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Administrative map of Caucasus in USSR, 1952-1991.
Administrative map of Caucasus in USSR, 1952-1991.

The Caucasus or Caucasia is a region in Eurasia bordered on the south by Iran, on the west by the Black Sea, on the east by the Caspian Sea, and on the north by Russia. The Persian name for the region (harking of Asiatic links) is Qafqâz. Caucasia includes the Caucasus Mountains and surrounding lowlands. Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. ... The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain system between the Black and Caspian seas in the Caucasus region, usually considered the southeastern limit of Europe. ... Image File history File links Caucasiamapussr. ... Image File history File links Caucasiamapussr. ... Eurasia African-Eurasian aspect of Earth Eurasia is a landmass covering about 54,000,000 km² compared with the Americas (approximately 42,000,000 km²), Africa (approximately 30,000,000 km²), Antarctica (approximately 13,000,000 km²) and Oceania (9,000,000 km²). Eurasia is composed of the traditional continents... Map of the Black Sea. ... The Caspian Sea is the largest lake on Earth by both area and volume,[1] with a surface area of 371,000 square kilometres (143,244 mi²) and a volume of 78,200 cubic kilometres (18,761 mi³).[2] It is a landlocked endorheic body of water and lies between... Persian (local name: FārsÄ« or PārsÄ« ) is an Indo-European language spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and by minorities in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Southern Russia, neighboring countries, and elsewhere. ... The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain system between the Black and Caspian seas in the Caucasus region, usually considered the southeastern limit of Europe. ...

The Caucasus Mountains are commonly reckoned as a dividing line between Asia and Europe, and territories in Caucasia are variably considered to be in one or both continents. The northern portion of the Caucasus is known as the Ciscaucasus and the southern portion as the Transcaucasus. The highest peak in the Caucasus is Mount Elbrus (5,642 m) which, in the western Ciscaucasus in Russia, is generally considered the highest point in Europe. The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain system between the Black and Caspian seas in the Caucasus region, usually considered the southeastern limit of Europe. ... World map showing the location of Asia. ... Europe at its furthest extent, reaching to the Urals. ... Color-coded regions of the world based on the seven commonly-recognised continents Dymaxion map by Buckminster Fuller shows land masses with minimal distortion as nearly one continuous continent A continent is one of several large landmasses on Earth. ... The North Caucasus, also called Ciscaucasus, Forecaucasus, or Front Caucasus (Russian: ), is the northern part of the Caucasus region. ... The Transcaucasus is a region covering the majority of Caucasus mountain range. ... Mount Elbrus (Russian: Эльбрус) is a peak located in the western Caucasus mountains, in Russia, near the border of Georgia. ...

The Caucasus is one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse regions on Earth. The nation-states that compose the Caucasus today are northeastern Turkey, the post-Soviet states: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, as well as various parts of Russia and Iran. The Russian divisions include Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol Krai, and the autonomous republics of Adygea, Kalmykia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya, and Dagestan. Three territories in the region claim independence but are not generally acknowledged as nation-states by the international community: Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh and South Ossetia. Linguistics is the scientific study of language. ... Culture (from the Latin cultura stemming from colere, meaning to cultivate), generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activity significance. ... Adjectives: Terrestrial, Terran, Telluric, Tellurian, Earthly Atmosphere Surface pressure: 101. ... The term nation-state, while often used interchangeably with the terms unitary state and independent state, refers properly to the parallel occurence of a state and a nation. ... Post-Soviet states in alphabetical order: 1. ... Krasnodar Krai (Russian: ) is a federal subject of Russia (a krai), located in the Southern Federal District. ... Stavropol Krai (Russian: ) is a federal subject of Russia (a krai). ... The Republic of Adygea (Russian: ; Adyghe: ) is a federal subject of Russia (a republic) enclaved within Krasnodar Krai. ... The Republic of Kalmykia (Kalmyk: Хальмг Таңһч; Russian: ) is a federal subject of the Russian Federation (a republic). ... Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Russian: , or, less formal, Karachay-Cherkessia ) is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). ... Capital Nalchik Area - total - % water Ranked 83rd - 12,500 km² - negligible Population - Total - Density Ranked 60th - est. ... The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (Russian: Респу́блика Се́верная Осе́тия-Ала́ния; Ossetic: Цæгат Иры&#1089... The Republic of Ingushetia (Russian: ; Ingush: ГIалгIай Мохк) is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). ... Capital Grozny Area - total - % water Ranked 78th - 15,300 km² - negligible Population - Total - Density Ranked 49th - est. ... The Republic of Dagestan IPA: (Russian: ), older spelling Daghestan, is a federal subject of the Russian Federation (a republic). ... National anthem Aiaaira Official languages Abkhaz, with Russian having co-official status and widespread use by government and other institutions Political status De facto independent Capital Sukhumi Capitals coordinates President Sergei Bagapsh Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab Independence  â€“ Declared  â€“ Recognition From Georgia  23 July 1992  none Currency Russian ruble Official... Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijani: Dağlıq Qarabağ or Yuxarı Qarabağ, literally mountainous black garden or upper black garden; Russian: Нагорный Карабах, translit. ... National anthem Unknown Official languages Ossetian, with Russian having and widespread use by government and other institutions Political status De facto independent Capital Tskhinvali Capitals coordinates 42°14′N 43°58′E President Eduard Djabeevich Kokoity Prime Minister Yury Morozov Independence  â€“ Declared  â€“ Recognition From Georgia  1991-11-28  none...

