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Encyclopedia > Animorphs (book series)
This page is about the book series Animorphs. There was also a television series called Animorphs inspired by the series of books described in this article.

Animorphs is an English language science fiction book series written by K. A. Applegate (Katherine Alice Applegate) and published by Scholastic. There was a single_book parody of Animorphs called Vegemorphs.



Major species in bold.



A term used to describe a creature under the control of a Yeerk parasite. Willing hosts are known as Voluntary Controllers, whereas unwilling hosts are called Involuntary Controllers.


A nothlit is a person that has stayed in morphed form for longer than the two-hour time limit; therefore, the individual is forced to remain stuck in morphed form forever. Nothlit is an Andalite word.


Shorm is an Andalite word meaning tail blade. However, it has come to mean a friendship so deep, your friend could put their tail blade against your throat and you'd never worry.


Thoughtspeech (or thoughtspeak) is the method of communication of the Andalites. In the books it looks <Like this> with <>s instead of quotation marks. Also, anyone in animal form using Andalite morphing technology can communicate using thoughtspeech.


Jake Berenson

Jake is an Animorph. Jake's brother is Tom Berenson, a Controller. What often keeps Jake fighting is the hope that someday he will be able to free him. His dad is Steve Berenson, a pediatrician. His mother is Jean, a freelance writer. In The Diversion, his parents are finally made into Controllers. Rachel and her sisters Jordan and Sara are Jake's cousins. Ax calls Jake "Prince Jake" (In the Andalite culture, 'Prince' is a title given to a leader or respected person of authority). He is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Animorphs' fearless leader. Jake has a crush on Cassie, and they become a couple later in the series, but break up in the last book. (There are many fan fictions that involve the two making up.) Jake is interested in video games, basketball, and football. Jake is good friends with Marco. Near the end of the war, Jake is thrown into depression, which only seems to get worse once the war is over thanks to how things turned out. (With him responsible for Rachel and Tom's deaths, as well as more or less out of Cassie's life.) After Cassie, Jake is debatebly the most unpopular character out of the main Animorphs -- not because people don't like him, but they just find him boring. Jake is also Jewish.

Jake's Morphs

Dog, Green Anole Lizard, Siberian Tiger, Peregrine Falcon, Flea, Wolf, Trout, Dolphin, Seagull, Lobster, Ant, Cockroach, Fly, Termite, Owl, Skunk, Bat, Jaguar (can't use), Spider Monkey (can't use), Racehorse, Parrot, Hammerhead, Rhinoceros, Mole, Mosquito, Leeran, Tyrannosaurus Rex (can't use), Dragonfly, Human (Secret Service agent), Anteater, Seal, Polar Bear, Howler, Giant Squid, Chimpanzee, Eel, Warhorse, Hork_Bajir, Squirrel, Cockatiel, Orca, Anaconda, Beaver


Fearless Leader: The Jake Berenson Fanlisting (http://www.geocities.com/animorphslistings/jake.html)


Rachel is an Animorph. Before the war, she was very involved in gymnastics and had a lingering obbsession with fashion. Her parents were divorced. Rachel's father is Dan, a news anchor on television. Her mom is Naomi, a lawyer. She has two sisters, Jordan and Sara, both younger than her. Her mother and sisters are later told the truth about the invasion and are re-located to the Hork-Bajir colony during the end of the war, largely against their will. Jake and his brother Tom are her cousins on her father's side. Her fellow Animorphs sometimes call her "Xena, Warrior Princess" and "Ms. Fashion". She is best friends with Cassie, though this relationship is often strained throughout the series. Rachel also has feelings for Tobias and the two started dating near the middle of the series. In the last book Rachel is sent to kill Tom, succeeds, and dies. The Yeerk Blade Ship that Jake, Marco, and Tobias set off to go save Ax in is named "The Rachel" as a memorial to her. Rachel recklessness develops into disturbing violent, sometimes sadistic, tendencies during the series. She is frequently described as "addicted" to the "rush" of the war -- the feeling of battle and conquering her enemies -- more or less, an adrenaline junkie. Rachel is brought face-to-face with this part of her personality in The Solution and The Seperation and struggled with it through the rest of the series, never quite getting back to becoming a "normal girl". Her last name is not known for certain, but many assume that is Berenson, like Jake's. (Which would make her Jake's cousin on her father's side.) This is accepted fanon. It also assumed that Rachel is Jewish, like Jake, though this is a matter of debate. Rachel is also a very promient figure in fan fiction, and quite a few stories involve her death and/or ressurection (often thanks in some manner to the Ellimist).

