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This article is about minor characters in the fictional Star Wars universe.

See also: Minor Jedi characters in Star Wars, Minor Rebel characters in Star Wars



2-1B (also spelled out in literature as TooOnebee) is an Imperial medical droid who decided voluntarily to work for the Rebel Alliance instead. 2-1B is the droid that attached Luke Skywalker's cybernetic hand in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. An advice column written in his persona briefly appeared in the Star Wars Insider.


4-LOM is a droid bounty hunter, with an insectoid head, who was hired by the Darth Vader to find the Millennium Falcon. His name may be an acronym for "For Love of Money."

4-LOM was working as a cabin steward on a luxury liner when trouble with his programming caused him to begin to steal from the passengers. When Jabba the Hutt became aware of 4-LOM he modified the droid to make him more dangerous. While working for the Hutts, 4-LOM was teamed with the bounty hunter Zuckuss. 4_LOM's body is similar in design to C-3PO, due to the fact that the LOM hardware is Industrial Automaton's knockoff of Cybot Galactica's 3PO series.

4-LOM appears only in the film The Empire Strikes Back. He was unsuccessful in his search for the Falcon which was found by Boba Fett.

There is some confusion as to which character is Zuckuss and which is his partner 4_LOM due to their names being switched on their Kenner action figures.

After the Battle of Hoth, Zuckuss and 4_LOM rescued the last transport, Bright Hope. They later decided to leave the Empire's service and join the Rebels, planning to start the New Republic's Bounty Hunter Guild. However, these plans were dashed when Boba Fett blew 4_LOM apart. Even though Zuckuss repaired his partner, 4_LOM never remembered the Rebels' ideals. From that point on, 4_LOM worked alone.


A_3D0 is a multitalented service droid owned by Jedi Andur Sunrider in the fictional Star Wars universe. A-3D0 is a crack mechanic and copilot who witnessed his master's death at the hands of a criminal gang headed by Great Bogga the Hutt some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Called ThreeDee for short, the droid then aided Andur's wife, Nomi, as she reluctantly trained to learn the ways of the Jedi.

Ben Skywalker

Ben Skywalker is the son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker. As a baby, he was sent to the Maw in order to remain out of danger.

Because Mara Jade was infected by Yuuzhan Vong coomb spores, she and Luke decided against having children. However, despite their efforts, Mara found, while attempting to heal her body with the Force, that she was pregnant.

Ben was born at the end of Edge of Victory: Rebirth, a book from the Expanded Universe's New Jedi Order series.

Beru Lars

See: Beru Whitesun

Beru Whitesun

Beru Whitesun was the girlfriend of Owen Lars. She married Owen Lars and became Luke Skywalker's aunt. In A New Hope, she and Owen were killed by Imperial Stormtroopers. In the original Star Wars film, she is played by Shelag Fraser. In the latter two prequels, she is played by Bonnie Marie Piesse.


Bossk is a Trandoshan bounty hunter and pilot of Hound's Tooth. Trandoshan are the traditional enemies of the Wookiees. This three-fingered, three-toed reptiloid long specialized in hunting down Wookiees - sometimes enslaving them for the Empire, sometimes skinning them for their pelts. He had several run-ins with Chewbacca and Han Solo, and each time was humiliated when they made good their escape from him and other bounty hunters. Bossk heeded Darth Vader's call to rendezvous with other bounty hunters aboard Vader's Super Star Destroyer, the Executor. Later, he and other finders tried to wrest the prized catch - Han Solo in carbonite - away from Boba Fett.

Years after the Battle of Endor, Bossk got old and retired from professional hunting. He still killed people from time-to-time, just for the feeling of it. He later ran into Han Solo on a space station during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. When he heard of Chewbacca's death, Bossk rubbed it in Solo's face...and got punched in his face.

