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Encyclopedia > DVCPRO50
A MiniDV tape
For other uses, see DV can mean DV - a Digital Video tape format DESQview Categories: Lists of two-letter combinations ...DV (disambiguation).

Digital Video (DV) is a Video is the technology of processing electronic signals representing moving pictures. ...video format launched in 1996 is a leap year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, and was designated the International Year for the Eradication of Poverty. ...1996, and, in its smaller tape form factor MiniDV, has since become the standard for consumer and semiprofessional video production. The DV specification (originally known as the Blue Book, current official name The initials IEC can stand for: Independent Electoral Commission Industrial Emergency Council Institut des Experts_comptables et des Conseils fiscaux Institut dEstudis Catalans, Catalan Studies Institute Interactive Evolutionary Computation International Education Centre International Electrical Congress International Electrotechnical Commission See also IEC connector for IEC cord International Engineering Consortium International...IEC 61834) defines both the codec and the tape format. Features include intraframe compression for uncomplicated editing, a standard interface for transfer to A non_linear editing system is a video editing or audio editing system that can perform random access on the source material. ...non_linear editing systems ( A 6_Pin Firewire 400 connector FireWire (also known as i. ...IEEE 1394/ A 6_Pin Firewire 400 connector FireWire (also known as i. ...FireWire), and good video quality, especially compared to earlier consumer analog formats such as A 8mm Camcorder The 8mm Video Format (official name: Video8) is a type of video cassette recorder and video tape. ...8mm, A 8mm Camcorder The 8mm Video Format (official name: Video8) is a type of video cassette recorder and video tape. ...Hi_8 and Top view VHS cassette with US Quarter for scale Bottom view of VHS cassette with magnetic tape exposed The Video Home System, better known by its acronym VHS, is a recording and playing standard for video cassette recorders (VCRs), developed by JVC (ironically, with some of its critical technology under...VHS_C.

There have been some variants on the DV standard, most notably the more professional DVCAM and DVCPRO standards by Sony Corporation (Japanese katakana: ソニー) (NYSE: SNE) is a consumer electronics corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. ...Sony and Panasonic is a brand used by Matsushita, a Japanese company, to market its products throughout the world. ...Panasonic, respectively. Also, there is a recent high_definition version called High Definition Video (HDV) is a video format which is intended to provide the facility to record high_definition (as opposed to standard definition) MPEG_2 video on standard DV media (DV or MiniDV cassette tape). ...HDV, which is rather different on a technical level since it only uses the DV and MiniDV tape form factor, but MPEG_2 (1994) is the designation for a group of audio and video coding standards agreed upon by MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group), and published as ISO standard 13818. ...MPEG_2 for compression.


Technical Standards

Video compression

DV uses The discrete cosine transform (DCT) is a Fourier_related transform similar to the discrete Fourier transform (DFT), but using only real numbers. ...DCT intraframe compression, which is similar to Motion JPEG (M_JPEG) is a video codec where each video field is separately compressed into a JPEG image. ...MJPEG, at a fixed In telecommunications and computing, bit rate (sometimes written bitrate) is the frequency at which bits are passing a given (physical or metaphorical) point. It is quantified using the bit per second (bit/s) unit. ...bitrate of 25 The megabit is a unit of information storage. ...Megabit per second, which amounts to roughly 3.6 This article is about a unit of data measurement. ...Megabytes per second or 4 minutes per A gigabyte (symbol GB) is a unit of measurement in computers of one thousand million bytes (the same as one billion bytes in the short scale usage). ...Gigabyte. The quality is comparable to intraframe MPEG_2 (1994) is the designation for a group of audio and video coding standards agreed upon by MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group), and published as ISO standard 13818. ...MPEG_2 at the same bitrate. Note that many MPEG_2 implementations do not use intraframe compression.

