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Baldur's Gate NPCs are prominent non-player characters (NPCs) who appear in the Baldur's Gate series of computer games. A non-player character or non-playable character is a fictional character in a role-playing game whose role is generally created and performed by the gamemaster. ... Jump to: navigation, search Baldurs Gate is a popular series of computer role-playing games that take place on Faerûn, the main continent from Dungeons & Dragonss Forgotten Realms campaign setting. ... A computer game is a game composed of a computer-controlled virtual universe that players interact with in order to achieve a defined goal or set of goals. ...


Baldur's Gate prominent NPCs

For each of the following characters, their race, character classes and alignment are listed, along with some biographical details. Many fantasy stories and worlds call their main sapient humanoid species races rather than species. ... A character class represents a characters archetype and career in many role-playing games. ... Jump to: navigation, search In Dungeons & Dragons and some similar role-playing games, alignment refers to the moral and ethical perspective of the player characters, non-player characters, monsters, and societies in the game. ...

  • Imoen: Human, Thief, Neutral Good. A childhood friend of the player character, and possible party companion. Orphaned as a child and raised by Winthrop the innkeeper, her origins are just as obscure as the player character's. Her mysterious past is fully disclosed in Shadows of Amn.
  • Minsc: Human, Ranger, Chaotic Good. Minsc's companion Dynaheir was kidnapped by Gnolls and he seeks the player character's help in finding her. Minsc is a powerful fighter but is somewhat mentally impaired, and although usually good-natured, his temper is quick to flare in the presence of evil. With his "miniature giant space hamster" Boo, Minsc is a regular source of comic relief in the series.
  • Dynaheir: Human, Wizard, Lawful Good. She is a Witch from the eastern land of Rasheman. She was taken captive and is held in a Gnoll stronghold. Her mortal enemy is Edwin.
  • Jaheira: Half-Elf, Fighter/Druid, True Neutral. Wife to Khalid, she is smart, bossy, and overly self-confident, and will complain if the party's reputation is too high or too low. As a Druid, she must observe a keen balance in her way of life and demands nothing less from her companions.
  • Khalid: Half-Elf, Fighter, Neutral Good. Jaheira's bumbling husband, he is almost her polar opposite. They were Gorion's good friends and they await the player character at the Friendly Arm Inn when Gorion is killed.
  • Xzar: Human, Necromancer, Chaotic Evil. He's among the first companions the protagonist finds, although his unpredictable and evil nature can result in an uncomfortable partnership.
  • Montaron: Halfling, Fighter/Thief, Neutral Evil. Xzar's closest friend and partner in crime. His boorish manners are somewhat expected although he seemed very devoted to his friend. Also known as "Monty".
  • Branwen: Human, Cleric, True Neutral. The player would have to free her from stone in order to have her in the party with the 'Stone to Flesh' scroll. She is dependable and loyal to the group and is devoted to the God Tempus.
  • Xan: Elf, Enchanter, Lawful Neutral. Pessimistic and depressed, Xan and his negative comments do little to improve the group's morale, although he can be relied upon during battles. Xan is equipped with a powerful Moonblade, a weapon that he alone can wield.
  • Garrick: Human, Bard, Chaotic Neutral. Jester with the most lively outlook on life and love. Can be likened to Yoshimo in Shadows of Amn but with a more charismatic nature.
  • Edwin: Human, Conjurer/Mage, Lawful Evil. Edwin enjoys insulting the player character with his haughty and sarcastic remarks. He is on a quest to kill Dynaheir, Minsc's companion, so forcing these NPCs to coexist can result in violence.
  • Kagain: Dwarf, Fighter, Lawful Evil. Greedy mercenary who can be found in his shop in Beregost. Because of his high constitution he regenerates very fast.
  • Yeslick: Dwarf, Fighter/Cleric, Lawful Good. Once blacksmith of the Ironthrone, he is now one of this organisation's prisoners.
  • Quayle: Gnome, Cleric/Illusionist, Chaotic Neutral. A foul-tempered and arrogant gnome whose comments are much like Edwin's, although not as malicious in intent.
  • Safana: Human, Thief, Chaotic Neutral. Safana is a female thief with a dark history and sensuous demeanor, first encountered in the Seawatcher area.
  • Tiax: Gnome, Cleric/Thief, Chaotic Evil. Tiax is a gnome with unrealistic goals of world domination. He tends to be highly critical of the protagonist's actions.
  • Shar-Teel: Human, Fighter, Chaotic Evil. Shar-Teel is an amazon who refuses to join the player's party unless defeated by a male already in the group. Encountered to the west of Beregost.
  • Viconia: Drow Elf, Cleric, Neutral Evil. A surface-dwelling female drow, Viconia worships Shar, Mistress of Night. Found south of the Bandit Camp and north of the Friendly Arm Inn, where she must be rescued from the Flaming Fist. She is noted for having a high magic resistance.
  • Ajantis: Human, Paladin, Lawful Good. A valuable fighter who seeks to wipe out the bandits currently plaguing the Sword Coast. His high charisma and good hit points can make him a very useful party leader, especially if you get him early in the game. He can be found in farmland to the north of the Friendly Arm.
  • Kivan: Elf, Ranger, Chaotic Good. On a vengeful quest to kill ogres, Kivan makes a powerful archer. Archers are extremely valuable in the game.
  • Coran: Elf, Fighter/Thief, Chaotic Good. A womanising archer of dubious virtue, Coran is the character who most deviates from AD&D rules. His skill with the bow far exceeds what would normally be allowed. This makes him easily the strongest archer in the game.
  • Alora: Halfling, Thief, Chaotic Good. Cheerful halfing-girl, that can be found in the Hall of Wonders, but only at night.
  • Eldoth: Human, Bard, Neutral Evil. Asks the party to join him "kidnapping" Skie, the daughter of duke Entar Silvershield.
  • Biff the Understudy: Many conversations in Baldurs Gate require a certain NPC, and in case such an NPC is accidently killed, the game summons up Biff the Understudy to say the required lines. Biff can actually join the party in some instances, though his stats leave something to be desired. He also has a brief cameo in Baldur's Gate II.

