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In Hinduism

In Hindu mythology, the Asura (Sanskrit: असुर) are a group of power-seeking deities, sometimes misleadingly referred to as demons. They were opposed to the devas. Both groups are children of Kashyapa. The name is cognate to Ahura - indeed, the Oxford English Dictionary recognises the use of the term in reference to Zoroastrianism, where "Ahura" would perhaps be more appropriate - and Æsir, which implies a common Proto-Indo-European origin for the Asura and the Æsir. Hinduism {Sanskrit/Hindi - HindÅ« Dharma, also known as Sanātana (eternal) Dharma, and Vaidika (of the Vedas) Dharma} is a religion originating in the Indian subcontinent, based on the Vedas and the beliefs of other people of India. ... Sanskrit ( संस्कृतम् ; pronunciation: ) is an Indo-European classical language of India and a liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. ... St. ... Deva (देव in Devanagari script, pronounced as dévÉ™) is the Sanskrit word for god, deity. It can be variously interpreted as a spirit, demi-god, celestial being, angel, deity or any supernatural being of high excellence. ... This article is about the Hindu god Kasyapa. ... Ahura is the Avestan term for a good divinity, e. ... The Oxford English Dictionary print set The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a dictionary published by the Oxford University Press (OUP). ... Zoroastrianism (Persian: آيين زرتشت) also known as Mazdaism by some followers and Zarathustrianism by others, is a monotheistic religion. ... In Old Norse, the Æsir (singular Áss, feminine Ásynja, feminine plural Ásynjur, Anglo-Saxon Ós, from Proto-Germanic *Ansuz) are the principal gods of the pantheon of Norse mythology. ... Ancient anthropomorphic Ukrainian stone stela (Kernosovka stela), possibly depicting a late Proto-Indo-European god, most likely Dyeus, the thunderer. ...

The negative character of the asura in Hinduism seems to have evolved over time. In general, the earliest texts have the asuras presiding over moral and social phenomena (e.g. Varuna, the guardian of rta, or Bhaga, the patron of marriages) and the devas presiding over natural phenomena (e.g. Ushas, whose name means "dawn", or Indra, a weather god). This article is about the god. ... RTA is a TLA that could mean: Chicagos Regional Transportation Authority (AAR reporting mark RTA) Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Road Traffic Accident, see car accident Roads and Traffic Authority, in New South Wales, Australia Renal Tubular Acidosis Riverside Transit Agency, in Riverside County, California Rewriting Techniques and Applications... In Hinduism, Bhaga is an ancient god of wealth and marriage, and one of the Adityas. ... Ushas (उषः úṣas-), Sanskrit for dawn, is the chief goddess (sometimes imagined as several goddesses, Dawns) exalted in the Rigveda. ... Indra is also the name of a song by the Thievery Corporation. ...

Mitra, Varuna and Vritra are the most well known Asuras. Relief from Taq-i Bostan in Kermanshah, Iran, showing Ardashir II of Sassanid empire at the center receiving his crown from Ahura Mazda. ... This article is about the god. ... In Hinduism, Vritra (Sanskrit वृत्र Vṛtra, the enveloper) was a serpent or dragon, the personification of drought and enemy of Indra. ...

The term corresponds to the Zoroastrian word Ahura. In Zoroastrianism the Ahuras are supreme, while the devas are demonic. This observation corroborates with some intepretations of the Indo-Aryan migration hypothesis, that a single tribe in Central Asia split into two parts, both ideologically and geographically, one migrating to India and the other to Persia. Zoroastrianism was adapted from an earlier, polytheistic faith by Zarathushtra (Zoroaster) in Persia very roughly around 1000 BC (although, in the absence of written records, some scholars estimates are as late as 600 BC). ... Ahura is the Avestan term for a good divinity, e. ... The demon Satan In folklore, mythology, and religion, a demon is a supernatural being that is generally described as an evil spirit, but is also depicted to be good in some instances. ... Indo-Aryan migration refers to the theory of migration and expansion of the Indo-Aryans during 1500 BCE or earlier. ... To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... The Persians of Iran (officially named Persia by West until 1935 while still referred to as Persia by some) are an Iranian people who speak Persian (locally named Fârsi by native speakers) and often refer to themselves as ethnic Iranians as well. ...