Calo Nord

Calo Nord is a character from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He was a bounty hunter in the time of the Old Republic, 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. He was sold into slavery by his parents, but on his 16th birthday killed his owners and then his parents. He soon became a bounty hunter and worked for Davik Kang's Exchange. He was nearly killed when the Sith bombed Taris, but survived and took a contract from the Sith to hunt down Bastila Shan and Revan. He was killed by Revan during Revan's search for the Star Maps.

Captain Needa

Captain Lorth Needa was the commander of the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger during the Battle of Hoth. He informed Darth Vader that the Millennium Falcon had not appeared on their sensors for hours and told him to consider the damage the Imperial fleet had sustained. Earlier, the Avenger pursued the Falcon from Hoth. However, it outmaneuvered the Star Destroyer and caused it to collide with another ship.

While pursing the Millennium Falcon out of the asteroid field, the Rebel ship vanished (Han Solo actually cut power and landed on a blind spot on the Imperial ship's conning tower). Seconds later, Vader demanded an update on the pursuit. Needa ordered his ship to rendezvous with the Executor.

On the bridge of the Executor, Vader accepted Needa's apology and swiftly killed him. Needa was survived by his first cousin Virar Needa, despite the fact many of his relatives were purged from the Imperial military following Needa's execution.

Captain Panaka

Captain Panaka first appeared in The Phantom Menace. He was appointed head of security on Naboo shortly after King Veruna, the former King of Naboo, was killed. He was the head of the security force during the Trade Federation invasion and when Queen Amidala's term as queen of Naboo ran out, he stayed to protect Queen Jamillia. His nephew, Captain Typho, is assigned to protect Amidala.

Panaka was later promoted to moff when the Galactic Empire came to power. A gift he gave to Palpatine lay in his receiving chamber aboard the second Death Star.

Carth Onasi

Carth Onasi is a character from the 2003 videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Carth is a veteran soldier from the Mandalorian Wars and a expert pilot. The player (Darth Revan) meets Carth on the Endar Spire above the planet Taris. Soon after, the two escape and crash land on the planet, and for the duration of the game Carth fought with Revan. Upon investigation, the player finds that Carth's homeworld was destroyed by the Sith. His son, Dustil, however, survived the battle. During a visit to the Sith homeworld of Korriban, the party encountered Dustil. He can be killed or redeemed, depending on what the player chooses to do.

It was known that Carth's homeworld was destroyed by his former mentor Admiral Saul Karath who had done so in order to gain acceptance into the Sith Naval Fleet. Being on-duty, Carth was unable to arrive in time to help and save his family. His wife died in his arms, and he presumed his son, Dustil, also perished in the attack. This gave rise to Carth's distrust in the player (Darth Revan) and his lust for revenge against Admiral Saul.

Carth managed to kill Saul with the help of Bastila Shan and Revan when aboard the Leviathian, Saul's ship. Saul's last words (whispered) to Carth reveal Revan's identity to him. This makes Carth distrust Revan even futher.

If the player decides to reassume the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, Carth flees away in terror when he is told this on an unknown world of the Rakatas.

Just as the male Revan can engage in a romantic sub-plot with Bastila, the female Revan can with Carth.

Chief Chirpa

Chief Chirpa was the head of his Ewok tribe's Council of Elders. The strong willed Chirpa befriended the Rebel strike force sent to the moon of Endor to clear the way for the Alliance fleet. His warriors were courageous and skillful in the face of a superior fighting force. Chief Chirpa, gray-furred and carrying a reptilian staff denoting his rank, wears the teeth, horns, and bones of animals he has hunted.

Chirpa was killed by an AT-ST during the Battle of Endor.

Cliegg Lars

Cliegg Lars is the widower of Shmi Skywalker, the stepfather of Anakin Skywalker, and the father of Owen Lars. A moisture farmer on Tatooine, he received the slave Shmi from Watto, and subsequently freed and married her. Years later, he was visited on Tatooine by Anakin and Padmé Amidala, who learned that Shmi had been abducted by Tusken Raiders. Cliegg and a few other settlers attempted to rescue her, but many of the settlers were killed and Cliegg lost his right leg from the knee_down. Anakin set off to rescue her, and eventually brought Shmi's body back to the Lars Homestead, where she was buried alongside Cliegg's first wife and parents.

