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Cryptids are creatures presumed extinct, hypothetical species, or creatures known from anecdotal evidence and/or other evidence insufficient to prove their existence with scientific certainty. The slang term "cryptid" was first coined in 1983 by John Wall.[1] A cryptid may also be known as an Unidentified Mysterious Animal (UMA). The study of cryptids is known as Cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is the search for animals that are rumored to exist, but for which conclusive proof is missing. ...


Notable examples: Cryptozoology

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Name Other names Status Description Location
Abraham Lincoln's cat Ghost cat Appears only before bad events Ghostly small cat United States
Acinonyx jubatus guttatus Woolly Cheetah Genetic Disorder Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Ahool Ropen Bat Indonesia
Akkorokamui Naga Folklore Fish Japan
Almas Abnauayu, Almosty, Albasty, Bekk-Bok[2],
Biabin-Guli, Golub-Yavan, Gul-Biavan, Guli-Avan,
Kaptar, Kra-Dhun, Ksy-Giik, Ksy-Gyik, Ochokochi,
Mirygdy, Mulen, Voita, Wind-Man
Primate Asia/Caucasus
Altamaha-ha River Animal United States, Georgia
Ameranthropoides loysi de Loys's Ape Primate South America
Anatolian Leopard Panthera Pardus Tulliana Critically Endangered; Maybe Extinct Big cat Asia Minor, Turkey
Andean Wolf Hagenbeck Wolf, Andean Mountain Wolf, Dasycyon hagenbecki Carnivorous Mammal High Andes
Atmospheric beast Ghost Riders, Sky Fish, Rods Hypothetical/discredited ?/Photographic artefact of flying insects Atmosphere

Binomial name Acinonyx jubatus (Schreber, 1775) Type species Acinonyx venator Brookes, 1828 (= Felis jubata, Schreber, 1775) by monotypy The range of the Cheetah The Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is an endangered member of the cat family (Felidae), a poor climber that hunts by speed and stealth. ... The ahool is a legendary giant bat, or by other accounts, a pterodon or flying primate. ... Akkorokamui (アッコロカムイ) is a gigantic fish or octopus monster from Ainu folklore, which lurks in Funka bay in Hokkaido. ... The Almas, Mongolian for wild man, is a cryptozoological species of presumed hominid reputed to inhabit the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of central Asia, and the Altai Mountains of southern Mongolia. ... The altamaha-ha is a cryptid sea monster that lives in the waters of Darien, Georgia. ... Ameranthropoides loysi (otherwise known as de Loys Ape) is the unofficial name for a large primate supposedly encountered by François De Loys in South America. ... Panthera pardus tulliana photographed by researcher Curt Kosswig in 1938 Trinomial name Panthera pardus tulliana The Anatolian Leopard, Panthera pardus tulliana, is a subspecies of leopard. ... Andean Wolf ( Dasycyon Hagenbecki ) This is mysterious canid from Andes. ... Atmospheric beasts (also sky beasts or sky critters) are organisms which could hypothetically exist off of the surface of Earth or other planets with an atmosphere. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Baiji Pai-chi, Chinese River Dolphin Presumed Extinct Dolphin Yangtze River/ Yellow River, Chinese Rivers
Barmanou Primate Middle East/Asia
Basilisk Giant Snake Legend Bird-Reptile Hybrid Western Europe/ Basel, Switzerland/ Warsaw, Poland
Batutut Primate East Asia
Bear Lake Monster Discredited Lake Animal United States, Idaho/Utah
The Beast of Bodmin Carnivorous Mammal United Kingdom
The Beast of Bray Road Carnivorous Mammal Wisconsin, United States
Beast of Busco Churubusco Turtle Local Legend Reptile/Dinosaur United States
The Beast of Exmoor Carnivorous Mammal England
The Beast of Gévaudan Local Legend Carnivorous Mammal France
Bergman's Bear God Bear Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Asia
Bessie Local Legend Lake Animal Lake Erie, North America
Bigfoot Sasquatch Primate North America
Bili Ape Bondo Mystery Ape Aberrant population of Pan troglodytes;
possible new subspecies
Primate Democratic Republic of Congo
Black Shuck Old Shuck Legend Carnivorous Mammal Coast of East Anglia, England
Bowfin Dogfish, Mudfish, Bowfy Mythical Carnivorous Fish Eastern USA
British Big Cats Alien Big Cats or ABCs,
Phantom Cats, English Lions
Carnivorous Mammal Great Britain
Brosno Dragon Local Legend Lake Animal Lake Brosno, Russia
Bunyip Lake or Cave Animal Australia
Buru Presumed Extinct Reptile/Dinosaur India

