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A controversy in the US state of California concerning the portrayal of Hinduism in history textbooks began in 2005. Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu groups complained that their religions were in part incorrectly or negatively portrayed. A U.S. state is any one of the 50 states which have membership of the federation known as the United States of America (USA or U.S.). The separate state governments and the U.S. federal government share sovereignty. ... This article is about the U.S. state. ... hinduism also involves the exchange of male pun. ... Year 2005 (MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday (link displays full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar. ... For other uses, see Christian (disambiguation). ... The word Jew ( Hebrew: יהודי) is used in a wide number of ways, but generally refers to a follower of the Jewish faith, a child of a Jewish mother, or someone of Jewish descent with a connection to Jewish culture or ethnicity and often a combination... There is also a collection of Hadith called Sahih Muslim A Muslim (Arabic: مسلم, Persian: Mosalman or Mosalmon Urdu: مسلمان, Turkish: Müslüman, Albanian: Mysliman, Bosnian: Musliman) is an adherent of the religion of Islam. ... This article discusses the adherents of Hinduism. ...

The Texas based Vedic Foundation (VF) and the American Hindu Education Foundation (HEF) complained to California's Curriculum Commission, saying the coverage in sixth grade history textbooks of Indian history and Hinduism was biased against Hinduism, and demanding that the portrayal be revised according to the views of Hinduism and Indian history allegedly shared by most Hindus and Indians.[citation needed] For other uses, see Texas (disambiguation). ... The Vedic Foundation is a project of the Barsana Dham temple at Austin, Texas formed in 2003. ... Two textbooks A textbook is a book that strives to teach a student about a particular discipline, usually academic, and they are usually divided into chapters based on subject area. ...



Christian, Jewish, Islamic and the two Hindu groups submitted their edits in autumn 2005. After intensive scholarly discussions, over 500 changes proposed by Jewish and Christian groups and 100 changes proposed by Muslims were accepted by the California Department of Education (CDE) and the State Board of Education (SBE); these scholarly discussions extended to Jan. 6, 2006. Some of the Hindu edits, which were submitted for the first time, met with opposition.[3] [1]

The Californian Standards for Evaluating Instructional Materials for Social Content contain the guiding principles for the textbooks.[2]

They say: "The standards will be achieved by depicting, when appropriate, the diversity of religious beliefs held in the United States and California, as well as in other societies, without displaying bias toward or prejudice against any of those beliefs or religious beliefs in general."[3]
They also say: "No religious belief or practice may be held up to ridicule and no religious group may be portrayed as inferior.", and "Any explanation or description of a religious belief or practice should be presented in a manner that does not encourage or discourage belief or indoctrinate the student in any particular religious belief."[4]

Opposition to the edits of the two Hindu foundations

Late in the process, Michael E. J. Witzel, a Harvard Sanskrit professor "unexpectedly intervened".[5] Witzel, along with his collaborator Steve Farmer, was informed about the edits proposed by VF and HEF by a person claiming to be a graduate student of Indian origin at a California university. Witzel wrote a letter to the California Board of Education, protesting against the changes [4]. He suggested that the matter be discussed publicly, and that professional advice be taken by the Board. The letter was supported by the signatures of 47 academics in the field of Asian Studies from all over the world. Michael Witzel (born July 18, 1943 at Schwiebus, Poland) is Wales Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University, United States. ...

Dan Golden of the Wall Street Journal described the developments as follows: [5] The Wall Street Journal is an influential international daily newspaper published in New York City, New York with an average daily circulation of 1,800,607 (2002). ...

"The game wasn't over. Other Hindu groups — including members of the 'untouchables' caste — entered the fray on Mr. Witzel's behalf. The Dalit Freedom Network, an advocacy group for untouchables, wrote to the education board that the proposed Vedic and Hindu Education Foundation changes reflected "a view of Indian history that softens...the violent truth of caste-based discrimination in India.... Do not allow politically-minded revisionists to change Indian history."

