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Encyclopedia > 67th United States Congress

Dates of Sessions


Major Political Events



Ted Stevens, the current President pro tempore of the United States Senate. ... Categories: Stub | 1850 births | 1926 deaths | Governors of Iowa | United States Senators ...

House of Representatives

The term Speaker is usually the title given to the presiding officer of a countrys lower house of parliament or congress (ie: the House of Commons or House of Representatives). ... Frederick Huntington Gillett (October 16, 1851–July 31, 1935) was a prominent U.S. politician during the early 20th century. ...

Members of the Sixty-seventh United States Congress


  • Henry F. Ashurst, Democrat, Arizona
  • Lewis H. Ball, Republican, Delaware
  • Thomas F. Bayard, Jr., Democrat, Delaware. Bayard took Josiah O. Wolcott's vacant seat after defeating appointee Thomas C. du Pont.
  • William E. Borah, Republican, Idaho
  • Frank B. Brandegee, Republican, Connecticut
  • Smith W. Brookhart, Republican, Iowa. Brookhart was elected to the Senate after William S. Kenyon resigned.
  • Edwin S. Broussard, Democrat, Louisiana
  • Holm O. Bursum, Republican, New Mexico. Bursum was appointed and elected to take the place of Albert B. Fall after Fall resigned.
  • William M. Calder, Republican, New York
  • Ralph H. Cameron, Republican, Arizona
  • Arthur Capper, Republican, Kansas
  • Thaddeus H. Caraway, Democrat, Arkansas
  • LeBaron B. Colt, Republican, Rhode Island
  • James Couzens, Republican, Michigan. Couzens was appointed and then elected to take the place of Truman H. Newberry.
  • William E. Crow, Republican, Pennsylvania. Crow died 2 August 1922; he was replaced by David A. Reed.
  • Charles A. Culberson, Democrat, Texas
  • Albert B. Cummins, Republican, Iowa
  • Charles Curtis, Republican, Kansas
  • Nathaniel B. Dial, Democrat, South Carolina
  • William P. Dillingham, Republican, Vermont
  • Thomas C. du Pont, Republican, Delaware. Du Pont was appointed to replace Josiah O. Wolcott after Wolcott's resignation; he also ran in the election for this seat, but lost.
  • Walter E. Edge, Republican, New Jersey
  • Davis Elkins, Republican, West Virginia
  • Richard P. Ernst, Republican, Kentucky
  • Albert B. Fall, Republican, New Mexico. Fall resigned 4 March 1921 to become Secretary of the Interior; his empty seat was filled by Holm O. Bursum.
  • Rebecca L. Felton, Democrat, Georgia. Felton was appointed to take the seat of Thomas E. Watson after Watson's death; she served only twenty-four hours, from 21 November to 22 November 1922.
  • Bert M. Fernald, Republican, Maine
  • Duncan U. Fletcher, Democrat, Florida
  • Joseph I. France, Republican, Maryland
  • Joseph S. Frelinghuysen, Republican, New Jersey
  • Walter F. George, Democrat, Georgia. George filled the vacancy caused by the death of Thomas E. Watson.
  • Peter G. Gerry, Democrat, Rhode Island
  • Carter Glass, Democrat, Virginia
  • Frank R. Gooding, Republican, Idaho
  • Frederick Hale, Republican, Maine
  • John W. Harreld, Republican, Oklahoma
  • William J. Harris, Democrat, Georgia
  • Byron P. Harrison, Democrat, Mississippi
  • James T. Heflin, Democrat, Alabama
  • Gilbert M. Hitchcock, Democrat, Nebraska
  • Hiram W. Johnson, Republican, California
  • Andrieus A. Jones, Democrat, New Mexico
  • Wesley L. Jones, Republican, Washington
  • Frank B. Kellogg, Republican, Minnesota
  • John B. Kendrick, Democrat, Wyoming