Binomial name Lipotes vexillifer Miller, 1918 Natural range of the Baiji The Baiji (Traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: ) (Lipotes vexillifer, Lipotes meaning left behind, vexillifer flag bearer) was a freshwater dolphin found only in the Yangtze River in China. ... The Barmanou (or Barmanu) is said to be a bipedal primate living in the mountainous region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. ... Woodblock print of a basilisk from Ulisse Aldrovandi, Monstrorum historia, 1642 Cityseal of Zwolle from 1295 with Saint-Michael killing a basilisk In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk (from the Greek βασιλίσκος basiliskos, a little king, in Latin Regulus) is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and... The Batutut is a proposed hominid Cryptid thought to inhabit the Vu Quang nature reserve and other wilderness areas of Viet Nam and Laos. ... The Bear Lake Monster is a lake monster that is reported by some to live in Bear Lake on the Idaho-Utah border. ... The Beast of Bodmin is a phantom wild cat (or possibly a number of them) which ranges in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. ... The Beast of Bray Road (or the Bray Road Beast) is an unknown creature reported to live in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. ... The Beast of Busco is the subject of a local legend in Churubusco, Indiana about an enormous snapping turtle named Oscar which terrorized the citizens back in 1949. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ... The Beast of Gévaudan (French: La bête du Gévaudan) was a legendary wolf-like creature that terrorised the former province of Gévaudan (modern day Lozère département), in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France from about 1764 to 1767. ... Trinomial name Ursus arctos piscator (Bergman, 1920) The Bergmans Bear (Ursus arctos piscator) is an extinct subspecies of the Brown Bear that lived in the Kamchatka Peninsula. ... Bessie is a name given to a sea monster in Lake Erie by the locals. ... It has been suggested that Evidence regarding Bigfoot be merged into this article or section. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Binomial name Pan troglodytes Blumenbach, 1799 The Common Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) is a great ape. ... Black Shuck is the name given to a ghostly black dog which is said to roam the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline. ... Norfolk and Suffolk, the core area of East Anglia. ... Motto (French) God and my right Anthem No official anthem - the United Kingdom anthem God Save the Queen is commonly used England() – on the European continent() – in the United Kingdom() Capital (and largest city) London (de facto) Official languages English (de facto) Unified  -  by Athelstan 927 AD  Area  -  Total 130... Binomial name Amia calva Linnaeus, 1766 The bowfins are an order (Amiiformes) of primitive ray-finned fish. ... This article does not cite its references or sources. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ... The Buru was an aquatic reptile said to have lived in Jiro (also spelled and pronounced as Ziro) valley, a small town in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India, at some undefined time in the past. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Cadborosaurus willsi Caddy, Cadborosaurus Sea Animal Pacific Coast of North America
Camp Au Sable Duck Demon Duck Hoax Toothy Duck United States, Michigan
Canvey Island Monster Discredited Bipedal United Kingdom
Caspian Tiger Persian Tiger Presumed Extinct Tiger Turkey
Centaur Mythical Humanoid Greece
Champ Champtanystropheus Local Legend Lake Animal Lake Champlain, North America
Cherufe Mythical Chile
Chessie (sea monster) Local Legend Sea Animal Atlantic Coast of United States
Chipekwe Emela-ntouka, Irizima Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Chupacabra Goat Sucker Legend Bipedal North/Central America
Coelacanth Confirmed Living Jawed Fish Africa/Indonesia
Con Rit Many-finned Sea Serpent, Cetacean Centipede, Great Sea-Centipede Sea Animal Southeast Asia

Cadborosaurus willsi, nicknamed Caddy, is the name given in a formal description to a cryptid species. ... The discovery of the Canvey Island monster remains one of cryptozoologys most bizarre unsolved mysteries. ... Trinomial name Panthera tigris virgata (Illiger, 1815) Distribution of caspian tigers in 1900 (red) Synonyms P. tigris lecoqi (China) Color-enhanced photo of a captive specimen (possibly the same individual as above) The Caspian tiger or Persian tiger (Panthera tigris virgata) was the westernmost subspecies of tiger, found in Iran... In Greek mythology, the centaurs (Greek: Κένταυροι) are a race of creatures composed of part human and part horse. ... Champ is the name given to a reputed lake monster living in Lake Champlain. ... The Cherufe is a gigantic, anthropophagous life form supposed to live in the coastal, South American nation of Chili. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... This does not cite any references or sources. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... Chupacabra (also chupacabras /tʃupakabɾas/, from Spanish chupar: to suck, cabra: goat; goats sucker) is a cryptid said to inhabit parts of both of the Americas. ... Families See text. ... The Con Rit (Cetioscolopendra aeliani) is a cryptozoological creature that is supposed by some to live in south east Asia. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Dahu Folklore Herbivorous Mammal France, Switzerland
Deinotherium Presumed Extinct Herbivorous Mammal Africa
Devil Bird Ulama Bird Sri Lanka
Dinosaurs in South America Reptile/Dinosaur South America
Dobhar-chu Folklore Carnivorous Mammal Ireland
Dover Demon Local Legend Bipedal, possible extraterrestrial United States, Massachusetts
Dragon Legend Reptile Europe, America, China, Japan, Korea.
Drop Bear Legend Giant Koala Australia

The dahu is an imaginary creature well known in France and Switzerland, also known as a Haggis in Northern England and Scotland. ... Species Deinotherium bozasi Arambourg, 1934 Deinotherium giganteus Kaup, 1829 Deinotherium indicum Falconer, 1845 Deinotherium (terrible beast) was a huge prehistoric proto-elephant that appeared in the Middle Miocene and continued until the Early Pleistocene. ... The Myth A jealous husband, doubting the paternity of his son, killed the child and made a curry of the flesh, which his unsuspecting wife began to eat. ... In addition to the alleged claims of surviving dinosaurs in Central Africa, there have also been some reports of unknown, large reptiles, possibly dinosaurs, surviving in the vast rain forests of South America. ... The Dobhar-chu (also known as the dobhar-chú, dobarcu, doyarchu, and dhuragoo) is a creature of Irish folklore and a cryptid. ... This does not adequately cite its references or sources. ... It has been suggested that European dragon be merged into this article or section. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Ebu Gogo Primate Flores, Indonesia
Elasmotherium Giant Rhinoceros Extinct Herbivorous Mammal Asia
Elf Mythical Humanoid Worldwide
El Petizo Possibly extraterrestrial Argentina
Ennedi tiger Saber-toothed cat Presumed Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Emela-ntouka Chipekwe, Irizima Reptile/Dinosaur Africa

