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Encyclopedia > Abductor pollicis brevis muscle
Abductor pollicis brevis muscle

The Abductor pollicis brevis muscle is a muscle of the human body. A typical adult human skeleton consists of the following 206 bones. ... A typical adult human skeleton consists of the following 206 bones. ... List of blood vessels This is an incomplete list, which can or may never satisfy any subjective standard for completeness. ... A top-down view of skeletal muscle Muscle is a contractile form of tissue. ... Human anatomy or anthropotomy is a special field within anatomy. ...

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VERTEBRAL COLUMN: levator scapulae | rhomboid (major, minor) | serratus anterior | latissimus dorsi A top-down view of skeletal muscle Muscle is a contractile form of tissue. ... This is a list of muscles of the human anatomy. ... The vertebral column seen from the side Different regions (curvatures) of the vertebral column The vertebral column (backbone or spine) is a column of vertebrae situated in the dorsal aspect of the abdomen. ... Location The levator scapulae takes its origin from the posterior tubercles of the tranverse processes of the C1 to C4 vertebrae. ... Location The rhomboid major takes its origin from the spinous processes of the T2 to T5 vertebrae. ... Location The rhomboid minor takes its origin from the nuchal ligaments and spinous processes of C7 to T1 vertebrae. ... Serratus anterior Serratus anterior muscle is the surface of upper 9 ribs at side of chest - anterior aspect along entire length of medial border of scapula - (protraction) draws medial border of scapula away from vertebrae (upward rotation). ... Latissimus dorsi is a large flat muscle located on the back. ...

ANTERIOR AND LATERAL THORACIC WALLS: pectoralis (major, minor) | subclavius The thoracic cavity is the chamber of the human body (and other animal bodies) that is enclosed by the ribcage and the diaphragm. ... Pectoralis major Location The clavicular head of the pectoralis major takes its origin from the anterior surface of the medial half of the clavicle. ... Location The pectoralis minor muscle takes its origin from the 3rd to 5th ribs, near their costal cartilages. ...

SHOULDER AND ROTATOR CUFF: deltoid | infraspinatus | subscapularis | supraspinatus | teres (major, minor) In human anatomy, the shoulder joint is composed of three bones: the clavicle (collarbone), the scapula (shoulder blade), and the humerus (upper arm bone). ... The rotator cuff is an anatomical term given to the group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder. ... The deltoid muscle is the muscle forming the rounded contour of the human shoulder. ... The Infraspinatus muscle is a lateral rotator of the glenohumeral joint. ... // Supraspinatus muscle The supraspinatus is a relatively small muscle of the upper limb that takes its name from its origin from the supraspinous fossa superior to the spine of the scapula. ... Wikipedia does not yet have an article with this exact name. ...

ARM: anconeus | biceps brachii | triceps brachii | brachialis | coracobrachialis ARM may stand for: Most likely: ARM Ltd (originally Advanced RISC Machines) ARM architecture CPU design or one of its derivatives developed by ARM Ltd (originally called The Acorn RISC Machine) Adjustable rate mortgage Annotated Reference Manual (C++) Artificial rupture of membranes (see amniotic sac) the ISO 3166-1 3... A person flexing his biceps brachii In human anatomy, the biceps brachii is a muscle on the upper arm that acts to flex the elbow. ... Triceps brachii The triceps brachii muscle is a large three-headed skeletal muscle found in humans. ... Brachialis is a flexor muscle in the upper arm. ...

FOREARM: brachioradialis | extensor carpi radialis (brevis, longus) | extensor carpi ulnaris | extensor digiti minimi | extensor digitorum | extensor pollicis longus | flexor carpi radialis | flexor carpi ulnaris | flexor digitorum (profundus, superficialis) | flexor pollicis brevis | pronator (quadratus, teres) | palmaris longus | supinator The forearm is the structure on the upper limb, between the elbow and the wrist. ... Brachioradialis is a muscle located in the forearm, that acts to flex the elbow. ... The extensor carpi radialis brevis is specific human muscle. ... Extensor carpi radialis longus is one of the five main muscles that control movement at the wrist. ... Extensor carpi ulnaris is a muscle, located in the forearm of human bodies that acts to extend and adduct the wrist. ... The extensor digiti minimi is a muscle of the forearm that extends the little finger at all joints. ... In anatomy, flexor carpi radialis is a muscle of the human forearm that acts to flex and abduct the hand. ... In anatomy, flexor carpi ulnaris muscle is a muscle of the human forearm that acts to flex and adduct the hand. ... The flexor digitorum profundis is a muscle in the forearm that flexes the fingers. ... Flexor digitorum superficialis is an extrinsic flexor muscle of the fingers. ... Pronator quadratus is a square shaped muscle on the distal forearm that acts to pronate (turn so the palm faces downwards) the hand. ...

HAND: abductor pollicis longus | adductor pollicis | dorsal interossei | extensor pollicis brevis | palmar interossei | palmaris brevis | opponens digiti minimi | lumbrical | thenar eminence (abductor pollicis brevis, flexor pollicis longus, | opponens pollicis) A human hand typically has four fingers and a thumb The hand (med. ... The Dorsal interossei muscles is a muscle of the human body. ... The lumbrical muscles are intrinsic muscles in the fingers that allow flexion at the metacarpophalangeal joints, while maintaining extension at the interphalangeal joints. ... The thenar eminence is the body of muscle on the palm of the human hand just beneath the thumb. ...

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Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Abductor pollicis brevis muscle (238 words)
The abductor pollicis brevis is a muscle in the hand that functions as an abductor of the thumb.
It is a thenar muscle, and therefore contributes to the bulk of the palm's thenar eminence.
The abductor pollicis brevis is usually innervated by the recurrent branch of the median nerve, but is occasionally innervated (in whole or in part) by the deep branch of the ulnar nerve.
Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (177 words)
Extensor carpi radialis longus is one of the five main muscles that control movement at the wrist.
As the name suggests, this muscle is an extensor at the wrist joint, and travels along the radial side of the arm, so will also abduct the hand at the wrist.
This muscle is quite long, starting on the lateral side of the humerus, and attaching to the base of the 2nd metacarpal.
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