzalcoatl culture of Dragon Land (which is the same as the Mexican culture in Max and Emmy's world), Quetzal speaks with a Spanish accent and adds some of his native language to his speech. He's the teacher at The School in the Sky, gently guiding our cast on their voyage of self-discovery. His classroom is full of books, art supplies and surprises, including The Big Storybook - a fantastical almanac of sorts. Quetzal is the person the youngsters turn to when they need a grownup but the wise dragon never gives them a total solution. He just leads them to discover, on their own, the right path to take. He also has an identical twin brother named Fernando, but he is barely seen on the show. Mexican may have several meanings. ...


Lorca is a red dragon in a wheelchair; he was born without wings, and he is paralyzed from the waist down, so he relies on his arm muscles to get around. Lorca is a wise yet somewhat quiet dragon, who sees the best in others. His motto is, "think what you can do, not what you can't." Wheelchair seating in a theater. ...

Other characters in Dragon Tales

Each of the following have appeared more than once:

  • Cyrus, a lizard-like "slinky serpent"; he often tries to steal others' eggs to eat.
  • Eunice, a nearsighted unicorn with glasses.
  • The Giant of Nod, while much bigger than his fellow Nodlings, is actually smaller than any of the main characters; nevertheless, he's enormously strong.
  • Mungus, a giant who lives in a castle in the clouds; like other giants, he travels far and wide in just a few steps, and knows many folks in Dragon Land.
  • Polly Nimbus, the operator of the Cloud Factory.
  • Priscilla, a dragon with huge, feathery wings that make her feel self-conscious around the other dragons, whose wings are tiny.
  • Sid Sycamore, a talking tree who loves telling lame jokes; the dragons' tree house is attached to him.
  • Captain Scallywag, a pirate who captains a flying galleon.
  • "'Me and Meow"' a two-headed cat found several times in "Copycat".
  • "'Arlo"' A dragon who works at the Dragon Dump.

For other uses, see Lizard (disambiguation). ... The gentle and pensive maiden has the power to tame the unicorn, in this fresco in Palazzo Farnese, Rome, probably by Domenichino, ca 1602 For other uses, see Unicorn (disambiguation). ... A pair of modern glasses Glasses, also called eyeglasses or spectacles are frames, bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes normally for vision correction, eye protection, or for protection from UV rays. ... Look up giant in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Sycamore is a name applied at various times and places to three very different types of trees, but with somewhat similar leaf forms. ... The coniferous Coast Redwood, the tallest tree species on earth. ... An elaborate, permanently habitable tree house. ... A Spanish galleon. ...

Places in Dragon Land

  • The School in the Sky - The dragon kids' school where Quetzal teaches.
  • Dr. BoobooGone's office - Where dragons go when sick or hurt.
  • The Scale Store - Featured in the episode, "Wild Time" where dragon scales are sold.
  • Dragoon Lagoon - A large lagoon seen in many episodes.
  • The Forest of Darkness - A large forest that holds trees with glowing stars, but is very dark. Ord is very afraid of this forest because of its darkness and other things that inhabit this strange Forest.
  • Turtle Rock - A large rock shaped like a turtle.
  • Singing Springs - A gold fountain that plays music.
  • Rainbow Canyon - A canyon with pigments that make paint.
  • The Cloud Factory - Where a dragon named Polly Nimbus manufactures rain clouds, snow clouds, etc., and ejects them into the sky as needed.
  • Snowy Summit - A frigid, snow-covered mountain range, where Chilly the Snowman and his snow puppy Nippy live.
  • Stickleback Mountains - Another mountain range, with colored sticks that have to be pulled out carefully.
  • The Crystal Cave - A giant, crystallized cave where special crystals dance, with the aid of water from Singing Springs, and some Dandelion fuzzies from the Dandelion Forest.
  • Dandelion Forest - A forest made of dandelions that actually roar and growl and are as tall as trees.
  • Mount Unicorn - A mountain that is crossed in order to see the bursting blossoms.
  • Wyatt the Wishing Well - A well where dragons or people can make wishes which actually come true if they flip a coin into the well. The well is inhabited by a purple walrus named Wyatt who laughs at lame jokes.
  • Marshmallow Marsh - Place that has things that are sticky like marshmallows.
  • Cassie's Cave (House) - Cassie lives there.
  • Dragon Dump - The place where the citizens of Dragon Land send their garbage to be recycled or disposed of. It's run by a dragon named Arlo.
  • The Knuckerhole, where Zak & Wheezie live.