The Caucasus is an area of great ecological significance; among its native animals are leopards, brown bears, wolves, European bison, marals and golden eagles. The natural landscape of the Caucasus is one of mixed forest, with substantial areas of rocky ground above the treeline. This page is about the animal. ... Binomial name Ursus arctos Linnaeus, 1758 The Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) is a species of bear that can reach weights of 130-700 kg (300 to 1500 pounds). ... Binomial name Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758 Wolf redirects here. ... Binomial name Bison bonasus (Linnaeus, 1758) The Wisent (pronounced vE-zent) is the European bison, species Bison bonasus. ... Marals or Noble deer [1] . The Marals distrubtion range is through out Caucasia and Russia. ... Binomial name Aquila chrysaetos Linnaeus, 1758 World distribution of the golden eagle Light green = Nesting area Blue = Wintering area Dark green = All year distribution The Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is one of the best known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere. ... The Caucasus mixed forests is a temperate mixed forest ecoregion that covers the Caucasus range, which forms the traditional border between Europe and Asia, as well as the adjacent Lesser Caucasus range and the eastern end of the Pontic Mountains. ...

The Biblical Mount Ararat where Noah's Ark is said to have landed is regarded as the landmark of the ancient Armenian realm. The peak of Ararat is seasonally capped with snow. In Greek mythology, the Caucasus or Kaukasos was one of the pillars supporting the world. Prometheus was chained there by Zeus. The Roman poet Ovid placed Caucasus in Scythia and depicted it as a cold and stony mountain which was the abode of personified hunger. Mount Ararat,Kurdish Ciyaye Agiri/Ararat Armenian: , Kurdish: , Greek: , Persian: ‎, Russian: , Georgian: არარატის, Azeri: AÄŸrıdaÄŸ, Hebrew: ‎, Tiberian Hebrew: ) is the tallest peak in modern Turkey. ... A painting by the American Edward Hicks (1780–1849), showing the animals boarding Noahs Ark two by two. ... The bust of Zeus found at Otricoli (Sala Rotonda, Museo Pio-Clementino, Vatican) Greek mythology is the body of stories belonging to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world and their own cult and ritual practices. ... In Greek mythology, Prometheus (Ancient Greek, , forethought) is the Titan chiefly honored for stealing fire from the gods in the stalk of a fennel plant and giving it to mortals for their use. ... The Statue of Zeus at Olympia Phidias created the 12-m (40-ft) tall statue of Zeus at Olympia about 435 BC. The statue was perhaps the most famous sculpture in Ancient Greece, imagined here in a 16th century engraving Zeus (in Greek: nominative: Zeús, genitive: Díos), is... The Roman Empire is the name given to the city-state of Rome and also the corresponding phase of that civilization, characterized by an autocratic form of government. ... Engraved frontispiece of George Sandyss 1632 London edition of Publius Ovidius Naso (Sulmona, March 20, 43 BC â€“ Tomis, now Constanta AD 17) Roman poet known to the English-speaking world as Ovid, wrote on topics of love, abandoned women, and mythological transformations. ... Approximate extent of Scythia and Sarmatia in the 1st century BC (the orange background shows the spread of Eastern Iranian languages, among them Scytho-Sarmatian). ...


Affiliated states

Image File history File links Flag_of_Armenia. ... Image File history File links Flag_of_Azerbaijan. ... Image File history File links Flag_of_Georgia. ...

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A transcontinental nation is a country belonging to more than one continent. ... The Indo-European languages comprise a family of several hundred related languages and dialects [1], including most of the major languages of Europe, the Americas as well as many spoken in the Indian subcontinent (South Asia), the Iranian plateau (Southwest Asia), and Central Asia. ... Ethno-Linguistic groups in the Caucasus region Russia Georgia Azerbaijan (Azer. ... Combatants Russian Empire Circassia, Ottoman Empire Commanders Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov, Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, Aleksandr Baryatinskiy Ghazi Mollah, Gamzat-bek, Hadji Murad, Imam Shamil Casualties 300,000–4000000[1] The Russian-Circassian War was a military conflict between the Russian Empire and the...


  • Caucasus: A Journey to the Land Between Christianity and Islam By Nicholas Griffin
  • Small Nations and Great Powers: A Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict in the Caucasus By Svante E. Cornell
  • The Caucasus By Ivan Golovin

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The northwest-southeast-trending Caucasus Mountains extend from the eastern shores of the Black Sea to the southwest coast of the Caspian Sea.
On the south slopes of the Caucasus Mountains and in the valleys immediately south of the mountains are the three political entities of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
The light blue, elongated lake in the valley immediately south of the mountains near the southeastern edge of the photograph is Lake Mingechaur in Azerbaijan; the darker blue lake in the next valley to the south is Lake Sevan in Armenia.
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