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Encyclopedia > Byss
Distance from Core ~5,000 light years
Region Deep Core
Oversector Deep Core
Sector/System Byss/Beshqek
Number of suns 2
Number of moons 5
Diameter 7184 km
Orbital period 207 days
Rotation period 31 hours
Axial tilt 13°
Major species Humans
Population 19.7 billion
Official language Basic
Primary terrain Oceans, Lakes, Plains
Surface water 71 %
Points of Interest Imperial Citadel, Imperial Freight Complex, Gauntlet Scanner Stations, numerous Resorts & recreational facilities.
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Byss is a planet in the Deep Core Region of the fictional Star Wars galaxy, that served as the personal resort world, sanctuary, and laboratory for the Emperor Palpatine. During the peak of the Empire, Byss was a mythical world, reputed to be a peaceful and beautiful paradise that the citizens of the Empire yearned to live on. It was central to the plot of the Dark Empire comic series, but has been mentioned and shown in many other places in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. A light-year or lightyear (symbol: ly) is a unit of measurement of length, specifically the distance light travels in vacuum in one year. ... For other uses, see Star Wars Galaxy. ... This is a list of the planetary systems and star systems in the fictional Star Wars galaxy. ... DIAMETER is an AAA protocol (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) succeeding its predecessor RADIUS. // The name is a pun on the RADIUS protocol, which is the predecessor (a diameter is twice the radius). ... The orbital period is the time it takes a planet (or another object) to make one full orbit. ... Look up day in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... In astronomy, a rotation period is the time an astronomical object takes to complete one revolution around its rotation axis relative to the background stars. ... The hour (symbol: h) is a unit of time. ... Trinomial name Homo sapiens sapiens Linnaeus, 1758 Humans, or human beings, are bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species Homo sapiens (Latin: wise man or knowing man) in the family Hominidae (the great apes). ... The fictional universe of Star Wars is a multilingual one, in which it is common to have either a passive or active fluency of many multiple languages from numerous alien races and cultures. ... The fictional universe of Star Wars is a multilingual one, in which it is common to have either a passive or active understanding of many multiple languages from numerous alien races and cultures. ... Animated map exhibiting the worlds oceanic waters. ... Blowdown Lake in the mountains near Pemberton, British Columbia A lake (from Latin lacus) is a body of water or other liquid of considerable size contained on a body of land. ... In geography, a plain is a large area of land with relatively low relief. ... The Galactic Empire is the main antagonist in the Star Wars universe. ... For other uses, see Star Wars Galaxy. ... For other uses, see Star Wars Galaxy. ... Palpatine is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... Dark Empire was a comic series produced by Dark Horse Comics set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ...


Physical characteristics, settlements and defenses

It orbits a binary system of a blue giant and a blue dwarf, and the planet itself has five small moons, and is the fifth planet from its sun. The blue sunlight the planet receives makes algae and plankton in the lakes and rivers of the planet fluoresce. The planet has a very mild and temperate climate overall, and has no volcanoes and virtually no seismic activity, and the small moons also provide very little in the way of tides. The planet also has no indigenous intelligent life, and most of the life on the planet has yet to evolve beyond simple plants. What little animal life exists is relatively harmless and nocturnal. In terms of mineral wealth, Byss lacks many strategic metals and other compounds, making it useless for mining. It was, however, ideal as a resort or sanctuary. The difficulties of navigating the Deep Core also meant it was very defensible and difficult to reach by the typical galactic denizen.

Palpatine took it upon himself to turn Byss into a world he hoped to one day rule the Empire from, leaving Coruscant behind. He had entire cities built on Byss to the specifications of master architects given carte blanche and unlimited budgets: lavish and elegant cities that were as much art as they were centers of civilization, filled with ornate towers and elegant spires carved of blue-grey stone under a bluish-purple sky. The Emperor himself ruled from a black spire known as the Imperial Citadel that rose for several kilometers into the sky, which had three entire legions of Stormtroopers and 400 members of the Royal Guard as guards. The entire system was covered in a massive security network, a large sensor network known as the Gauntlet Scanners searched for any intruders, as well as any sign of forged transponder and identification codes. Warning broadcasts throughout the system warned incoming spacecraft that absolutely no trespassing was allowed, and these threats were backed up with a local fleet of Star Destroyers. Coruscant Coruscant (pronounced //) is a fictional planet in the Star Wars universe. ... Diners Club International, originally founded as Diners Club, was formed in 1950 by Frank X. McNamara, Ralph Schneider and Alfred Bloomingdale. ... Stormtroopers have distinctive white armor and a helmet with a grimacing, skull-like visage. ... Fanatically loyal, the Guardsmen protect the former Supreme Chancellor turned Galactic Emperor and his personal residences unceasingly In the fictional Star Wars universe, the Emperors Royal Guard (a. ... A group of Imperial Star Destroyers. ...

Plans for a Dark Empire

Rumors and legends of a blissful and idyllic world were planted throughout the Empire, and the attitude that Byss was a distant paradise was cultivated over years. Eventually, the Imperial Intelligence begin to sort through the files on the citizens of the Empire. A tiny fraction of those who applied for visas to emigrate to Byss were permitted to do so. Many millions of the most loyal and upstanding citizens of the Empire were allowed to live lives of luxury on a distant world, all working at administrative and bureaucratic occupations that directly managed the Empire. They spent their time relaxing at vast resorts and enjoying truly extensive recreational facilities, visiting menageries of creatures from throughout the galaxy, and reading vast libraries of ideologically approved books. Eventually, the population of Byss climbed as high as 19.7 billion, all living in surreally tranquil surroundings. Communications offworld were heavily censored to help preserve the mystique of Byss. Those not approved to live on Byss were not permitted to land on the planet. Trusted cargo ships used a complex set of space stations, skyhooks and cargo yards above the planet, allowing the vast supplies required to keep such a planetary civilization running to be transferred without the need for spaceports on the planet itself, or for the unpleasantness of refineries and mines to be required on Byss itself. For other uses, see Skyhook (disambiguation). ...