  • William S. Kenyon, Republican, Iowa. Kenyon resigned 24 February 1922. He was replaced at first by Charles A. Rawson and then by Smith W. Brookhart.
  • Henry W. Keyes, Republican, New Hampshire
  • William H. King, Democrat, Utah
  • Robert M. La Follette, Republican, Wisconsin
  • Edwin F. Ladd, Republican, North Dakota
  • Irvine L. Lenroot, Republican, Wisconsin
  • Henry Cabot Lodge, Republican, Massachusetts
  • Joseph M. McCormick, Republican, Illinois
  • Porter J. McCumber, Republican, North Dakota
  • Kenneth D. McKellar, Democrat, Tennessee
  • William B. McKinley, Republican, Illinois
  • George P. McLean, Republican, Connecticut
  • Charles L. McNary, Republican, Oregon
  • George H. Moses, Republican, New Hampshire
  • Henry L. Myers, Democrat, Montana
  • Knute Nelson, Republican, Minnesota
  • Harry S. New, Republican, Indiana
  • Truman H. Newberry, Republican, Michigan. Newberry resigned amid accusations of fraud. His vacant seat was filled by James Couzens.
  • Samuel D. Nicholson, Republican, Colorado
  • Peter Norbeck, Republican, South Dakota
  • George W. Norris, Republican, Nebraska
  • Tasker L. Oddie, Republican, Nevada
  • Lee S. Overman, Democrat, North Carolina
  • Robert L. Owen, Democrat, Oklahoma
  • Carroll S. Page, Republican, Vermont
  • Boies Penrose, Republican, Pennsylvania. Penrose died 31 December 1921; George W. Pepper filled the vacancy.
  • George W. Pepper, Republican, Pennsylvania. Pepper was appointed and elected to take Boies Penrose's seat after Penrose's death.
  • Lawrence C. Phipps, Republican, Colorado
  • Key Pittman, Democrat, Nevada
  • Miles Poindexter, Republican, Washington
  • Atlee Pomerene, Democrat, Ohio
  • Joseph E. Ransdell, Democrat, Louisiana
  • Charles A. Rawson, Republican, Iowa. Rawson was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by William S. Kenyon's resignation.
  • David A. Reed, Republican, Pennsylvania. Reed was appointed and elected to the Senate after William E. Crow's death.
  • James A. Reed, Democrat, Missouri
  • Joseph T. Robinson, Democrat, Arkansas
  • Morris Sheppard, Democrat, Texas
  • John K. Shields, Democrat, Tennessee
  • Samuel M. Shortridge, Republican, California
  • Furnifold M. Simmons, Democrat, North Carolina
  • Ellison D. Smith, Democrat, South Carolina
  • Reed Smoot, Republican, Utah
  • Selden P. Spencer, Republican, Missouri
  • Robert N. Stanfield, Republican, Oregon
  • Augustus O. Stanley, Democrat, Kentucky
  • Thomas Sterling, Republican, South Dakota
  • Howard Sutherland, Republican, West Virginia
  • Claude A. Swanson, Democrat, Virginia
  • Charles E. Townsend, Republican, Michigan
  • Park Trammell, Democrat, Florida
  • Oscar W. Underwood, Democrat, Alabama
  • James W. Wadsworth, Jr., Republican, New York
  • David I. Walsh, Democrat, Massachusetts
  • Thomas J. Walsh, Democrat, Montana
  • Francis E. Warren, Republican, Wyoming
  • James E. Watson, Republican, Indiana
  • Thomas E. Watson, Democrat, Georgia. Watson died 26 September 1922; his vacant seat was filled at first by the appointed Rebecca L. Felton and then by the elected Walter F. George.
  • Ovington E. Weller, Republican, Maryland
  • John S. Williams, Democrat, Mississippi
  • Frank B. Willis, Republican, Ohio
  • Josiah O. Wolcott, Democrat, Delaware. Wolcott resigned 2 July 1921 to accept a judicial position. He was replaced at first by the appointed Thomas C. du Pont and later by the elected Thomas F. Bayard, Jr.