Cliegg Lars appeared in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, played by Australian actor Jack Thompson.

Coleman Trebor

Coleman Trebor was a Jedi Council Member who fought at the Battle of Geonosis. Early in the battle, he attempted to attack Count Dooku, but was killed by Jango Fett. Many Star Wars fans consider him as a minor hero.


Dengar appeared briefly in The Empire Strikes Back. The cold bounty hunter and pilot of Punishing One was hired by the Empire to hunt down the Millenium Falcon. He appeared as a middle-aged man of heavy-build in brown armor with cloth wrapped around his head. He was played by British actor Morris Bush.

In addition to the reward promised by Vader, Dengar was especially eager to find the Falcon from a personal grudge he held against Han Solo. Dengar injured himself badly in a swoop race with Solo and was forced to take drastic measures to preserve his life; he became a cyborg thanks to Imperial experimentation. The parts of his brain controlling emotions such as compassion, mercy and pity were removed, leaving him a shell of his former self, a completely merciless killer. During much of his career he was considered more ruthless than Boba Fett himself, and usually performed assassinations rather than live captures. Despite all of this, Dengar was not an evil man; he simply couldn't help the fact that the Empire had modified his brain. He was often disgusted at what he had done.

Eventually Dengar would meet a humanoid woman called Manaroo and fall in love. Through sharing her mind with Dengar, Manaroo gave him back his senses of love and compassion. Dengar then renounced his occupation as a bounty hunter, and after a brief spell as partner with Fett, he retired.

Interesting note: Dengar was the one who found Boba Fett after he was "eaten" by the sarlacc. He rescued him and he and his girlfriend Manaroo were the only two people to see Boba Fett's face since he became a bounty hunter.

In "Dark Force Rising", by Timothy Zahn, Mara Jade is taken prisoner for a short time by a bounty hunter. She later kills the man, and after searching him for identification, finds an ID card that reads Dengar Roth. She believes this to be a forged ID card carried by a man impersonating the real Dengar.


Desann was a Dark Jedi in the computer game Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

Desann was a lizard-like humanoid of the Chistori species. He was once Jedi apprentice of Luke Skywalker, but killed one of the Jedi teachers and turned to the dark side of the Force. Desann became leader of the Imperial Remnant and searched for the Valley of the Jedi. Only two known people knew the location of the Valley of the Jedi; Kyle Katarn and his partner Jan Ors. Desann and his student Tavion captured Jan Ors on Artus Prime, a mine for unique crystals. Kyle tried to rescue his friend, but Desann commanded Tavion to kill Jan Ors.This was however a ruse to motivate Kyle to go to the Valley, and Jan remained alive on the Remnant flagship, Doomgiver. Kyle thought that Jan was dead and went to the Valley of the Jedi, and Desann subsequently tracked him and followed to the Valley of the Jedi. He created a army of Dark Jedi warriors, called "Reborns" by infusing the force into Artusian cystals and using them on stormtroopers, giving them the ability to use the Force. He attacked the the Jedi Academy of Luke Skywalker, but Kyle stopped him by Kyle destroyed his starship Doomgiver, therby destroying most of his army, and on Yavin 4 Jedi Knights and troopers of New Republic killed his remaining Reborns and stormtroopers. Desann escaped to the tunnels under the Massassi Temple, but got into fight against Kyle after each unsuccessfully tried to convert the other to his cause. Kyle killed him and his plan was destroyed.

General Maximilian Veers

Major General Maximilian Veers was the Imperial General who led the assault on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. He was the one of the most talented tacticians in the Imperial Army.