Ebu Gogo is a human-like creature (or race of creatures) which appears in the mythology of the people of the island of Flores, Indonesia, of similar form to the leprechaun or elf. ... Binomial name Elasmotherium sibiricum J. Fischer, 1809 The Giant Unicorn (Elasmotherium sibiricum) (Siberian Thin-Plate Beast) was a giant rhinoceros which stood two meters high and six meters (20 feet) long, with a single two-meter-long (7 feet) horn in the forehead. ... A small forest elf (älva) rescuing an egg, from Solägget (1932), by Elsa Beskow An elf is a creature of Germanic paganism which still survives in northern European folklore. ... The Ennedi tiger is a purportedly living Sabertooth tiger, that inhabits the Ennedi Plateau, located in the east of Chad, in the Sub-Saharan Africa. ... The fossilized skeleton of a sabre-toothed cat The terms saber-toothed cat and saber-toothed tiger describes numerous cat-like species that lived during various parts of the Cenozoic and evolved their saber-toothed characteristics entirely independently. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... This does not cite any references or sources. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Fear liath Am Fear Liath Mòr, The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui, Greyman Primate Scotland
Flatwoods Monster Green Monster, Braxton County Monster, Phantom of Flatwoods Extraterrestrial United States, West Virginia
Flying Rod Sky Fish Discredited Flying Creature Worldwide
Flying Flash Extraterrestrial UK
Fouke Monster Boggy Creek Monster Primate United States, Arkansas
Fur-bearing Trout Discredited Fish North America

Am Fear Liath Mòr (also known as The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui or simply the Greyman) is the name of a presence or creature which is said to haunt the summit and passes of Ben MacDhui, the highest peak of the Cairngorms and the second highest peak... The Flatwoods Monster, also known as the Braxton County Monster and the Phantom of Flatwoods, is an unidentified creature, reported to be alien in origin, which was sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia during the early 1950s. ... Rods, a rather new entry in the field of Cryptozoology, are creatures said to flit about in the air at such a high speed as to not be seen by the naked eye. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... The Fouke Monster is a legendary cryptid reported near the town of Fouke in Miller County, Arkansas (see map [1]) during the early 1970s, where it was accused of attacking a local family. ... The fur-bearing trout (or furry trout) is a fictitious creature supposedly native to the northern regions of North America, particularly Canada, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Gambo Unconfirmed Sea Animal Africa
Genie Jinni, Djinni, Djini Mythical Humanoid Island
Giant Anaconda Observer exaggeration of size Reptile/Dinosaur South America
Giant Penguin Discredited Bird Florida (USA), New Zealand
Giglioli's whale Amphiptera pacifica Unconfirmed Sea Animal Off Chile, Scotland and France (Mediterranean)
Gin-Sung[3] Bear-Men, Kung-Lu, Tok Primate China
Globster Blob Sea Animal carcass
Goatman The Maryland Goatman, Chevo Man Urban Legend Bipedal United States
Gorgon Mythical Reptilian Humanoid Greece
Gremlin Folklore Humanoid Worldwide
Greys Roswell Aliens, Reticulians, Zetas Unconfirmed Bipedal Worldwide
Griffin Gryphon Mythical Hybrid Worldwide

Gambo, the last Mosasaur Gambo, the mysterious last Mosasaur, is now a virtually forgotten enigma, although it is one of the most puzzling. ... Genie is the English term for the Arabic جن (jinn). ... Species 4, see article. ... The giant penguin is an example of megafauna which is today presumed to be extinct. ... Giglioli’s whale (Amphiptera pacifica) is an unrecognized species of whale observed by Enrico Hillyer Giglioli. ... Carcass that washed ashore near St. ... The Goatman is a cryptozoological man-goat hybrid, allegedly living in the United States of America. ... See also Gorgona, for the Colombian/Italian islands. ... A gremlin is a folkloric creature, commonly depicted as mischievous and mechanically oriented with a specific interest in aircraft. ... In Ufology, Greys, also known as Roswell aliens, Zetas, and Reticulians, are alleged extraterrestrial life forms that appear in modern UFO conspiracy theories and other UFO-related paranormal phenomena. ... An unusually naturalistic depiction of a griffin by Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll’s Alices Adventures in Wonderland. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Harpy Mythical Humanoid World
Hellhounds Mythical Carnivorous Mammal
Hibagon Hinagon Local legend Primate Japan
High-finned sperm whale Unconfirmed Cetacean Shetland Islands
Hodag The Dag Discredited Carnivorous Mammal/Lizard United States, Wisconsin
Hoop Snake Discredited Reptile/Dinosaur United States/Australia
Hopkinsville Goblin Unconfirmed Extraterrestrial Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Humanzee Chuman, Manpanzee Hypothetical Primate
Hyote Discredited Canine United States, Maryland

Harpy (from Latin: Harpyia, Greek: Άρπυια, Harpuia, pl. ... A hellhound is a demonic dog of Hell, found in mythology or in fiction. ... The Hibagon or Hinagon is the Japanese equivalent of the Bigfoot or Yeti. ... Depiction of Physeter tursio. ... The hodag is a fictional animal of Wisconsin in the United States. ... The hoop snake is a legendary creature of the United States. ... The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, also known as the Hopkinsville Goblins case, is a well-known and well-documented Close Encounter event in the history of UFO incidents. ... The Humanzee (also known as the Chuman, or Manpanzee) is a hypothetical chimpanzee/human hybrid. ... The hyote is a cryptozoological animal that was repeatedly sighted in Baltimore County, Maryland during the summer of 2004. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Iliamna Lake Monster Believed to be a giant sturgeon Lake Animal Lake Iliamna, Alaska
Inkanyamba Unconfirmed Lake Animal Africa
Isshii Believed to be a giant eel Lake Animal Japan
Jackalope antelabbit, aunt benny, Wyoming thistled hare, stagbunny Discredited/Hoax Herbivorous Mammal North America
Japanese Wolf Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Japan
Javan Tiger Indonesian Tiger Presumed Extinct Tiger Eastern Java
Jersey Devil Leeds Devil Local Legend Winged Mammal United States, esp. New Jersey
John(Wolly) Yeti Discredited Bipedal Heart of Alps, spotted in lower regions