Jump to: navigation, search Binomial name Homo sapiens Linnaeus, 1758 Subspecies Homo sapiens idaltu (extinct) Homo sapiens sapiens For other uses, see Human (disambiguation). ... Minsc is the name of a popular computer role-playing game (CRPG) character from the Black Isle Studios Baldurs Gate series of games. ... Comic relief is the inclusion of a humorous character or scene or witty dialogue in an otherwise serious work, often to relieve tension. ... Dynaheir is the name of a computer role-playing game (CRPG) character from the Black Isle Studios Baldurs Gate series of games. ... This article is part of the Witchcraft series. ... Jump to: navigation, search A gnoll is a humanoid creature originating in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game; a gnoll resembles a cross between a man and a hyena. ... In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, the Half-elven (Elvish singular Peredhel, plural Peredhil), are the children of the union of Elves and Men. ... This articles content is specific to the fictional setting known as Forgotten Realms. ... Xzar is a character in the Baldurs Gate series. ... Montoron and Xzar are members of the evil group known as the Zhenteriam who people thought caused the iron shortage and all the trouble in baulders gate. ... Halfling is another name for J. R. R. Tolkiens hobbit and is a fictional race sometimes found in fantasy novels and games. ... In Welsh mythology, Branwen was a daughter of Llyr and Penarddun and has been interpreted as a goddess of love and beauty. ... Jump to: navigation, search A small forest elf (älva) rescuing an egg, from Solägget (1932), by Elsa Beskow An elf is a mythical creature of Germanic mythology which survived in northern European folklore. ... Jump to: navigation, search Edwin is really Sandy because he is a sandbag trying to control a flood! (Molly) ... A dwarf is a short humanoid creature in Norse mythology, fairy tales, fantasy fiction and role-playing games. ... Jump to: navigation, search A typical garden gnome, modeled after Rien Poortvliets illustrations for the books Gnomes and Secrets of the Gnomes. ... Drow (pronounced: ) are a species of elf in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. ...