Chroma subsampling

The This article or section should include material from 4:2:2 In image processing, chroma subsampling is the use of lower resolution for the colour (chroma) information in an image than for the brightness (intensity or luma) information. ...chroma subsampling is 4:1:1 for NTSC is the analog television system in use in the United States and many other countries, including most of the Americas and some parts of East Asia. ...NTSC or 4:2:0 for For other meanings of PAL see PAL (disambiguation). ...PAL, which reduces the amount of color resolution stored. Therefore, not all analog formats are outperformed by DV. The Betacam _ Wikipedia /**/ @import /skins/monobook/IE50Fixes. ...Betacam SP format, for example, can still be desirable because it has similar color fidelity, no digital artifacts and good low_light performance. The lower A sample refers to a value or set of values at a point in time and/or space. ...sampling of the A color model is an abstract mathematical model describing the way colors can be represented as tuples of numbers, typically as three or four values or color components (e. ...color space is also a reason why DV is sometimes avoided in applications where For the video special effect, see chroma key. ...chroma_key will be used. However, a large contingent feel the benefits (no generation loss, small format, Digital audio describes sound recording and reproduction systems which work by using a digital representation of the audio waveform. ...digital audio) are an acceptable tradeoff given the compromise in color sampling rate.


DV allows either 2 digital audio channels (usually Stereo or stereophony generally refers to dual_channel sound recording and sound reproduction – sound that contains data for more than one speaker simultaneously. ...stereo) at 16 bit resolution and 48 kHz The sampling frequency or sampling rate defines the number of samples per second taken from a continuous signal to make a discrete signal. ...sampling rate, or 4 digital audio channels at 12 bit resolution and 32 kHz sampling rate. For professional or broadcast applications, 48 kHz is used almost exclusively.


The A 6_Pin Firewire 400 connector FireWire (also known as i. ...IEEE 1394 or A 6_Pin Firewire 400 connector FireWire (also known as i. ...Firewire serial data transfer bus is not a part of the DV specification, but co_evolved with it. Nearly all DV cameras have a IEEE 1394 interface and analog Composite video is the format of an analog television signal before it is modulated onto an RF carrier. ...composite video and S_Video (also known as Y/C) is a baseband analog video format offering a higher quality signal than composite video, but a lower quality than RGB and component video. ...Y/C outputs. High end DV The video cassette recorder (or VCR, less popularly video tape recorder) is a type of video tape recorder that uses removable cassettes containing magnetic tape to record audio and video from a television broadcast so it can be played back later. ...VCRs may have additional professional outputs such as Serial Digital Interface (SDI), standardized in ITU_R 656, is a digitized video format used for broadcast grade video. ...SDI, SDTI or analog Component video is a type of video information that is transmitted or stored as two or more separate signals (as opposed to composite video, such as NTSC or PAL, which is a single signal). ...component video. All DV variants have a timecode, but some older or consumer computer applications fail to take advantage of it.

On computers, DV streams are usually stored in container formats such as This article is about the author with the pen name Avi. ...AVI or QuickTime is a multimedia technology developed by Apple Computer, capable of handling various formats of digital video, sound, text, animation, music, and immersive virtual reality panoramic images. ...Quicktime, but sometimes raw DV data is recorded directly.

Physical format

DV cassettes
Left to right: DVCAM-L, DVCPRO-M, MiniDV

The DV format uses "L-size" cassettes, while MiniDV cassettes are called "S-size". Both MiniDV and DV tapes can come with a low capacity embedded memory chip (a scant 4Mbits for MiniDV cassettes). This embedded memory can be used to quickly sample stills from edit points (for example, each time the record button on the camcorder pressed when filming, a new "scene" timecode is entered into memory). DVCPRO has no "S-size", but an additional "M-size" as well as an "XL-size" for use with DVCPRO HD VTRs. All DV variants have a tape that is 6.35 mm wide.

