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Encyclopedia > Captain Plunder

Captain Plunder is a villain in Sonic the Comic Sonic the Comic, known to its many readers as STC, was a UK childrens comic published by Fleetway Editions (the merged companies Fleetway and London Editions, which progressively became integrated with its parent company Egmont until it became known as Egmont Magazines) between 1993 and 2002. ...

Captain Plunder is the infamous leader of the Sky Pirates, one of the most feared and respected pirates imaginable. Or that’s how he’d like to be, but sadly most sensible pirates steer well clear of the dunderhead who has earned himself a place in Queen Zorabel’s bad books. Plunder is an atypical Pirate with an eyepatch, a black hat, and a wooden leg (albeit with a wheel attached to the end).

Sonic first met him when he kidnapped Amy Rose and held her for ransom but as the two groups started fighting Amy suggested they formed an alliance, the Freedom Fighters could do with help and they could tip of Plunder if they heard about Robotnik’s expensive cargo. The successful arrangement worked for a while until Porker Lewis accidentally told Plunder where Sonic had hidden the Chaos Emeralds. Plunder and the Sky Pirates disappeared to collect the emeralds, with Sonic in hot pursuit. In the ensuring battle, Plunder successfully managed to walk away with all the Emeralds. However, the Chaos Emeralds absorbed all of Plunder's negative energy, as well as that of the entire crew; this made them "mellow out" as such. Thus when Sonic reappeared to collect the Emeralds, Plunder was too far gone to fend him off.

Sonic and Plunder went their separate ways, although they were destined to meet again. After the effects of the Emeralds had worn off, Plunder’s next assault on Doctor Robotnik was far less successful. As he tried to rob Doctor Robotnik’s luxury airship the “Roboticus” he was captured when the rest of his crew got away. Robotnik ordered that Captain Plunder was to be put on trial and after public humiliation he was locked in the dungeons, chained the wall next to a black cat who revealed his name to be Simpson. After successfully dispatching the guard, Plunder and Simpson escaped into the sewers, but as they tried to navigate the expansive pipe network, they heard a mass of people heading towards them. Plunder and Simpson eventually found their way to freedom, upon which they discovered that the people they had avoided had been Plunder's own crew on their way to rescue him. Unfortunately, they were all captured apart from Filch who (being a ghost) had escaped easily. Plunder promptly decided to get a new crew, and with Simpson and Filch as his closest allies set out to start again.

Somehow Plunder managed to gain possession of some ancient scrolls on the Floating Island and headed to the Sandopolis Zone immediately where he determined to get the treasure from the Great Pyramid there, and as his crew tried to break in they met Sonic and Knuckles. The Echidna was adamant that the Pyramid shouldn’t be touched but before he could take action a giant statue emerged from the Pyramid to attack them, Sonic and the pirates attempts at fighting the guardian were futile, so Knuckles used his initiative and lured it into some quicksand. Free to loot the Pyramid, Plunder and his men charged inside and thought they’d won. However, Knuckles noted to Sonic that the lights had gone out in the ensuing fight; Sonic didn't see the relevance of this, but at that very moment three white forms began pursuing the fleeing pirates. Suddenly the pirates were beset upon by monstrous ghosts and barely managed to escape the pyramid. Irritated, Plunder decided that the treasures contained within the pyramid were not enough to warrant to danger, gave up on the Pyramid and left, leaving Sonic and Knuckles trapped inside.