Baldur's Gate II prominent NPCs

  • Aerie: Avariel Elf, Cleric/Mage (of Baervan Wildwanderer), Lawful Good. Aerie is a winged elf who was captured and mutilated by slave traders. If the player character is male, he may have a romance with Aerie. Her adoptive uncle is Quayle, from the original Baldur's Gate.
  • Anomen Delryn: Human, Fighter/Cleric, Lawful Neutral. Anomen is an acolyte of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. He is insufferably vain and constantly brags about battles he most likely never fought. If the player character is female, she may establish a romance with Anomen.
  • Aran Linvail: Linvail is the secret master of the Shadow Thieves of Athkatla. He has his own personal plans of the player character if ever such an opportunity arises although he clearly would not hesitate to backstab those that stand in his way.
  • Bodhi: A powerful vampire headquartered in the Athkatla graveyard district. She develops an interest in the player character during the hunt for Irenicus and offers to help... for a price.
  • Cernd: Human, Shapeshifter, True neutral. He is detained in a prison located in the town of Trademeet. He needs the player character's assistance in investigating attacks upon the town. One of Cernd's most useful skill is that he is infected with lycanthropy and can take the form of a werewolf. Cernd now lives with nature like all druids, though he was once a city dweller. This leads to some loose ends with his former life.
  • Haer'Dalis: Tiefling Blade. He is a rarity is this plane--he had the blood of a fiend within his ancestry, giving him an unusual characteristics, among these being his blue hair and an aura that makes Primes, or dwellers of the Prime Material Plane, nervous. This bard makes up for this with his wit and charm, having crossed the planes with a fellow group of troubadours who have set up a temporary home in a new playhouse beneath the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District of Athkatla. He often has many converstions with Jan Jansen (see below), who calls him "Haerry".
  • Imoen: (See above.) Troubled by torture and games played upon her by Irenicus, Imoen loses some of her zeal as it dawns on her she is a Bhaalspawn too. She remains a faithful companion to the player character however, and would be one of the fundamental characters in the overall plot outline. Much of the game is centralized on rescuing Imoen.
  • Jon Irenicus: Irenicus is an ambitious, vindictive mage and the chief antagonist of the game. As the adventure begins, the player character and what remains of his or her party from Baldur's Gate are held prisoner by Irenicus and must escape his dungeon. Slowly, Irenicus' past is revealed to the protagonist.
  • Jaheira: (See above.) If the player character is male, he may have a romance with Jaheira. In the 'Shadows of Amn', her character has seemed to mellow a little from the 1st instalment, possibly as a result of the strife and struggles that she encounters with her party members. She, however, still enjoys nothing better than to take authority in certain situations and it shows in her banter with other party members whom she perceives as naive and unschooled in the ways of the world.
  • Jan Jansen: Gnome, Thief/Illusionist, Chaotic Neutral. Jan loves turnips. Like most gnomes he is very eccentric, and loves to ramble on with stories that never get to the points. He wants to steal Boo from Minsc, and if he ever succeeded, one would imagine he wouldn't live long after that. He could be found in the 'Government District' peddling his wares which in actuality are dangerous weapons in their own right. Many players sometimes include Jan in their party simply because of his hilarious dialogue, but others leave him behind for the same reason.
  • Kangaxx: A Demilich. Very powerful. Completely unrelated to the plot. Kangaxx exiats as an extra challenge for powerful parties.
  • Keldorn Firecam: Human, Paladin, Lawful Good. He is the only Paladin in the game that can join the player's party. Like all other NPCs, he also has a sub-quest where the player character could voluntarily allow him to leave the party.
  • Korgan Bloodaxe: Dwarf, Battlerager, Chaotic Evil. He is considered one of the best fighters in the game, however he causes conflicts with Good-aligned party members. He has a quest involving obtaining the 'Book of Kaza' from the 'Graveyard District' and would follow the player character indefinitely after completing it.
  • Saemon Havarian: This unctuous sea captain of dubious character has a penchant for putting the player's party in danger and quickly scampering off when the situation becomes desperate. Depending on the player's actions, Havarian may appear recurrently throughout the Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal.
  • Valygar Corthala: Human, Stalker, Neutral Good. Valygar's family has long lived in the shadow of magic. His own mother went mad with the power of it and was destroyed. Valygar wears his beliefs on the sleeve and always makes for interesting party interactions.
  • Mazzy Fentan: Halfling, Fighter, Lawful Good. A brave fighter who wanted to be a Paladin, Mazzy Fentan and her Fentan Knights sally forth Amn from their town of Trademeet doing good deeds. Don't mention her height. She tends to get very sensitive over it. You rescue her from the clutches of the Shade Lord in the Temple Ruins near the Umar Hills.
  • Minsc: (See above.) Found in Irenicus' dungeons along with Imoen and Jaheira.
  • Nalia De'Arnise: Human, Mage/Thief, Chaotic Good. The daughter of a lord, Nalia has little in common with other nobles and regularly sneaks out of her castle at night to help the poor and needy. She teams up with the player character to help save her family home from attack.
  • Solaufein: Drow Elf, Fighter/Mage, Neutral Good. Originally a minor character found in Ust'Natha, who assists you in your tasks there, Solaufein betrays his employers to help you as it turns out he is a worshipper of Eilistraee. A popular modification to the game can be downloaded from an independent site to add him to your party, where the player character may have a romance with Solaufein, regardless of gender.
  • Viconia DeVir: Drow Elf, Cleric (of Shar), Neutral Evil. An old acquaintance of the player character, Viconia is on the run from persecution because of her race. She was caught by fanatics of Athkatla after blowing her cover as drow, a sworn enemy of the humans in Amn. She claims that she has no malicious intent but her captors refused her liberty. Whether or not she survives would depend on the player as she was to be burnt on the stake at the Government district. If the player character is male, he may have a romance with Viconia, unless the race of the player character is elf.
  • Yoshimo: Human, Bounty Hunter, True Neutral. Yoshimo has a complicated story that gradually unravels before the player.