William Edgar Borah (NSHC statue) William Edgar Borah (June 29, 1865 – January 19, 1940) was an American politician. ... Smith Wildman Brookhart (February 2, 1869 - November 15, 1944), was a member of the United States Senate. ... Holm Olaf Bursum (1867-1953). ... Arthur Capper (July 14, 1865 - December 19, 1951) was an American politician from Kansas. ... LeBaron Bradford Colt (1846 – 1924) was a United States Senator from Rhode Island and a circuit court judge. ... James J. Couzens (August 26, 1872–October 22, 1936) was a U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan, the Mayor of Detroit, an industrialist, and philanthropist. ... August 2 is the 214th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (215th in leap years), with 151 days remaining. ... Charles Allen Culberson (June 10, 1855–March 19, 1925) was a U.S. political figure. ... Categories: Stub | 1850 births | 1926 deaths | Governors of Iowa | United States Senators ... Charles Curtis Charles Curtis (January 25, 1860 – February 8, 1936) was a Representative and a Senator from Kansas as well as the 31st Vice President of the United States. ... Walter Edge Walter Evans Edge (November 20, 1873–October 29, 1956) was an American politician. ... Albert Bacon Fall (November 26, 1861 _ November 30, 1944) was the Secretary of the Interior under President Warren G. Harding, notorious for his involvement in the Teapot Dome scandal. ... March 4 is the 63rd day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (64th in leap years). ... Rebecca Latimer Felton (June 10, 1835-January 24, 1930) was the first woman to serve in the United States Senate. ... November 21 is the 325th day of the year (326th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. ... November 22 is the 326th day (327th on leap years) of the year in the Gregorian calendar. ... Joseph France Joseph Irvin France (b. ... Walter Franklin George (January 29, 1878 – August 24, 1957) was an American politician from the state of Georgia. ... Carter Glass (January 4, 1858–May 28, 1946) was an American politician from Virginia, who served many years in Congress, as well as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under Woodrow Wilson. ... Categories: Stub | 1881 births | 1941 deaths | United States Senators ... Hiram Warren Johnson (September 2, 1866–August 6, 1945) was a leading American Progressive politician from California; he served as Governor from 1911-1917, and as a United States Senator from 1917-1945. ... Wesley Livsey Jones (1863 - 1932) was an American politician, who served as a United States Senator from Washington. ... Frank Billings Kellogg (December 22, 1856 – December 21, 1937) was an American politician and statesman. ... Senator from Wyoming; born near Jacksonville, Cherokee County, Tex. ... William S. Kenyon ( June 10, 1869 - September 9, 1933) represented the state of Iowa in the United States Senator from 1911 to 1922. ... February 24 is the 55th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. ... William Henry King (June 3, 1863 - November 27, 1949) was a American lawyer, jurist, and statesman from Salt Lake City, Utah. ... Robert M. La Follette can refer to two United States politician. ... Irvine Luther Lenroot (January 31, 1869 - January 26, 1949) was a member of the United States Republican Party who served in the House of Representatives from 1909 - 1918, and in United States Senate from 1918 - 1927, for the state of Wisconsin. ... Henry Cabot Lodge (May 12, 1850 – November 9, 1924), was a Republican statesman and noted historian. ... Another Kenneth McKellar was a famous Scottish singer. ... Charles L. McNary Charles Linza McNary ( June 12, 1874 - February 25, 1944) was a U.S. Republican politician from Oregon, best known for serving as Minority Leader of the United States Senate from 1933 to 1944. ... Categories: Stub | 1869 births | 1944 deaths | United States Senators ... Knute Nelson Knute Nelson (February 2, 1843–April 28, 1923) was an American politician. ... Harry Stewart New (1858–1937) was a U.S. journalist and political figure. ... Truman Handy Newberry (November 5, 1864–October 3, 1945) was a U.S. businessman and political figure. ... George William Norris (July 11, 1861 - September 2, 1944) was a U.S. political figure. ... Tasker Lowndes Oddie (October 20, 1870 - February 17, 1950) was a Governor of Nevada and a United States Senator. ... Lee Salter Overman (3 January 1854 - 12 December 1930) was a Democratic U.S. senator from the state of North Carolina between 1903 and 1930. ... December 31 is the 365th day of the year (366th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. ... Key Pittman (September 19, 1872 - November 10, 1940) was a Senator from Nevada. ... Atlee Pomerene (December 6, 1863 _ November 12, 1937) was a Democratic politician from Ohio. ... Joseph Taylor Robinson Joseph Taylor Robinson (26 August 1872 - 14 July 1937) was a Democratic United States Senator, Senate Majority Leader, member of the United States House of Representatives, Governor of Arkansas, and U.S. Vice Presidential candidate. ... John Knight Shields (August 15, 1858 – September 30, 1934) was a Democratic United States Senator from Tennessee from 1913 to 1925. ... Samuel M. Shortridge (1861-1952) was a Republican Senator from California. ... Furnifold McLendel Simmons (20 January 1854 - 30 April 1940) was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from 1887 to 1889 and U.S. senator from the state of North Carolina between 1901 and 1931. ... Ellison Durant Cotton Ed Smith (August 1, 1864 - November 17, 1944) was a Politician from the U.S. State of South Carolina. ... Reed Smoot (1862-1941) was a United States Senator, best known as the first Mormon to serve in the U. S. Senate and for championing the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act in the 1920s. ... Claude Augustus Swanson (March 31, 1862–July 7, 1939) was an American politician. ... Charles Elroy Townsend (August 15, 1856–August 3, 1924) was a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan. ... Park Trammell (April 9, 1876 - May 8, 1936) was the twenty-first governor of Florida and U.S. Senator. ... James Wolcott Wadsworth Jr. ... David Ignatius Walsh (November 11, 1872 - June 11, 1947) was a United States politician from Massachusetts. ... Thomas James Walsh (June 12, 1859 – March 2, 1933) was an American lawyer and politician from Helena, Montana. ... Francis Emroy Warren (June 20, 1844-November 24, 1929) was an American politician of the Republican Party best known for his years in the United States Senate from Wyoming. ... James Eli Watson (November 2, 1864? - July 29, 1948) was a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from the state of Indiana. ... Thomas Edward Watson (5 September 1856–26 September 1922), generally known as Tom Watson, was a United States politician from Georgia. ... September 26 is the 269th day of the year (270th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 96 days remaining. ... Frank Bartlett Willis (December 28, 1871 - March 30, 1928) was a Republican politician from Ohio. ... July 2 is the 183rd day of the year (184th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 182 days remaining. ...

