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Encyclopedia > Delta Upsilon
Delta Upsilon - ΔY
Founded November 4, 1834 (1834-11-04) (age 173)
Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts
Type Leadership & Social
Scope International
Motto Dikaia Upotheke ("Justice Our Foundation")
Colors ████ Sapphire Blue

████ Old Gold Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... is the 308th day of the year (309th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. ... Year 1834 (MDCCCXXXIV) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian Calendar (or a common year starting on Monday of the 12-day slower Julian calendar). ... Williams College is a private, liberal arts college located in Williamstown, Massachusetts. ... For other uses, see Sapphire (disambiguation). ... Old Gold is a dark yellow, which varies from light olive or olive brown to deep or strong yellow. ...

Publication The Delta Upsilon Quarterly
Philanthropy Boys & Girls Clubs of the United States and Canada
Chapters 84 undergraduate
Manual The Cornerstone: Delta Upsilon's Guide to College and Beyond
Headquarters 8705 Founders Road P.O. Box 68942
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Homepage Delta Upsilon Website

Delta Upsilon (ΔY) is one of the oldest international, all-male, college, Greek-letter social fraternities and is the first non-secret fraternity ever founded. Delta Upsilon was founded in 1834 at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts when 31 men came together in response to the activities of the two secret societies on the Williams campus. The Greek alphabet (Greek: ) is an alphabet consisting of 24 letters that has been used to write the Greek language since the late 8th or early 8th century BC. It was the first alphabet in the narrow sense, that is, a writing system using a separate symbol for each vowel... The terms fraternity and sorority (from the Latin words and , meaning brother and sister respectively) may be used to describe many social and charitable organizations, for example the Lions Club, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, Rotary International, Optimist International, or the Shriners. ... Williams College is a private, liberal arts college located in Williamstown, Massachusetts. ... Williamstown is a town located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. ...

Delta Upsilon's mission is Building Better Men by focusing on the fraternity's non-secret heritage and Four Founding Principles:

The Promotion of Friendship
The Development of Character
The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
The Advancement of Justice

Delta Upsilon's Vision is to be "the premier men's fraternity committed to Building Better Men for a global society through service, leadership development and lifelong personal growth of our diverse membership."

Delta Upsilon recently initiated its newest chapter, and the first of the 21st century, at the University of North Florida making it the 151st chapter in the history of the fraternity. In 2009, the fraternity will achieve another milestone by celebrating its 175th anniversary since inception. University of North Florida State University System of Florida FAMU FAU FGCU FIU FSU NCF UCF UF UNF USF UWF The University of North Florida (UNF) is a public university located in eastern Jacksonville, Florida. ...



A Premise of Fairness

In the Fall of 1834, thirty men from the sophomore, junior, and freshman classes at Williams College decided to act against the tyranny of the two existing secret societies. Williams College is a private, liberal arts college located in Williamstown, Massachusetts. ... For the Europe album, see Secret Society (Europe album). ...

These two secret societies were originally formed as legitimate debate and literary societies. In the race for campus honors, they decided to take advantage of their secrecy in order to secure the victories needed. In doing so, they became political machines whose goal was to put their members into high campus offices whether qualified or not. They were effective in doing so. Debate (North American English) or debating (British English) is a formal method of interactive and position representational argument. ... A literary society is a group of people interested in literature. ...

Faculty members frowned on this trend: previously unheard-of distinctions, jealousies, and animosities arose where none was needed. They wondered if the emphasis on campus politics was contrary to fundamental purposes of the college itself. They were not alone in thinking the way they did.

Students felt the same way. They saw a wave of injustice infiltrate the college offices. The practice of conferring honors without merit was greatly dismissed and disliked. Students yearned for a fair and equal system to operate in. They felt the spoils of victory should go to men of merit, men who truly worked for their reward, not to unqualified men who used political clout to receive the prize that they did not earn.

DU's First Meeting

On the evening of November 4, 1834, 20 men from the sophomore and junior classes, along with 11 of the best men from the freshmen class, met to forge a plan of action. Though many would love to know what happened, the records of this first meeting were destroyed in a fire seven years later. It is known, however, that these men gathered in the Freshman Recitation Room of the Old West College, a building still standing today.

They chose a name: The Social Fraternity. "Social" didn't mean entertainment events, as many fraternity men mistakenly believe today. Instead, it was much broader. It meant an interest in life's interactions among people, and how society would better itself through group action. The following days brought much ridicule from the established secret societies, yet The Social Fraternity continued moving fourth, knowing full well that they would flourish. They were correct in their assumption. By aligning their aims with those of the college, The Social Fraternity soon had more than half the men on campus in its ranks. Eventually, the first DUs dominated the lists of campus honors.

