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Encyclopedia > Chakwal District

Chakwal (Urdu: چکوال) is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Urdu ( , , trans. ... The Districts of Pakistan form the third tier of government in Pakistan, ranking as subdivisions of the provinces of Pakistan. ... This article is about the Pakistani province. ...



The district of Chakwal was created as an independent district of Rawalpindi Division in 1985 with 3 tehsils [1] . Charkwal District was created from the following Tehsils (district subdivision) Rawalpindi was an administrative division of Pakistan until the abolition of divisions. ... The equivalent terms tehsil, tahsil, tahasil, taluka, taluk, and taluq refer to a unit of government in some countries of the Indian subcontinent. ...

Chakwal (Urdu: چکوال) is the main town in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan and is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad. ... The Jhelum district (Urdu: جہلم) is situated in Punjab province of Pakistan. ... The tone or style of this article or section may not be appropriate for Wikipedia. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... This article contains information that has not been verified and thus might not be reliable. ... Chakwal (Urdu: چکوال) is the main town in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan and is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad. ...


Chakwal district borders the districts of Rawalpindi and Attock in the north, district Jhelum in the east, district Khushab in the south and district Mianwali in the west. The total area of district Chakwal is 6,609 square kilometres, which is equivalent to 1,652,443 acres. As enumerated in the 1998 census, the total population is 1,083,725 of which 12.01% only were urban making Chakwal the most rural district in Punjab. [1]

Lying at the beginning of the Potohar plateau and the Salt Range, Chakwal is a barani district and the terrain is mainly hilly, covered with scrub forest in the southwest, and levelled plains interspaced with dry rocky patches in the north and northeast. The tribes, clans and castes that inhabit this area are the Awans, Jatt Bhutta, Mair Minhas Rajputs, Kahuts, Mughal Kassars, Janjua Rajputs, Gujars, Gondals, Syeds, Arains and the Sheikhs. The physical features of the district, its tribes, its society and its economy all combine to make Chakwal one of the main recruiting areas for the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force. Other main occupations of the people are agriculture and mining. Transport and poultry business is also important. ... The Salt Range is a hill system in the Punjab region of India, deriving its name from its extensive deposits of rock-salt. ... A Barani, is a move which consists of a variation of a Front Somersault with an added 180 twist out leaving the person facing the other way the took off from. ... http://www. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Caste systems are traditional, hereditary systems of social restriction and social stratification, enforced by law or common practice, based on endogamy, occupation, economic status, race, ethnicity, etc. ... There are several references to Awan: Awan was an Elamite dynasty of Iran. ... Bhutta and its variant Bhutto (Urdu: بھٹہ ) is a Rajput / Jat tribe in Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. ... Minhas or Manhas is a Rajput clan from the Jammu region of the Indian Subcontinent. ... A Rajput (possibly from Sanskrit rāja-putra, son of a king) is a member of a prominent caste who live throughout northern and central India, primarily in the northwestern state of Rajasthan. ... This article or section may be confusing or unclear for some readers, and should be edited to rectify this. ... The Mughal Empire (alternative spelling Mogul, which is the origin of the word Mogul) of India was founded by Babur in 1526, when he defeated Ibrahim Lodi, the last of the Delhi Sultans at the First Battle of Panipat. ... The Janjua Rajput (Punjabi ਜਨ੍ਜੁਅ, Urdu: جنجوعہ) (also spelt Janjuha, Janjuah) is a highly dominant royal warrior clan of Northern India and Pakistan. ... A Rajput (possibly from Sanskrit rāja-putra, son of a king) is a member of a prominent caste who live throughout northern and central India, primarily in the northwestern state of Rajasthan. ... Migrants in one of the several migratory waves that brought Indo-Europeans into South-Asia. ... Gondal is a town about 40 km south of the city of Rajkot in the Rajkot District of Gujarat. ... Sayyid (Arabic: سيد ) Sayyid is an honorific title often given to claimed descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Husayn and Hasan, the sons of his daughter Fatima Zahra and his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib (who was Muhammads younger cousin and had been raised in his... The Arain (Urdu: آرائین) are an agricultural[1] caste[2] settled mainly in the Punjab[3][4] (Pakistan and India), with significant numbers also in the Sindh[5] (Pakistan). ... For other uses, see Sheikh (disambiguation). ... Pakistan Army Flag The Pakistan Army (Urdu: پاک فوج) is the largest branch of the Pakistan military, and is mainly responsible for protection of the state borders, the security of administered territories and defending the national interests of Pakistan within the framework of its international obligations. ... Branches of Service Pakistan Army Pakistan Air Force Pakistan Navy Pakistan Coast Guard Pakistan Paramilitary Forces Pakistan Strategic Nuclear Command Leadership Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Ehsan ul Haq Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Ahmed Chief of Naval...