A while later Plunder and his crew returned to the Floating Island, determined to steal the Tantaragor Idol from the mysterious Ghost Ship. Landing on the Floating Island, Plunder enlisted Knuckles help with the promise of his ancient box of scrolls about the Floating Island which he had obtained, eager to restore the Island Knuckles agreed and joined the crew as the Ghost ship came into sight. Plunder and his men boarded the ghost ship only to find it abandoned, but when they tried to take the Idol shapes began to emerge from the bridge. The Tantaror, superior beings, rounded up Captain Plunder’s crew to use as slaves, but thanks to Knuckles, Plunder escaped. Returning to his pirate home in Scourge Bay, Plunder boasted to Knuckles about their success, but Knuckles wanted to return to the Ghost Ship to free the other slaves. Plunder disagreed and set his pirates on Knuckles who easily fended them off, and when Plunder thought his luck had gone as low as it could go; Zorabel the Pirate Queen arrived. Before she could set her manservant on him the entire building was dragged into another world, the idol Plunder had stolen from the Ghost Ship was in fact a trap designed to capture the heretic Tantarors. Ekkletos, a supreme Tantaror, was quite disappointed when Knuckles and Plunder arrived instead. Plunder had to watch as Knuckles returned to the ghost ship and returned, the slaves were freed and the Tantaror captured. In the end Plunder was left with no Idol and Knuckles still wanted the chest of documents. After a brief argument, Zorabel intervened and allowed Knuckles to take the chest.

Plunder didn’t reappear until a good time later when he and his crew arrived in the Special Zone, utilising a Star Post attached to the wheel, to try and recruit a few more members. The crew landed in the city and captured one Proctor Speckle, a thin and sickly green man who had nothing but contempt for the Pirates. After Plunder caught Proctor stealing from him he made him walk the plank, but as Proctor fell he reached for his serum which would transform him into his demonic alter-ego; Mr. Fry, the ultimate fighting machine. Plunder and his men cowered as Mr. Fry emerged from the ocean, clutching a dead shark in his jaws. The entire crew attacked as one in a vain attempt to defeat Fry, they failed somewhat spectacularly. Fortunately, Mr. Fry was only interested in tenderising the shark and joined Simpson in the kitchens to help cook the fish. When they returned with some of the best steaks Plunder had ever seen he became extremely happy with their new crew member. As Mr. Fry explained about the serum which turned him from Proctor Speckle into his current self, Filch wondered what had happened to the serum that had spilt into the ocean and suddenly several “super” sharks emerged from the ocean and set upon the deck. Mr. Fry and Simpson leapt into the fray, followed by the rest of the crew. Deciding that the fight was causing far too much damage to his ship, Plunder took matters into his own hands and pummelled the sharks unconscious with a giant hammer, he then proceeded to haul Simpson out of one of the shark’s mouths, but of Mr. Fry there was no sign. Plunder decided to celebrate their victory and sent Simpson to collect his crate of vintage rum truffles, but the truffles had disappeared and in the distance they could just make out Proctor Speckle floating back to New Tek City in said crate.

Plunder still wanted more crew so his next plan to capture pirates he decided to go for experienced sea folk rather than land dwellers. He returned to Scourge Bay where he tried and failed to kidnap/enlist anyone. Zorabel had a suggestion, she told Plunder that she had a job for him and she wanted her daughters, the Spice Maidens, to come with them on a trek to find the treasure of King Akotek. Plunder was shocked to see the Spice Maidens in the roughest inn in town, and regretfully accepted the “girls” onto his ship. The crew set sail and after a long adventure (in which they needed to enlist the help of Krakiota, the Sea Serpent who knows all the secrets of Mobius) they eventually found the abandoned temple. Zorabel told Plunder to enter first, doing so he unwittingly activated an ancient curse. A large statue within the temple's central foyer instantly came to life and cursed Plunder to spend the rest of his life with misfortune and calamity, as Filch explained when he returned to warn Plunder seconds later. Plunder, cursing that he didn’t believe in bad luck returned to the ship, narrowly staying in one piece. Zorabel told him to choose from three chests to find his share of the treasure and the Spice Maidens were amazed when he chose the right one, they had expected the curse to stop him. Unfortunately when Plunder arrived on the deck of his ship though the chest of gold was knocked from his hands when he fell overboard and disrupted the shield around the ship. Even more unfortunately, this was the exact moment when Captain Tiberius, an old rival of Plunder's, finally caught up with him. When he opened fire on the ship, whilst its shield was down, the ship crashed into the ocean in flames. Plunder had lost not only his money, but his beloved ship as well. Despite the severity of the crash, Plunder (and most of the crew) survived and swam to safety to a nearby island. Plunder was last seen sitting underneath a coconut tree cursing his bad luck.



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