The Dalit Freedom Network is not, in fact, a "Hindu group" but part of a Colorado based Christian missionary organization run by Dr. Joseph D'Souza, leader of the "All India Christian Council". Dalit Freedom Network is an evangelical Christian organization whose official mission is to The Dalit Freedom Network exists to empower the Dalits in their quest for social freedom and human dignity by networking human, financial, and informational resources. ... Official language(s) English Capital Denver Largest city Denver Largest metro area Denver-Aurora Metro Area Area  Ranked 8th  - Total 104,185 sq mi (269,837 km²)  - Width 280 miles (451 km)  - Length 380 miles (612 km)  - % water 0. ... For other uses, see Christian (disambiguation). ...

He later sent a letter to the Board of Education on behalf of the Dalit Freedom Network. It was co-signed by Udit Raj and Kancha Ilaiah, ([6]) both prominent Indian critics of Hinduism.[7][8] Further letters of support came from Christian missionary organizations like National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, the Dalit Shakti Kendra, and the Dalit Solidarity Forum in the USA.([9]) Dalit groups that testified before the SBE in January and February 2006, and are on public record in California, include those with Buddhist Ambedkarite backgrounds, such as the Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace, Indian Buddhist Association of America, New Republic India, as well as Californian Dalit Sikh temples such as the Guru Ravi Dass Gurdwara.[10]. Udit Raj (born Ram Raj 1st Jan 1958, Ramnagar, Distt. ... Wikiquote has a collection of quotations related to: Kancha Ilaiah Kancha Ilaiah is the Chairman of the Political Science department at Osmania University, a social activist and author. ... National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights is a human rights organization established in 1998 to work for the improvement of the rights of dalits or untouchables in India. ... Dalit Shakti Kendra is a project of Navsarjan Trust, a Christian missionary organization headed by Martin Macwan working among the Dalits. ... In South Asias caste system, a Dalit; often called an untouchable; is a person of shudra; the lowest of the four castes. ... Neo-Buddhism is a modern Buddhist revivalist movement in India. ...

The edits proposed by the VF and HEF were also opposed by a group of organizations that included the Friends of South Asia (FOSA), the Coalition against Communalism (CAC), the Federation of Tamil Sangams in North America,[11] Non Resident Indians for a Secular and Harmonious India, the Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment, and the Indian American Public Education Advisory Council (IPAC). Friends of South Asia (FOSA) is an organization of some Indians and Pakistanis based in Palo Alto. ... Coalition against Communalism is an Bay area organization formed in 1992 in the wake of the Babri Masjid demolition in Ayodhya, according to its web-site. ... The Federation of Tamil Sangams in North America (FeTNA, established 1987) is an umbrella organization of many (but not all) local North American Tamil diaspora organizations. ... The subject of this article may not satisfy the notability guideline or one of the following guidelines for inclusion on Wikipedia: Biographies, Books, Companies, Fiction, Music, Neologisms, Numbers, Web content, or several proposals for new guidelines. ...

Forty-seven professional South Asian scholars from universities all over the world and some major American Departments of South Asian Studies[12] as well as some 150 Indian American professors -signed the original letter of opposition to the proposals of the two Foundations. Seventeen members of the California Legislature wrote a letter of support for the scholars.[6] These documents have been made available on the website of the South Asia Faculty Network.[7] According to its website, the South Asia Faculty Network is an an internet resource center for educating faculty, students, and the larger public about contemporary South Asian social, economic, and political issues. ...

Soon after Witzel's intervention, Viji Sundaram, a reporter for India-West [8], wrote that the scholarly consensus behind Prof. Witzel's petition was likely to have influenced the Board of Education's decision to review the changes suggested by the Hindu groups. Another reporter, Rachel McMurdie of the Milpitas Post, pointed out the parentage and close links between the VF and HEF and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as well as the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, the American branch of the Indian organization RSS.[9][10] ANG Newspapers (Alameda Newspaper Group), based in Oakland, California, is a subisidary of the Denver, Colorado based MediaNews Group. ... The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (Hindi: , English: ), also known as the Sangh or the RSS, is a Hindu nationalist organization in India. ... Hindu Swayemsevak Sangh (Union of Self-Reliant Hindus) is a socio-religious public organization that engages in community activities, social services and religious work amongst the adherents of Hinduism across the world. ...