At present district Chakwal consists of 3 subdivisions - Chakwal, Talagang and Choa Saidan Shah; 1 sub-tehsil- Kallar Kahar, 23 qanungois and 198 patwar circles. The police subdivisions correspond with those of the district administration and there are 11 police stations- Chakwal City, Saddar, Kallar Kahar, Dhumman, Nila, Dhudhial, Talagang City, Saddar, Tamman, Lawa and Choa Saidan Shah. The political establishment of Chakwal comprises two seats in the National Assembly, NA-60 and NA-61, and four in the Provincial Assembly- PP-16, PP-17, PP-18 and PP-19. There is one district council, two municipal committees- Chakwal and Talagang and one town committee- Choa Saidan Shah. Chakwal (Urdu: چکوال) is the main town in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan and is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad. ... The tone or style of this article or section may not be appropriate for Wikipedia. ... Kallar Kahar is a subdivision of Chakwal District in Punjab, Pakistan. ... Chakwal (Urdu: چکوال) is the main town in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan and is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad. ...

The culture of Chakwal is primarily based on the way of living as taught in Islam. For people named Islam, see Islam (name). ...

Tehsils of Chakwal

In Chakwal one of the most prominent caste is Bhatti Rajputs who were the biggest landowners within the town boundaries of chakwal.Ch.Muhammad Amir Khan Bhatti is the most prominent political figure of the chakwal city who remained as Chairman Municipital Committee Chakwal and later on Tehsil Nazim.He ruled over the local politics of chakwal over more than three decades.The most prominent personalities of the Bhatti Rajputs of chakwal are Ch Shaukat Mahmood Deputy Director FIA who is well known for his highest integrity and professionalism.Ch.Noor Sultan was another great personality of the Bhatti Rajputs of Chakwal.Raja Ashraf Bhatti is another great personality.No history of chakwal could be complete without the mention of Bhatti Rajputs of Chakwal.

Chakwal (Urdu: چکوال) is the main town in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan and is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad. ... The tone or style of this article or section may not be appropriate for Wikipedia. ... Kallar Kahar is a subdivision of Chakwal District in Punjab, Pakistan. ...

Towns and villages


Budhial is a village located about 25 kilometres from Talagang. This a beautiful village, and has many places worth seeing, like the Chashma Ankar which is located south of the village. A book named Tareekh-e-Budhial (History of Budhial) has been written on the history of village Budhial and the different sub-castes living in it. Almost 95% of the people living in Budhial are Awan by cast. Other villages near Budhial are Patwali, Singwala, Misrial and Tamman. Budhial has an elementary school for boys, an elementary school for girls, a madrassah for boys and a madrassah for girls where girls and boys from different nearby villages are getting education. Madrassa in the Gambia The word madrassa in the Arabic language (and other languages of the Islamic nations such as Persian, Turkish, Indonesian etc. ...


This village is situated in North of City Chakwal total population of this village is near about 6,000. Most of the people of this village are now residing in UK, Hong Kong And Middle East. this village is popular for ox racing in district. The biggest tribe of this village are the Awans.


Tamman is a medium sized village, located 30 km towards west from Talagang (geographical coordinates are 33° 40' 38" North, 72° 51' 21" East).It is one of the oldest town with more then 10,000 population.It does not seemed wrong,if we say that it is a town of SARDARS.It is famous for it's raw and untouched beauty, which lie with in the remains of the Thethy's sea bed. It gained importance because of the influential leaders and politicians that have emerged over time from this village. They all belonged to one family, the Sardars of Tamman who practically own the town.Sardars of Tamman have politics in their veins. The Tamman family, Sardars of Tamman, are influential personalities in the district and have been a part of the National Assembly since the creation of Pakistan.

Tamman is one of those developing villages where different sorts of technology is already a part of the inhabitants lifestyle. Tamman High School, is considered as one of the most upto date high schools in the area.