The real reason for this blissful life was far more sinister than it seemed (as one would likely expect). Palpatine envisioned one day moving beyond a need for a vast military to enforce his Empire. He dreamed of having such skill with the Dark Side of the Force that he could control the galaxy with no need for physical force. His Prophets of the Dark Side would serve as his new Imperial courtiers, while the descendants of Anakin Skywalker would be his new nobility, and his Dark Jedi "Inquisitors" would be Knights in his service. He would live forever by transferring his essence into a new cloned body every time he was near death. He sought, in no uncertain terms, to turn the entire Galaxy into a Dark Side theocracy, with the planet Byss as its capital and prototype. He had already discovered how to subtly siphon the life force of the inhabitants of Byss to boost his own power in the Force, while rendering his subjects on the planet even more docile and apathetic, and was anticipating expanding his techniques far beyond just one world. In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the Prophets of the Dark Side (also known as the Emperors Secret Order, though in fact forming a distinct sub-section of this organization, or the Emperors Mages) was a coterie of dark side Force-users originally founded as a splinter cult... Anakin Skywalker is the central character in the Star Wars universe. ... This article does not cite its references or sources. ... The Inquisitorius was a secret division of Imperial Intelligence instituted after the Clone wars and the rise of the Empire which consisted of dark side Force-sensitive agents known as Inquisitors. ...

The Emperor reborn

Palpatine's plans for Byss and the rest of the Galaxy suffered a serious delay when Darth Vader betrayed him and killed him at the Battle of Endor. Palpatine barely managed to transfer his essence to a new body, and the shock of having to transfer himself across the entire Galaxy, from Endor into his Emperor's Hand agent Jeng Droga, and from there to a clone body on Byss greatly strained the Emperor. It took him several years to recover from the strain, and by the time he did, his Empire was in ruins. Masterfully planning a return, he slowly gathered forces still loyal to him and staged a bold campaign to reforge the Empire anew in 10 ABY. The planet Byss became home to Palpatine's new superweapons, the Eclipse Star Destroyer and later the Galaxy Gun. Darth Vader is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... The Battle of Endor was the climactic battle depicted in the 1983 film, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. ... Endor may refer to: Endor (village), a Canaanite village where the witch of Endor lived In the Hebrew Bible In the film Return of the Jedi, Endor is a planet orbited by the forest moon of Endor. ... In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Jeng Droga (—23 ABY) was an Emperors Hand. ... Fans of the Star Wars fictional universe keep track of the dates of key events with a dating system (or calendar) reckoned at the Battle of Yavin featured in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. ... It has been suggested that Executor (Star Wars) be merged into this article or section. ... The Galaxy Gun was a fictional superweapon from the Star Wars universe. ...

Palpatine's first major target was the young Jedi Knight who was responsible for his death 6 years earlier, Luke Skywalker. Palpatine used a powerful wormhole created through the Force to abduct Luke and attempt to seduce him to his service. Leia, Han Solo, and some of Han's old friends went there to rescue Luke, only to learn that he was trying to learn about the Dark Side, and why his father went over to it. In the process, he gave his droid, R2-D2, the plans to the Empire's latest weapon, called the World Devastators, and override codes required to deactivate them. This article or section should include material from Jedi Sentinel —The Jedi Code — Obi-Wan Kenobi The Jedi Knights are a fictional brotherhood and organization from the Star Wars series of films by George Lucas. ... Luke Skywalker is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, portrayed by Mark Hamill in the films Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. ... Her Royal Highness, Princess Leia Organa Solo of Alderaan (born 19 BBY), a fictional character in the Star Wars universe played by actress Carrie Fisher in the films and by Ann Sachs in the 1980s radio drama. ... Han Solo is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... In various theories of magic and religion, the Dark Side describes the less benevolent approaches to use of the magical forces. ... R2-D2 (called R2, or Artoo for short), is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... World Devastators In the fictional Star Wars Expanded Universe, World Devastators were gigantic machines with strong tractor beams attached to them, employed by Emperor Palpatines clones in which his spirit inhabited. ...

The planet was later reduced to a lifeless rock by the Galaxy Gun; however, the ruins of Byss still served as a strong Dark Side focus point across the galaxy. In the Star Wars PC game, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, its dark force energy is drained along with other dark force energy areas during an attempted plan to destroy the New Jedi Order. In various theories of magic and religion, the Dark Side describes the less benevolent approaches to use of the magical forces. ... Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a Star Wars first-person shooter computer game released in September 2003. ...

The Outer Rim Byss

Byss was also the name of a much more obscure and less documented world in the Outer Rim Territories in the Byss/Abyss system that is home to the Abyssin species elsewhere in the Star Wars setting. [1] In the fictional Star Wars series, the Outer Rim Territories is the outermost part of the Star Wars galaxy. ...



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Byss was fanatically loyal to the Emperor even after his first death at the Battle of Endor.
Byss was destroyed during a battle with the New Republic when Eclipse II rammed the Galaxy Gun, causing the last projectile of the Galaxy Gun to destroy the planet.
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