The State Board of Education decides

After extensive further discussion of the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu edits by specialized scholars on Jan. 6, and after several public SBE meetings, a decision was reached on 27 February 2006. After listening to 3 hours of public comment and after receiving 1500 pages of written comment, a five member panel of the Board adopted a recommendation of accepting the actions on the edits proposed by the staff of the California Department of Education (CDE).[11] The subcommittee approved some 70 changes but it rejected proposed revisions from VF and HEF on monotheism, women's rights, the caste system and migration theories.[12][citation needed]

On 8 March 2006, the full Board agreed with the February 27 decision, voting (9 to zero, 2 abstentions) to reaffirm only the changes approved on February 27, and to overturn the rest of the changes suggested by the HEF and VF, with two exceptions: the Aryan Migration Theory would be mentioned as disputed by scholars, and the Vedas would be referred to as sacred texts, rather than songs or poems. Most parties expressed qualified satisfaction with the decision; however, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), that had not participated in the revisions, threatened the board with a lawsuit[13][14][15].[16]. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is a human rights group whose purpose is to provide a voice for the 2 million strong Hindu American community. ...

Ruth Green, past president of the SBE, said that the ruling "represents our best efforts. Many ideological fault lines have played out here. These beliefs are deeply held."[17].

A PR firm hired by the VF and the HEF alleged that, "What is at stake here is the embarrassment and humiliation that these Hindu children (in America) continue to face because of the way textbooks portray their faith and culture."[18] Janeshwari Devi of VF said that "The two foundations submitted about 500 proposed changes, and more than 80 percent were not approved." [19].

Examples of changes

The full text of changes proposed by the CDE after deliberations extending to January and February 2006, and subsequently adopted by SBE on March 8,2006 is available at [20]

Friends of South Asia, a group opposing the HEF and the VF, took issue with several of the earlier edits. [21], including the removal of sentences from the textbooks that claimed that men had more rights than women, and the editing of other sentences dealing with the caste system. The Hindu Education Foundation responded by pointing out that several of the edits relating to untouchability — though not all of the ones FOSA objected to — were approved by the Witzel group. [22]. FOSA also pointed out that the HEF and VF did not object to several sections referring to untouchability in all the textbooks.[13] Friends of South Asia (FOSA) is an organization of some Indians and Pakistanis based in Palo Alto. ... The word Caste is derived from the Portuguese word casta, meaning lineage, breed or race. ... In South Asias caste system, an untouchable, dalit, or achuta is a person outside of the four castes, and considered below them. ...


HAF case

On March 10, 2006, the HAF declared it would sue.[23]. It did so at Sacramento on March 16.

An emergency hearing to consider a temporary restraining order applied for by HAF was set for March 21; it was dismissed by the judge. A motion for a preliminary injunction filed by the HAF against the California State Board of Education (SBE) to stop the printing and distribution of several textbooks was heard and dismissed on April 21, 2006 in the California Superior Court.[24] According to a scanned copy of the court transcript distributed by FOSA, Superior Court Judge Patrick Marlette stated that "I am not convinced that Petitioner HAF has carried their burden to show the likelihood that they would succeed on the merits, particularly on the issue of content."[25] The HAF responded to reports of the dismissal with a press release critical of "errors in media coverage," reaffirming their "commitment to their legal action to ensure that California school textbooks accurately and equitably depict Hinduism," and explaining that "this particular denial has no bearing on the ultimate outcome of the case."[26]. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is a human rights group whose purpose is to provide a voice for the 2 million strong Hindu American community. ...

