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Encyclopedia > 29th United States Congress
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Twenty-ninth United States Congress

This is currently a draft article. The text in this article is computer-generated. Links and spelling have to be verified. See Wikipedia:WikiProject US Congress.


Major Political Events

Members of the Twenty-ninth United States Congress

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  • Amos Abbott (Representative), Whig, MA
  • John Quincy Adams (Representative), Whig, MA
  • Stephen Adams (Representative), Democrat, MS
  • William Allen (Senator), Democrat, OH
  • Joseph Halstead Anderson (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • William Segar Archer (Senator), Whig, VA
  • Lemuel Hastings Arnold (Representative), Whig, RI
  • Chester Ashley (Senator), Democrat, AR
  • George Ashmun (Representative), Whig, MA
  • David Rice Atchison (Senator), Democrat, MO
  • Charles Gordon Atherton (Senator), Democrat, NH
  • Archibald Atkinson (Representative), Democrat, VA


  • George Edmund Badger (Senator), Whig, NC
  • Arthur Pendleton Bagby (Senator), Democrat, AL
  • Edward Dickinson Baker (Representative), Whig, IL
  • Daniel Moreau Barringer (Representative), Whig, NC
  • Alexander Barrow (Senator), Whig, LA
  • Isaac Chapman Bates (Senator), Whig, MA
  • Thomas Henry Bayly (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Henry Bedinger (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Joshua Fry Bell (Representative), Whig, KY
  • Charles Swan Benton (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Thomas Hart Benton (Senator), Democrat, MO
  • John Macpherson Berrien (Senator), Whig, GA
  • Asa Biggs (Representative), Democrat, NC
  • James Black (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • James Augustus Black (Representative), Democrat, SC
  • John Blanchard (Representative), Whig, PA
  • Franklin Welsh Bowdon (Representative), Democrat, AL
  • James Butler Bowlin (Representative), Democrat, MO
  • Linn Boyd (Representative), Democrat, KY
  • Sidney Breese (Senator), Democrat, IL
  • Jesse David Bright (Senator), Democrat, IN
  • Jacob Brinkerhoff (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • William Henry Brockenbrough (Representative), Democrat, FL
  • Richard Brodhead (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • Milton Brown (Representative), Whig, TN
  • William Gay Brown (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • James Buchanan (Senator), Jacksonian, PA
  • Joseph Buffington (Representative), Whig, PA
  • Armistead Burt (Representative), Democrat, SC
  • Andrew Pickens Butler (Senator), Democrat, SC


  • Edward Carrington Cabell (Representative), Whig, FL
  • John Caldwell Calhoun (Senator), Democrat, SC
  • Simon Cameron (Senator), Democrat, PA
  • John Hull Campbell (Representative), American Party, PA
  • William W. Campbell (Representative), American Party, NY
  • Charles Holker Carroll (Representative), Whig, NY
  • Lewis Cass (Senator), Democrat, MI
  • Charles William Cathcart (Representative), Democrat, IN
  • Joseph Williams Chalmers (Senator), Democrat, MS
  • Augustus Alexandria Chapman (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • John Grant Chapman (Representative), Whig, MD
  • Reuben Chapman (Representative), Democrat, AL
  • Lucien Bonaparte Chase (Representative), Democrat, TN
  • John Smith Chipman (Representative), Democrat, MI
  • Joseph Cilley (Senator), Liberty, NH
  • Henry Selby Clark (Representative), Democrat, NC
  • John Middleton Clayton (Senator), Whig, DE
  • Thomas Clayton (Senator), Whig, DE
  • Howell Cobb (Representative), Democrat, GA
  • William Michael Cocke (Representative), Whig, TN
  • Jacob Collamer (Representative), Whig, VT
  • John Francis Collin (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Walter Terry Colquitt (Senator), Democrat, GA
  • Albert Constable (Representative), Democrat, MD
  • Thomas Corwin (Senator), Whig, OH
  • James La Fayette Cottrell (Representative), Democrat, AL
  • Henry Young Cranston (Representative), Whig, RI
  • John Jordan Crittenden (Senator), Whig, KY
  • John Hervey Crozier (Representative), Whig, TN
  • Alvan Cullom (Representative), Democrat, TN
  • Erastus Dean Culver (Representative), Whig, NY
  • John D. Cummins (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • Francis Alanson Cunningham (Representative), Democrat, OH


  • John Reeves Jones Daniel (Representative), Democrat, NC
  • Edmund Strother Dargan (Representative), Democrat, AL
  • Cornelius Darragh (Representative), Whig, PA
  • Garrett Davis (Representative), Whig, KY
  • Jefferson Davis (Representative), Democrat, MS
  • John Davis (Senator), Whig, MA
  • John Wesley Davis (Speaker of the House), Democrat, US
  • John Bennett Dawson (Representative), Democrat, LA
  • William Lewis Dayton (Senator), Whig, NJ
  • John DE Mott (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Columbus Delano (Representative), Whig, OH
  • Daniel Stevens Dickinson (Senator), Democrat, NY
  • Paul Dillingham, Jr. (Representative), Democrat, VT
  • John Adams Dix (Senator), Democrat, NY
  • James Dixon (Representative), Whig, CT
  • James Cochrane Dobbin (Representative), Democrat, NC
  • Alfred Dockery (Representative), Whig, NC
  • Augustus Caesar Dodge (Delegate), Democrat, Iowa Territory
  • Stephen Arnold Douglas (Representative), Democrat, IL
  • George Coke Dromgoole (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Robert Pinckney Dunlap (Representative), Democrat, ME