House of Representatives


  • Edward B. Almon, Democrat
  • William B. Bankhead, Democrat
  • Fred L. Blackmon, Democrat
  • William B. Bowling, Democrat
  • George Huddleston, Democrat
  • Lamar Jeffers, Democrat
  • John McDuffie, Democrat
  • William B. Oliver, Democrat
  • Lilius B. Rainey, Democrat
  • Henry B. Steagall, Democrat
  • John R. Tyson, Democrat

Categories: People stubs | 1874 births | 1940 deaths | Speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives ... John McDuffie (September 25, 1883 - November 1, 1950) was born in River Ridge, Alabama on September 25, 1883. ...


Carl T. Hayden Carl Trumbull Hayden (October 2, 1877-January 25, 1972) was the first United States Senator to serve seven terms, and holds the record for longest service in the United States Congress - he served continuously from February 19, 1912 to January 3, 1969. ...


  • William J. Driver, Democrat
  • Henderson M. Jacoway, Democrat
  • William A. Oldfield, Democrat
  • Tilman B. Parks, Democrat
  • Chester W. Taylor, Democrat
  • Samuel M. Taylor, Democrat
  • John N. Tillman, Democrat
  • Otis T. Wingo, Democrat

William Allan Oldfield (1874 - 1928) was a U.S. political figure. ...


  • Henry E. Barbour, Republican
  • Charles F. Curry, Republican
  • John A. Elston, Progressive
  • Arthur M. Free, Republican
  • Julius Kahn, Republican
  • Clarence F. Lea, Democrat
  • Walter F. Lineberger, Republican
  • James H. MacLafferty, Republican
  • John I. Nolan, Republican
  • Mae E. Nolan, Republican
  • Henry Z. Osborne, Republican
  • John E. Raker, Democrat
  • Philip D. Swing, Republican


  • Guy U. Hardy, Republican
  • Edward T. Taylor, Democrat
  • Charles B. Timberlake, Republican
  • William N. Vaile, Republican


  • Edward H. Fenn, Republican
  • Richard P. Freeman, Republican
  • James P. Glynn, Republican
  • Schuyler Merritt, Republican
  • John Q. Tilson, Republican

John Quillin Tilson (April 5, 1866-August 14, 1958) was born in Clearbranch, Tennessee on April 5, 1866. ...


  • Caleb R. Layton, Republican


  • Frank Clark, Democrat
  • Herbert J. Drane, Democrat
  • William J. Sears, Democrat
  • John H. Smithwick, Democrat

Frank Clark is now chairman of the League Managers Association having been a manager at Leyton Orient, Nottingham Forest and Manchester City. ...


  • Thomas M. Bell, Democrat
  • Charles H. Brand, Democrat
  • Charles R. Crisp, Democrat
  • William C. Lankford, Democrat
  • William W. Larsen, Democrat
  • Gordon Lee, Democrat
  • James W. Overstreet, Democrat
  • Frank Park, Democrat
  • William D. Upshaw, Democrat
  • Carl Vinson, Democrat
  • James W. Wise, Democrat
  • William C. Wright, Democrat

Thomas M. Bell was a Democratic representative in the Ohio House of Representatives from 1973-1982 (110th-114th General Assemblies). ... Carl Vinson (November 18, 1883_June 1, 1981) was a Democratic United States Congressman from Georgia who served for over fifty years in the U.S. House. ...


  • Burton L. French, Republican
  • Addison T. Smith, Republican


  • Frederick A. Britten, Republican
  • Edwin B. Brooks, Republican
  • Joseph G. Cannon, Republican
  • Carl R. Chindblom, Republican
  • Ira C. Copley, Progressive
  • Edward E. Denison, Republican
  • Charles E. Fuller, Republican
  • Frank H. Funk, Republican
  • John J. Gorman, Republican
  • William J. Graham, Republican
  • Winnifred S. M. Huck, Republican
  • Clifford C. Ireland, Republican
  • Edward J. King, Republican
  • Stanley H. Kunz, Democrat
  • Martin B. Madden, Republican
  • James R. Mann, Republican
  • William E. Mason, Republican
  • John C. McKenzie, Republican
  • Magne A. Michaelson, Republican
  • Allen F. Moore, Republican
  • John W. Rainey, Democrat
  • William A. Rodenberg, Republican
  • Adolph J. Sabath, Democrat
  • Guy L. Shaw, Republican
  • Elliott W. Sproul, Republican
  • Loren E. Wheeler, Republican
  • Thomas S. Williams, Republican
  • Richard Yates, Republican

U.S. Congresman Joseph Gurney Cannon, smoking a cigar, 1920. ... Edward Joseph King (born May 11, 1925) was the Governor of the U.S. state of Massachusetts from 1979 to 1983. ... Richard Yates (January 18, 1818 - November 27, 1873) was wartime governor of Illinois. ...