Species See text. ... Iliamna Lake or Lake Iliamna is a lake in southwest Alaska at 59°46 N, 154°50 W, at the base of the Alaska Peninsula. ... The Inkanyamba is supposedly a sea serpent type creature living in a waterfall lake area in the northern forests near Cape Town, South Africa. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ... For other uses, see Eel (disambiguation). ... The Wyoming jackalope is larger than life. ... Trinomial name Canis lupus hodophilax (Temminck, 1839) The Japanese Wolf ) refers to two extinct subspecies of the grey wolf. ... Trinomial name Panthera tigris sondaica (Temminck, 1844) Javan Tiger range map The Javan tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica) was a tiger limited to the Indonesian island of Java. ... The X-Files, see The Jersey Devil (The X-Files episode). ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Kappa Gatarō, Kawako Folklore Bipedal Japan
Kasai Rex Discredited Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Kikomba Primate Africa
Kikiyaon Unconfirmed Carnivore Bird Africa
Kingstie Lake George Monster Hoax Lake Animal North America, Lake Ontario
Kongamato Unconfirmed Pterosaur/Bird/Bat Kenya
Kraken Giant Squid, Colossal Squid, Leviathain Has more traits from an octopus than a squid and is much larger in size compared to a colossal squid Sea Animal World's Oceans
Kting Voar Snake-eating Cow Probable hoax Herbivorous Mammal Cambodia
Kusshii Unconfirmed Lake Animal Japan

A drawing of a kappa which was reported to have been caught in a net on Mito East beach in 1801. ... Kasai Rex is a cryptozoological hoax. ... The Kikiyaon is a cryptid described as resembling a large owl, especially its head. ... The Kingstie is a supposed sea monster, living in Lake Ontario. ... The Kongamato (breaker of boats) is a reported pterosaur-like creature from the border area of Zambia, Angola and Congo, Suggested identities include a modern-day Rhamphorhynchus, a misidentified bird (such as the very large and peculiar Saddle-billed Stork), or a giant bat. ... Pen and wash drawing by malacologist Pierre Dénys de Montfort, 1801, from the descriptions of French sailors reportedly attacked by such a creature off the coast of Angola. ... Species Architeuthis dux Steenstrup, 1857 ?Architeuthis hartingii Verrill, 1875 ?Architeuthis japonica Pfeffer, 1912 ?Architeuthis kirkii Robson, 1887 ?Architeuthis martensi (Hilgendorf, 1880) ?Architeuthis physeteris (Joubin, 1900) ?Architeuthis sanctipauli (Velain, 1877) ?Architeuthis stockii (Kirk, 1882) Synonyms Architeuthus Steenstrup, 1857 Dinoteuthis More, 1875 Dubioteuthis Joubin, 1900 Megaloteuthis Kent, 1874 Megateuthis Hilgendorf in Carus... Binomial name Peter and Feiler, 1994 The Kting Voar, also known as the Khting Vor, Linh Duong, or Snake-eating Cow (Pseudonovibos spiralis) is a bovid mammal reputed to exist in Cambodia and Vietnam. ... This article or section does not cite any references or sources. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Lake Tianchi Monster Lake Chonji Monster Unconfirmed Lake Animal China
Lake Van Monster Monster of Lake Van Unconfirmed Lake Animal Turkey
Lake Worth monster Lake Worth Goatman, Texas Bigfoot Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal United States, Texas
Lariosauro Lariosauro, Como Lake monster Unconfirmed Water reptile Italy
Leviathan Biblical Giant Seabeast/fish World
Lindworm Wyvern Folklore Serpent-like dragon Europe
Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp Unconfirmed Bipedal United States, South Carolina
Lizard Men Draconian, Reptoid, Dinosauroid Unconfirmed, Theoretical Bipedal Worldwide
Loch Ness Monster Nessie Unconfirmed Lake Monster Loch Ness, Scotland
Long Horse[2] Hoax Similar to a normal horse, only several times the normal length. North America/Europe
Loveland Frog Loveland Lizard Unconfirmed Bipedal United States, Ohio
Lusca Unconfirmed Sea Animal World's Oceans

The Lake Tianchi Monster is an alleged lake monster which dwells in Lake Tianchi (Lake Cheonji) located in the peak of Baekdu Mountain within the Changbai Mountains (Changbaek Mountains) encompassing Jilin Province of China and Ryanggang Province of North Korea. ... The Lake Van Monster (Turkish: Van Gölü Canavarı) was not reported until 1995 in Lake Van, a large alkaline lake in Eastern Turkey. ... The Lake Worth Monster is one of the most respected and valid creature sightings in America. ... Lariosauro is an Italian Cryptid reported to live in Como Lake, about 30 miles north from Milan town. ... It has been suggested that Leviathan in rabbinic literature be merged into this article or section. ... Lindwurm Brunnen in the center of Klagenfurt A lindworm (called lindorm in Scandinavia and Lindwurm in Germany; the name consists of two Germanic roots meaning roughly ensnaring serpent) is a large serpent-like dragon from European mythology and folklore. ... The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, or The Lizard Man Of Lee County, is a humanoid creature rumored to inhabit the swampy areas of Lee County, South Carolina. ... It has been suggested that The Reptilian Agenda be merged into this article or section. ... For other uses, see Loch Ness Monster (disambiguation). ... This article is about the body of water in Scotland. ... Motto (Latin) No one provokes me with impunity Cha togar mfhearg gun dioladh (Scottish Gaelic) Wha daur meddle wi me?(Scots)1 Anthem (Multiple unofficial anthems) Scotland() – on the European continent() – in the United Kingdom() Capital Edinburgh Largest city Glasgow Official languages English, Gaelic Government Constitutional monarchy  -  Monarch Queen... This does not cite its references or sources. ... Carcass that washed ashore in St. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
MacFarlane's Bear Ursus inopinatus Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Canada
Maltese Tiger Blue Tiger Abnormal coloration due to mutation Carnivorous Mammal China
Mamlambo Unconfirmed Lake Animal South Africa
Manananggal Aswang Folklore Humanoid Philippines
Manipogo Winnipogo Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Winnipeg, Canada
Mapinguari Remnant of Megatherium Herbivorous Mammal Amazon Rainforest
Maricoxi Unconfirmed Primate South America
Marozi Spotted Lion, Panthera leo maculatus Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Marsupial Lion Thylaceo, Thylaceo carnifex Confirmed. Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Australia
Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Mecheny Primate Asia
Megalodon Carcharodon megalodon Presumed Extinct Giant Great White Shark World's Oceans
Megalania prisca Giant Australian Monitor Lizard Extinct Reptile/Dinosaur Australia
Menehune Unconfirmed Primate United States, Hawaii
Merfolk Merman, Mermaid, Merpeople Mythical Sea Humanoid World's Oceans
Minhocão Exaggeration of existing animal Caecilian South America
Minnesota Iceman Unconfirmed Primate United States, Minnesota
Mngwa Nunda Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Moehau Mythical Primate New Zealand
Mokele Mbembe Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Congo
MoMo Missouri Monster Discredited most likely a hoax Primate United States, Missouri
Mongolian Deathworm Allghoi (or orghoi) khorkhoi Unconfirmed Worm-like animal Gobi Desert
Mono Grande Unconfirmed Hominid South America
Morag Unconfirmed Lake Animal Scotland
Mothman Unconfirmed Bipedal, winged United States, West Virginia
Muckie Lake Animal Lakes of Killarney, Ireland.
Muc-sheilch Local Legend Lake Animal Scotland
Mussie Local Legend Lake Animal Canada
Mylodon Extinct Giant Ground Sloth Southern Patagonian forests