MiniDV / DV

The "L" cassette is about 120 x 90 x 12 mm and can record up to two hours of video. The better known MiniDV tapes are 65 x 48 x 12 mm and hold either an hour or an hour and a half of video depending on whether the video is recorded at Standard Play (SP) or Extended Play (EP). The tapes sell for less than USD 5 each as of 2003 is a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar, and also: The International Year of Freshwater The European Disability Year Events January January 1 - Luíz Inácio Lula Da Silva becomes the 37th President of Brazil. ...2003. DV on SP has a Helical Scan, or striping is a method of recording higher bandwidth signals onto magnetic tape than would otherwise be possible at the same tape speed with fixed heads. ...helical scan track width of 10 A micrometre (American spelling: micrometer), symbol µm, is an SI unit of length. ...micrometers, EP uses a track width of only 6.7 micrometers.

Software is currently available for ordinary home computers which allows users to record any sort of computer data on MiniDV cassettes using common DV decks or camcorders. A 60_minute MiniDV tape will hold approximately 13 A gigabyte (symbol GB) is a unit of measurement in computers of one thousand million bytes (the same as one billion bytes in the short scale usage). ...Gigabytes of data in this form of usage as the DV video format has a constant data rate of 3.6 Megabytes per second (3.6 MB/s x 60 seconds x 60 minutes = 12,960 MB per hour = 12.9 GB per hour)


Sony's DVCAM is a semiprofessional variant of the DV standard that uses the same cassettes as DV and MiniDV, but transports the tape 50% faster, leading to a higher track width of 15 micrometers. The data format is the same as DV, but because of the greater track width the tapes are much more robust, and the EP mode of DV is not supported. All DVCAM recorders and cameras can play back DV material, but DVCPRO support was only recently added to some models. DVCAM tapes (or DV tapes recorded in DVCAM mode) have their recording time reduced by one third.

DVCAM is not available in higher bitrates or HD modes. Sony reserves this market for their digital Betacam _ Wikipedia /**/ @import /skins/monobook/IE50Fixes. ...Betacam and HDCAM product lines.


Panasonic's DVCPRO was specifically created for For the Canadian television drama, see E.N.G. ENG is a broadcasting (usually television) industry acronym which stands for electronic news gathering. ...ENG use ( The National Broadcasting Company or NBC is an American television broadcasting company based in New York Citys Rockefeller Center. ...NBC's newsgathering division was a major customer), with better linear editing capabilities and robustness. It has an even greater track width of 18 micrometers and uses another tape type (Metal Particle instead of Metal Evaporated). Additionally, the tape has a longitudinal analog audio cue track. Audio is only available in the 16bit/48kHz variant, there is no EP mode, and DVCPRO always uses 4:1:1 color subsampling (even in PAL mode). Apart from that, standard DVCPRO data (also known as DVCPRO25) is the same as DV. However, unlike Sony, Panasonic chose to promote its DV variant for professional high-end applications. With two DV codecs running in parallel for a data rate of 50 Mbit/s and 4:2:2 color sampling, the DVCPRO50 standard was created for ENG compatibility but with reserves for High-definition television (HDTV) means broadcast of television signals with a higher resolution than traditional formats (NTSC, SECAM, PAL) allow. ...HDTV upscaling. The HD represents, among other things: The American poet Hilda Doolittle High Definition media formats, for instance HDTV (high definition television) or the HD_DVD format Hard disk or hard drive, a type of computer storage hardware Harley Davidson, an iconic American motorcycle manufacturer The Home Depot, a chain of home...HD variant, DVCPRO HD (also known as DVCPRO100), uses four parallel codecs and even higher tape speed for a data rate of 100 Mbit/s, at a HDTV resolution of 720p progressive or 1080i interlaced. A camcorder using as special variable_framerate (from 4 to 60 fps) variant of DVCPRO HD called VariCam is also available. All these variants are In technology (especially computing), backward compatibility has several related but differing meanings: A system is backward compatible if it is compatible with earlier versions of itself, or sometimes other earlier systems, particularly systems it intends to supplant. ...backward compatible but not Forward compatibility is the ability of a system to accept input from later versions of itself. ...forward compatible.