  • John S. Benham, Republican
  • Oscar E. Bland, Republican
  • James W. Dunbar, Republican
  • Richard N. Elliott, Republican
  • Louis W. Fairfield, Republican
  • Andrew J. Hickey, Republican
  • Milton Kraus, Republican
  • Oscar R. Luhring, Republican
  • Merrill Moores, Republican
  • Fred S. Purnell, Republican
  • Everett Sanders, Republican
  • Albert H. Vestal, Republican
  • William R. Wood, Republican

Albert Henry Vestal (1875 - 1932) was a U.S. political figure. ...


  • William D. Boies, Republican
  • Cyrenus Cole, Republican
  • Lester J. Dickinson, Republican
  • Cassius C. Dowell, Republican
  • James W. Good, Republican
  • William R. Green, Republican
  • Gilbert N. Haugen, Republican
  • Harry E. Hull, Republican
  • William F. Kopp, Republican
  • Christian W. Ramseyer, Republican
  • Burton E. Sweet, Republican
  • Horace M. Towner, Republican


  • Daniel R. Anthony, Jr., Republican
  • Richard E. Bird, Republican
  • Philip P. Campbell, Republican
  • Homer Hoch, Republican
  • Edward C. Little, Republican
  • James G. Strong, Republican
  • Jasper N. Tincher, Republican
  • Hays B. White, Republican


  • Alben W. Barkley, Democrat
  • James C. Cantrill, Democrat
  • William J. Fields, Democrat
  • Ralph W. E. Gilbert, Democrat
  • Ben Johnson, Democrat
  • David H. Kincheloe, Democrat
  • John W. Langley, Republican
  • Charles F. Ogden, Republican
  • John M. Robsion, Republican
  • Arthur B. Rouse, Democrat
  • Robert Y. Thomas, Jr., Democrat

Alben W. Barkley Alben William Barkley ( November 24, 1877 – April 30, 1956) was a Representative and a Senator from Kentucky and the thirty-fifth Vice President of the United States. ... There have been several people called Ben Johnson or Jonson: Ben Johnson - Canadian Athlete Ben Johnson - American actor Ben Jonson - Elizabethan author This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ...


  • James B. Aswell, Democrat
  • Henry G. Dupré, Democrat
  • George K. Favrot, Democrat
  • Ladislas Lazaro, Democrat
  • Whitmell P. Martin, Progressive
  • James O'Connor, Democrat
  • John N. Sandlin, Democrat
  • Riley J. Wilson, Democrat


  • Carroll L. Beedy, Republican
  • Ira G. Hersey, Republican
  • John E. Nelson, Republican
  • John A. Peters, Republican
  • Wallace H. White, Jr., Republican

Wallace Humphrey White, Jr. ...


  • Albert A. Blakeney, Republican
  • Thomas A. Goldsborough, Democrat
  • John B. P. C. Hill, Republican
  • John C. Linthicum, Democrat
  • Sydney E. Mudd, Republican
  • Frederick N. Zihlman, Republican


  • Abram P. Andrew, Jr., Republican
  • Frederick W. Dallinger, Republican
  • Louis A. Frothingham, Republican
  • James A. Gallivan, Democrat
  • Charles L. Gifford, Republican
  • Frederick H. Gillett, Republican
  • William S. Greene, Republican
  • Robert Luce, Republican
  • Willfred W. Lufkin, Republican
  • Robert S. Maloney, Republican
  • Calvin D. Paige, Republican
  • John J. Rogerts, Republican
  • Peter F. Tague, Democrat
  • George H. Tinkham, Republican
  • Allen T. Treadway, Republican
  • Charles L. Underhill, Republican
  • Joseph Walsh, Republican
  • Samuel E. Winslow, Republican

Frederick Huntington Gillett (October 16, 1851–July 31, 1935) was a prominent U.S. politician during the early 20th century. ...


  • Vincent M. Brennan, Republican
  • George P. Codd, Republican
  • Louis C. Cramton, Republican
  • Joseph W. Fordney, Republican
  • William H. Frankhauser, Republican
  • William F. James, Republican
  • Patrick H. Kelley, Republican
  • John C. Ketcham, Republican
  • Carl E. Mapes, Republican
  • James C. McLaughlin, Republican
  • Earl C. Michener, Republican
  • Frank D. Scott, Republican
  • John M. C. Smith, Republican
  • Roy O. Woodruff, Republican

Vincent Morrison Brennan (April 22, 1890–February 4, 1959) was a politician from the U.S. state of Michigan. ...


  • Sydney Anderson, Republican
  • Frank Clague, Republican
  • Charles R. Davis, Republican
  • Oscar E. Keller, Republican
  • Harold Knutson, Republican
  • Oscar J. Larson, Republican
  • Walter H. Newton, Republican
  • Thomas D. Schall, Republican
  • Halvor Steenerson, Republican
  • Andrew J. Volstead, Republican

Thomas David Schall (June 4, 1878-December 22, 1935) was a United States politician. ... Andrew John Volstead (October 31, 1860 _ January 20, 1947) was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Minnesota from 1903 to 1923. ...