Binomial name Ursus (Vetularctos) inopinatus (Merriam, 1918) The MacFarlanes Bear is an extinct species of bear that was found in Canadas Northwest Territories. ... The Maltese Tigeris a suspected coloration morph of tiger that has historically been reported in the Fujian Province of China and claimed to have been sighted on a few occasions. ... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... A manananggal in Filipino folklore or penanggalan in Malay folklore is a mythical creature . ... Manipogo is the name given to the lake monster reported to live in Lake Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada. ... The mapinguari (or mapinguary) is a legendary sloth-like creature with red fur living in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil and Bolivia. ... Megatheriinae were a subfamily of elephant-sized ground sloths that lived from 2 million to 8,000 years ago. ... This article or section contains information that has not been verified and thus might not be reliable. ... Trinomial name Panthera leo maculatus (Pocock, 1937) A Marozi or Spotted Lion (Panthera leo maculatus) is claimed to be a rare, natural hybrid of a leopard and lion or perhaps an adult lion which retained its childhood spots. ... Binomial name Thylacoleo carnifex (Owen, 1858) The Marsupial Lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) is an extinct species of carnivorous marsupial, (the largest Austrailan mammalian predator at that time) that lived in Australia from about 24 million years ago, during the late Oligocene, and became extinct about 50,000 years ago, during the... The Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu is a purportedly living herbivorous, non-violent Stegosaurus that inhabits Africa. ... Binomial name Carcharodon megalodon Agassiz, 1843 The megalodon, Carcharodon megalodon, (from ancient Greek μεγας = big + οδους (genitive οδοντος) = tooth) was a giant prehistoric shark that probably lived between about 16 to 1. ... Binomial name Megalania prisca (Richard Owen, 1860) Megalania prisca is an extinct giant monitor lizard. ... Wikipedia does not yet have an article with this exact name. ... In Polynesian mythology, the Menehune are similar to elves or fairies. ... It has been suggested that Mermaids in popular culture be merged into this article or section. ... The Minhocão is a large animal that reputedly exists in the forests of South America. ... The Minnesota Iceman is a purported creature frozen in a block of ice and displayed at state fairs or carnivals in an around Minnesota in the late 1960s as a missing link. Some have suggested the creature was a bigfoot or yeti, while others contend it was a hoax. ... Mngwa (the strange one) or the Nunda is a gigantic, ferocious, gray felid, said to stalk the East African country of Tanzania. ... Moehau are described as wild men in the forests of New Zealnd they were thought to live on the south isand and be solitary creatures: kidnapping people rarely. ... Mokèlé-mbèmbé is the name given to a large creature reported to live in the lakes and swamps of the Congo River basin. ... Momo is the name of an alleged cryptid similar to the legendary Bigfoot that lives in Missouri. ... The Mongolian Death Worm is a snakelike creature reported to exist in the Gobi Desert. ... Occasional reports of large monkey-like creatures have been made from South America. ... A hominid is any member of the biological family Hominidae (the great apes), including the extinct and extant humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. ... This page is a candidate for speedy deletion, because: nonsense If you disagree with its speedy deletion, please explain why on its talk page or at Wikipedia:Speedy deletions. ... This does not cite any references or sources. ... The Muc-sheilch or Muc-sheilche was an alleged freshwater monster of Scotland said to have been seen often in Loch Maree and neighbouring lochs by anglers and others. ... Mussie is a sea monster allegedly living in Muskrat Lake, 75 miles northwest of Ottawa. ... The Mylodon was a smaller breed of ground sloth, approximately ox-sized, related to the Megatherium and modern three-toed sloths and two-toed sloths. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Nahuelito Unconfirmed Lake Animal Argentina
Night Parrot Pezoporus occidentalis Confirmed. Parrot Australia
Nandi Bear Chemosit[4], Chimiset, Chimisit, Duba, Engargiya, Gadett, Ikimizi, Kerit, Kikambangwe, Kikomba, Koddoelo, Ngoloko, Sabrookoo, Shivuverre Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Neo-Giant Unconfirmed Primate Worldwide
Ngoubou Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Người Rừng Forest People Unconfirmed Primate Vietnam
Nords Nordics, Pleideans, Hydean, Wingmaker, Venusian, Telosian Unconfirmed Humanoid Extraterrestrial Europe
Nyalmo Unconfirmed Primate Asia