The idea of spirited brotherhood based on merit began to spread rapidly. Within four years, men of similar beliefs establish a second group at Union College in Schenectady, New York. In 1845, another formed at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont and was followed by another in 1847 at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. This article is about the Union College in New York. ... Schenectady (IPA ) is a city in Schenectady County, New York, United States, of which it is the county seat. ... Middlebury College is a small, private liberal arts college located in the rural town of Middlebury, Vermont, United States. ... Middlebury, Vermont Main Street Otter Creek Falls Middlebury is a town in Addison County, Vermont, United States. ... For other colleges with the same name, see Hamilton College (disambiguation). ... Ginko tree near the center of the village of Clinton, New York A plaque outlining the history of the Ginko tree near the center of the village of Clinton, New York Clinton is a village in Oneida County, New York, United States. ... This article is about the state. ...

In 1847, four of the chapters met in Convention at Troy, NY and formally established the Anti-Secret Confederation (ASC). Their constitution mirrored of the group at Williams, and the convention adopted a member key with the Greek motto, Ouden Adelon, "Nothing Secret."

Growth and Maturity

The Civil War brought about great turmoil on college men, and on fraternity chapters as well. Therefore, it was at the Convention of 1864 (considered the most critical to DU's future) when the most important of changes were made. The Convention formally adopted the name "Delta Upsilon," a new Constitution, and the fraternity's badge as it remains today.

After the Civil War ended, college life returned to as it was previously, and DU began to grow. By 1880, Delta Upsilon had grown to 15 active chapters. Of these chapters came many notable men who would go on to become leaders in their own right: James Garfield, 20th President of the United States, Williams 1856, Charles Evans Hughes, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, Colgate and Brown 1881, and Stephen Crane, author of The Red Badge of Courage, Lafayette and Syracuse 1894. James Abram Garfield (November 19, 1831–September 19, 1881) was a major general in the United States Army, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the twentieth President of the United States. ... Charles Evans Hughes, Sr. ... For the U.S. Continental Congress delegate, see Stephen Crane (delegate). ... The Red Badge of Courage (1895) is an impressionistic novel by Stephen Crane about the meaning of courage, as it is discovered by Henry Fleming, a recruit in the American Civil War. ...

At the Convention of 1879, it was realized that the perpetuation of opposition towards the secret societies was no longer needed. Therefore, DU changed its policy from anti-secrecy to non-secrecy, as it remains today.

In 1898, a Canadian chapter at McGill made Delta Upsilon an International Fraternity. In 1909, Delta Upsilon was incorporated under New York law. McGill University is a publicly funded, co-educational research university located in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ...


Oath of Initiation

I, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of God and of these witnesses, do hereby solemnly declare that the principles of this Fraternity as they have been explained to me accord entirely with my own views; and I solemnly promise that as a member of this Fraternity I will faithfully adhere to those principles endeavoring in every way to perfect myself morally, intellectually, and socially, and endeavoring also to act towards others according to that high standard of conduct required by the Fraternity.

I solemnly promise that I will be loyal to the Delta Upsilon Fraternity and to this chapter, abiding by their rules, discharging my obligations to them faithfully, and using all honorable means to promote their interests.

I solemnly promise that I will share with my brothers the duties of my chapter; that I will uphold and encourage them in all that is honorable and right; that I will ever extend to each brother the right hand of sympathy; and that at all times and in all circumstances I will endeavor to cultivate those sentiments which should ever exist between brothers.

All this I solemnly promise upon my honor, without any equivocation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of mind whatsoever.

From the "RITUAL OF INITIATION," The Delta Upsilon Fraternity[1]


The fraternity's current motto is "Dikaia Upotheke" in Greek - "Δικαια Υποθηκη" - which means "Justice Our Foundation." The motto was adopted in 1858 during the 24th Annual Convention of the Fraternity. Until this time, the motto of the Williams Chapter, "Ouden Adelon" - meaning "Nothing Secret," was used.

The Member Badge and the Associate Member Pin

Delta Upsilon Member Badge
Delta Upsilon Member Badge
Delta Upsilon Associate Member Pin
Delta Upsilon Associate Member Pin

The Member badge of Delta Upsilon consist of the Greek letters Delta and Upsilon in a gold monogram of overlapping letters. The arms of the Upsilon bear an engraving of the fraternity motto in Greek. Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ...