In both cultures, this antagonism is worked out along the axis of sacrifice. The first Zoroastrian Gatha excoriates the worshippers of the daewas (devas) for their cruel treatment of sacrificial cows, while the Ahuras make efforts to protect the sacred cattle. In later Vedic ritual, the asuras and devas are frequently portrayed as fighting with one another over the offerings. Zoroastrianism (Persian: آيين زرتشت) also known as Mazdaism by some followers and Zarathustrianism by others, is a monotheistic religion. ... The Gathas form the oldest part of Avesta, the holy scripture of the Zoroastrian religion, possibly composed by Zarathushtra (Zoroaster) himself. ... The religion of the Vedic civilization is the predecessor of classical Hinduism, usually included in the term. ...

According to one hypothesis, the opposition between asuras and devas is rooted in proto-Indo-Iranian social structure. At important festivals, perhaps for new-year celebrations, it is postulated that two clans or sub-tribes would compete in making the most perfect ritual offering to the gods, seeking to outdo their peers in beauty of hymns sung, richness of offerings, and minute observance of traditional formulae. One clan would sacrifice to the devas, the other to the asuras. When proto-Indo-Iranian society grew and split, the two daughter societies slowly forgot the old agonistic context, and eventually chose one set of deities over the other. The term Indo-Iranian includes all speakers of Indo-Iranian languages, i. ...

Further reading

K.D. Sethna is an Indian author. ... The Problem of Aryan Origins is a book by K.D. Sethna. ...

See also

// A Andhaka Aryaman * B Bhaga * C Chanda D Daitya (a class of Asuras rather than a person) G Gajasura H Hiranyakashipu Hiranyaksha Holika K Kaitabh M Mahabali Mahishasura Mitra * Munda N Nivatakavachas R Rahu Raktabhija S Sambara Savitar * V Varuna * Vritra Notes *These are also sometimes classified as Devas. ... Deva (देव in Devanagari script, pronounced as dévə) is the Sanskrit word for god, deity. It can be variously interpreted as a spirit, demi-god, celestial being, angel, deity or any supernatural being of high excellence. ...

In Buddhism

Asuras also appear as a type of supernatural being in traditional Buddhist cosmology. For information on this subject, see six lower realms. Buddhism is a religion and philosophy focusing on the teachings of the Buddha Śākyamuni (Siddhārtha Gautama), who probably lived in the 6th century BCE. Buddhism spread throughout the ancient Indian sub-continent in the five centuries following the Buddhas death, and propagated into Central, Southeast, and East Asia... In traditional Mahayana Buddhist cosmology, the six lower realms are six of the ten spiritual realms; these six realms compose the region known as samsara. ...

In fiction

  • Asura is also a character from the video game, Samurai Shodown. See Asura.
  • Asura is the main antagonist from the Karmatrón comic book.
  • A chojin wrestler named Asuraman in Kinnikuman and its sequel Ultimate Muscle.
  • In Fist of the North Star there is a country called The Land of Asura that is home to many of the series' martial arts and merciless warriors called Asura who fear only the rakshasa.
  • Asuras are a race of extraplanar creatures in some editions of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.
  • Asura is a central character in the Iain M Banks science fiction book Feersum Endjinn, with an explicit reference to the Hindu etymology.
  • In Outcast: Dragon Secrets, Ivar, the last of the Asura, is the loyal companion of Timothy, the main character. Ivar's body is covered with a swirling design that allows him to change the pigmint of his skin, allowing him to blend with anything.
  • In the Digital Devil Saga dualigy, Asura is a term referring to certain tuners (humans with a virus that causes them to transform into demons). All the main playable characters are Asuras, and their Avatar forms are all based and named around the mythological Asuras and Devas.
  • In the Naruto anime/manga, the character Gaara, is named after an asura.
  • In the RG Veda manga, Ashura is the name of a main character as well as a clan of gods. The series is very loosely based off of the Vedas, most references of which are found in character names alone.
  • In Marvel Comics, The Asura are a group of corrupt, fanatical Angels (created by Warren Ellis) who are enemies of Daimon Hellstrom.
  • Asura is the name of a server for the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. It is also the name of the Queen of Summons in Final Fantasy IV -- an ally who casts healing and protective spells on the party. In addition, Asura is a name given to various mid-level swords in the series, usually katanas.
  • Asura's armour is a very powerful chest plate found in Venus lighthouse in the RPG, Golden Sun.
  • In that same game, Asura is the special attack delievered by the artifact weapon Kikuichi-monji.
  • Asura Strike is a skill for the Monk class in the MMORPG, Ragnarok Online
  • Azura is a Daedric Prince/Lord in the RPG Elder Scrolls Series.
  • Asura is a powerful sword with a counterattack(Asura'sRevenge) bought from Fascinaturu in exchange for LP in the RPG, Saga Frontier.
  • Asura is a character class in the MMORPG Tantra Online, which resembles an assassin.