Nahuelito is a lake monster cryptid said to inhabit the Nahuel Huapi Lake of Patagonia, Argentina. ... Binomial name Pezoporus occidentalis (Gould, 1861) Synonyms Geopsittacus occidentalis The Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) is (or was, depending on opinion) a small broad-tailed parrot endemic to the continent of Australia. ... The so-called Nandi Bear is an scientifically unrecognized animal said to live in Africa. ... Neo-Giant was a term invented by Ivan Sanderson to describe giant hominids. ... This article or section is missing references or citation of sources. ... Nguoi Rung is a creature said to inhabit Vietnam, reputedly similar to the bigfoot, sometimes also known as forest people. It is described as being approximately six feet tall and completely covered with hair except the knees, the soles of the feet, the hands and the face. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... In Ufology, Pleiadeans (also spelled Pleiadian or Plejaran) is the name given to what are said to be a group of extraterrestrials and multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus), approximately 400 light years from planet Earth. ... Nyalmo is a large primate-like creature allegedly living in the Himalayas. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Ogopogo N'ha·a·itk, Naitaka Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Okanagan, Canada
Old Yellow Top Unconfirmed Primate Canada
Olitiau Unconfirmed Winged Animal Cameroon
Onza Confirmed Wolf-like cat Mexico
Orang-Bati Folklore Bipedal Indonesia
Orang Mawas Mawa, Orang Dalam, hantu jerang gigi Unconfirmed Primate Malaysia
Orang Pendek Unconfirmed Primate Sumatra
Cornish Owlman The Owlman of Mawnan Unconfirmed Bird England
Ozark Howler Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal United States, Arkansas

Ogopogo is the name given a lake monster reported to live in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. ... This is a name given to a cryptozoological primate/hominid in Ontario since the 1920s. ... An Olitiau is a gigantic cryptid bat (or flying reptile or bird) found in Central Africa. ... The onza is a species of wild cat reputed to exist in Mesoamerica at the time of the Spanish conquistadors. ... The Orangi-Bati is a large humaniod beast, found mainly in Asia. ... This article or section needs additional references or sources. ... The Orang Pendek or Orang Pendak is a cryptid that is supposedly an unclassified species of primate similar to the orangutan that inhabits remote regions of the island of Sumatra. ... Owlman, sometimes referred to as the Cornish Owlman or The Owlman of Mawnan, was a cryptozoological creature that was sighted in the late 70s in the village of Mawnan, in Cornwall. ... The Ozark Howler, also known as the ozark black howler, is a legendary creature that is purported to live in remote areas in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Phantom cats Mythical Carnivorous Mammal
Phantom kangaroo Presumed Extinct/Mythical Marsupials Various
Phaya Naga Lake Animal Laos
Piasa Unknown United States, Illinois
Pope Lick Monster Local legend Bipedal United States, Kentucky
Popobawa Mythical Bipedal Zanzibar, Tanzania
Queensland Tiger Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Australia

Phantom cats or alien big cats (ABCs) are a phenomenon of a number of countries and states including Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, and Hawaii. ... Periodically, reports of kangaroos, wallabies, or their accompanying footprints have been made in places where one would not expect them - Specifically, areas where there is no native population. ... Photograph circulated in Laos supposedly depicting a phaya naga captured in Laos by U.S. servicemen in 1968 The Phaya Naga or Naga are serpent-like creatures believed by locals to live in the Laotian stretch of the Mekong river. ... The Piasa or Piasa Bird is a legendary creature that was depicted in a mural painted by Native Americans on a cliff above the Mississippi River. ... Pope Lick Trestle in Louisville, Kentucky is the reputed home of the Pope Lick Monster The Pope Lick Monster is a mythical creature, or cryptid, said to live beneath the Pope Lick Trestle in Louisville, Kentucky. ... Popobawa, also Popo Bawa, is the name of an evil spirit which is believed by residents to have first appeared on the Tanzanian island of Pemba. ... The Queensland tiger is a cryptid claimed to exist in the Queensland area in eastern Australia. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Railwayman Railway Man,Ghost of John Henry Mythical Humanoid Yorkshire, England
Red Headband Mythical Bipedal Comoros, Africa
Road Troll Discredited Humanoid United States
Roc Mythical Bird World
Row Hoax Reptile New Guinea

Look up Yorkshire in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Motto (French) God and my right Anthem No official anthem - the United Kingdom anthem God Save the Queen is commonly used England() – on the European continent() – in the United Kingdom() Capital (and largest city) London (de facto) Official languages English (de facto) Unified  -  by Athelstan 927 AD  Area  -  Total 130... Red Headband is supposedly an evil spirit which manifests itself as a giant human, residing in the area around the crater at the summit of Mount Karthala in the Comoros archipelago in the Indian ocean. ... A Road Troll is a term coined by author, Jerry D. Coleman in his book Strange Highways[1] to describe a seemingly supernatural being sighted by sides of roads in the United States. ... This article is about the Roc, a mythical bird. ... The Row (named after its cry) is reported to be a dinosaur-like cryptid from the Interior of New Guinea. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Salawa Seth, Salaawa Carnivorous Mammal Egypt
Sasquatch Bigfoot Primate North America, Malaysia (Johor)
Sea monk Misidentifications of known animals Sea Animal World's Oceans
Sea Monsters Sea Animal World's Oceans
Great Sea Serpent Sea Animal World's Oceans
Setontot ? Malaysia
Selma Seljordsormen Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Seljord, Telemark, Norway
Shug Monkey Primate Europe
Shunka Warakin Carnivorous Mammal American West
Siren Humanoid Islands and Ocean Waters
Sirrush Reptile/Dinosaur Africa, Ancient Babylon
Skunk Ape Primate United States, Florida
Skvader Joke taxidermy Mammal Sundsvall, Sweden
Snallygaster Mythical Reptile/Dinosaur United States
Squonk Legend Mammal United States - Pennsylvania
Steller's Sea Cow Confirmed. Extinct Sea Animal Bering Strait
Storsjöodjuret Lake Animal Sweden
Stronsay Beast Identified as basking shark Sea Animal Orkney, Scotland
Sucuriju Gigante Giant Bull Eater; Giant Anaconda Unconfirmed Giant boa Amazonia