Rachel's Morphs

African Elephant, Grizzly Bear, Bald Eagle, Anteater, Rat, Dolphin, Giant Squid, Seastar, Mosquito, Cat, Deinonychus (can't use), Mole, Sperm Whale, Chimpanzee, Eel, Trout, Bat, Ant, Squirrel, Cockatiel, Fly, Cockroach, Polar Bear


Warrior Princess: The Rachel Fanlisting (http://www.geocities.com/animorphslistings/rachel.html)


Marco is an Animorph, often referred to as the comedian of the group. He came up with the name "Animorphs." His methods can be ruthless, but he is good with strategics and security. He is also the "cute" Animorph. He and Jake have been best friends since they were little. Marco's dad is Peter, who seemly lost interest in life for two years after the supposed death of Marco's mother, Eva. In reality, she had been infested by Visser One, and her death was faked as a way to get her off the planet. During the majority of the series, Marco battles with himself about her fate -- should her kill her or try to set her free? -- and comes very close to killing her in many of the books, until he finally frees her in The Revelation. Marco's father was ignorant of this fact for the majority of the series, until The Revelation, when he finally told the truth and is the first of the Animorphs' families to join the war effort. Like Rachel, Marco has a bit of a "dark side", which shows up in his (at times) very cold and ruthless schemes. Marco is often focused on the "big picture" (winning the war), sometimes at the cost of the little things. (For example, his mother.) He isn't entirely comfortable with this aspect of himself, but has embraced it. At the end of the series, Marco is one of the few Animorphs with a functioning post-war life -- he becomes a bit of celebrity and seems to deeply enjoy that lifestyle.

Marco is also the only Animorph in the series without a main love interest, though not for lack of trying. It is hinted that he may have a bit of a crush on Rachel and the two do date in Back to Before. This, or the possibility that Marco could be homosexual or bisexual, is the common fanon explanation for his lack of a love life. Marco is one of the most popular Animorphs, debatebly more so than Rachel or Tobias, and is quite possibly the one most written about in fan fiction, particularly slash fiction.

Marco's Morphs

Gorilla, Osprey, Hammerhead Shark, Polar Bear, Fly, Ant, Bee, Flea, Leeran, Cockroach, Wolf Spider, Mosquito, Irish Setter, Bat, Great Horned Owl, Parrot, Tyrannosaurus Rex (can't use), Mole, Mouse, Dolphin, Llama, Chimpanzee, Eel, Trout, Human (Mr. Grant), Mountain Goat, Lobster, Seagull, Squirrel, Cockatiel, Orca, Duck, Human (the Governor)


Cassie is an Animorph. She lives on a farm, and her father Walter runs the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic out of their barn. Her mother Michelle is a vet at the Gardens, a local zoo/amusement park. Before the war, she had hopes of becoming a veterinarian. The Animorphs meet primarily in Cassie's barn. She's the moralist of the group and often worries, much more than some of the others, about the costs of the war. This had led Cassie to many dangerous and sometimes hypocritical actions -- she, along with a Yeerk named Aftran, end up forming a the Yeerk Peace Movement (composed of Yeerks who have a peaceful alliance with their human hosts). But this attitude also leads her to make, quite possibly, the most dangerous choice in the war -- she gives Tom the morphing cube to try and save Jake from having to kill his brother, even though their enemies can develop the ability to morph in the process. Cassie also is very good at "reading" people. She's perceptive and often is aware of other's motives and feelings, sometimes even before they are. This develops into an ability to manipulate her enemies and allies, most notably with the Animorphs' traitor, David. Many of the other Animorphs also come to Cassie for comfort or advice, thanks to her empathetic nature. (Though, often, she gives them her advice whether they like it or not.) She is also a natural estreen, meaning she is better able to control her morphing. (In Andalite culture, estreens can make a career out of their talent). She is best friends with Rachel, and likes Jake -- and the two become romantically involved during the series, but end up parting ways. After the war, Cassie probably leads the most successful life after Marco, becoming something of an activist working for the free Hork_Bajir, along with her fiancee Ronnie Chambers. She is the only Animorph who does not go to save Ax __ but only on Jake's insistence that she not do so. Among the fans, Cassie is the most hated Animorph. Many find her annoying and over_moralizing and a bit of a wimp (though canon often contradicts this). Despite this, Cassie is often a promient figure in fan fictions.

