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Encyclopedia > Battle of the Planets
Battle of the Planets

Format Animation, Science Fiction
Run time 30 minutes
Starring Casey Kasem
Keye Luke
Alan Young
Janet Waldo
Alan Dinehart
Ronnie Schell
Network first-run syndication (1978-1985);
Original runs 1978 – 1985;
No. of episodes 85 (1978-1985); 164 (1984-1988)

Battle of the Planets (1978) is the first Westernized adaptation of the 1972 Japanese animated television series known as Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman. Of the 105 original Gatchaman episodes, 85 were used in the Battle of the Planets adaptation, produced by Sandy Frank Entertainment. The adaptation is generally faithful to the plot and character development of the original Gatchaman series, but significant additions and reductions were made in order to increase appeal to the North American juvenile television market of the late 1970s. Image File history File links Battleplanets2. ... Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. ... Science fiction is a form of speculative fiction principally dealing with the impact of imagined science and technology, or both, upon society and persons as individuals. ... Casey Kasem (born Kemal Amin Kasem on April 27, 1932, in Detroit, Michigan of Palestinian/Lebanese heritage) is an American radio personality and voice actor. ... Keye Luke (陸錫麒 Pinyin: Lù Xílín) (June 18, 1904 - January 12, 1991) was a Chinese-born American actor. ... Alan Young and singer Olga San Juan at the Armed Forces Radio Service in the 1950s. ... Janet Waldo (born February 4, 1918 in Grandview, Washington) is a former actress and voice artist. ... Ronnie Schell is a U.S. actor and stand-up comedian. ... In the television industry (as in radio), syndication is the sale of the right to broadcast programs to multiple stations, without going through a broadcast network. ... See also: 1977 in television, other events of 1978, 1979 in television and the list of years in television. For the American network television schedule, please see 1978-79 American network television schedule. ... This is a list of television-related events in 1985. ... See also: 1977 in television, other events of 1978, 1979 in television and the list of years in television. For the American network television schedule, please see 1978-79 American network television schedule. ... For alternative meanings for The West in the United States, see the U.S. West and American West. ... See also: 1971 in television, other events of 1972, 1973 in television and the list of years in television. For the American network television schedule, please see 1972-73 American network television schedule. ... A television program is the content of television broadcasting. ... Science Ninja Team Gatchaman , literally Scientific Ninja Troop Gatchaman), often shortened to Gatchaman, is a 5-member superhero team, fictional characters who were the main characters in several anime originally produced in Japan by Tatsunoko Productions and later adapted into several English-language versions. ... Sundel Sandy Frank (born 1929 in Mount Kisco, New York) is an American television producer and film distributor. ... World map showing North America A satellite composite image of North America. ... The 1970s decade refers to the years from 1970 to 1979. ...

As of February 2007, Sandy Frank's 30-year license to Battle of the Planets is expired. It is not clear how this will affect the future of the series.



Battle of the Planets casts five young people as G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny. The question has been raised whether or not the characters were cyborgs due to their super-human agility and demonstrations of power such as the whirlwind pyramid. G-Force protects Earth from planet Spectra and other attacks from 'beyond space'. Their main ship is The Phoenix, which can deploy four smaller vehicles, each operated by one team member. A regularly featured deus ex machina was the transformation of The Phoenix into a flaming bird-shaped craft able to handle virtually any exceptional situation by functioning as something like a large blowtorch. The Phoenix’s primary weapon was a large supply of rockets. It also occasionally flaunted a powerful solar-powered energy blaster, although the team had the misfortune of choosing very cloudy days to use it. // Deus ex machina describes an unexpected, artificial, or improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot (e. ... The word blowtorch can mean:- A cutting torch used for cutting metal. ...

Subsequent versions

Left to right: Jason, Mark, Keyop, Princess, and Tiny

In 1986, Gatchaman was re-worked in the US as G-Force: Guardians of Space by Turner, with a good deal of the original content that had been edited out of Battle of the Planets put back in to the show. It followed the plot of the original Gatchaman much more faithfully than Battle of the Planets because of this. However, the lack of Hoyt Curtin's original score and inferior voice acting prevented this series from attaining the high praise given to Battle of the Planets. Image File history File links Battleplanets. ... Image File history File links Battleplanets. ... 1986 (MCMLXXXVI) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar. ... G-Force was the second North American re-make of the original Science Ninja Team Gatchaman anime series, which was produced in Japan in 1972. ... Turner Broadcasting System logo The Turner Broadcasting System (often abbreviated to Turner or TBS) is the company managing the collection of cable networks and properties started by Ted Turner from the mid-1970s to the late-1990s. ... Hoyt Curtin (September 9, 1922 - December 3, 2000) was a composer and music producer, the main musicial director for the Hanna-Barbera animation studio from its beginnings with The Ruff & Reddy Show in 1957 until his retirement in 1986. ...