Salawa or Salaawa (species from genus Canis, or Lycaon, or another genus yet to be described) is the name given by the local population of a region of modern day southern Egypt, in the Sohag/Luxor area, to an otherwise mysterious and unrecognized canine creature they claimed to have caught... Sasquatch can refer to different topics: A Sasquatch is another name for Bigfoot. ... Illustration from The Book of Days, published in 1869 The sea monk, or sometimes monk-fish, was a sea monster found off the coast of Denmark almost certainly in 1546 (Paxton & Holland 2005). ... Sea monsters are sea-dwelling, mythical or legendary creatures, often believed to be of immense size. ... Loch Ness Monster (Painting) by Heikenwaelder Hugo Sea serpents are a kind of sea monster either wholly or partly serpentine. ... The setontot is a creature rumored to exist (i. ... Selma is a sea serpent said to live in the lake Seljordsvatnet in Seljord, Norway. ... County Telemark Landscape Vest-Telemark Municipality NO-0828 Administrative centre Seljord Mayor (2003) John Kleivstaul (Sp) Official language form Nynorsk Area  - Total  - Land  - Percentage Ranked 155 715 km² 670 km² 0. ... Telemark is a county in Norway, bordering Vestfold, Buskerud, Hordaland, Rogaland and Aust-Agder. ... The introduction to this article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject matter. ... The Shunka Warakin (also shunka warakin) is a American beast from cryptozoology and mythology that is said to resemble a wolf, a hyena or both. ... The Siren, by John William Waterhouse(circa 1900 In Greek mythology the Sirens or Seirenes (Greek Σειρήνες or Acheloides) were sea deities who lived on an island called Sirenum scopuli. ... Sirrush bas-relief in the Pergamon Museum The sirrush creature depicted on the reconstructed Ishtar Gate of the city of Babylon. ... The Skunk Ape or Florida Skunk Ape is a hominid cryptid said to inhabit the Southeastern United States. ... R. Granbergs prepared skvader. ... Sundsvall is a city in lower Norrland, central Sweden, situated in the province of Medelpad and Västernorrland County. ... The snallygaster is a mythical dragon-like beast said to inhabit the Blue Ridge Mountains near Braddock Heights, Maryland. ... The Squonk is a legendary creature reputed to live in the Hemlock forests of northern Pennsylvania. ... Binomial name Hydrodamalis gigas (Zimmermann, 1780) Stellers Sea Cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) is an extinct large sirenian mammal formerly found near the Asiatic coast of the Bering Sea. ... Storsjöodjuret (pron. ... The Stronsay beast was a mysterious, decomposing corpse of a sea-creature that stranded at Stronsay, Orkney Islands, north of Scotland in 1808. ... Binomial name (Gunnerus, 1765) Range (in blue) The basking shark, Cetorhinus maximus, is the second largest fish, after the whale shark. ... Location Geography Area Ranked 16th  - Total 990 km²  - % Water  ? Admin HQ Kirkwall ISO 3166-2 GB-ORK ONS code 00RA Demographics Population Ranked 32nd  - Total (2005) 19,590  - Density 20 / km² Politics Orkney Islands Council http://www. ... This article needs additional references or sources for verification. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Taniwha Lake Animal New Zealand
Lake Tahoe Monster Tahoe Tessie Lake Monster United States, Nevada
Tessie Discredited Lake Monster Australia
Tatzelwurm Reptile/Dragon Europe
Thunderbird Ford Mythical/Extinct Bird North America
Thylacine Tasmanian Tiger Presumed Extinct Carnivorous Marsupial Tasmania, Australia
Tikbalang Mythical Human/Horse Bipedal Philippines
Tirpaccus Mythical Humanoid South of slovakia
Tjutjuna Chuchunaa Primate Russia
Tokeloshe Mythical South Africa
Trinity Alps Giant Salamander Amphibian United States, California
Trunko Sea Animal South Africa
Tsuchinoko Reptile/Snake Japan
Tsul 'Kalu Primate American West
Turul Mythical Flying Creature Hungary

A Taniwha (IPA: //) is, in traditional Māori thought, a legendary monster that lives in the ocean or inland waters of New Zealand, hiding in deep pools, rivers, lakes, and dark caves. ... Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the United States, located along the border between California and Nevada at Lake Tahoes major bend west of Carson City. ... The Tatzelwurm is a stubby cryptid, a rumored animal two to six feet in length, posessing two front legs, while the rest of the body resembles that of a snake. ... Thunderbird is a term used in cryptozoology to describe large, bird-like creatures, generally identified with the Thunderbird of Native American myth and folklore. ... Binomial name Thylacinus cynocephalus (Harris, 1808) The Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) is the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. ... The Tikbalang, in one artists interpretation. ... Tjutjuna or Chuchunaa is a hominid cryptid rumoured to exist in Siberia, Russia. ... Early explorers in Californias Trinity Alps reported a weird creature in nearby swift-flowing mountain streams, rivers, and lakes. ... Trunko is the nickname for an animal reportedly sighted in Margate, South Africa on October 25, 1924, according to an article entitled Fish Like A Polar Bear published in the December 27, 1924 edition of Londons Daily Mail. ... The tsuchinoko (ツチノコ) is a mythical creature (or UMA) from Japan resembling a snake. ... Tsul Kalu (the slant-eyed or sloaping giant), is a legendary figure in Cherokee mythology who serves the role of the great lord of the game, and as such is frequently invoked in hunting rights and rituals. ... A Turul monument at Tatabánya Turul is the mythological bird of the origin myth of the Magyars (Hungarian people). ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Unicorn Horned Horse Presumed Mythical Herbivorous Mammal World
Vampire Mythical Humanoid World
Veo Carnivorous Mammal Indonesia