The Associate Member Pin consists of a gold Delta on a blue enamel with a gold Upsilon in the center of the Delta.

Delta Upsilon Flag

Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ...

The Flag and Colors

The Flag of the fraternity consists of three vertical bars, two end bars in sapphire blue, and one central bar in old gold. The gold bar bears the monogram of the Greek letters Delta and Upsilon in sapphire blue.

The Colors of the Fraternity are Sapphire Blue and Old Gold. Old Gold is a dark yellow, which varies from light olive or olive brown to deep or strong yellow. ...

The Mascot

The Duck has been considered to be the true mascot of Delta Upsilon International Fraternity. Although the issue has come to the Undergraduate Convention numerous times, the Duck or Distinguished Duck has never been made the official mascot of the fraternity. Many chapters have claimed that their chapter alumni gave birth to the Duck being the representative mascot of the International Fraternity. Events such as the "Mallard Ball" formal, "Ducks in Tux" formal, or "Dance-off at the Duck Pond" philanthropy event, only go to further support that claim by dating as far back as the 1920s and 1930s. Although there is no official record of who actually brought the Duck into Delta Upsilon, almost all chapters use the Duck as their official chapter mascot. [2]

Partner Charity

Delta Upsilon is known for running philanthropic events in many communities internationally. The main organization to which they provide support are Boys and Girls Clubs of the United States and Canada. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is a national non-profit umbrella youth organization that links together individual clubs throughout the United States with the aim of providing places to go, activities and programs for young people. ...


A list of Delta Upsilon Chapters. ...

Notable DUs

This is a list of notable alumni of the international fraternity Delta Upsilon. ...

Politics and Government

James Garfield, US President
James Garfield, US President[3]
Charles Evans Hughes
Charles Evans Hughes[4]
Gen. Tommy Franks[5]
  • James Abram Garfield, Williams 1856, The second fraternity man to become President of the United States
  • Justin Smith Morrill, Middlebury 1860, United States Senator - Vermont; author of the Morrill Act
  • Charles Evans Hughes, Colgate and Brown 1881, Governor of New York, Secretary of State, and Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
  • Joseph P. Kennedy, Harvard 1912, Ambassador to Great Britain, father of two Senators and a President
  • Lester B. Pearson, Toronto 1919, Prime Minister of Canada and President of the United Nations General Assembly; Nobel Prize winner for Peace
  • Tommy Franks, Texas 1967, Commander in Chief of US Central Command, General in the US Army
  • John P. Robarts, Western Ontario 1948, Premier of Ontario, Philanthropist

Image File history File links Download high resolution version (3182x4034, 1045 KB) Description James Garfield, 20th President of the United States. ... Image File history File links Download high resolution version (3182x4034, 1045 KB) Description James Garfield, 20th President of the United States. ... Image File history File links Download high resolution version (1102x1364, 51 KB) Description Chief Justice of the United States Charles Evans Hughes. ... Image File history File links Download high resolution version (1102x1364, 51 KB) Description Chief Justice of the United States Charles Evans Hughes. ... Photo from U.S. Central Command. ... Photo from U.S. Central Command. ... James Abram Garfield (November 19, 1831 - September 19, 1881) was the 20th (1881) President of the United States, the first left-handed President, and the second U.S. President to be assassinated. ... Justin Smith Morrill (April 14, 1810 – December 28, 1898) was a Representative (1855–1867) and a Senator (1867–1898) from Vermont, most widely remembered today for the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act that established federal funding for many of the nations colleges and universities. ... The Morrill Land-Grant Acts are pieces of US legislation which allowed for the creation of land-grant colleges, which would be funded by the grant of federally-controlled land to each of the states which had stayed with the United States during the American Civil War. ... Charles Evans Hughes, Sr. ... Joseph Joe Patrick Kennedy, Sr. ... Mike Pearson redirects here. ... Tommy Ray Franks (born June 17, 1945 in Wynnewood, Oklahoma) is a retired General in the United States Army, previously serving as the Commander of the United States Central Command, overseeing United States Armed Forces operations in a 25-country region, including the Middle East. ... For the recipient of the Victoria Cross see John Robarts (VC). ...