Battle of the Planets was also released in comic book form, originally by Gold Key Comics, but later revamped by Top Cow Productions. Two soundtrack albums and several DVDs have also been released. A comic book is a magazine or book containing the art form of comics. ... Gold Key Comics was an imprint of Western Publishing cteated for comic books distributed to newstands. ... Top Cow Productions (TCP) is an imprint of Image Comics founded by Marc Silvestri in the 1992. ... // In film formats, the sound track is the physical area of the film which records the synchronized sound. ... DVD (also known as Digital Versatile Disc or, incorrectly, Digital Video Disc) is an optical disc storage media format that can be used for data storage, including movies with high video and sound quality. ...

The two Japanese follow-up series (Gatchaman II and Gatchaman F) were combined into 65 episodes and released as the Saban-produced show Eagle Riders. All 65 episodes aired in Australia, but in the United States only 13 episodes were aired. The Saban Saturn logo from 1984 to 1988. ...

Key changes in the adaptation

The Battle of the Planets adaptation differs significantly from Gatchaman. The difference is due to heavy editing made to make the show appealing to the children's audience in the United States by removing controversial elements (i.e. graphic violence, profanity and transgenderism) while adding elements reminiscent of the feature film Star Wars, which was popular at the time. While the original Gatchaman was earthbound, dark-toned, and environmentally-themed, the adaptation morphed it into a child-friendly outer space show with robot characters, although some environmental themes were kept, and is also why the other planets to which G-Force traveled on missions looked very much like Earth. Setting, violence, objectionable language, and (most) character fatalities were altered or eliminated by cutting scenes, dubbing, and explanatory voiceovers (for instance, claiming that "the city has been evacuated" before a battle scene that would show the incidental destruction of buildings and houses, as well as explaining away the destruction of the Earth armies and air forces as being "robot" tanks and fighter planes). Transgender (IPA: , from trans (Latin) and gender (English) ) is a general term applied to a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies that diverge from the normative gender role (woman or man) commonly, but not always, assigned at birth, as well as the role traditionally held by society. ... This movie poster for Star Wars depicts many of the films important elements, such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters Star Wars, retitled Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 1981 (see note at Title,) is the original (and in chronological... My name is tyler bonin. ... VoiceOver is a feature built into Apple Computers Mac OS X v10. ...

One of the most notable changes in the BotP adaptation involves the character Keyop (Jinpei in Gatchaman), who picked up a bizarre verbal tic of stuttering, chirping, and burbling. There was a longstanding fan rumor that this was done because the original character spoke using profanity, and that Keyop's excess mouth motion would cover up deleting the words. This was not true, which is demonstrated by the existence of an unedited Gatchaman version published by ADV Films, in which Keyop rarely if ever uses profanity. The in-story explanation for Keyop's unique manner of speech is that he is an android or an artificial life form. A tic is a repetitive, stereotyped, nonrhythmic, involuntary movement (motor tic) or sound (phonic tic). ... ADV Films logo ADV Films is the home video publication arm of A.D. Vision based in Houston, Texas. ...

The main villain, known as Zoltar in BotP, had an unusual background due to the hermaphroditic nature of the original Berg Katse character. In an episode where Katse's female half was featured (BotP title: "The Galaxy Girls"), "she" was introduced as a separate character, Zoltar's sister, for BotP. (A hint of "her" actual nature was retained in the name "she" used when masquerading as a human, "Mala Latroz"β€”an anagram of "Zoltar.") The 1st-century BC sculpture The Reclining Hermaphrodite, in the Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme in Rome A hermaphrodite is an organism that possesses both male and female sex organs during its life. ...

To compensate for the other differences, an R2-D2-type robot named 7-Zark-7 performed explanatory voiceovers and light comic relief, which not only padded the time lost from editing but also filled in the gaps in the storyline. Notionally, 7-Zark-7 ran the undersea monitoring station Center Neptune, from where he received information regarding incoming threats to Earth and relayed that information to G-Force. Zark and other added characters, such as 1-Rover-1, Zark's robotic dog (who could hover from one side of the control room to the other by spinning his tail like a propeller) and Susan (the early-warning computer whose sultry feminine voice often sent Zark into paroxysms) added to the cartoon's youth appeal. Some additional footage was also animated showing G-Force members (using their Gatchaman model sheets) interacting with Zark, helping his addition blend more smoothly into the existing Gatchaman footage (although there is a clear difference in quality between the "Zark" and the "Gatchaman" animation). R2-D2 (called R2, or Artoo for short), is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. ... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... Paroxysm can have several meanings. ...