  • Joseph E. Edsall (Representative), Democrat, NJ
  • Henry Thomas Ellett (Representative), Democrat, MS
  • Samuel Stewart Ellsworth (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Jacob Erdman (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • George Evans (Senator), Whig, ME
  • Edwin Hickman Ewing (Representative), Whig, TN
  • John Hoge Ewing (Representative), Whig, PA


  • John Fairfield (Senator), Democrat, ME
  • James John Faran (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • Orlando Bell Ficklin (Representative), Democrat, IL
  • Solomon Foot (Representative), Whig, VT
  • Henry Donnel Foster (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • George Fries (Representative), Democrat, OH


  • William Swan Garvin (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • Meredith Poindexter Gentry (Representative), Whig, TN
  • Joshua Reed Giddings (Representative), Whig, OH
  • William Fell Giles (Representative), Democrat, MD
  • Charles Goodyear (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Samuel Gordon (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • James Graham (Representative), Whig, NC
  • Albert Collins Greene (Senator), Whig, RI
  • Henry Grider (Representative), Whig, KY
  • Joseph Grinnell (Representative), Whig, MA
  • Martin Grover (Representative), Democrat, NY


  • Artemas Hale (Representative), Whig, MA
  • Hannibal Hamlin (Representative), Democrat, ME
  • James Giles Hampton (Representative), Whig, NJ
  • Edward Allen Hannegan (Senator), Democrat, IN
  • Hugh A. Haralson (Representative), Democrat, GA
  • John Henry Harmanson (Representative), Democrat, LA
  • Alexander Harper (Representative), Whig, OH
  • Serranus Clinton Hastings (Representative), Democrat, IA
  • William Henry Haywood, Jr. (Senator), Democrat, NC
  • Thomas Jefferson Henley (Representative), Democrat, IN
  • John Henry (Representative), Whig, IL
  • Richard Platt Herrick (Representative), Whig, NY
  • Henry Washington Hilliard (Representative), Whig, AL
  • Joseph Pendleton Hoge (Representative), Democrat, IL
  • Elias Bellows Holmes (Representative), Whig, NY
  • Isaac Edward Holmes (Representative), Democrat, SC
  • George Washington Hopkins (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • William Jervis Hough (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • George Smith Houston (Representative), Democrat, AL
  • John Wallace Houston (Representative), Whig, DE
  • Samuel Houston (Senator), Democrat, TX
  • Edmund Wilcox Hubard (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Samuel Dickinson Hubbard (Representative), Whig, CT
  • Charles Hudson (Representative), Whig, MA
  • Orville Hungerford (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • James Bennett Hunt (Representative), Democrat, MI
  • Washington Hunt (Representative), Whig, NY
  • Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter (Representative), Whig, VA
  • Jabez Williams Huntington (Senator), Whig, CT



  • Spencer Jarnagin (Senator), Whig, TN
  • Timothy Jenkins (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Benning Wentworth Jenness (Senator), Democrat, NH
  • Andrew Johnson (Representative), Democrat, TN
  • Henry Johnson (Senator), Whig, LA
  • James Hutchins Johnson (Representative), Democrat, NH
  • Joseph Johnson (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Reverdy Johnson (Senator), Whig, MD
  • George Washington Jones (Representative), Democrat, TN
  • Seaborn Jones (Representative), Democrat, GA


  • David Spangler Kaufman (Representative), Democrat, TX
  • Andrew Kennedy (Representative), Democrat, IN
  • Daniel Putnam King (Representative), Whig, MA
  • Preston King (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Thomas Butler King (Representative), Whig, GA


  • LA SÉRE, Emile (Representative), Democrat, LA
  • John Watson Lawrence (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Shelton Farrar Leake (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Shepherd Leffler (Representative), Democrat, IA
  • Owen D. Leib (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • Lewis Charles Levin (Representative), American Party, PA
  • David Levy (Senator), Democrat, FL
  • Abner Lewis (Representative), Whig, NY
  • Dixon Hall Lewis (Senator), Democrat, AL
  • Thomas Watkins Ligon (Representative), Democrat, MD
  • Edward Henry Carroll Long (Representative), Whig, MD
  • John Henry Lumpkin (Representative), Democrat, GA