In the Expanded Universe, Maximilian Veers was the son of a middle-class working family. He joined the Imperial Academy and graduated in the top of his class. He was given a Lieutenant command upon graduation. One of his early tours sent him out to the Outer Rim to a barbaric world called Culroon III where he quickly learned that the Empire does not tolerate incompetence and failure. During the attempt to pacify the natives of Culroon III, General Irrv had ordered for Lieutenant Veers to remain confined to the base while he and an Imperial party went to negotiate a peace with the Culroon natives. Veers had warned that it was a trap and that Irrv should bring armored support to deter any would-be ambushers. General Irrv did not listen and paid the price with his life when he was executed for incompetence after the Culroon natives deceived and killed most of his party. If it had not been for Lieutenant Veers's quick thinking and disregard of a direct order, the Imperial party would have been utterly slaughtered. For his bravery and brilliance, Veers was promoted to Major.

Sometime later, Veers would be appointed to commander of the Emperor's personal AT-AT legion and promoted to the rank of Colonel. He also became an instructor at the Imperial Academy on Carida. Sometime between the ranks of Lieutenant and Colonel, Veers had married and had one son named Zevulon. When Zevulon was only a young boy, Veers lost his wife to a dreadful accident during a family vacation. Devestated by the death of his wife, Colonel Veers buried his grief into his military career to the point where it began to affect his relationship with his son.

That relationship would be tested further when Veers was ordered to report to the first Death Star as a ground commander and as an academic instructor. Fortunately, he had only just arrived in_system at the Battle of Yavin and was spared of an untimely death with the destruction of the battle station. However, an X-wing had spotted his shuttle and forced a crash landing on the jungle moon. For weeks, Colonel Veers survived on emergency rations and later the local wildlife before the Imperial fleet had rescued him.

After the Battle of Yavin, Colonel Veers was sent to command a troop garrison on Corellia. There he helped CorSec Inspectors Hal and Corran Horn put an end to the criminal Black Sun lieutenant, Zekka Thyne, by storming his fortress on the notion that Thyne was habouring rebel insurrgents. Impressed by Veers performance in removing Black Sun's presence near Coronet City, Grand Admiral Thrawn recommended the brilliant AT-AT commander to Darth Vader. Vader accepted the recommendation and promoted the Colonel to Major General and placed him in command of Death Squadron's ground troops.

Veers most notable success occurred at the Battle of Hoth when he was given the chance to correct a mistake caused by the incompetent Admiral Ozzel and prove to Lord Vader that he was not chosen poorly. General Veers had lived up to both his reputation and Lord Vader's expectations by quickly deploying his armored regiment, designated Blizzard Force, into the Echo Base mountain valley and personally destroying the shield generator protecting the rebel base. Shortly after the destruction of the shield generator; rebel snowspeeder pilot, Hobbie, kamakazied his vessel into the cockpit of Veers's Blizzard One walker.

Both men miracously survived the incident but came out badly injured. General Veers, although had seen Hobbie coming, had not been quick enough to get out of the cockpit in time. His slowness had cost him his legs after a support beam fell ontop of them and literally crushed the bones into several pieces where reconstruction and bacta could not restore them. Veers, like many in the galaxy, was too proud and held a dislike for cybernetics and so refused to have his legs replaced with prosynthetics. Veers would be confined to a hoverchair for the rest of his life.

Although the Battle of Hoth was a great victory for him, bringing him fame and glory, it was overshadowed by a report from his son's COMPNOR SAGroup (Sub-Adult Group) commander. The commander reported that Zevulon Veers had gone missing during a SAGroup mission dealing with rebel spies. However, the honored General suspected that his son had defected to the rebellion and disowned his father. The betrayel of his son brought shame and dishonor to the Veers name despite the General's victory at Hoth. He would suffer from the ignominy his son brought forth for the rest of his life.

Nearly a year later, General Veers would be placed in command of the Emperor's Elite AT-AT force on the forest moon of Endor. There his forces suffered a defeat to the combined forces of the Rebel Alliance and the furry Ewok natives shortly after the shield generator and the surrounding base was incinerated. Veers escaped capture with several other officers and fled the battle with the remnants of the Imperial fleet. Later on he would serve as a template for Grand Admiral Thrawn's clones and move from one Imperial commander to the next in search of a new command.