DVCPRO cassettes are always labeled with a pair of run times, the smaller of the two being the capacity for DVCPRO50. A "M" tape can hold up to 66/33 minutes of video. The color of the lid indicates the format: DVCPRO tapes have a yellow lid, longer S tapes made specially for DVCPRO50 have a blue lid and DVCPRO HD tapes have a red lid.

The DVCPRO VCRs can play back DV and DVCAM tapes, but MiniDV tapes usually require an adaptor.

Other variants

Sony's XDCAM format allows recording of DVCAM streams on an optical medium similar to a Blu-ray discs Blu-ray Disc is a next-generation optical disc format meant for high definition video (HD) and high density data storage, and is one of two competing standards for HD optical media. ...Blu_Ray Disc, while Panasonic's DVCPRO P2 uses recording of DV/DVCPRO/DVCPRO50 streams on The PCMCIA is the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, an industry trade association that creates standards for notebook computer peripheral devices. ...PCMCIA_compatible Flash memory is a form of EEPROM that allows multiple memory locations to be erased or written in one programming operation. ...flash memory cards. Ikegami's Editcam System can record in DVCPRO or DVCPRO50 format on a removable Typical hard drives of the mid-1990s. ...hard disk. Note that most of these distinctions are for Traditionally, Marketing has been a term applied to the craft of linking the producers (or potential producers) of a product or service with customers, both existing and potential. ...marketing purposes only _ since DVCPRO and DVCAM only differ in the method in which they write the DV stream to tape, all these non_tape formats are virtually identical in regard to the video data.

Victor Company of Japan, or (Japan Victor Company) JVC, is a large international corporation headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, which produces audio, video, and consumer electronics products. ...JVC's D_9 format (also known as Digital_S) is very similar to DVCPRO50, but records on tapes in the S_VHS or Super VHS was an improved, backward_compatible version of the VHS standard for domestic video cassette recorders. ...S_VHS form factor. (NOTE: D_9 is not to be confused with D_VHS is a digital video format developed by JVC which used the same physical tape format as VHS. It is capable of recording and displaying both standard definition and high definition content. ...D_VHS, which uses MPEG_2 (1994) is the designation for a group of audio and video coding standards agreed upon by MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group), and published as ISO standard 13818. ...MPEG_2 compression at a significantly lower bitrate)

The Digital8 (or D8) is a digital videotape format invented by Sony in the late 1990s. ...Digital8 standard uses the DV codec, but uses Hi8 tapes to record onto. Because of Video8's and Hi8's success in the past, many precious recordings exist in these formats. The Digital8 format was designed as a consumer format for transition from analog to digital. The video and audio quality of Digital8 is comparable to DV.

See also

  • High Definition Video (HDV) is a video format which is intended to provide the facility to record high_definition (as opposed to standard definition) MPEG_2 video on standard DV media (DV or MiniDV cassette tape). ...HDV
  • MicroMV is a new videotape format by Sony. ...MicroMV
  • The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a small group charged with the development of video and audio encoding standards. ...MPEG

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DV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (3298 words)
DVCPRO50 is often described as two DV-codecs in parallel.
The DVCPRO50 standard doubles the coded video bitrate from 25 Mbit/s to 50 Mbit/s, and uses 4:2:2 chroma subsampling instead of 4:1:1.
The formulation of the tape is the same, and the tapes are interchangeable between formats.
Rule Broadcast Systems - Tech Tips (1151 words)
DVCPro50 refers to capturing, recording or playing back footage at 50 Megabits per second.
DVCPro50 tape is often used in the Varicam HD camera.
It will play back DV and DVCam tapes as well, even though it will not record in those formats, however, it cannot play back either format if recorded on a MiniDV cassette without an adapter and, even then, recording and playback options are limited.
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