Species Taraxacum officinale Taraxacum japonicum Taraxacum albidum and a few others. ... For other uses, see Walrus (disambiguation). ...

Literary and film references

There is an oblique reference to Dragon Tales in Michael Chabon's novel The Yiddish Policemen's Union. Michael Chabon (born May 24, 1963) is an American author and one of the most celebrated writers of his generation. ... The Yiddish Policemens Union is a 2007 novel by American author Michael Chabon. ...

Cassie, the Dragon Tales balloon float from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, makes an appearance in the Tom Cruise film Vanilla Sky. Tom Cruise (born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV on July 3, 1962) is an Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe Award-winning American actor and film producer. ... For the Italian band, see Vanilla Sky (band). ...

Dragon Tales has a prominent mention/appearance in the Adam Sandler film, Click. Adam Richard Sandler (born September 9, 1966) is an American comedian, actor, musician, screenwriter, and film producer. ... Click is a 2006 comedy/drama/fantasy film directed by Frank Coraci and written by Steve Koren and Mark OKeefe. ...


  • Series creator Jim Coane's children, Max and Cassie, are the source for two of the character's names in Dragon Tales. His wife Amy is the namesake for Emmy, another character in the series.
  • In the episode "El Dia de los Maestro", Enrique teaches several Dragon Land friends a song, which they then sing at the Teachers's Day party for Quetzal. The song they sing, "Clap Your Hands", is a modified version of a "Dragon Tunes" song from an earlier season.


  • 1997-1999 Emmy nomination for Best Animated Children's Series.
  • 2000-2001 Emmy nomination for Best Animated Children's Series.
  • 2001-2003 Emmy nomination for Best Animated Children's Series.


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting logo, used from 1969 to 2002. ... American Greetings Corporation, Inc. ... Viewers Like You message during a broadcast of an Elmos World holiday special. ... The United States Department of Education was created in 1979 (by PL 96-88) as a Cabinet-level department of the United States government, and began operating in 1980. ... For other things with Kellogg in the name, see Kellogg (disambiguation). ...

External links

For the in-memory database management system, see In-memory database. ... TV.com is a website belonging to the CNET Games and Entertainment family of websites. ...


  • Coane, Jim. "Dragon Tales", Kid Screen Magazine, November, 1997. 
First official kids ident from PBS, used from 1993-1999 featuring the P pals. ... Barney & Friends is a popular childrens television show produced in the United States, mainly aimed at preschoolers. ... The Berenstain Bears is a 2003 animated television series based on Stan and Jan Berenstains Berenstain Bears childrens book series. ... Between the Lions is a PBS childrens puppet show designed to promote reading. ... Boohbah is a 2004 television show aimed at children between three and six years old. ... Caillou is a childrens television show based on the books by Christine LHeureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux. ... Clifford the Big Red Dog is an enduring American childrens book series first published in 1962. ... ‹ The template below (Expand) is being considered for deletion. ... 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Zoobilee Zoo, a childrens television program featuring costumed performers dressed as animal characters, aired from 1986–1987, then in syndication until 2001 on several television channels including commercial network television stations, public television stations, The Learning Channel, and the Hallmark Channel. ... KLCS Channel 58 is a member station of the Public Broadcasting Service, and is owned by the Los Angeles Unified School District. ...

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The dragon is the enemy of the sun and the moon, both in Eastern and Western mythology, and is believed to be responsible for eclipses.
Because the dragon was the natural enemy of man, his death became the ultimate goal, consequently there are innumberable battles between gods and dragons, saints and dragons, and in the medieval world, knights and dragons.
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Dragon Tales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (1688 words)
Dragon Tales is an animated children's television series chronicling the adventures of the human children Max and Emmy (brother and sister respectively) and their friend Enrique.
In Dragon Land, the children meet up with their dragon friends — Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie (the latter two being conjoined twins) — and their bilingual teacher, Quetzal, as they learn valuable life lessons, aided by the fact that the children are inexperienced with the magical flora and fauna of Dragon Land.
As one of the older members of the Quetzalcoatl culture of Dragon Land (which is the same as the Mexican culture in Max and Emmy's world), Quetzal speaks with a Mexican accent and adds some of his native language to his speech (we know this language as Spanish).
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