Most of the time he would be shunned away or rejected downright because of his relationship with Lord Vader. Most post_Endor officers despised anyone who had served and survived Lord Vader and wanted nothing to do with those people. For six years, General Veers would wander the Empire and would watch as everything he believed in and fought for crumbled around him. Eventually he became disappointed and distraught with the path the Empire was following but his sense of loyalty and honor had kept him from defecting or going AWOL.

When the recall from the Deep Core came, like many other officers searching for a new hope, General Veers answered it and reported to the Imperial Fleet orbiting Byss. Six months after Thrawn's defeat at the Battle of Bilbringi, Veers would participate in the Battles of Mon Calamari, Byss and lastly Balmorra. It was during the Battle of Balmorra that Veers suffered the worse fate that could be given to an established officer of the Empire. Hated for the fact that he served and survived Lord Vader, Veers was severely demoted to the rank of Captain and sent on a suicide mission by Executor Sedriss--an insane and inept darksider.

Maximilian Veers, one of the Empire's greatest ground tacticians and heroes, was reported to have perished on that fateful suicide mission.


Ghent is a fictional character in the expanded Star Wars universe. He made his first appearance in the Timothy Zahn novel, Heir to the Empire. Ghent is a slicer (hacker) of awesome talent, able to crack military and diplomatic grade encryptions with relative ease. He is employed in Talon Karrde's smuggling operation.

Over the course of the Thrawn story arc, Ghent was seconded to the New Republic in order to track down Delta Source, an Imperial intelligence system acquiring information directly from the New Republc headquarters. Ghent also used his talents to break Imperial battle encryptions during the siege of Coruscant.

He is also incredibly naive.


Greedo is the Rodian bounty hunter (played by uncredited actor Paul Blake) who was killed by Han Solo in the cantina on Tatooine in A New Hope. Greedo was attempting to extort money out of Solo, but neglected to keep a close enough watch on Han, who drew his weapon and fired.

In the 1997 re_release of the film, Greedo gets a badly_aimed shot at Solo before Solo kills Greedo. George Lucas has said that this change is to enhance Solo's overall heroism. This angered many fans and in the 2004 version both now pull the trigger at the same time.

Greedo's father, also named Greedo, appeared as a child in the script for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace but failed to make the final cut. The deleted scene, where he gets into a scuffle with Anakin after the Podrace, can been seen in the DVD outakes.

Jaster Mereel

Jaster Mereel (c. 100 BBY - 52 BBY), a former Journeyman Protector of Concord Dawn, Jaster was a reformed murderer who became leader of the Mandalorian clans. When Jango Fett's family was murderered, Jaster took the young boy under his wing and raised him as a son. Jaster was killed on Korda by Vizsla, leader of Death Watch.

The infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett later took Mereel's name as an alias during his brief occupation as a Journeyman Protector sometime between 19 BBY and 15 ABY. This led to rumors that Jaster Mereel and Boba Fett were the same person, rumors which Fett did nothing to dispel, as they only added to his mysterious aura.


Juhani is a jedi character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Juhani is a member of the cat-like race the Cathar, known for their fiery emotions. She feels as though she can't control her emotions, though the player can give her an emotional boost by telling her that she can. Her homeworld, Taris, was destroyed by Darth Malak in an attempt to kill Bastila Shan. She blames the player on the planets destruction, but later apologizes for her outburst.

Luuke Skywalker

Luuke Skywalker
Species Human clone
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Home Planet Wayland
Affiliation Loyal to Joruus C'baoth

Luuke Skywalker is a clone of Luke Skywalker, it was created from cells—sample B-2332-54—taken from the hand that Luke lost in his lightsaber duel with Darth Vader at Cloud City. Jedi Master Joruus C'baoth, himself a clone, created Luuke because he wanted a Jedi student of his own. Using the lightsaber that Luke had lost along with his hand, the clone nearly destroyed Skywalker. But the Emperor's aide, Mara Jade, killed the clone, fulfilling the powerful last command of the dying Palpatine: Kill Skywalker.

