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Encyclopedia > 33rd United States Congress


Philip Allen, Baron Allen of Abbeydale CB KCB GCB (8 July 1912— ) was a British civil servant. ... David Rice Atchison David Rice Atchison (August 11, 1807 - January 26, 1886) was a mid-19th century Democratic United States Senator from Missouri. ... George Edmund Badger (1795 - 1866) was a Whig U.S. senator from the state of North Carolina. ... James Asheton Bayard (1767-1815) was a lawyer and statesman from Wilmington, Delaware. ... Judah P. Benjamin Judah Philip Benjamin (August 6, 1811–May 6, 1884) was a British-American politician and lawyer, who served as a representative in the Louisiana State Legislature, as U.S. Senator for Louisiana, in three successive cabinet posts in the government of the Confederate States of America, and... Albert Gallatin Brown (May 31, 1813–June 12, 1880) was Governor of Mississippi from 1844 to 1848 and a United States Senator from Mississippi from 1854 through 1861. ... Salmon Portland Chase (January 13, 1808–May 7, 1873) was an American politician and jurist in the Civil War era who served as Chief Justice of the United States and previously as U.S. Treasury Secretary under Abraham Lincoln. ... John Middleton Clayton (July 24, 1796–November 9, 1856) was an American statesman from Delaware who served as a U.S. Senator and as the U.S. Secretary of State from 1849 to 1850. ... Augustus Caesar Dodge (January 2, 1812 _ November 20, 1883) was one of the first two United States Senators to represent the state of Iowa after it was admitted to the Union as a state in 1846. ... Stephen A. Douglas Stephen Arnold Douglas (April 23, 1813 - June 3, 1861), American politician from Illinois, was one of the Democratic Party nominees for President in 1860 (the other being John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky). ... William Pitt Fessenden (October 16, 1806—September 8, 1869) was an American politician from the U.S. state of New Hampshire. ... Robert Ward Johnson (22 July 1814 - 26 July 1879) was a Democratic United States Senator and member of the United States House of Representatives from the State of Arkansas. ... George Wallace Jones (April 12, 1804 - July 22, 1896) was one of the first two United States Senators to represent the state of Iowa after it was admitted to the Union as a state in 1846. ... Stephen Russell Mallory (c. ... David Reid 2 Categories: Stub | 1813 births | 1891 deaths | Governors of North Carolina | United States Senators ... Thomas Jefferson Rusk Thomas Jefferson Rusk December 5,1803 - July 29,1857; was a U.S. political figure and a Senator from Texas from 1846 until his suicide. ... Willam H. Seward William Henry Seward (May 16, 1801–October 10, 1872) was United States Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. ... Bonnie Prince Charlie Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Silvester Severino Maria Stuart (December 31, 1720 – January 31, 1788), was the exiled claimant to the thrones of Great Britain and Ireland, commonly known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. Charles was the son of James Francis Edward Stuart, the Old Pretender, who was... Robert Toombs (July 2, 1810–December 15, 1885) was a American political leader. ... Benjamin Franklin Wade (October 27, 1800 _ March 2, 1878) was a U.S. lawyer and politician. ... John B[ryan?] Weller (February 22, 1812–August 17, 1875) was Governor of California from January 8, 1858 to January 9, 1860 and a Congressman from Ohio, U.S. Senator from California and Ambassador. ...