  • Sam Barry, Iowa 1926, Founder New York Knicks, NBA Hall of Fame coach
  • Dr. Robert Cade, Florida 1945, Inventor of Gatorade
  • Darrell K. Royal, Oklahoma 1949, Texas Head Football Coach 1956-1976, Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, 1983
  • Lou Holtz, Kent State 1958, Head football coach, University of South Carolina, NCAA Football National Champion as Coach of Notre Dame in 1988, current ESPN College Football analyst
  • Peter V. Ueberroth, San Jose 1959, Organizer of the 1984 Summer Olympics and Commissioner of Major League Baseball
  • Jim Boeheim, Syracuse 1966, Syracuse Basketball Coach 1976 - Present. Won the 2003 NCAA National Championship.
  • Craig Kelly, Washington 1987, Professional Snowboarder, Four Time World Champion, Three Time US Champion, Godfather of Freeriding

Justin McCarthy Sam Barry (December 17, 1892 – September 23, 1950) was an American collegiate athletic coach who achieved significant accomplishments in three major sports. ... Dr. James Robert Cade (September 26, 1927-November 27, 2007) was a professor of medicine and physiology at the University of Florida who invented Gatorade. ... Gatoradeis a non-carbonated sports drink marketed by the Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo. ... Darrell K. Royal, in front of the stadium bearing his name (2004). ... This article is about the American football coach; for other people named Lou Holtz, see Lou Holtz (disambiguation). ... Peter Victor Ueberroth (born September 2, 1937 in Evanston, Illinois) is an American sports executive. ... James Arthur Jim Boeheim (pronounced BAY-heim) (born November 17, 1944 in Lyons, New York) is the mens basketball head coach for Syracuse University. ... Craig Kelly is often considered the godfather of snowboarding. ...


David Starr Jordan David Starr Jordan, Ph. ... Harry Emerson Fosdick (1879-1969) was the most prominent liberal baptist minister of the early 20th Century. ... Selamawi Haileab Asgedom (born in Adi Wahla, Ethiopia in 1976) or Mawi Asgedom for short, is an author and a refugee of Ethiopian and Eritrean orign, whose mother braved dangers to bring his family to a better home. ... Edward C. Prescott (born 26 December 1940) is an American economist. ... Dr. William R. Brody is the current President of the Johns Hopkins University, a position which he has held since 1996. ... The Johns Hopkins University is an internationally prestigious private institution of higher learning located in Baltimore, Maryland. ... Flag Seal Nickname: Monument City, Charm City, Mob Town, B-more Motto: Get In On It (formerly The City That Reads and The Greatest City in America; BELIEVE is not the official motto but rather a specific campaign) Location Location of Baltimore in Maryland Coordinates , Government Country State County United... Official language(s) None (English, de facto) Capital Annapolis Largest city Baltimore Largest metro area Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area Area  Ranked 42nd  - Total 12,407 sq mi (32,133 km²)  - Width 101 miles (145 km)  - Length 249 miles (400 km)  - % water 21  - Latitude 37° 53′ N to 39° 43′ N...


  • Harry Carey, New York 1902, Early western movie actor
  • Edgar Bergen, Northwestern 1927, Ventriloquist and entertainer
  • Noel Stookey, Michigan State 1955, Folk singer and composer, "Paul" of Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Alan Thicke, Western Ontario 1967, Actor and songwriter
  • Jonathan Buss, Bradley 1994, Emmy Award Winning Director for an HBO Short Film
  • Jason Lewis, San Diego State 1993, Actor, Model, starred in Sex and the City as Smith Jerrod
  • Pete Yorn, Syracuse 1996, Singer, Songwriter
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis

Harry Carey (January 16, 1878–September 21, 1947) was an American actor and one of silent films earliest superstars. ... Sam Bermans caricature of Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen for 1947 NBC promotion book Edgar John Bergen (February 16, 1903 – September 30, 1978) was an American actor and radio performer, best known as a ventriloquist. ... Noel Paul Stookey (born December 30, 1937) is a singer-songwriter best known as Paul in the trio Peter, Paul and Mary. ... Alan Thicke (born Alan Willis Jeffrey on March 1, 1947 in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian actor, songwriter, game show host and talk-show emcee. ... Jason Lewis (born June 25, 1971) is an American actor and former male fashion model. ... Sex and the City is a popular American cable television program. ... Sex and the City was a popular American cable television program based on the novel of the same name by Candace Bushnell. ... Peter (Pete) Yorn (b. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links No higher resolution available. ...