At the time, Battle of the Planets was a favorite with children; the series is generally recalled with fondness by those now-adult viewers. However, some fans of the original Gatchaman contend that, due to all the changes made, the resulting Battle of the Planets is and should be considered as a wholly different show. It should be noted that, in spite of the alterations, the plot and character development of the adaptation generally follows that of the original to a higher degree than it is usually given credit for.

Episodes List

Battle of the Planets episodes are listed below in their intended viewing order. Since most BotP animation came from Gatchaman, the numbers in parentheses to the right are the comparable episode numbers.

Episodes vary in similarity between the two shows; G-Force: Guardians of Space was a more faithful English translation, and ADV's DVD releases have the most accurate English of all. G-Force was the second North American re-make of the original Science Ninja Team Gatchaman anime series, which was produced in Japan in 1972. ...

BotP episode
Battle of the Planets
episode title
episode number
BotP episode
Battle of the Planets
episode title
episode number
1 Attack of the Space Terrapin (1) 2 Rescue of the Astronauts (2)
3 The Space Mummy (3) 4 The Space Serpent (4)
5 Ghost Ship of Planet Mir (5) 6 Big Robot Gold Grab (6)
7 Ace from Outer Space (7) 8 Fearful Sea Anemone (8)
9 The Jupiter Moon Menace (9) 10 A Swarm of Robot Ants (10)
11 Space Rocket Escort (11) 12 Beast with a Sweet Tooth (12)
13 Perilous Pleasure Cruise (14) 14 Thing with 1000 Eyes (15)
15 Microfilm Mystery (16) 16 The Alien Beetles (17)
17 A Whale Joins G-Force (18) 18 Mad New Ruler of Spectra (21)
19 The Sea Dragon (22) 20 Magnetic Attraction (23)
21 The Musical Mummy (24) 22 The Fiery Lava Giant (25)
23 The Bat Ray Bombers (26) 24 Race Against Disaster (27)
25 The Ghostly Grasshopper (30) 26 The Galaxy Girls (31)
27 Curse of the Cuttlefish Part 1 (32) 28 Curse of the Cuttlefish Part 2 (33)
29 Demons of the Desert (35) 30 Siege of the Squids (36)
31 Orion, the Wonder Dog of Space (37) 32 The Fierce Flowers Part 1 (39)
33 The Fierce Flowers Part 2 (40) 34 The Space Rock Concert (41)
35 Prisoners in Space (42) 36 Victims of the Hawk (43)
37 Raid on Riga (44) 38 Seals Sytron (45)
39 Giant Gila Monster (46) 40 Capture of the Galaxy Code (47)
41 Raid on a Nearby Planet (48) 42 Keyop Does it All (49)
43 Peaks of Planet Odin (51) 44 The Sky is Falling! Part 1 (52)
45 The Sky is Falling! Part 2 (53) 46 Raid of the Red Scorpion (54)
47 Mammoth Shark Menace (55) 48 Fastest Gun in the Galaxy (57)
49 Giant from Planet Zyr (58) 50 Secret Island (59)
51 Giant Space Bat (60) 52 Attack of the Alien Wasp (61)
53 Decoys of Doom (62) 54 Zoltar Strikes Out (63)
55 The Great Brain Robbery (65) 56 Attack of the Space Octopus (67)
57 Silent City (68) 58 Peril in the Pyramids (69)
59 Rage of the Robotoids (70) 60 The Alien Bigfoot (71)
61 Invasion of the Locusts (72) 62 The Space Safari (73)
63 Museum of Mystery (74) 64 Peril of the Praying Mantis (75)
65 The Awesome Ray Force (76) 66 The Duplicate King (77)
67 Defector to Spectra (79) 68 Panic of the Peacock (80)
69 Mission to Inner Space (83) 70 Spectra Space Spider (84)
71 Super Space Spies (86) 72 Cupid Does it to Keyop (87)
73 Tentacles from Space (88) 74 Island of Fear (89)
75 The Awesome Armadillo (90) 76 Invasion of Space Center Part 1 (91)
77 Invasion of Space Center Part 2 (92) 78 Save the Space Colony (93)
79 Chariots of Chang-ku (95) 80 Vacation on Venus (96)
81 Rockets Out of Control (97) 82 G-Force Defector (98)
83 Strike at Spectra (99) 84 G-Force in the Future (100)
85 The Conway Tape Trap (101)

A Robotoid is an artificial life form that is created through processes that are totally different than cloning or synthetics. ...

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G-Force was the second North American re-make of the original Science Ninja Team Gatchaman anime series, which was produced in Japan in 1972. ...

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Battle of the Planets (1978) is an animated television cartoon originally produced in Japan in 1972 under the name Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman (lit.
Battle of the Planets casts five young people as the team called, G-Force.
Their job is to protect the Earth from planet Spectra and other attacks from 'beyond space'.
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