  • James Abercrombie (Whig-AL)
  • William Aiken (D-SC)
  • James Cameron Allen (D-IL)
  • Willis Cameron Allen (D-IL)
  • William Cameron Appleton (Whig-MA)
  • William Shepperd Ashe (D-NC)
  • David Jackson Bailey (D-GA)
  • Edward Jackson Ball (Whig-OH)
  • Nathaniel Prentice Banks (D-MA)
  • William Prentice Barksdale (D-MS)
  • William Taylor Barry (D-MS)
  • Thomas Henry Bayly (D-VA)
  • Nathan Henry Belcher (D-CT)
  • Peter Hansbrough Bell (D-TX)
  • Henry Hansbrough Bennett (Whig-NY)
  • Samuel Page Benson (Whig-ME)
  • Thomas Hart Benton (D-MO)
  • William Harrison Bissell (D-IL)
  • George Harrison Bliss (D-OH)
  • Thomas Stanley Bocock (D-VA)
  • Azariah Stanley Boody (Whig-NY)
  • William Waters Boyce (D-SC)
  • Linn Waters Boyd (D-KY)
  • John Cabell Breckinridge (D-KY)
  • Samuel Augustus Bridges (D-PA)
  • Francis Marion Bristow (Whig-KY)
  • Preston Smith Brooks (D-SC)
  • Robert Malone Bugg (Whig-TN)
  • Brookins Malone Campbell (D-TN)
  • Lewis Davis Campbell (Whig-OH)
  • Davis Carpenter (Whig-NY)
  • Samuel Davis Caruthers (Whig-MO)
  • John Samuels Caskie (D-VA)
  • Ebenezer Mattoon Chamberlain (D-IN)
  • Joseph Ripley Chandler (Whig-PA)
  • George William Chase (Whig-NY)
  • Elijah Webb Chastain (D-GA)
  • James Stone Chrisman (D-KY)
  • William Montgomery Churchwell (D-TN)
  • Samuel Montgomery Clark (D-MI)
  • Thomas Lanier Clingman (Whig-NC)
  • Williamson Robert Cobb (D-AL)
  • Alfred Holt Colquitt (D-GA)
  • John Parsons Cook (Whig-IA)
  • Moses Bledso Corwin (Whig-OH)
  • Leander Martin Cox (Whig-KY)
  • Francis Burton Craige (D-NC)
  • Samuel Leonard Crocker (Whig-MA)
  • William Leonard Cullom (Whig-TN)
  • Thomas William Cumming (D-NY)
  • Carlton Brandaga Curtis (D-PA)
  • Francis Brockholst Cutting (D-NY)
  • John Givan Davis (D-IN)
  • Thomas Givan Davis (D-RI)
  • John Littleton Dawson (D-PA)
  • Alexander Littleton De Witt (Free Soil-MA)
  • Gilbert Littleton Dean (D-NY)
  • William Barton Dent (D-GA)
  • John Barton Dick (Whig-PA)
  • Edward Barton Dickinson (Whig-MA)
  • David Tiernan Disney (D-OH)
  • James Ferguson Dowdell (D-AL)
  • Augustus Ferguson Drum (D-PA)
  • William Ferguson Dunbar (D-LA)
  • Cyrus Livingston Dunham (D-IN)
  • Ben C. Eastman (D-WI)
  • Norman C. Eddy (D-IN)
  • Alfred Peck Edgerton (D-OH)
  • John Wiley Edmands (Whig-MA)
  • Henry Alonzo Edmundson (D-VA)
  • Thomas Dawes Eliot (Whig-MA)
  • John Milton Elliott (D-KY)
  • Andrew Milton Ellison (D-OH)
  • William Hayden English (D-IN)
  • Emerson Hayden Etheridge (Whig-TN)
  • William Hayden Everhart (Whig-PA)
  • Presley Underwood Ewing (Whig-KY)
  • Ephraim Wilder Farley (Whig-ME)
  • Charles James Faulkner (Whig-VA)
  • Reuben Eaton Fenton (D-NY)
  • Thomas Thorn Flagler (Whig-NY)
  • Thomas Birch Florence (D-PA)
  • John Rankin Franklin (Whig-MD)
  • Thomas James Fuller (D-ME)
  • James Gamble (D-PA)
  • Joshua Reed Giddings (Whig-OH)
  • William Osborne Goode (D-VA)
  • John Zacheus Goodrich (Whig-MA)
  • Henry Charles Goodwin (Whig-NY)
  • Frederick William Green (D-OH)
  • Alfred Burton Greenwood (D-AR)
  • Benjamin Edwards Grey (Whig-KY)
  • Galusha Aaron Grow (D-PA)
  • William Thomas Hamilton (D-MD)
  • Aaron Thomas Harlan (Whig-OH)
  • Andrew Jackson Harlan (D-IN)
  • Sampson Willis Harris (D-AL)
  • Wiley Pope Harris (D-MS)
  • John Scott Harrison (Whig-OH)
  • George Scott Hastings (D-NY)
  • Solomon George Haven (Whig-NY)
  • Thomas Andrews Hendricks (D-IN)
  • Bernhart Andrews Henn (D-IA)
  • Harry Andrews Hibbard (D-NH)
  • Isaac Ellmaker Hiester (Whig-PA)
  • Clement Sidney Hill (Whig-KY)
  • Junius Sidney Hillyer (D-GA)
  • George Smith Houston (D-AL)
  • Thomas Marshall Howe (Whig-PA)
  • Charles Marshall Hughes (D-NY)
  • Theodore Gaillard Hunt (Whig-LA)
  • Colin Macrae Ingersoll (D-CT)
  • Harvey Hull Johnson (D-OH)
  • Daniel Terryll Jones (D-NY)
