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Encyclopedia > Agent Smith
Movie poster for The Matrix Revolutions, featuring the various copies of Agent Smith.

Agent Smith (later merely "Smith") is a fictional character featured in the Matrix film series, played by actor Hugo Weaving. The struggle between Neo and Smith becomes the main conflict underlying the events of The Matrix, making Smith the primary antagonist. Image File history File links Emblem-important. ... Image File history File links Smithposter. ... Image File history File links Smithposter. ... The Matrix Revolutions is the third and last film in the The Matrix trilogy. ... Alice, a fictional character based on a real character from the work of Lewis Carroll. ... The Matrix series spans major motion pictures, Japanese-style animation, and video games in an attempt to tell a story thats part science fiction, part modern myth, with elements of cyberpunk, computer science, philosophy of mind, Hinduism, Christianity, Gnosticism, Buddhism, classical mythology, and other influences. ... This article does not cite any references or sources. ... Neo is the name of the central fictional character from the movie The Matrix and its sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. ...


As an Agent of the System

According to Morpheus, the tutor of the protagonist Neo, Smith is an Agent, an artificial intelligence manifested in the artificial world and possessing extraordinary powers to manipulate his surroundings (including superhuman strength and the ability to flawlessly dodge incoming bullets). However, Agents still have limitations, being "based on a world that is built on rules". Thus, he cannot fly, walk through walls, or perform any other actions outside the boundaries of his programming. Like all Agents in the Matrix, he was originally programmed to keep order within the system by terminating troublesome programs and human avatars which would otherwise bring instability to the simulated reality. To expedite such tasks, he and other Agents have the ability to take over the simulated body of any human that is a part of the Matrix, converting it into a copy of their own. If that body is killed, or an Agent needs to change his location quickly, he can assume the shell of any other human hard-wired to the Matrix in a matter of seconds. Agents also have the ability to communicate with each other instantaneously, represented via their earpieces (thus, when Agent Smith removed his earpiece during the first Matrix movie, he briefly severed his link with the other Agents). Morpheus in The Matrix Revolutions Morpheus as he styled himself in The Matrix Reloaded Morpheus is the name of a fictional character (played by Laurence Fishburne) in the science fiction films, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions. ... Neo is the alias of Thomas A. Anderson, the main fictional character in the Matrix trilogy: The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions. ... From left to right: Agents Brown, Smith, and Jones Agents are a group of characters in the Matrix series. ... Bold text[[Link title]] “AI” redirects here. ... The Matrix is the virtual reality simulation that is the main setting of The Matrix series of science fiction films, comic books and video games. ... The ten avatars of Vishnu, copyright BBT In Hindu philosophy, an avatar (also spelt as avatara) (Sanskrit: , ), most commonly refers to the incarnation (bodily manifestation) of a higher being (deva), or the Supreme Being (God) onto planet Earth. ... Simulated reality is the idea that reality could be simulated — often computer-simulated — to a degree indistinguishable from true reality. ...

Stylistic genealogy

The look and manner of Smith and his fellow Agents seem to be drawn from the common pool of paranoia and American pop culture. One influence appears to be the popular image of federal law enforcement agents as ruthlessly efficient automata who carry out their duties with cold precision and General American accents. The manner in which Smith speaks is similar to that of the late Carl Sagan. [1] There are also noticeble pauses at odd places in his sentences, possibly an indication of his coding taking a moment to process his next words, (almost like the Gman from the Half-Life computer game series.) This is especially evident when he is talking to Neo, and carefully choosing his words, leading to, for example, the odd pronuciatation "Mis...ter Anderson." Popular culture, or pop culture, is the vernacular (peoples) culture that prevails in a modern society. ... Note: This page or section contains IPA phonetic symbols in Unicode. ... This article or section is in need of attention from an expert on the subject. ... Insert non-formatted text here Carl Edward Sagan (November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996) was an American astronomer and astrobiologist and a highly successful popularizer of astronomy, astrophysics, and other natural sciences. ... This article deals with the real-world definition of the term. ...

Agents wear dark sunglasses with corners or smooth angles.

All Agents are Caucasian males (with a minor exception of female Agent Pace from the Matrix Online game), which also provides a dynamic compared to the majority population of Zion, containing many diverse cultures and walks of life. The Caucasian male Agents simply show a blandness and an apathy for the human race, with the exception of Smith's obsession with destroying Neo and his general hatred of humans, especially their smell. For the peoples actually from the Caucasus, see Peoples of the Caucasus. ... The Matrix Online (MxO) is a MMORPG developed by Monolith Productions. ... Zion is a fictional place in The Matrix films. ...