Cassie's Morphs

Horse, Wolf, Butterfly, Termite, Anteater, Dolphin, Humpback Whale, Flea, Human (Rachel), Yeerk (Illim), Fly, Rat, Mosquito, Tyrannosaurus Rex (can't use), Racehorse, Buffalo, Trout, Chimpanzee, Eel, Seagull, Squirrel, Hork_Bajir, Cockroach, Kangaroo


Peacemaker: The Cassie Fanlisting (http://www.geocities.com/die-hard-animorph-fan/cassiefanlist.html)


Tobias is an Animorph. Tobias was a red-tailed hawk nothlit (a creature trapped in morph because they stayed morphed for longer than two hours) from the end of the first book until the Ellimist restored his power to morph in The Change. His friends sometimes call him "Bird-boy" because of this. Tobias is close friends with Rachel and Ax. He had a crush on Rachel during the early books and they became involved later in the series. He has a pet cat named Dude, which was his first morph and the first morph of the Animorphs. His parents are believed to have died. Near the end of the series it was revealed that Tobias's mother, Loren was still alive and blind. Tobias's true father was Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, an Andalite who was the giver of the Animorphs' powers. Because the Ellimist wiped out all evidence of Elfangor's time on Earth, Tobias was unaware of that until Visser Three got his hands of Elfangor's will. Loren and Tobias are reunited, though Loren never quite remembered her son or Elfangor, thanks to a case of amnesia. Before he was a nothlit, he lived with various aunts and uncles on both coasts, who never really cared about the boy -- often not paying attention to him or just using him as free labor -- and they never tried to find him after his "disapperance" (thanks to becoming a nothlit). Before the war, Tobias was a "loser" without any friends, and often a bully magnet. He had some hero-worship towards Jake because Jake stopped some bullies from beating him up. In Back to Before, this lifestyle causes Tobias to join The Sharing and become a Controller. After becoming a nothlit he lived in the forest as a hawk along with Ax. After the war, Tobias seems to withdraw from the rest of the world, distraught by Rachel's death and angry at Jake. He only joins with the other Animorphs after finding out about Ax's capture by The One. Tobias is, almost without a doubt, the most popular Animorph. Like all the others except for Jake, Tobias's last name is not exactly known, but many assume it is "Fangor", the last name Elfangor adopted on while on Earth (under the name Alan Fangor, Al Fangor for short). This is a matter of fanon debate, however, since it brings into question why Tobias wouldn't have found out his mother or father's identies sooner, assuming they would all have the same last name.

Tobias's Morphs

Cat, Red-tailed Hawk, Raccoon, Andalite (Ax), Rabbit, Hork-Bajir, Seagull, Dolphin, Deinonychus (can't use), Human (Himself), Mole, Sperm Whale, Giant Squid, Bull, Eel, Nartec, Human (Taylor), Taxxon, Fly, Human (Navy officer), Duck, Cockroach


Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill is an Andalite stranded on Earth. He is known to his human friends as Ax. Ax is an Animorph. He first appeared in Animorphs 4: The Message. Prince Elfangor is Ax's deceased brother. Ax greatly admires his brother, even though he sometimes resents being seen as just "the little brother of Elfangor" and the hero status his brother has on both Earth and the Andalite homeworld. Ax has a bit of an inferiority complex towards his older brother along with a good strong case of hero worship and the two really are rather similiar in nature. His father is Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf, and his mother is Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen, both on the Andalite homeworld. Tobias is a close friend, (he and Ax call each other "shorms", which is roughly the Andalite term for a best friend) as they live in the same forest. This bond is strengthened when the two discover they are family. Sometimes other Animorphs call him "Ax-man". Through the series, Ax is torn betweeen the Andalites and the humans. In The Alien, it is revealed that he has been keeping secrets from the others because of Andalite law, and in many of his books Ax is forced to question his loyalities -- because while he grew up as an Andalite in the Andalite culture he has found friends and a family away from home on Earth. But despite that, there are still aspects of life on Earth that greatly trouble Ax -- slaughtering other animals for food (Andalites are herbivores) and genocide, for example. However, time and again, Ax ends up siding with his Earth allies. Ax becomes somewhat obbsessed with human culture, particularly food and TV. (He is particularly fond of commercials, which he calls "These Messages"). He has an (often comical) problem controlling the various unusual sensations of his human morph, particularly taste and speech since Andalites don't have mouths. He has a strong affinity for cinnamon buns. (He also enjoys chocolate and cigarette butts along with all varities of junk food.) Ax has once expressed an occassional desire to become a human nothlit, though as far as we know, he never mentioned this to his human friends and never acted on it. Ax's human morph is described as Canadian cousin. (Canadese, as the Ax-man himself once put it) or "No". (Thanks to a mixup with Marco's dad.) Ax's sole love interest is an Andalite girl named Estrid, who shows up in The Arrival. The two had a brief fling while Estrid before was on Earth, but the short-lived romance didn't last as Estrid was in the middle of a scheme to infect the Yeerks with a virus that could kill their human hosts, and she ended up going back to the Andalite Homeworld. She is casually mentioned in at least two more books, but it is assumed their romance was never rekindled. Ax is one of the more popular Animorphs, though not as much as Rachel, Tobias or Marco. He has a slight fan following, especially in slash fiction. After the war, Ax returned Andalites and came under the command of the Dome Ship Intrepid -- which had a very unfortunate run-in with a being known as The One, a Borg-like entity that "assimilates" it's victims, including Ax. What this means for Ax, and his final fate, is uncertain.

Ax's Morphs

Human (made from a combination of the DNA of the four Animorphs, Rachel, Jake, Marco, Cassie), Northern Harrier, Mosquito, Leeran, Hammerhead Shark, Human (Jake), Mole, Rattlesnake, Mouse, Chimpanzee, Cow, Bull, Hork-Bajir, Ant, Squirrel, Cockroach, Orca, Taxxon, Cheetah


Aristh: The Ax Fanlisting (http://felinephoenix.com.co.nr/axfl)


Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul (prononced EL-fang-ore Sir-RIN-ee-ul Sham-TOOL) is the Andalite that gave Jake, Marco, Rachel, Cassie, and Tobias the power to morph. He died, murdered by Visser Three a few minutes later. He narrated The Andalite Chronicles, which took place before the beginning of the series. Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill is his younger brother. Tobias is his son.

Elfangor's Morphs

Taxxon, Human (under the name Al Fangor), Kafit Bird

Alloran-Semitur-Corass on cover of Visser

Esplin 9466 Primary

Esplin 9466 Primary is a high_ranking Yeerk, normally in the body of a morph-capable Andalite named Alloran-Semitur-Corass. His trips around the galaxy have allowed him to acquire a vast variety of morphs through his host. For most of the series, his rank is Visser Three, Head of Invasion of Earth.

Alloran's Morphs

Antarean Bogg, Vanarx, Mardrut, Human, Anteater, Unknown alien with bladed tentacles, Kafit Bird, Luminar, Bievilerd

The Ellimist

The Ellimist is an almost omnipotent, god-like being. By standard values, the Ellimist is good and his foe Crayak is evil. They play a game throughout the universe, Crayak trying to destroy the people Ellimist trying to save them. The Ellimist's backstory is detailed in The Ellimist Chronicles. He frequently interferes in the Animorphs' lives, sending them to possible futures and distant planets, so as to help in beating Crayak. The Ellimist also uses the Animorphs' Chee friend, Erek King, in his endeavors.