  • James W. Collier, Democrat
  • Ross A. Collins, Democrat
  • Benjamin G. Humphreys, Democrat
  • Paul B. Johnson, Democrat
  • Bill G. Lowrey, Democrat
  • Percy E. Quin, Democrat
  • John E. Rankin, Democrat
  • Thomas U. Sisson, Democrat

Benjamin Grubb Humphreys (August 26, 1808–December 20, American politician from Mississippi. ...


  • William O. Atkeson, Republican
  • Leonidas C. Dyer, Republican
  • Edgar C. Ellis, Republican
  • Charles L. Faust, Republican
  • Harry B. Hawes, Democrat
  • Edward D. Hays, Republican
  • Theodore W. Hukriede, Republican
  • Henry F. Lawrence, Republican
  • Isaac V. McPherson, Republican
  • Frank C. Millspaugh, Republican
  • Cleveland A. Newton, Republican
  • Roscoe C. Patterson, Republican
  • Marion E. Rhodes, Republican
  • Sidney C. Roach, Republican
  • William W. Rucker, Democrat
  • Samuel A. Shelton, Republican


  • Washington J. McCormick, Republican
  • Carl W. Riddick, Republican


  • William E. Andrews, Republican
  • Robert E. Evans, Republican
  • Augustin R. Humphrey, Republican
  • Albert W. Jefferis, Republican
  • Moses P. Kinkaid, Republican
  • Melvin O. McLaughlin, Republican
  • Charles F. Reavis, Republican
  • Roy H. Thorpe, Republican


  • Samuel S. Arentz, Republican

New Hampshire

  • Sherman E. Burroughs, Republican
  • Edward H. Wason, Republican

New Jersey

  • Ernest R. Ackerman, Republican
  • Theodore F. Appleby, Republican
  • Isaac Bacharach, Republican
  • Elijah C. Hutchinson, Republican
  • Frederick R. Lehlbach, Republican
  • Charles F. X. O'Brien, Democrat
  • Archibald E. Olpp, Republican
  • Richard W. Parker, Republican
  • Francis F. Patterson, Jr., Republican
  • Randolph Perkins, Republican
  • Amos H. Radcliffe, Republican
  • Herbert W. Taylor, Republican

New Mexico

  • Néstor Montoya, Republican

New York

  • Martin C. Ansorge, Republican
  • Charles G. Bond, Republican
  • John F. Carew, Democrat
  • Walter M. Chandler, Republican
  • John D. Clarke, Republican
  • William B. Cockran, Democrat
  • Frank Crowther, Republican
  • Thomas H. Cullen, Democrat
  • Stephen W. Dempsey, Republican
  • Thomas B. Dunn, Republican
  • Benjamin L. Fairchild, Republican
  • Hamilton Fish, Republican
  • Norman J. Gould, Republican
  • Anthony J. Griffin, Democrat
  • Lewis Henry, Republican
  • Frederick C. Hicks, Republican
  • Michael J. Hogan, Republican
  • Alanson B. Houghton, Republican
  • James W. Husted, Republican
  • John J. Kindred, Democrat
  • John Kissel, Republican
  • Ardolph L. Kline, Republican
  • Warren I. Lee, Republican
  • Meyer London, Socialist
  • Clarence MacGregor, Republican
  • Walter W. Magee, Republican
  • James M. Mead, Democrat
  • Ogden L. Mills, Republican
  • Luther W. Mott, Republican
  • James S. Parker, Republican
  • Nathan D. Perlman, Republican
  • Andrew N. Petersen, Republican
  • Daniel A. Reed, Republican
  • Daniel J. Riordan, Democrat
  • Albert B. Rossdale, Republican
  • Thomas J. Ryan, Republican
  • Archie D. Sanders, Republican
  • Isaac Siegel, Republican
  • Bertrand H. Snell, Republican
  • Homer P. Snyder, Republican
  • Christopher D. Sullivan, Democrat
  • Peter G. Ten Eyck, Democrat
  • Lester D. Volk, Republican
  • Charles B. Ward, Republican

Hamilton Fish, (3 August 1808–7 September 1893), born in New York City, was an American politician during the time of the American Civil War. ... James Michael Mead (December 27, 1885 - March 15, 1964) held several political offices as a Democrat from New York between 1914 and 1956. ... Ogden Livingston Mills (August 23, 1884–October 11, 1937) was an American businessman and politician. ...

North Carolina

Charles Laban Abernethy (18 March 1872 _ 23 February 1955) was a Democratic U.S. Congressman from North Carolina between 1922 and 1935. ... Robert Lee (Bob) Doughton (1863-1954) was a member of the United States House of Representatives from North Carolina for 42 consecutive years (1911-1953). ... Zebulon Weaver (12 May 1872 - 29 October 1948) was a Democratic U.S. Congressman from North Carolina between 1917 and 1929 and between 1931 and 1947. ...