Other Agents have names like Brown, Johnson, and Thompson — common, innocuous, Anglo-Saxon names. It was mentioned in the Philosopher Commentary on the DVD collection that the names of Smith, Brown and Johnson may be endemic to the system itself, demonstrating a very 'robotic' mindset on the part of the Machines. Old English (also called Anglo-Penis[1], Englisc by its speakers) is an early form of the English language that was spoken in parts of what is now England and southern Scotland between the mid-fifth century and the mid-twelfth century. ...

In addition, the name "Smith" is explicitly attributed (as "IS 5416" on the license plate of Smith's car in The Matrix Reloaded) to Isaiah 54:16 in the Old Testament: // Introduction A license plate, number plate or registration plate (often referred to simply as a plate, or colloquially tag) is a small metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle for official identification purposes. ... Note: Judaism commonly uses the term Tanakh to refer to its canon, which corresponds to the Protestant Old Testament. ...

"Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy."

In creating such a program to carry out menial tasks, the Machines lay the foundations for their own destruction, a direct parallel to the creation of AI by humankind. Look up smith, Smith in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ...

The two later films in the series make much of the dialectical opposition of Smith and Neo. Smith is pitiless and single-minded, focused on finality, conformity and "inevitability." As such, Smith represents determinism. By contrast, Neo, with his unpredictable, emotional human nature, represents unbounded free will and the power of choice. Neo's solitary role as The One is contrasted by Smith, who, by replicating himself, becomes 'the many'. When Neo asks the Oracle about Smith, the Oracle explains that Smith is Neo's opposite and his negative. In classical philosophy, dialectic (Greek: διαλεκτική) is controversy, Viz. ... Conformity is the act of consciously maintaining a certain degree of similarity (in clothing, manners, behaviors, etc. ... Determinism is the philosophical proposition that every event, including human cognition and behavior, decision and action, is causally determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences. ... Free-Will is a Japanese independent record label founded in 1986. ... The Oracle is a fictional character portrayed by Gloria Foster (and later, by Mary Alice) within the Matrix series of films created by the Wachowski brothers. ...

Agent Smith's weapon of choice, as standard with all agents of the Matrix, is the notably large Desert Eagle, chambered with the high caliber .50AE ammunition. His clones carry this weapon as well. In the Matrix, Smith is shown killing Neo with the Desert Eagle. Counting the number of times he fires the gun (10-12), exceeds the capacity of the .50AE Desert Eagle, which is 7. The Desert Eagle is a large calibre gas-operated semi-automatic pistol manufactured in Israel by IMI (Israel Military Industries) for Magnum Research, Inc. ... The . ...

Unlike the other characters, Smith almost always refers to Neo as "Mr. Anderson."

Departure from the norm

Smith is significantly more individualistic than the other agents from the start. Other agents rarely act without consulting each other on the earpieces the agents use to communicate. Smith far more often uses his to issue orders or gather information before acting on his own direction. The earpieces also represent some form of control mechanism by the machines. It is notable that when he is interrogating Morpheus, he sends the other agents from the room, then removes his earpiece, releasing himself from the link to the machines before expressing his opinion of humanity.

Agent Smith complains that the Matrix and its inhabitants smell disgusting, "if there is such a thing [as smell]". Smith has a strong hatred of humans and their weakness of the flesh. He compares humanity to a virus, a disease organism that would replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy their environment were it not for the machine intelligences keeping them in check. This article is about biological infectious particles. ...

During Morpheus' imprisonment:

I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had, during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you aren’t actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with its surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply, and multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we... are the cure.

At the same time, Smith also secretly despises the Matrix itself, feeling that he is as much a prisoner of it as the humans he is tasked with watching over. He later develops an immense desire for the destruction of both mankind and machines alike. Subclasses & Infraclasses Subclass †Allotheria* Subclass Prototheria Subclass Theria Infraclass †Trituberculata Infraclass Metatheria Infraclass Eutheria Mammals (class Mammalia) are warm-blooded, vertebrate animals characterized by the presence of sweat glands, including those that produce milk, and by the presence of: hair, three middle ear bones used in hearing, and a neocortex... Cancer is a class of diseases or disorders characterized by uncontrolled division of cells and the ability of these to spread, either by direct growth into adjacent tissue through invasion, or by implantation into distant sites by metastasis (where cancer cells are transported through the bloodstream or lymphatic system). ... Look up pestilence in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ...