  • George Washington Jones (D-TN)
  • Jehu Glancy Jones (D-PA)
  • Roland Glancy Jones (D-LA)
  • Laurence Massillon Keitt (D-SC)
  • John Massillon Kerr (Whig-NC)
  • Zedekiah Massillon Kidwell (D-VA)
  • George Washington Kittredge (D-NH)
  • James Washington Knox (Whig-IL)
  • William Henry Kurtz (D-PA)
  • Alfred William Lamb (D-MO)
  • James Henry Lane (D-IN)
  • Milton Slocum Latham (D-CA)
  • John Slocum Letcher (D-VA)
  • Charles Swearinger Lewis (D-VA)
  • Samuel Swearinger Lilly (D-NJ)
  • James Johnson Lindley (Whig-MO)
  • William Dell Lindsley (D-OH)
  • Caleb Dell Lyon IndependentNY)
  • Moses Dell Macdonald (D-ME)
  • Daniel Dell Mace (D-IN)
  • John B. Macy (D-WI)
  • Orsamus Benajah Matteson (Whig-NY)
  • James Benajah Maurice (D-NY)
  • Augustus Emmett Maxwell (D-FL)
  • Henry Emmett May (D-MD)
  • Samuel Emmett Mayall (D-ME)
  • John Emmett Mcculloch (Whig-PA)
  • James Alexander Mcdougall (D-CA)
  • Fayette Alexander Mcmullen (D-VA)
  • John Alexander Mcnair (D-PA)
  • John Alexander Mcqueen (D-SC)
  • James Alexander Meacham (Whig-VT)
  • Ner Alexander Middleswarth (Whig-PA)
  • John Gaines Miller (Whig-MO)
  • Smith Gaines Miller (D-IN)
  • John Singleton Millson (D-VA)
  • Edwin Barber Morgan (Whig-NY)
  • George Washington Morrison (D-NH)
  • Henry Augustus Muhlenberg (D-PA)
  • William Augustus Murray (D-NY)
  • Matthias H. Nichols (D-OH)
  • David Addison Noble (D-MI)
  • Jesse Olds Norton (Whig-IL)
  • Edson Baldwin Olds (D-OH)
  • Andrew Baldwin Oliver (D-NY)
  • Mordecai Baldwin Oliver (Whig-MO)
  • James Lawrence Orr (D-SC)
  • Asa Lawrence Packer (D-PA)
  • Samuel Wilson Parker (Whig-IN)
  • Jared Valentine Peck (D-NY)
  • Rufus Wheeler Peckham (D-NY)
  • Alexander Cumming Pennington (Whig-NJ)
  • Bishop Cumming Perkins (D-NY)
  • John Cumming Perkins (D-LA)
  • John Smith Phelps (D-MO)
  • Philip Smith Phillips (D-AL)
  • Paulus Smith Powell (D-VA)
  • James Timothy Pratt (D-CT)
  • William Timothy Preston (Whig-KY)
  • Benjamin Timothy Pringle (Whig-NY)
  • Richard Clauselle Puryear (Whig-NC)
  • Charles Clauselle Ready (Whig-TN)
  • David Addison Reese (Whig-GA)
  • William Alexander Richardson (D-IL)
  • George Read Riddle (D-DE)
  • Thomas Read Ritchey (D-OH)
  • David Read Ritchie (Whig-PA)
  • John Read Robbins (D-PA)
  • Sion Hart Rogers (Whig-NC)
  • Peter Hart Rowe (D-NY)
  • Thomas Hart Ruffin (D-NC)
  • Samuel Lyon Russell (Whig-PA)
  • Alvah Lyon Sabin (Whig-VT)
  • Russell Lyon Sage (Whig-NY)
  • William Robinson Sapp (Whig-OH)
  • Zeno Robinson Scudder (Whig-MA)
  • James Lindsay Seward (D-GA)
  • Origen Storrs Seymour (D-CT)
  • Wilson Storrs Shannon (D-OH)
  • Henry Marchmore Shaw (D-NC)
  • Jacob Marchmore Shower (D-MD)
  • George Abel Simmons (Whig-NY)
  • Otho Robards Singleton (D-MS)
  • Charles Robards Skelton (D-NJ)
  • Gerrit Robards Smith (Free Soilier-NY)
  • Samuel Axley Smith (D-TN)
  • William Axley Smith (D-VA)
  • William Russell Smith (D-AL)
  • George Washington Smyth (D-TX)
  • John Fryall Snodgrass (D-VA)
  • Augustus Rhodes Sollers (Whig-MD)
  • Frederick Perry Stanton (D-TN)
  • Richard Henry Stanton (D-KY)
  • Alexander Hamilton Stephens (Whig-GA)
  • Hestor Lockhart Stevens (D-MI)
  • Nathan Taylor Stratton (D-NJ)
  • Christian Markle Straub (D-PA)
  • Andrew Markle Stuart (D-OH)
  • David Markle Stuart (D-MI)
  • John James Taylor (D-NY)
  • John Lampkin Taylor (Whig-OH)
  • Nathaniel Green Taylor (Whig-TN)
  • Isaac Green Teller (Whig-NY)
  • Benjamin Babock Thurston (D-RI)
  • Andrew Babock Tracy (Whig-VT)
  • Michael Carver Trout (D-PA)
  • William Marcy Tweed (D-NY)
  • Charles Wentworth Upham (Whig-MA)
  • George Wentworth Vail (D-NJ)
  • Joshua Wentworth Van Sant (D-MD)
  • Edward Wentworth Wade (Free Soil-OH)
  • Hiram Wentworth Walbridge (D-NY)
  • William Adams Walker (D-NY)