The gentle and pensive maiden has the power to tame the unicorn, in this fresco in Palazzo Farnese, Rome, probably by Domenichino, ca 1602 The Unicorn (from Latin unus one and cornu horn) is a legendary creature. ... Philip Burne-Jones, The Vampire, 1897 Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings that subsist on human and/or animal lifeforce. ... The Veo is a cryptid described in The Beasts That Hide from Man: Seeking the Worlds Last Undiscovered Animals by Karl Shuker as living on the island of Rintja and resembling other pangolins, or scaly ant-eaters. ...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Waheela Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Canada
Waitoreke Carnivorous Mammal New Zealand
Wampus Cat Mythical Bipedal United States, Tennessee
Wendigo Mythical Bipedal United States, Canada
Werewolf Lycanthrope Mythical Carnivorous Mammal/Humanoid World
Wolpertinger Crisensus bavaricus Mammal Germany
Woodwose Primate Europe

The Waheela is a wolf-like cryptid reported from Nahanni Valley in the Northwest Territories of Canada. ... The Waitoreke (or Waitoreki, Waitorete) and/or Kaureke (or Kaurehe) is an otter/beaver-like cryptid alleged to live in New Zealand. ... The wampus cat is a legendary creature from Tennessee and Cherokee folklore. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... A German woodcut from 1722 A werewolf (also lycanthrope or wolfman) in folklore is a person who shapeshifts into a wolf or wolflike creature, either purposely, by using magic, or after being placed under a curse. ... The Wolpertinger The Wolpertinger (also called Wolperdinger or Woiperdinger) is a speculative animal supposedly living in the alpine forests of Bavaria in Germany. ... Woodwoses support coats of arms in the side panels of a portrait by Albrecht Dürer, 1499 (Alte Pinakothek, Munich) Grand arms of Prussia, 1873 The Woodwose or hairy wildman of the woods was the Sasquatch figure of pre-Christian Gaul, in Anglo-Saxon a Woodwoses appear in the carved...


Name Other names Status Description Location
Yeren Primate China
Yeti Abominable Snowman Primate Asia (Himalayas)
Yowie Legend Primate Australia

This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... “Abominable Snowman” redirects here. ... Yowie can refer to either of two mythical creatures of Australian folklore: The name has been applied to an Australian cryptid analogous to the American bigfoot. ...

Notable examples: Cryptobotany

Although not true cryptids, there are many examples of plants, that echo the nature of cryptids and their place in science. Including uncatalogued plants that are reported to possess healing or other properties, and unusually large carnivorous plants. Such plants fall into the category of Cryptobotany. A pitcher plant in flower, growing on a road cut in Palau A carnivorous plant is a plant that derives some or most of its nutrients (but not energy) by trapping and consuming animals, especially insects. ... Pen and wash drawing by malacologist Pierre Denys de Montfort, 1801, from the descriptions of French sailors reportedly attacked by a Kraken off the coast of Angola. ...

Name Other names Status Description Location
Man-eating tree Unconfirmed Tree Central America, Madagascar, Mexico, South America.
Stone-softening plant[5] Discredited Plant South America
Umdhlebi[5] Not found since first description Tree South Africa
Vegetable Lamb of Tartary Discredited Tree/Animal Tartary

Depiction of a native being consumed by a Ya-te-veo (I can see you) carnivorous tree of Central America, from Land and Sea by J.W. Buel, 1887. ... Umdhlebi is the name of a deadly plant sighted in Zululand, South Africa. ... The Vegetable Lamb in a 17th century illustration The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary is a legendary plant used by medieval thinkers to explain the existence of an imported fabric: cotton. ...

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Alien Species (science fiction) List of aliens in fiction List of fictional robots Fantasy Species (fantasy fiction) List of species in fantasy fiction List of dragons in literature Legendary and Mythical Species (folklore/mythology) List of species in folklore and mythology List of species in folklore and mythology by type... Cryptozoology is the search for animals that are rumored to exist, but for which conclusive proof is missing. ... A legendary creature is a mythological or folkloric creature (often known as fabulous creatures in historical literature). ... J.F. Bertuch, Kinderbuch Fabelwesen 2, Anno 1806 The following is a list of legendary creatures that humans have at some point believed to be real but have not been proven to exist. ... Here follows a list of notable researchers and writers in the field of cryptozoology: Dmitri Bayanov, Hominologist Jerry Coleman, author of Strange Highways Loren Coleman, author of Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America, Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology, Mysterious America, Mothman and Other Curious Encounters; coauthor... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Crypsis is a phenomena where an organisms appearance allows it to blend well into its environment. ... Countershaded Ibex are almost invisible in the Israeli desert. ... Fearsome critters was a collective term coined in early American lumberjack folklore for a variety of strange or frightening imaginary beasts that inhabited the timberwoods of North America and Canada. ...

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  1. ^ "John E. Wall of Manitoba coined it[the word "cryptid"] in a letter published in the summer 1983 issue of the ISC Newsletter (vol. 2, no. 2, p. 10), published by the International Society of Cryptozoology." Coleman, L. in [1]
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Although this cryptid may not currently be identified with either living creatures or specific known fossils, it possessed characteristics like those of marine reptiles, perhaps similar to the Sauropterygia.
Therefore, it was concluded that the Zuiyo Maru cryptid was a basking shark.
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