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Encyclopedia > Battle of Samara Bend
Battle of Samara Bend
Part of Mongol invasion of Volga Bulgaria
Date 1223
Location Kernek, Volga Bulgaria
Result Decisive Bolghar victory
Volga Bulgaria Mongols
Ghabdulla Chelbir Subutai,
N/A 50,000
N/A 4,000 survived

The Battle of Samara Bend or the Battle of Kernek was the first battle between Volga Bulgaria and the Mongols, probably the first major battle the Mongols lost. It took place in autumn 1223, at the southern border of Volga Bulgaria. The Bolghars allegedly retreated and the Mongols pursued them. Then the main Bolghar forces ambushed the Mongols. After Mongols were rounded up, the Bolghar massacred them and only 4,000 managed to escape. The Mongol invasion of Volga Bulgaria lasted from 1223 to 1236. ... // Events August 6 - Louis VIII is crowned King of France. ... The Little Minaret in Bolghar For other uses, see Bulgaria (disambiguation). ... The Little Minaret in Bolghar For other uses, see Bulgaria (disambiguation). ... The name Mongols (Mongolian: Mongol) specifies one or several ethnic groups. ... Subutai (1176 to 1248) (Mongolian: Сүбээдэй, Sübügätäi or Sübüätäi , Chinese:速不台) was the primary strategist and general of Genghis Khan and Ögedei Khan. ... This article or section does not cite its references or sources. ... The introduction to this article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject matter. ... Combatants Mongol Empire Khwarezmia Commanders Genghis Khan, Jochi, Chaghatai, Ögodei, Tolui, Subutai, Jebe, Jelme, Mukali, Khubilai, Kasar, Boorchu, Sorkin-shara Ala ad-Din Muhammad, Jalal Al-Din, Inalchuq† (executed) Strength 100,000-200,000 mounted archers, with powerful siege engines 400,000 men, however not organized into armies, only city... The medieval kingdom of Georgia first clashed with the advancing Mongol armies in 1220. ... // Combatants Mongols Kievan Rus, Cumans Commanders Subutai Mstislav the Bold Strength 40,000 Over 80,000 Casualties MInimal Heavy Battle of the Kalka River (May 31, 1223) was the first military engagement between the Mongol armies of Genghis Khan and the Rus warriors. ... The Mongol invasion of Volga Bulgaria lasted from 1223 to 1236. ... Ryazan was the first Russian city to be besieged by the Mongols of Batu Khan. ... The Mongol Invasion of Rus was heralded by the Battle of the Kalka River (1223) between Subutais reconnaissance unit and the combined force of several princes of Rus. After fifteen years of peace, it was followed by Batu Khans full-scale invasion in 1237-40. ... The Battle of the Sit River was fought in the northern part of the present-day Yaroslavl Oblast of Russia on March 4, 1238 between the Mongol Hordes of Batu Khan and the Russians under Yuri II of Vladimir-Suzdal during the Mongol invasion of Russia. ... Combatants Mongols Sultanate of Rüm, Georgian and Trapezuntine auxiliaries Commanders Bayju Kay Khusrau II Strength Casualties {{{notes}}} The Battle of Köse Dag was fought between the Seljuk Turks of Rum and the Mongols on June 26, 1243 at the place Köse Dag on Sivas-Erzincan road (now... Combatants Mongol Empire Alliance Polish states Teutonic Knights[3][4] Commanders Baidar, Kadan, Orda Khan Henry II the Pious † Strength Estimated between 8,000-20,000 (max of two tumen) diversionary force [5] Unknown, estimates have ranged from 2,000-25,000[5] Casualties Unknown, but supposedly heavier than expected... Combatants Kingdom of Hungary Golden Horde (Mongol Empire) Commanders King Béla IV Batu Khan, Subotai Strength 15,000 Unknown (mostly cavalry) Casualties 10,000 unknown The Battle of Mohi, or Battle of the Sajó River, (on April 11, 1241) was the main battle between the Mongols and the Kingdom... Combatants Mongols Abbasid Caliphate Commanders Hulagu Khan Guo Kan Caliph Al-Mustasim Strength Unknown Unknown Casualties Unknown, but believed minimal Military, 50,000(est. ... // Combatants Egyptian Mamluks Mongols Commanders Saif ad-Din Qutuz Baibars Kitbuqa † Strength About 120,000 10-30,000 Casualties light all the force died or was captured The Battle of Ain Jalut (or Ayn Jalut, in Arabic: عين جالوت, the Eye of Goliath or the Spring of Goliath) took place on September... The Mongol invasions of Korea consisted of a series of campaigns by the Mongol Empire against Korea, then known as Koryo, from 1231 to 1259. ... Battle of Bunei Conflict Mongol Invasions of Japan Date November 20, 1274 Place Hakata Bay, near present-day Fukuoka, Kyushu Result Invasion fails. ... Combatants Kamakura shogunate Mongols Commanders Hōjō Tokimune Mongol-Chinese Joint Command Strength 100,000? 142,000 men in 4400 ships? Casualties Unknown 120,000+ The battle of Kōan ), also known as the Second Battle of Hakata Bay, was the second attempt by the Mongols to invade Japan. ... Combatants Song Dynasty Yuan Dynasty Commanders Lü Wenhuan Li Tingzhi Liu Zheng, Ashu, Shi Tianzhe, Guo Kan Strength unknown 100,000+ Cavalry 5,000 ships 100+ trebuchet 20+ counterweight trebuchet Casualties unknown unknown The Battle of Xiangyang (襄陽之戰) was a six-year battle between invading Mongol armies and Southern Song Chinese... The Battle of Ngasaunggyan was fought in 1277 between Kublai Khans Mongol Yuan Dynasty of China, and their neighbors to the south, the Pagan Empire (in present-day Myanmar) led by Narathihapate. ... Combatants Song Dynasty Yuan Dynasty Commanders Zhang Shijie Zhang Hongfan Strength 200,000 1000+ warships 20,000 50+ warships Casualties unknown, though almost all perished unknown The Battle of Yamen (崖門戰役; or 崖山海戰, lit. ... Combatants Pagan Empire Mongol Empire Commanders Thihathu Temür Strength Unknown Unknown, but considerable Casualties Unknown Unknown Im really tired of people changing what i write i think that is almost as bad as vandalism. ... Combatants Dai Viet Yuan Mongol Army Yuan Mongol Navy Commanders Tran Hung Dao Tran Khanh Du General Omar Strength 200 000 500 000 Casualties unknown unknown The Battle of Bach Dang took place near Halong Bay in present-day Vietnam, it was part of the Third Yuan Mongol Invasion (1287... Combatants Combined Russian armies The Golden Horde Commanders Dmitri Ivanovich of Moscow Mamai Strength About 80,000 About 125,000 Casualties About 40,000 able body men left Unknown The Battle of Kulikovo (Russian: ), also called Battle on the Snipes Field (Кулик means snipe), was fought by the Tartaro-Mongols (the... Combatants Golden Horde Lithuania, Poland, Moldavia Tokhtamysh forces Commanders Edigu, Temur Qutlugh â€  Grand Duke Vytautas, Tokhtamysh Strength ~200 000 ~75 000, 500 of them - Teutonic knights Casualties Unknown Unknown (Reportedly very heavy) (11 Teutonic Knights including Hanus and Thomas Surville) The Battle of the Vorskla River was one of the... Miniature in Russian chronicle, XVI century The Great standing on the Ugra river (Великое cтояние на реке Угре in Russian, also Угорщина (Ugorschina in English, derived from Ugra) was a standoff between Akhmat Khan, Khan of the Great Horde, and Grand Duke Ivan III of Russia in 1480, which resulted in the retreat of the... The Samara bend is a large, backwards-C-shaped bend in the middle Volga River at the confluence of the Samara River. ... The Little Minaret in Bolghar For other uses, see Bulgaria (disambiguation). ... The name Mongols (Mongolian: Mongol) specifies one or several ethnic groups. ... The name Mongols (Mongolian: Mongol) specifies one or several ethnic groups. ... // Events August 6 - Louis VIII is crowned King of France. ... The Little Minaret in Bolghar For other uses, see Bulgaria (disambiguation). ...

Several years later later the Mongols under Batu returned to Bulgaria and annihilated this state. Batu may refer to: Batu Khan, a 13th century Mongol ruler, and the founder of the Blue Horde empire Batu, a city in Indonesia This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title. ... The Mongol invasion of Volga Bulgaria lasted from 1223 to 1236. ...


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