Smith also appears to be the leader of other Agents, in that he has the authority to launch Sentinel attacks in the real world. Unlike other Agents, Smith does not approach problems through a pragmatic point of view, but rather with brute force and apparent rage. Pragmatism is a philosophic school that originated in the late nineteenth century with Charles Sanders Peirce, who first stated the pragmatic maxim. ... In computer science, a brute-force search consists of systematically enumerating every possible solution of a problem until a solution is found, or all possible solutions have been exhausted. ...

The Wachowski brothers have commented that Smith's gradual humanization throughout The Matrix is a process intended to mirror and balance Neo's own increasing power and understanding of the machine world.[citation needed] Laurence Larry Wachowski (born June 21, 1965) and Andrew Andy Wachowski (born December 29, 1967) are American film directors and writers most famous for creating The Matrix series. ...

Free Agency

As a result of being partially overwritten by The One, Smith also begins to exhibit stronger, more virulent human behaviors and emotions such as unpredictability and dry humor (this is a clear departure from his stern demeanor in the original movie). He makes the claim that Neo has set him free, indicating that he now has not only the vision but also the ability to break free of the machines' control and exist as a singular being. He is now allied with no one but himself, rendering him an outlaw to both the Matrix and the human minds which populate it. Being free of burden, however, Smith is also compelled to feel that he is still crushed by the weight of purpose. He essentially correlates purpose with imprisonment, and because he still exists within The Matrix, there is an unseen purpose which binds together Neo and himself.

The idea of Smith's transformation from being an Agent of the System into becoming a "free Agent" is similar to Satan's Fall from Grace. In both cases, a former Agent of the System (in the two sequels, Smith is no longer referred to as "Agent Smith", but simply as "Smith") becomes able to move freely, and comes to have a dangerously rebellious and opposite nature. The virus like qualities he gains may also be a reference to this, as one of the traditional titles of a demon (from a biblical passage) is Legion, for they were many. This article is about the concept of Satan. ... Jesus healing the man from Gerasa. ...

Revelation of purpose

Agent Smith appears to have been destroyed by Neo at the end of the first movie in The Matrix trilogy, but he makes a calculated return in The Matrix Reloaded with somewhat altered abilities and motivations, in addition to dropping the title "Agent". His appearance has changed from the first movie as well; his sunglasses are of a different, more angular shape than the square ones the Agents wear and his suit is now black instead of dark green (Matrix code): physical signs of his connection with Neo. Smith also lacks the earpiece most Agents wear on their right ear, showing he is now "unplugged". Smith loses his ability to phase into any body connected to the Matrix at will, as he is no longer directly a part of the system. Instead, Smith is now infectious through touch; by jabbing his hand into the body of another being in the Matrix, a Smith can convert that being into another Smith, replicating himself in much the way a computer virus might. The Matrix Reloaded is the second installment of The Matrix series, written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers. ...

  • Although Smith gains the power to copy other Agents, in truth Smith only copies the body the Agent was possessing at that time. The program of the Agent can move to another body, as demonstrated in The Matrix Reloaded. However, this was nullified when Agent Smith and his clones dominated the entire population of the Matrix.
  • Smith is also able to copy over redpills, something regular Agents cannot do. When he does copy over redpills, he can inhabit their physical bodies when he jacks out of the Matrix, as in the case of Bane. Fortunately, most redpills were in Zion at the time of Smith's return, making Bane the only one possessed by Smith. However, Smith was nearly successful when he attempted to absorb Niobe and Ghost, two other redpills in Enter the Matrix. Like Neo, they were able to repel the attack and managed to elude Smith. Also, he is briefly seen attempting to copy over Morpheus, but is stopped by Neo.
  • Keeping in the theme of machines, Smith's behavior is very similar to a computer virus, which also copies its programming into or over other files. This is somewhat fitting; Smith notes in The Matrix he considers human beings a "virus", and in the process of becoming more human, Smith has also become a virus. In a bizarre irony, he becomes what he hates most about humans: something which consumes all resources before moving on and acting without reason or logic.

Redpill is a term that describes a human that has been freed from the Matrix, a fictional computer-generated world set at the end of the 20th Century. ... Many fictional characters appear in the Matrix series. ... Niobe Niobe (played by actress Jada Pinkett Smith) is the captain of the Logos in the video game Enter the Matrix and the two feature films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. ... Ghost is the name of a fictional character (played by Anthony Wong) in the computer game Enter the Matrix, and the science fiction films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. ... Enter the Matrix is the first video game based on the Matrix series. ... Look up neo in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. ... Morpheus may mean: Morpheus (mythology), the principal god of dreams in the Greek mythology Morpheus (The Matrix), a fictional character from the film The Matrix Morpheus (computer game), a computer game released in 1998. ... This article is about the 1999 film. ... Logic (from Classical Greek λόγος logos; meaning word, thought, idea, argument, account, reason, or principle) is the study of the principles and criteria of valid inference and demonstration. ...