A computer game is a game composed of a computer-controlled virtual universe that players interact with in order to achieve a defined goal or set of goals. ... Note: This article is specifically about the original Samurai Shodown game. ... Asura (アスラ) is a character from SNKs Samurai Shodown series of fighting games. ... Mexican comic book created in 1986 by Oscar González Loyo. ... Kinnikuman (front center) on the cover of Kinnikuman volume 14 (JCS). ... Cover to Kinnikuman II #13. ... Fist of the North Star (Japanese: 北斗の拳; Hokuto no Ken, literally Fist of the Big Dipper) was a manga series that was originally serialized between 1983 and 1988 in the weekly Japanese version of Weekly Shonen Jump, created by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson. ... A rakshasa (Sanskrit: रक्षस, rakṣasa; alternately, raksasa or rakshas) is a demon or unrighteous spirit in Hinduism. ... Iain Menzies Banks (born on February 16, 1954 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland) writes mainstream novels as Iain Banks and science fiction as Iain M. Banks. ... Feersum Endjinn is a science fiction novel by Iain M. Banks; unlike most of his science fiction, it does not feature the Culture. ... Digital Devil Saga is a Shin Megami Tensei game released in the US on April 5, 2005, (in the US) by Atlus. ... Naruto ) (romanized as NARUTO in Japan) is a manga by Masashi Kishimoto with an anime TV series adaptation. ... RG Veda manga, volume 1 (Japanese version) RG Veda (聖伝; Seiden) is a manga made by CLAMP. RG Veda is published in English by TOKYOPOP. The first (April 12, 2005) and second (July 12, 2005) English volumes are now available, out of a total of ten. ... The Vedas (Sanskrit: वेद), collectively refers to a corpus of ancient Indo-Aryan religious literature that are associated with the Vedic civilization and are considered by adherents of Hinduism to be revealed knowledge. ... It has been suggested that Felicia (pseudonym) be merged into this article or section. ... This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. ... This article is about the comic book author. ... Daimon Hellstrom, also known as the Son of Satan and Hellstorm, is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. ... Players interacting in Ultima Online. ... Final Fantasy XI ) is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in the Final Fantasy series. ... Final Fantasy IV (ファイナルファンタジーIV Fainaru Fantajī IV), often abbreviated to FF4, is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square Co. ... Katana of the 16th or 17th Century, with its saya. ... Computer role-playing games (CRPGs), often shortened to simply (RPGs), are a type of video or computer game that uses traditional gameplay elements found in pen-and-paper role-playing games. ... This article or section may be confusing for some readers, and should be edited to be clearer or more simplified. ... A famous katana wielded by Okita Soji. ... Players interacting in Ultima Online. ... Ragnarok Online (Korean:라그나로크 온라인) (RO) is an MMORPG created by Gravity Corporation of South Korea. ... SaGa Frontier is a Sony PlayStation console role-playing game by Square Co. ... Players interacting in Ultima Online. ... Tantra Online is an MMORPG developed by HanbitSoft, the Korean distributor of Starcraft. ... Jack Ruby murdered the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, in a very public manner. ...

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But the Asura King, one of the major gods of the conquered Dravidians, was a threat to the victors, and was subsequently demoted to demon status.
According to Aryan lore, Asura was defeated by Taishakuten (Indra) and hid thereafter in a lotus flower growing in the Icy Lake (Skt.
Among the Indo-Iranians, the term asura, ahura in Avestan, originally referred to a divine being on a par with the gods, in which sense it is preserved in Ahura Mazda, the name of the supreme deity in Zoroastrianism.
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