Lawa is the largest village in Asia. It is a village of Tehsil: Talagang. Its population is more than 115,000. It is one of the oldest village. It is bordered by District Mianwali. Lawins do have close ties to Distt: Mianwali. All time famous land lord of Distt: Chakwal and Distt: Attock were from Lawa. People are very educated. A Majority of the population are involved in agrobased industries and prefer to join the armed forces. They do have some what Pathan custom also. There are some members of Niazi tribe also living there. Lawa is town which include the other villages like DANDA SHAH BILAWAL, KOT QAZI, Kot qazi is growing and educated village compare to other because it is small and has not much populated Malik Zahoor Anwar in kot qazi who did SSC first time in Talagang. Danda Shah Bilawal is also one of the famous village of Tehsil Talagang because of the Shrine of Hazrat Sakhi Noori Shah Sultan Bilawal (RE) and many other Spirtual peoples live here. Recently Danda Shah Bilawal is announced as Model Village of District Chakwal due to the efforts of (Retd) Brig. Malik Fateh Khan. The District Nazim of Chakwal Ghulam Abbas and its Cabinet don't like the Development of Danda Shah Bilawal and also the most villages of Tehsil Talagang. The people of Danda Shah Bilawal and also the peoples of the villages of Tehsil Talagang don't like the Ghulam Abbas, therefore he defeated two times continuously in District Council Elections from Danda Shah Bilawal and also in all over the tehsil Talagang. Actually Ghulam Abbas is a very selfish person. He wants that only the peoples of Tehsil Chakwal and Choa Syden Shah got the benefits.One of the example of his selfishness is that he made so many small Dams in his like areas but didn't give attention towards Danda Shah Bilawal Dam, whose funds have been allocated by Punjab Govt. so many years ago. Dhurnal, is another important and the 2nd biggiest village of thesiel Talagang. it is an developing village of Talagang, and is backward cos it is away from main locality.

Choa Saidan Shah

Choa saidan shah is the tehsil of chakwal name given to this town in the name of a famous sufi sakhi saidan sherazi choa saidan shah is a beautiful valley of chakwal this town is surrounded with hills The equivalent terms tehsil, tahsil, tahasil, taluka, taluk, and taluq refer to a unit of government in some countries of the Indian subcontinent. ...

Pira Fatehal

Pira Fatehal is a village of Talagang, the word "PIRA" is from Pothari meaning sitting or chair, while "FATEHAL" is a clan of the Awan Tribe. It is located around 15km from "TALAGANG". Its population is more than 10000, it is one of the most educated village in the area, it has a fresh water canal which is in some places especially near the village 300ft down from the ground level which make it same like a valley that is in some places 1 km in width. It is the picnic place in the area with the beautiful sites, surrounded by green small hills. It has 2 small dams. it is very famous for its tasty ground nuts. Thanks "Ikhlaqe Ahmad Awan" Awan is an Arabic word, which means helper or an assistant. ...


Dhaular is a village of Tehsil Talagang, Distt: Chakwal of Punjab Province. According to 1998 census its total population was about 6500. It is one of the oldest, largest and culturally rich village of the area. It is referred to, in the famous saying: The Sword is in Dhaualr (meaning that it is the time to fight but my ammunition is not with me, rather I had left that at home). It is a part of the Pothohar Plateau. It is a fertile area but unfortunately no irrigation system is available in the entire Rawalpindi Division thanks to some unknown reasons. To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ...


Roopwal is the one of oldest and historic towns of Chakwal. Roopwal was a "GHALLA MANDI" a 100 years ago and there was also a defence road from Rawalpindi to Tala Gang which is now not able to use. ROOPWAL was also well known for Dog fighting & Kabbaddi 30 years ago. Located North West of Chakwal, Chakwal Talagand Road, insert a Link Road of Balkaser, Distance of 19 KM and other Link Road "Dharrabi Village" Distance of 13 KM, Distance from Islamabad (Capital) is about 115 KM East-West & about 45 KM from "Chakkri" interchange via towns "Neela Dulha". Present Ditrict Nazim Chakwal "Sardar Ghulam Abbas" is from Kot Choudharian which is mostly & locally called as "KOT ROOPWAL".


Most of the people do agricultural work. The army and police are also a significant employer.


Dullah is a beautiful village of Tehsil chakwal, it is one of the oldest villages, most of people are serving in the Pakistan army, but unfortunately a lot of work is still needed to promote literacy, some people are living without electricity, it is a fertile area but has basic irrigation system. The most important villages of Dullah Union Council is Narang Syedan where the annual anniversary of Hazarat Ghazi Sarkar is held. Many prominent names recall in mind when Dullah is discussed. Kahuts and Sardars are the most powerful tribe of this region, prominent people from this area are: Union Council Union Council is a sub part of a district, usually it is a large village also including the nearby small villages. ...