Moff Seerdon

Kohl Seerdon
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Home Planet Unknown
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Moff Kohl Seerdon was the imperial moff in the video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

In the time of Old Republic, Seerdon was the military officer. When the Galactic Empire arised, Palpatine made Seerdon governor of the Taloraan. During the Galactic Civil War, Seerdon was one of the most dangerous enemies of Rogue Squadron. When the Rogue Squadron attacked to the snow planet Fest and destroyed his Imperial weapons research facility, Seerdon attacked to the Chandrila, homeplanet of Mon Mothma. Rogue Squadron stopped his attack, but Seerdon invaded Thyferra and take control of bacta. Without bacta fluid, Rebel Alliance couldn't heal wounded troops. Rogue Squadron attacked to Thyferra and destroyed Imperial forces of Seerdon. Seerdon attacked against Luke Skywalker with his Sentinel-class shuttle, but Luke destroyed the shuttle and killed Seerdon.

Naga Sadow

Naga Sadow
Species Sith
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Home Planet Ziost
Affiliation Sith

Naga Sadow was a Sith Lord 5000 years BBY. He was the mastermind that lead the Great Hyperspace War that attempted to expand the borders of the Sith Empire at the expense of the Republic only to oversee the destruction of the Sith by the Republic and the Jedi. Naga Sadow had pure Sith blood, and was a member of a priesthood that practiced Sith magic, drawing from the dark side of the Force. Labeled a criminal by the Old Republic due to his part in the war, he fled to Yavin 4, the moon of a gas giant where he conducted experiments on the native Massassi causing them to mutate. His tomb is also seen in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox & PC on Korriban, a Sith planet. He was also the master of Freedon Nadd who became the next Sith Lord after him.


Species Feeorin
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Home Planet Lok
Affiliation None

Nym was a Feeorin pirate in the video games Star Wars: Starfighter and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. Prior to the Battle of Naboo, he was defeated on Lok by the Trade Federation army. For vengeance, he helped to defeat the Trade Federation.


Species Twi'lek
Gender Female
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Home Planet Ryloth
Affiliation None

Oola was Jabba the Hutt's Twi'lek dancer. She was killed in Return of the Jedi by the rancor after Jabba dropped her into the rancor's pit. Oola was portrayed in the movie by actress Femi Taylor.


OOM-9 was a command battle droid in the Trade Federation army. He was in charge of the Naboo invasion force. He nearly defeated the Gungan Grand Army, but the destruction of the Droid Control Ship deactivated all battle droids, including OOM_9.

Owen Lars

Owen Lars
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Home Planet Tatooine (was born on Ator)
Affiliation None

Owen Lars is the son of farmer Cliegg Lars. He married Beru Whitesun and became Luke Skywalker's uncle. Owen and Beru protect Luke by preventing him from leaving the isolation and anonymity of life on the planet Tatooine. In A New Hope, Owen and Beru were killed by Imperial Stormtroopers. In the original Star Wars film, he is played by American actor Phil Brown. In the second and third prequels, he is played by Australian actor Joel Edgerton.

In early editions of the novel based on the movie Return of the Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi refers to Owen as his brother, but this is corrected in later printings. In an interesting real-world coincidence, however, Ewan McGregor's stunt double in the latter prequels is Nash Edgerton, the real-life brother of Joel Edgerton.


R5-D4 was the name of the red robot that Luke Skywalker's Uncle Owen Lars originally intended to purchase instead of R2-D2. Within seconds of the purchase, R5-D4's motivator malfunctioned, and the otherwise shifty Jawas let Owen have R2-D2 instead. Although a minor incident, had R5-D4's motivator lasted even minutes longer, the entire Star Wars story would not have unfolded.