North Dakota

  • Olger B. Burtness, Republican
  • James H. Sinclair, Republican
  • George M. Young, Republican


  • James T. Begg, Republican
  • Theodore E. Burton, Republican
  • John L. Cable, Republican
  • William W. Chalmers, Republican
  • Raymond C. Cole, Republican
  • John G. Cooper, Republican
  • Simeon D. Fess, Republican
  • Roy G. Fitzgerald, Republican
  • Israel M. Foster, Republican
  • Harry C. Gahn, Republican
  • Joseph H. Himes, Republican
  • Charles C. Kearns, Republican
  • Charles L. Knight, Republican
  • Nicholas Longworth, Republican
  • Charles E. Moore, Republican
  • William M. Morgan, Republican
  • Benjamin F. Murphy, Republican
  • Miner G. Norton, Republican
  • Edwin D. Ricketts, Republican
  • John C. Speaks, Republican
  • Ambrose E. B. Stephens, Republican
  • Charles J. Thompson, Republican

Theodore Elijah Burton (December 20, 1851 - October 28, 1929) was a Republican politician from Ohio. ... Simeon Davison Fess (December 11, 1861 - December 23, 1936) was a Republican politician and educator from Ohio. ... Nicholas Longworth (November 5, 1869-April 9, 1931) was a prominent American politician in the Republican Party during the first third of the 20th century. ...


  • Charles D. Carter, Democrat
  • Thomas A. Chandler, Republican
  • Lorraine M. Gensman, Republican
  • Manuel Herrick, Republican
  • James V. McClintic, Democrat
  • Joseph C. Pringey, Republican
  • Alice M. Robertson, Republican
  • Fletcher B. Swank, Democrat


  • Willis C. Hawley, Republican
  • Clifton N. McArthur, Republican
  • Nicholas J. Sinnott, Republican

Willis Chatman Hawley (May 5, 1864 - July 24, 1941), American politician, was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from Oregon. ...


  • Harris J. Bixler, Republican
  • Edward S. Brooks, Republican
  • William J. Burke, Republican
  • Thomas S. Butler, Republican
  • Guy E. Campbell, Democrat
  • Charles R. Connell, Republican
  • James J. Connolly, Republican
  • Clarence D. Coughlin, Republican
  • George P. Darrow, Republican
  • George W. Edmonds, Republican
  • Benjamin K. Focht, Republican
  • Fred B. Gernerd, Republican
  • George S. Graham, Republican
  • William W. Griest, Republican
  • Evan J. Jones, Republican
  • Melville C. Kelly, Progressive
  • Samuel A. Kendall, Republican
  • Edgar R. Kiess, Republican
  • William H. Kirkpatrick, Republican
  • Isaac C. Kline, Republican
  • Aaron S. Kreider, Republican
  • Louis T. McFadden, Republican
  • Joseph McLaughlin, Republican
  • John M. Morin, Republican
  • Stephen G. Porter, Republican
  • Harry C. Ransley, Republican
  • John Reber, Republican
  • John M. Rose, Republican
  • Milton W. Shreve, Republican
  • Nathan L. Strong, Republican
  • Henry W. Temple, Republican
  • William S. Vare, Republican
  • Anderson H. Walters, Republican
  • Henry W. Watson, Republican
  • Adam M. Wyant, Republican

‹The template below has been proposed for deletion. ...

Rhode Island

  • Clark Burdick, Republican
  • Ambrose Kennedy, Republican
  • Walter R. Stiness, Republican

South Carolina

  • James F. Byrnes, Democrat
  • Frederick H. Dominick, Democrat
  • Hampton P. Fulmer, Democrat
  • William T. Logan, Democrat
  • John J. McSwain, Democrat
  • William F. Stevenson, Democrat
  • Philip H. Stoll, Democrat

Portrait of U.S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes James Francis Byrnes (May 2, 1879 - April 9, 1972) was a confidante of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and at one point was suggested as his running mate for Vice President. ...

South Dakota

  • Charles A. Christopherson, Republican
  • Royal C. Johnson, Republican
  • William Williamson, Republican


  • Joseph E. Brown, Republican
  • Joseph W. Byrns, Democrat
  • Wynne F. Clouse, Republican
  • Ewin L. Davis, Democrat
  • Hubert F. Fisher, Democrat
  • Finis J. Garrett, Democrat
  • Lemuel P. Padgett, Democrat
  • Brazilla C. Reece, Republican
  • Lon A. Scott, Republican
  • James W. Taylor, Republican
  • Clarence W. Turner, Democrat

Joseph Emerson Brown (April 15, 1821–November 30, 1894), often referred to as Joe Brown, was a Governor of Georgia from 1857 to 1865, and a U.S. Senator from 1880 to 1891. ...