  • Maj. Gen Muzaffar Kahut
  • Estb Sectery Afzal Kahut
  • DIG Police Muhammad Munir Kahut.

Dheryalla Kahoon

Dheryalla Kahoon is a beautiful village situated at a hill top in the valley of Kahoon. The Kahoon Valley comprises 12 villages each situated in or around 12 sub-valleys. The land scape is so attractive that the Kahoon Valley is also called Daughter of Kashmir. This village is under Tehsil Choa Saiden Shah of the Kahoon Valley and is located midway between the famous Kallar Kahar and Choa Saiden Shah sites. Its adjacent jungles are famous for Phoolai, a fragrant tree, and richness of the deer species called Harial. Unfortunately, the ill conceived erection of cement factories in the Kahoon Valley have begun to take their toll on the heavens like environment of this area.

Bilalabad (Kufri)

Bilalabad (Kufri)is the one of oldest towns of Tehsil Talagang, District Chakwal. Nowadays its population is over eight thousand persons. Before partition its dominating population was wealthy Hindus, whose businesses were spread up to Peshawar. The houses built by them are still master pieces of architect. At the present moment its major portion of population belongs to well known AWAN tribe. Beside farming a remarkable strength of this clan is performing distinguish role in Pakistan Defence Services and business. Where few years back Gentelman Cadit Umar Awan S/O Col(Rtd) Nazir awan and nephew of Wing Cdr Anwar Awan & Wing Cdr Ahmed Awan claimed "Sword of Honour" from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst U.K. this year known business tycoon Malik Falak Sher Awan of "The Awan Group of Business Developers" was awarded "Most Traveled Person (inland/overseas)" for fiscal year 2005-2006 by Pakistan International Airline.

Thanil Kamal

Thanil Kamal is one of the medium sized village in Tehsil Chakwal and renowned in the area for the incredible educational and social achievements made by the residents. It is also famous for the weekly farm animal market which has continuously operated for over 100 years. This village was never under feudal influence and ownership of the feudal landowners in the area in contrast to the other villages all around. The first lawyer from this village, Ch Ashraf Maken, graduated from Punjab university in 1921, a miraculous achievement considering the backwardness of the area.The popular person Malik Abdul Ghaffar in a village. He was four time elected member union council Pera Fathihal

Food and health

The food which the people of Chakwal consume is basically simple too. In the rural areas vegetables, lentils or meat, cooked very simple in butter or ghee is eaten with roti (bread) baked from wheat flour or sometimes with rice. There is a considerable use of milk and its products. In the urban areas the staple food is the same, but continental food has also made a place for itself. Fried and roasted meat, sandwiches, patties, pizza and burgers are well liked. The people of Chakwal, owing to their simple eating habits, hard work and rough terrain, are strong and healthy. However, in the urban white collared classes, diseases, which occur because of sedentary life styles, are prevalent. A plate of vegetables Vegetable is a culinary term which generally refers to an edible part of a plant. ... Lens culinaris. ... Kinnikuman character, see Meat Alexandria. ... Ghee in a jar Wikibooks Cookbook has an article on Ghee Ghee (Hindi घी from Sanskrit ghṛta घृत sprinkled ) is a type of clarified butter important in Indian cuisine. ... It has been suggested that Chapati be merged into this article or section. ... This article needs additional references or sources for verification. ... Continental may refer to: The adjective of continent, such as in continental Europe, continental breakfast, or continental climate, or Continental Glacier; The culture of the continental nation states of Europe, inasmuch as it contrasts with the culture of Anglo-Saxon England; The Lincoln Continental, a car made by Lincoln division...

The most well known and favourite food product coming from Chakwal is a sweet called Riyori (pronounced ree-o-ree). It is about the size of an M&M. it is basically a mixture of desi ghee (clarified butter) and gurr (jaggery) covered with sesame seeds. M&Ms small size wrapper. ...


Farming and farming related activities are the main occupation of the people of Chakwal. A small percentage is employed in the trading sector, a smaller as industrial and mining labour and a very small fraction is employed in technical fields like health, education, banking, engineering etc.

New motivation from the success of Information Technology has brought a lot of excellent IT professionals in IT and Telcom industry and the number is growing very fast. Chakwal has recently bestowed with Kanaish fone and trade (PVT) limited, Chakwal's first Pay Phone Company authorised by Pakistan telecommunication authority.