However, the court put aside these protestations and on September 1, 2006, the HAF case has been resolved. The court has ruled in favour of retaining the textbooks as approved by SBE in March 2006, providing extensive discussion and justification of the most contended issues (Women's rights, Dalits, Aryan invasion, Hinduism as monotheistic religion) [27], while also noting that the approval process adopted by the board had not sufficiently been updated to recent changes int California laws. [28] HAF has launched a circular confirming the decision by the courts and expressing a certain measure of satisfaction at the recognition of the illegality of the proceedings[29]. The brief published by HAF reports that the judge ruled in favor of retaining the edits on the grounds that he did not wish to disrupt the process of disseminating the revised editions at this stage. The legal team of HAF has posted an assessment of the result[30].

Mihir Meghani, President of the Hindu American Foundation, described the judgement as a "mixed victory". He says:

"This ruling now forces the California Board of Education to comply with the law — to have a fair and open public process to benefit all California students."[31]

as well as:

"The (foundation) is disappointed that ... (the judge) has not ordered the textbooks on hand to be modified to be more accurate ... and a flawed and illegal procedure leads to flawed textbooks"[32]

Shalini Gara, a member of the Friends of South Asia Organization, which opposed the lawsuit, also claimed victory Friday evening.

"The judge has upheld that the texts will stay as they are, and that is good news for us because we thought they were historically accurate and we were bothered that the (Hindu American Foundation) wanted less importance to be given to negative aspects of Hinduism."[33]

Following its partial success in the lawsuit, the Hindu American Foundation has reached an agreement with California's State Board of Education. The SBE has agreed, as commonly done in split decisions, to pay part of HAF's legal costs for the 2006 lawsuit.[34]


The "California Parents for Equalization of Educational Materials" (CAPEEM), a group founded specifically for the Californian schoolbook case after SBE's March 8 decision, filed a separate lawsuit in a Federal Court in Sacramento on March 14.

The Counsel for the officials of the State Board of Education (SBE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) rejected the validity of CAPEEM's claims, and while the Court rejected a case against SBE and CDE due to existing legal rules, Judge Frank C. Damrell of the US District Court in the Eastern District Court of California allowed, on August 11/September 28, 2006, a reformulated case to go ahead against some individual members of SBE and CDE. [35]

The complaint was filed by Venkat Balasubramani, an attorney who has worked in the past with public interest groups, including ACLU, on civil rights matters[36]. The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, is a non_governmental organization devoted to defending civil rights and civil liberties in the United States. ...

As of June 2007, the case still is in the Discovery phase, and CAPEEM announced it will request documents from the SBE and CDE, and subpoena various interested parties to strengthen its case.

See also

It has been suggested that Anti-racist mathematics be merged into this article or section. ... Within the diverse traditions of Hinduism, creation of the universe and life itself is generally believed to have occurred due to the will of a supreme consciousness or intelligence, often referred to as Brahman[1]. The accounts of the emergence of life within the universe vary in description, but classically... NCERT Logo The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an apex resource organisation set up by the Government of India, with headquarters at New Delhi, to assist and advise the Central and State Governments on academic matters related to school education. ... Tammy Kitzmiller, et al. ... The Dalitstan Organization is an anti-Brahminanism organisation that advocates misdeeds done by brahmins agains Dalits in India. ... Haqeeqat (हक़ीक़त, meaning reality) is the Hindi translation of a controversial book by a Kerala-based evangelist M.G. Mathew. ...


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Friends of South Asia (FOSA) is an organization of some Indians and Pakistanis based in Palo Alto. ...

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Press coverage in India

  • Interview with HAF counsel Suhag A Shukla-Rediff.com
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  • US text row resolved by Indian Times of India, 9 September 2006
  • Diaspora depressed over deception Organiser
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  • A saffron assault abroad Frontline Mag.
  • International Re-written history raises intellectual temper in California Outlook Mag.
  • Hindu groups seek change in Calif. texts New Kerala
  • Hindutva goes to school Tehelka Febr.4
  • Contention. Now, Multicultural Hindutva. By Raju Rajagopal Outlook, Feb 07, 2007
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  • Sunset in Sacramento The Pioneer, by Sandhya Jain
  • Hindu Foundation Sues California Board of Education The Deccan Herald 03/20/06
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