Against the Anomaly

In The Matrix Revolutions, Smith's presence in the Matrix has consumed all of the "Core Network" (the underlying foundation of the inner workings of the Matrix), thus rendering him immutable by even the machines themselves. The Oracle explains to Neo that he and Smith have become equal in power, and that for Smith to be eliminated, the equation must be "unbalanced". Smith has already begun absorbing all the inhabitants of the Matrix; every single human being plugged into it, and every single program functioning inside it, including the Oracle. When he absorbs the Oracle, the process apparently granted him her powers of foresight, as well as reality-bending powers equivalent to those possessed by Neo. Towards the end of the movie, Neo engages a single Smith, the one that was created from the Oracle, in a seemingly endless struggle between two forces of equal might. The other Smiths do not participate, because Oracle/Smith explains he has foreseen that he is the Smith that will beat Neo. In the midst of this battle, Smith explains to Neo his final nihilistic revelation, he has come to learn from Neo ("It was your life that taught me the purpose of all life.") that "the purpose of life is to end." Smith also intended to conquer the real world as well, and had Neo not defeated him he would have succeeded in escaping the Matrix, taking over the machines, and destroying Zion itself. The study of the future researches the medium-term to long-term future of societies and of the physical world. ... This article is about the philosophical position. ...

After an arduous battle in midair, Neo is smashed into the ground by an enraged Smith, making a large impact crater. Smith is perplexed as to why Neo fights, as they both have seen the outcome of the fight. Smith asks why Neo fights when he knows he will lose: "Is it freedom or truth? Perhaps peace? Could it be for love?", reasons which he believes are "temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose, and all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself. Why, Mr. Anderson, Why, why, why do you persist?" Smith is enraged by Neo's simple and irrational answer: "Because I choose to".

Ultimately, Smith prevails, beating Neo unconscious. Suddenly recognizing the scene from the prophecy, he stands before Neo and says, "Wait... I've seen this... This is it, this is the end! Yes, you were lying right there just like that and I... I... I stand here, right here and I'm... supposed to say you something..." In a moment of confusion, Smith reveals that he is merely following what the prophecy tells him he should do. In spite of his gaining the oracle's vision, he remains blind. He continues on, regaining his composure. For other uses, see Prophecy (disambiguation). ...

"I say... Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo". This is the only time that Smith does not call him "Mr. Anderson" to his face [1], suggesting that it is the Oracle within Smith, and not Smith itself, who speaks. Smith displays noticeable confusion after this, apparently not knowing what he has just said. Unable to overpower Smith, Neo understands that he will never beat him in this way. He surrenders to Smith, who absorbs him, seemingly conquering his enemy.

The "absorption" is not one-sided, with either force conquering the other. Rather, there is a union of opposites, of thesis and antithesis, leading to the synthesis of the new beginning, in which the Matrix, with its equation of oppression and control, is unbalanced.

Smith's deletion

Smith's new triumph is only temporary, however. Shortly after Smith absorbs Neo, The Source sends a surge of energy into the main program through Neo's body, causing the copy of Smith created from Neo to malfunction.

Smith is puzzled by this at first, but soon realizes what he has done by blindly following his prophesied path. As Smith screams a denial of reality, Neo/Smith then overloads and explodes. All the other Smith clones begin to overload and crash in a similar manner, until every clone explodes in a series of bright lights, effectively deleting the Smith program a second time- and saving Mega City.

Taken from the machine point of view, Neo's sacrifice may be seen as the means to catch the virus. For whatever reason, the computers of Machine City have been unable to isolate Smith. However, through Neo, they were apparently able to inject a retrovirus that destroyed Smith, and, through Smith's connection, all the clones as well.

The Architect, being limited to only seeing issues as equations and probability, stated that Neo had only two choices: destroy the entire human race, or leave seven males and sixteen females to rebuild Zion. But, by offering himself in an act of surrender as a result of a seemingly irrational choice, he saves both humanity and the machines. This gives his simple answer to Smith's previous barrage far more weight: more than a reply, "Because I choose to" is an affirmation of his power to choose the fate of the world, regardless of any prediction by Smith or the Architect.


Agent Smith, or at least the remnants of his virus, has made several appearances inside the movie's continuation, the MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing-game), The Matrix Online. Image File history File links Broom_icon. ...