The dress that men, women and children of Chakwal district wear is very simple. Men generally wear shalwar qameez or dhoti kurta, a turban on special occasion, with chappals, khusas, sandals or moccasins. In the winter months they add a coat, sweater or a dhussa with it. The more educated class and the city dwellers also wear shirts with trousers, adding a coat and neck tie in the winters. Young boys can be seen wearing jeans and shirts occasionally. Salwar kameez, from Max Tilkes Oriental Costume, 1922 Salwar kameez (also spelled shalwar kameez and shalwar qamiz) is a traditional dress worn by both women and men in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. ... Similar to sarongs, dhotis are commonly worn with western-style oxford shirts by the men of South India. ... A kurta (or sometimes kurti, for women) is a traditional piece of clothing worn in Afghanistan, northern India, and Pakistan. ... Chappals are an Indian sandal. ... Sandal (or Sandals) may refer to: Sandal (footwear) are an open type of footwear. ...

Women almost invariably wear shalwar qameez with dupatta, and a woolen shawl or sweater in the winter. Saris or western dresses are never worn. Footwear consists of chappals or sandals. On occasions of festivity the Qameez and Dupatta are heavily embroidered. Ornaments of gold and silver are also worn depending on the occasion and the financial position. Women from Jaipur wearing Salwar kameez and dupatta Dupatta (Hindi: दुपट्टा, Urdu: دوپٹا) is a long scarf that is essential to many South Asian womens suits. ... The examples and perspective in this article or section may not represent a worldwide view. ... A sari / saree is the traditional female garment in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives. ...

Young boys wear qameez or a shirt and shalwar while young girls wear shalwar qameez or frocks with dupatta or hijab. A skirt is a traditionally feminine tube- or cone-shaped garment which is worn from the waist and covers the legs. ... Women from Jaipur wearing Salwar kameez and dupatta Dupatta (Hindi: दुपट्टा, Urdu: دوپٹا) is a long scarf that is essential to many South Asian womens suits. ... Illustration of an Islamic headscarf “Higab” redirects here. ...

In matters of footwear too, the 'khussas' made in chakwal are well known and in great demand all over Pakistan. Khussas are a type of flat heeled shoe made of pure leather. the closest I can come to describing them are moccasins, except that there is no or little covering around the arch of the foot.

Historical sites in Chakwal District

Quite a number of historical sites lie in the undulations of Chakwal, the more important of which are:

Katas Raj

Katas Raj, a medieval town sacred to the Hindus, lies about 5 kilometers west of Choa Saidan Shah on the Choa-Kallar Kahar road. Its importance is derived from the fact that it contains over a 100 temples built over a period of more than a 1000 years by its Hindu Rajas. Some of these temples are dilapidated but a large number of them have been well maintained. Hindu pilgrims from all over Pakistan and India frequently visit this town to worship. Katas Raj at its peak time was the well renowned University, a famous mathematician Alberuni measured the circumference of the earth while he was studying the Sanskrit in this University. Katasraj temple is a Hindu temple situated in Chakwal district of Punjab in Pakistan. ... Biruni commemorated on a Soviet stamp for his millennial anniversary. ... This article is about Earth as a planet. ... The Sanskrit language ( , for short ) is a classical language of India, a liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, and one of the 23 official languages of India. ...

Kallar Kahar

Lying 30 miles southwest of Chakwal on the Chakwal-Sargodha road, Kallar Kahar has always been renowned throughout the country for its peacocks and its fresh water lake and for the Takht-e-Babri, a flat stage built of stone by emperor Babar to address his army while coming down from Kabul in the quest of the crown of Delhi. During his stay at Kallar Kahar he also planted a garden, which still exists, called the Bagh-e-Safa. Babar can refer to: Babar the Elephant The BaBar Experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Babur (also spelled Baber or Babar), 16th-century ruler of India and founder of the Mogul Empire Babar Island, an island of Indonesia Safir A Babar, This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid...

With the construction of the Motorway that passes by the edge of the lake, the number of tourists visiting Kallar Kahar has increased manifold, and the town surrounded by verdant hills, promises to become a tourist attraction if properly developed. A museum of fossils of the area has also been built by the Archeology Department in the District Council Rest House. Near Kallar Kahar is the beautiful village Sardhi, it is an historical Village in Distric Chakwal in this Village the famous palace of Daak Bangla. Now at this time Sardhi Is a pinknic point palace.in sardhi the beautiful cricket ground. In distric chakawal this ground only one of the beautiful cricket ground same like melbourn cricket ground. In Sardhi Very Beautiful Senries, hills, gardens, chashmas and some other beautiful palace.

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