Several characters from the first game make a comeback, some of which as NPCs that can (re)join the player's party. These are Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira, Edwin and Viconia. Other NPCs appear only in sub-secondary roles, mostly to supply the player with quests. Because Baldur's Gate II doesn't check the status of these characters at the end of the first game, they appear even if they perished in the course of the previous adventure (often prompting the player character to ask: "Aren't you dead?"—which can be disconcerting, if they didn't die—or if they survived it presents the player with the opportunity to ask the ubiquitous "Can you remember me? etc." when the NPCs probably do not even have an inkling as to the player character's dark history.) A possible party member from the popular PC game Baldurs Gate II. Aerie is an avariel, or winged elf. ... In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the Avariel are a race of winged elves. ... Jump to: navigation, search The Shadow Thieves are a thieves guild based in the fictional city of Athkatla, a large port city within the highly popular Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting. ... Athkatla, the fictional capital of the equally fictional nation of Amn in the videogame Baldurs Gate 2 is a human city of great wealth. ... In folklore, Lycanthropy is the ability or power of a human being to undergo transformation into a wolf. ... Jump to: navigation, search A German Woodcut from 1722 A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who changes into a wolf, either by purposefully using magic or by being placed under a curse. ... Jump to: navigation, search The antagonist is the character (or group of characters) of a story who represents the opposition against which the heroes and/or protagonists must contend. ... A dwarf is a short humanoid creature in Norse mythology, fairy tales, fantasy fiction and role-playing games. ... Minsc is the name of a popular computer role-playing game (CRPG) character from the Black Isle Studios Baldurs Gate series of games. ... Solaufein is a minor character found in the computer game Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the second installment of the Baldurs Gate series. ... Drow (pronounced: ) are a species of elf in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. ... Eilistraee, also referred to as The Dark Maiden is a fictional deity in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. ... Shar, Mistress of the Night, is a fictional deity in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting. ...

Selected NPCs making an appearance from Baldur's Gate I

  • Edwin, Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc and Viconia: (See above).
  • Xzar: The player would be able to meet him at the Docks district in Athkatla after returning the dying body of a friend of the Harpers. He has an unusual quest for the player involving his friend Montaron but can remember little else of the player.
  • Xan: He will guide the player through a series of tutorials before the game proper. He will not make another appearance in the game other than his precious sword, the 'Moonblade' in the later part of the game.
  • Branwen: She also guides the player through the game's tutorials, alongside Xan, and gives some combat pointers.
  • Khalid: First discovered as a fellow prisoner in Irenicus' dungeon. Like most other BG I NPCs, his fate has been sealed and does not play an active part of the game although Jaheira clearly misses him throughout the game and is deeply affected by his absence.
  • Quayle: He is still the same sarcastic gnome in the BG I game although he has doted upon an elf named Aerie who calls him 'Uncle Quayle' and has changed his proud and moody nature considerably. He claims that her innocent nature has made him more tolerant towards others and has embraced a good-natured outlook of life. He has a quest in the circus tent at Waukeen's Promenade at an early part of the game
  • Garrick: He can be found in the Temple district of Athkatla attempting to woo his new beloved, the Lady Irlana near the Helm quarters. His efforts were assisted by a gnome named Cyrando who has a good head for love poetry but shies himself from the Lady as he thought himself inferior even though he loves her. Over a period of time, the player can notice the events of this romance as a 3rd party and can be amusing to watch.
  • Coran: Found in the North Forest with his companion Safana.
  • Safana: She can be found at the North Forest Area near the log cabin with her companion Coran.
  • Tiax: He is a 'deviant' imprisoned at Spellhold and is still mentally unstable. The player can also temporarily 'team' up with him in the first encounter with Irenicus after the Spellhold dungeon trials.

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