Literature and Publishing

  • Stephen Crane, Lafayette and Syracuse 1894, Journalist and author; Red Badge of Courage
  • Hedley W. Donovan, Minnesota 1934, Editor-in chief of TIME Magazine
  • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Cornell 1944, Editorialist and author
Stephen Crane
Stephen Crane

For the U.S. Continental Congress delegate, see Stephen Crane (delegate). ... Kurt Vonnegut, Junior (born November 11, 1922) is an American novelist, satirist, and most recently, graphic artist. ... Stephan Crane photo from 1900 magazine This image has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder, its copyright has expired, or it is ineligible for copyright. ... Stephan Crane photo from 1900 magazine This image has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder, its copyright has expired, or it is ineligible for copyright. ...


Cover of Time Magazine (December 27, 1926) Alfred Pritchard Sloan, Jr. ... General Motors Corporation, also known as GM, an American multinational corporation, is the worlds largest auto company by production volume for the first 9 months of 2007, and by sales volume for 76 consecutive years. ... James Smith McDonnell (April 9, 1899 - August 22, 1980) was an aviation pioneer and founder of McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, later McDonnell Douglas. ... DC-10, retired from American Airlines fleet at gate McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturer, producing a number of famous commercial and military aircraft. ... Thomas James Perkins (Born 1932), American businessman, capitalist, and was one of the founders of leading venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers. ... Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers is a major Sand Hill Road venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. ... News Corporation (NYSE: NWS) is a media conglomerate that operates world-wide. ... The Maltese Falcon is a clipper sailing luxury yacht owned by American centimillionaire Tom Perkins. ... Michael Dammann Eisner (born March 7, 1942) has been the head of The Walt Disney Company since 1984. ... Alternate meanings: Disney (disambiguation) The Walt Disney Company (also known as Disney Enterprises, Inc. ... Microsoft Corporation, (NASDAQ: MSFT, HKSE: 4338) is a multinational computer technology corporation with global annual revenue of US$44. ... The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA, TYO: 7661) is a major aerospace and defense corporation, originally founded by William Edward Boeing. ... For other uses, see IBM (disambiguation) and Big Blue. ... Intuit Inc. ... InFocus Corporation is a company primarily known for developing, manufacturing, and selling a variety of digital projectors for both business and consumer use. ... Network Appliance, Inc. ... For the district in Saga, Japan, see Fujitsu, Saga. ... Chase Carey has served as a Director and as the President and Chief Executive Officer of DirecTV since December 22, 2003. ... A standard DirecTV satellite dish with 1 LNB on a roof DirecTV (trademarked as DIRECTV) is a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service based in El Segundo, California, USA, that transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America except for Mexico. ... News Corporation (NYSE: NWS) is a media conglomerate that operates world-wide. ... John Thain in 2006. ... Doug Lebda is the chief executive of IAC Financial Services and Real Estate, which includes LendingTree, GetSmart, RealEstate. ... LendingTree, LLC is an online lending exchange, providing a marketplace that connects consumers with lenders that compete for their business. ...

Science and Technology

Linus Pauling[6]

Image File history File links Metadata No higher resolution available. ... Image File history File links Metadata No higher resolution available. ... Charles Franklin Kettering (August 29, 1876 _ November 25, 1958), a. ... Pauling lectured at Osaka University in 1955. ... Christian Boehmer Anfinsen, Jr. ...


Two Delta Upsilon fraternity members - Alfred P. Sloan and Charles F. Kettering joined together in 1945 to found the Sloan-Kettering Institute, which is now part of the world's oldest and largest private cancer research facility, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Cover of Time Magazine (December 27, 1926) Alfred Pritchard Sloan, Jr. ... Charles Franklin Kettering (August 29, 1876 _ November 25, 1958), a. ... The original New York Cancer Hospital[1], first built between 1884 and 1886, now converted to luxury condominiums, at 455 Central Park West and 106th St. ...

External links

  • Official Website
  • Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation


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Delta Upsilon (ΔΥ) is a non-secret international gentlemen's fraternity founded on November 4, 1834 at Williams College.
Delta Upsilon is now a thriving international fraternity with 82 chapters in the United States and Canada.
Delta Upsilon is informally known as DU or Delta U. Members of Delta Upsilon are often referred to as DUs, Deltas, and Ducks.
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At the heart of the Delta Upsilon experience lies the combined strength of a brotherhood resolved to live their lives by these principles.
Delta Upsilon Established its fifth chapter in Texas on April 28, 1973, with the installation of the Houston Chapter at the University of Houston.
Alpha Delta Upsilon had appeared on campus four years earlier, and it's predecessor was a local society, Sigma Tau Omega.
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