The Ellimist was originally a Ketran named Toomin. He escaped on an experimental spacecraft with the last of his species. He, with the rest of the remaining Ketrans, crash landed on an ocean planet and was trapped by the ruler of the planet, who ensnare all who come there adding them to his network of floating underwater bodies. The ruler, who called himself Father, was an enormous octopus-like creature with hundreds of tentacles and a body which reached across the entire planet underwater. Toomin was kept alive as entertainment for Father, who played game after new game with him, always beating him. Eventually, Toomin beat Father in a game of music.

After that, Father left him alone for a long time. During that time, he added the minds of the trapped bodies to his brain, eventually defeating the ruler and assuming his own body with the minds of all species on the planet, making him incredibly intelligent. With this knowledge, and all the spare parts from crashed spacecraft lying around from the tricked and trapped aliens, he created a body to house his brain; this body was essentially a large spacecraft. With it, Toomin traveled around the galaxy, helping those in need, becoming a God to many species.

Eventually, Toomin (now the Ellimist) met Crayak, an evil being who wanted to bring Chaos and Death to the world. From then onwards, they played a deadly game with planets and the lives of the beings on those planets.

The Ellimist created the Time Matrix, according to Andalite mythology, which was essentially a time machine; however, The Ellimist Chronicles does not mention the Matrix at any point in the story. The Matrix was buried (on Earth, no less) by an Andalite war prince.


The Crayak is a nearly omnipotent, super powerful opponent appearing in the form of an armless cyborg creature with nothing but a bloodred eye for a head. He is the Ellimist's greatest foe. But, while Ellimist loves to create and protect, Crayak prefers destruction, and has destroyed many galaxies by playing games with good godlike creatures throughout the universe. His current foe is Ellimist. The Crayak's history is largely unknown, but the Ellimist says he was expelled from another galaxy thousands of years ago by a greater power than him, and wishes to one day go back and destroy this power once he has become great enough.

Crayak created the Howlers, and has destroyed countless planets and species.

Edriss 562

Edriss 562 is the Yeerk controlling Marco's mother. For most of the series, her rank is Visser One. She is the subject of the book Visser.

Assistant Principal Chapman

Assistant principal Hedrick Chapman is a Controller. His daughter is Melissa Chapman. He became a voluntary host to prevent the infestation of his daughter. He is the head of the Yeerk front, The Sharing.

Melissa Chapman

Melissa Chapman is the daughter of Principal Chapman, and was once Rachel's best friend. In the book Elfangor's Secret Melissa was the girlfriend of Tobias, not Rachel.

Tom Berenson

Tom Berenson is Jake's brother. Tom is an Involuntary Controller.

Tom's Morphs



David becomes an Animorph after his parents become Controllers. Later, he turns on the other Animorphs and tries to kill them (as long as they're animals he doesn't consider it murder). They end up defeating him by trapping him in rat morph and leaving him on an island. Later, David came back from the island. He tried to trap Rachel like she trapped him: Becoming a rat nothlit.

David's Morphs

Golden Eagle, Cockroach, Seagull, Flea, Rattlesnake, Human (Marco), Lion, Orca, Human (Saddler), Rat


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Animorphs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (207 words)
Animorphs is an English language science fiction young adult book series written by K.
Animorphs is the third-most successful children's book series of all time, after Harry Potter and Goosebumps.
The series focuses on a group of human teenagers (along with an Andalite) who, with powers of shapeshifting ('morphing') granted upon them by alien technology, attempt to prevent the takeover of Earth by the Yeerks.
Animorphs (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (167 words)
Animorphs (also known under the promotional title AniTV and the working title The Changelings) is a 26-episode adaptation made by Nickelodeon of the Animorphs book series.
The series was broadcast from September 1998 to March 2000 in the United States of America and Canada.
However, many fans of the book series disliked the television series, feeling that the writing and acting were substandard.
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