  • Samuel Hurd Walley (Whig-MA)
  • Michael Hurd Walsh (D-NY)
  • Edward Allen Warren (D-AR)
  • Israel Allen Washburn (Whig-ME)
  • Elihu Benjamin Washburne (Whig-IL)
  • Daniel Benjamin Wells (D-WI)
  • John Benjamin Wentworth (D-IL)
  • Tappan Benjamin Wentworth (Whig-MA)
  • Theodoric Romeyn Westbrook (D-NY)
  • John Romeyn Wheeler (D-NY)
  • William Henry Witte (D-PA)
  • Daniel Boone Wright (D-MS)
  • Hendrick Bradley Wright (D-PA)
  • Richard Bradley Yates (Whig-IL)
  • Felix Kirk Zollicoffer (Whig-TN)
Sir James Abercrombie (1706-April 28, 1781) was a British General and commander of forces in America during the French and Indian War who met with disaster in the Battle of Ticonderoga (1758). ... William Shepperd Ashe (14 September 1814 - 14 Septemer 1862) was a Democratic U.S. Congressman from North Carolina between 1849 and 1855. ... William Taylor Barry (February 5, 1784–August 30, 1835) was an American statesman and jurist. ... Thomas Hart Benton is a name shared by the following American men: Thomas Hart Benton (senator) (1782-1858) Thomas Hart Benton (painter) (1889-1975) This is a disambiguation page — a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. ... John Cabell Breckinridge (January 16, 1821–May 17, 1875) was a U.S. Representative and a Senator from Kentucky and the fourteenth Vice President of the United States. ... J.L. Magees infamous political cartoon about the attack on Charles Sumner Preston Smith Brooks (August 5, 1819 - January 27, 1857) was a Congressman from South Carolina. ... Categories: Stub | 1812 births | 1897 deaths | United States Senators ... William Hayden English (August 27, 1822–February 7, 1896) was an American politician. ... ... Galusha Aaron Grow (August 31, 1822–March 31, 1907) was a prominent U.S. politician, lawyer, and businessman, and was Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1861 to 1863. ... John Scott Harrison (1804-1878) was an American Congressman who represented the second district of Ohio from 1853 to 1857. ... Thomas Andrews Hendricks (September 7, 1819–November 25, 1885) was a Representative and a Senator from Indiana and the twenty-first Vice President of the United States. ... Isaac Ellmaker Hiester (1824-1871) An American political leader of the 19th Century. ... Categories: Pages needing attention | Stub | 1814 births | 1866 deaths | United States Senators | Suicides ... Milton Slocum Latham (May 23, 1827–March 4, 1882) was Governor of California for five days: January 9–January 14, 1860. ... Henry Augustus Muhlenberg (1823-1854) was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania and a member of the Muhlenberg Family political dynasty. ... James Lawrence Orr (May 12, 1822–May 5, 1873) was an American politician who served as a Democratic Congressman from South Carolina from 1849 to 1859. ... This article is about the Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; for Justice Peckhams father of the same name who served in the U.S. House of Representatives, see Rufus Wheeler Peckham (1809-1873). ... Sion Hart Rogers (30 September 1825 - 14 August 1874) was a Congressman from and Attorney General of the U.S. state of North Carolina. ... Alexander Hamilton Stephens (February 11, 1812 - March 4, 1883) was Vice President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. ... 1869 tobacco label featuring Boss Tweed William Marcy Tweed a. ... Categories: Stub | 1816 births | 1887 deaths | Members of the U.S. House of Representatives | U.S. Secretaries of State ...

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A conference committee in the United States Congress and bicamerial state legislature is a committee appointed by the members of the upper and lower house to resolve disagreements on a bill passed in different versions of each House.
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