  • Eugene Black, Democrat
  • Thomas L. Blanton, Democrat
  • John C. Box, Democrat
  • Clay S. Briggs, Democrat
  • James P. Buchanan, Democrat
  • Thomas T. Connally, Democrat
  • John N. Garner, Democrat
  • Daniel E. Garrett, Democrat
  • Rufus Hardy, Democrat
  • Claude B. Hudspeth, Democrat
  • John M. Jones, Democrat
  • Fritz G. Lanham, Democrat
  • Joseph J. Mansfield, Democrat
  • Lucian W. Parrish, Democrat
  • Samuel T. Rayburn, Democrat
  • Morgan G. Sanders, Democrat
  • Hatton W. Sumners, Democrat
  • Guinn Williams, Democrat
  • Harry M. Wurzbach, Republican

This page is about the U.S. Congressman. ... James P. Buchanan (1867-1937) served as the congressman from the 10th district of Texas from 1913 to 1937. ... John Nance Cactus Jack Garner (November 22, 1868–November 7, 1967) was a Representative from Texas and the thirty-second Vice President of the United States. ...


  • Don B. Colton, Republican
  • Elmer O. Leatherwood, Republican


  • Porter H. Dale, Republican
  • Frank L. Greene, Republican


  • Schuyler O. Bland, Democrat
  • Joseph T. Deal, Democrat
  • Patrick H. Drewry, Democrat
  • Thomas W. Harrison, Democrat
  • James M. Hooker, Democrat
  • Rorer A. James, Democrat
  • Andrew J. Montague, Democrat
  • Robert W. Moore, Democrat
  • John Paul, Republican
  • Campbell B. Slemp, Republican
  • Henry St. George Tucker, Democrat
  • James P. Woods, Democrat

Andrew Jackson Montague (1862 - 1937) was a U.S. political figure. ... John Paul may refer to several individuals: John Paul (actor), who appeared in the BBC television series Doomwatch and I, Claudius John Paul I, Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II, Roman Catholic Pope John Paul Jones, American naval hero John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin musician John Paul Stevens, US Supreme...


  • Lindley H. Hadley, Republican
  • Albert Johnson, Republican
  • John F. Miller, Republican
  • John W. Summers, Republican
  • John S. Webster, Republican

Albert Johnson, known as the Mad Trapper of Rat River, was a petty criminal whose actions eventually sparked off a huge manhunt in the Canada. ... John Franklin Miller (November 21, 1831–March 8, 1886) was a lawyer, politician and soldier. ...

West Virginia

  • George M. Bowers, Republican
  • Leonard S. Echols, Republican
  • Wells Goodykoontz, Republican
  • Stuart F. Reed, Republican
  • Benjamin L. Rosenbloom, Republican
  • Harry C. Woodyard, Republican


  • Joseph D. Beck, Republican
  • Edward E. Browne, Republican
  • David G. Classon, Republican
  • Henry A. Cooper, Republican
  • James A. Frear, Republican
  • John C. Kleczka, Republican
  • Florian Lampert, Republican
  • Adolphus P. Nelson, Republican
  • John M. Nelson, Republican
  • William H. Stafford, Republican
  • Edward Voigt, Republican


Franklin Wheeler Mondell (1860 - 1939) was a U.S. political figure. ...


  • Henry A. Baldwin, Republican, Hawaii
  • Jonah K. Kalanianaole, Republican, Hawaii
  • Daniel A. Sutherland, Republican, Alaska

Resident Commissioners

  • Félix C. Dávila, Unionist, Puerto Rico
  • Jaime C. De Veyra, Philippines
  • Isauro Gabaldon, Philippines


66th Congress Dates of Sessions Major Political Events Officers Senate House of Representatives Members of the Sixty-sixth United States Congress House of Representatives Alabama Edward B. Almon, Democrat William B. Bankhead, Democrat Fred L. Blackmon, Democrat William B. Bowling, Democrat John L. Burnett, Democrat Stanley H. Dent, Jr. ...

United States Congress

68th Congress The Congress of the United States is the legislative branch of the federal government of the United States of America. ... Dates of Sessions 1923-1925 Major Political Events Officers Senate President pro tempore - Albert B. Cummins House of Representatives Speaker of the House - Frederick H. Gillett Members of the Sixty-seventh United States Congress Senate Alva B. Adams, Democrat, Colorado Henry F. Ashurst, Democrat, Arizona Lewis H. Ball, Republican, Delaware...

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Lambert v. Yellowley, 272 U.S. 581 (1926) - U.S. Supreme Court - (3703 words)
When the United States exerts any of the powers conferred upon it by the Constitution, no valid objection can be based upon the fact that such exercise may be attended by some or all of the incidents which attend the exercise by a state of its police power.
If Congress cannot altogether prohibit the prescription for medicinal use, it cannot limit the prescription to an inadequate quantity, for, obviously, in that case, to the extent of the inadequacy, the prohibition is as complete, and the usurpation of power as clear, as though the prohibition were unqualified.
United States, supra), the powers of Congress in that field are not to be assimilated to those of the states.
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