Some say R5-D4, not wanting to split up the duo of R2-D2 and C-3PO, blew his own motivator. Some say R2-D2 himself had tampered with it. The truth may never be known, as R5-D4 is believed to have been destroyed along with the Jawa Sandcrawler.

Salacious Crumb

Salacious Crumb is a fictional character that first appeared in the Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi. Salacious was a knee_high, potbellied creature with disheveled hair and sharp beak employed as a court jester for intergalactic crimelord Jabba the Hutt. In the Expanded Universe, he is referred to as a Kowakian lizard-monkey.

In Return of the Jedi, Salacious had a shrill laugh and was shocked away from C_3PO by R2-D2 just before the destruction of Jabba's sail barge. Salacious died in the explosion of Jabba's sail barge.

Salla Zend

Salla Zend was an ex-girlfriend of Han Solo. She, and cohort Shug Ninx helped Han and Leia save Luke and foil the Emperor Reborn's plan to control the galaxy, from Byss, years after the Battle of Yavin.


Species Toydarian
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Orange
Home Planet Toydaria (resides on Tatooine)
Affiliation None

Watto is a Toydarian parts-salesman on Tatooine. Former owner of Anakin Skywalker and Shmi Skywalker, he lost young Anakin in a Pod Racing bet to Qui-Gon Jinn, then sold Shmi to a man named Cliegg Lars. Watto received a starring role in the popular fanfilm Crazy Watto (http://atomfilms.shockwave.com/af/content/crazy_watto).

Wes Janson

Lieutenant Wes Janson was Wedge Antilles's gunner in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and along with Wedge he scored the first kill of an AT_AT walker with a terse "Cable detached!" (his only speaking line in the movie.) He later went on to become part of Rogue Squadron, one of the Rebel Alliance's (and later the Republic's) most elite fighter squadrons. He was regarded as the joker of the group.


Species Gand
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Silver
Home Planet Gand
Affiliation None (mercenary)

Zuckuss is a bug-eyed bounty hunter who was hired by the Darth Vader to find the Millennium Falcon. A native of the planet Gand, Zuckuss, tracks his prey by using traditional Gand techniques to invoke visions of his prey. He is the owner and pilot of the Mist Hunter. While working for the Hutts Zuckuss was teamed with the bounty hunter droid 4-LOM. The atmosphere in Gand has high ammonia content and exposure to oxygen is poisonous to Zuckuss, so he is forced to wear a special mask and suit. His mask, however, does not cover his entire face, revealing his insect-like features.

Zuckuss appears only in the film The Empire Strikes Back. He was unsuccessful in his search for the Falcon which was found by Boba Fett.

There is some confusion as to which character is Zuckuss and which is his partner 4-LOM due to their names being switched on their Kenner action figures. Initially, the bug-eyed alien was named 4-LOM by Kenner; and the droid was named Zuckuss. Later on, Lucasarts decided that droids had names with cyphers and letters, and organics had not. Thus, Zuckuss is the alien. He is shorter than 4-LOM and wears a brown robe with various gas tubes attached to his mask.

After his partner's personality was lost, Zuckuss left the Rebel's service. When the Rebels became the New Republic, Zuckuss regretted leaving them, as he could have gotten a high government job or military command.

  Results from FactBites:
Lorth Needa - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - A Wikia wiki (554 words)
Lorth Needa was a fleet officer in the Republic and Imperial starfleets.
Needa was a veteran command officer, having served in Strike Group Five of Coruscant's Home Fleet during the Clone Wars.
Needa informed Darth Vader that the Millennium Falcon had not appeared on their sensors for hours and asked him to consider the damage the Imperial fleet had sustained, but Vader was set on capturing the freighter.
Indy Knights Fan Fiction (2043 words)
Captain Needa had seen Darth Vader on several occasions, none of them particularly significant outside of the presence of the Dark Lord himself.
Captain Needa thought that maybe this trip was more of an error in judgment than staying aboard his ship would have been.
Captain Needa saw the end approaching for him, and he could not help but think that the newly dubbed Admiral had some reservations concerning his own future.
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