Chronologically the first 'infection' was noted in Machine mission controller Agent Gray whose background information confirms that sometime during the timeline of the second/third films was, like so much else, overwritten by Smith. This infection had somehow survived the reboot at the end of the third film and rose to the surface once again during chapter 1.2, The Hunt For Morpheus. The Agent, in both a storyline related mission and live event, showed signs of uncharacteristic speech and emotion and eventually lead an assault against Zionist redpills declaring 'their stench unbearable any longer'. As a result of his actions the agent was apprehended by his fellow system representatives and scheduled for a 'thorough code cleansing'. He has shown no signs of direct infection since.

Secondly there was the case of Machine liaison officer, DifferenceEngine. Following a similar scenario to that of the previous Agent Gray infection the machine program too took on the dialect and emotional characteristics of the famous exile agent. However, what was notable about this case was the liaison's insistence on finding 'Mr. Anderson'. In the end the human/machine head relations liaison, Agent Pace, was made aware of the program's infection and subsequent crusade, she then proceeded to lock down his RSI and return his program to The Source for analysis. His fate since is unknown.

Third was the notorious bluepill, Shane Black. This man was an unfortunate victim of the Smith Virus who, once infected, gained the ability to spread the code to others. This quickly lead to a small scale outbreak with several more bluepills becoming infected and joining forces in their hunt for power. He and the other infectees were eventually cleansed and returned to their bluepill lives. However, Shane Black's troubles weren't over yet as he was one of the bluepills recorded to have first witnessed Unlimited redpills practising their new found powers at the Uriah wharf. This triggered a resurgence of the memories formed during his Smith infection and he soon became volatile and insane. He is reported to have been mercifully killed shortly afterwards.

And finally, the most extreme case of the Smith Virus was during the game's second anniversary storyline. The small fragments of Smith code that had laid dormant in the system for so long were explained to have finally gained enough power to take the form of physical objects in the world that once touched would infect the unlucky blue/redpill with the strongest strain of the virus encountered yet. This accumulation of two years worth of time biding actually changed the physical appearance of the infectee to that of a dark suited agent sans earpiece (although not with the exact likeness of the original Smith due to only being a remnant version). This outbreak of the virus, much like the Shane Black incident, had the power to spread itself to other potential carriers and before long had begun to consume entire areas of the Mega City. It was only through the combination of Machine programs designed to protect against the virus' potential return, the Oracle's specialized 'vaccine' codes and the unified strength of the post-war redpills that the epidemic was averted.

It is worth noting that after the event's of the Smith Outbreak the Oracle seemed to suggest the virus was not entirely defeated. This also suggests Smith may yet return and try to once again gain enough power to overthrow the Matrix.


In The Matrix: Path of Neo, the final boss is the MegaSmith. The MegaSmith was used for gameplay reasons, because though the Wachowski Brothers thought the martyr approach suitable for film, they also believed that in an interactive medium such as a video game (based upon the successful completion of goals), it was "Lame. Really lame". So, described by the brothers as, "A little Hulk versus Galactus action", this character was created to be the more appropriate "final boss" of Path of Neo. The MegaSmith is composed of destroyed buildings, cars and parts of the road, with the "spectator Smiths" standing around the crater and in the streets acting as the MegaSmith's muscles, resulting in Smith not only becoming the city's people, but the city itself. For other uses, see Martyr (disambiguation). ... Incredible Hulk, The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk redirect here. ... It has been suggested that Power Cosmic be merged into this article or section. ...

After Neo knocks Smith into the crater in the level "Aerial Battle", Smith is sent flying through the ground and up through the street. As Neo relaxes, the surrounding Smiths walk away from the crater. Neo gets out of the crater, and dodges a car which flies through the air and lands in a pile of debris. Neo looks on as Smiths tear up chunks of the road and throw cars into this pile. A truck then speeds into a building and blows it up. Smiths can be seen holding the debris together as it takes on a thirty-story tall humanoid form which is then struck by lightning, powering it up. Neo flies up to watch as the giant humanoid lowers its head onto its shoulders. The giant Smith then pulls a pair of giant Smith Shades from a billboard and puts them on. He smirks, then the fight begins.

After the fight, Neo flies straight into MegaSmith's mouth, causing the Smiths throughout the Matrix to overload and explode. We then cut to a shot seen in The Matrix: Revolutions of the streets shining with light from the destroyed Smiths.

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Common depiction of the Men in Black. ...

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  1. ^ In The Matrix Reloaded, Smith says he's "looking for Neo" - this is probably out of practicality, as most other characters have no idea who Thomas Anderson is.

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Agents wear light fl or grey business suits, lined with a yellow material, fl dress shoes, square sunglasses with a red tent, and a communication earpiece to inform them of any disturbances within the system.
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