  • William Brown Maclay (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Willie Person Mangum (Senator), Whig, NC
  • George Perkins Marsh (Representative), Whig, VT
  • Barclay Martin (Representative), Democrat, TN
  • John Preston Martin (Representative), Democrat, KY
  • Morgan Lewis Martin (Delegate), Democrat, Wisconsin Territory
  • James Murray Mason (Senator), Democrat, VA
  • Moses McClean (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • Robert McClelland (Representative), Democrat, MI
  • John Alexander McClernand (Representative), Democrat, IL
  • Felix Grundy McConnell (Representative), Democrat, AL
  • John Dennis McCrate (Representative), Democrat, ME
  • William McDaniel (Representative), Democrat, MO
  • James McDowell (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Joseph Jefferson McDowell (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • George McDuffie (Senator), Democrat, SC
  • Edward Wilson McGaughey (Representative), Whig, IN
  • John Hardin McHenry (Representative), Whig, KY
  • Abraham Robinson McIlvaine (Representative), Whig, PA
  • James Iver McKay (Representative), Democrat, NC
  • Jacob Welsh Miller (Senator), Whig, NJ
  • William Starr Miller (Representative), American Party, NY
  • James Turner Morehead (Senator), Whig, KY
  • Joseph Morris (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • Isaac Edward Morse (Representative), Democrat, LA
  • William Abbott Moseley (Representative), Whig, NY
  • Mace Moulton (Representative), Democrat, NH




  • Isaac Parrish (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • William Winter Payne (Representative), Democrat, AL
  • James Alfred Pearce (Senator), Whig, MD
  • John Strother Pendleton (Representative), Whig, VA
  • Isaac Samuels Pennybacker (Senator), Democrat, VA
  • Augustus Leonard Perrill (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • Thomas Johns Perry (Representative), Democrat, MD
  • Joseph Hopkins Peyton (Representative), Whig, TN
  • John Smith Phelps (Representative), Democrat, MO
  • Samuel Shethar Phelps (Senator), Whig, VT
  • Timothy Pilsbury (Representative), Democrat, TX
  • James Pollock (Representative), Whig, PA
  • Sterling Price (Representative), Democrat, MO


  • Alexander Ramsey (Representative), Whig, PA
  • George Oscar Rathbun (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • David Settle Reid (Representative), Democrat, NC
  • James Hugh Relfe (Representative), Democrat, MO
  • Robert Barnwell Rhett (Representative), Democrat, SC
  • Thomas C. Ripley (Representative), Whig, NY
  • John Ritter (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • Robert Whyte Roberts (Representative), Democrat, MS
  • John Arnold Rockwell (Representative), Whig, CT
  • Julius Rockwell (Representative), Whig, MA
  • Joseph Mosley Root (Representative), Free Soilier, OH
  • John Runk (Representative), Whig, NJ
  • Thomas Jefferson Rusk (Senator), Democrat, TX
  • Joseph Russell (Representative), Democrat, NY


  • Cullen Sawtelle (Representative), Democrat, ME
  • William Sawyer (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • John Fairfield Scamman (Representative), Democrat, ME
  • Robert Cumming Schenck (Representative), Whig, OH
  • Henry John Seaman (Representative), American Party, NY
  • James Alexander Seddon (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • James Semple (Senator), Democrat, IL
  • Luther Severance (Representative), Whig, ME
  • Ambrose Hundley Sevier (Senator), Jacksonian, AR
  • James Fowler Simmons (Senator), Whig, RI
  • Richard Franklin Simpson (Representative), Democrat, SC
  • Alexander Dromgoole Sims (Representative), Democrat, SC
  • Leonard Henly Sims (Representative), Democrat, MO
  • John Slidell (Representative), Democrat, LA
  • Albert Smith (Representative), Whig, NY
  • Caleb Blood Smith (Representative), Whig, IN
  • Robert Smith (Representative), Democrat, IL
  • Robert Barnwell Smith (Representative), Democrat, SC
  • Thomas Smith (Representative), Democrat, IN
  • Truman Smith (Representative), Whig, CT
  • SOULÉ, Pierre (Senator), Democrat, LA
  • Jesse Speight (Senator), Democrat, MS
  • Henry ST. John (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • Frederick Perry Stanton (Representative), Democrat, TN
  • David Austin Starkweather (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • Alexander Hamilton Stephens (Representative), Whig, GA
  • Andrew Stewart (Representative), Whig, PA
  • John Strohm (Representative), Whig, PA
  • Stephen Strong (Representative), Democrat, NY
  • Daniel Sturgeon (Senator), Democrat, PA
  • George Sykes (Representative), Democrat, NJ


  • William Taylor (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Bannon Goforth Thibodeaux (Representative), -, LA
  • William Poindexter Thomasson (Representative), Whig, KY
  • Benjamin Thompson (Representative), Whig, MA
  • Jacob Thompson (Representative), Democrat, MS
  • James Thompson (Representative), Democrat, PA
  • Allen G. Thurman (Representative), Democrat, OH
  • John Wooleston Tibbatts (Representative), Democrat, KY
  • Daniel Rose Tilden (Representative), Whig, OH
  • Robert Augustus Toombs (Representative), Whig, GA
  • George Washington Bonaparte Towns (Representative), Democrat, GA
  • William Marshall Tredway (Representative), Democrat, VA
  • Andrew Alkire Trumbo (Representative), Whig, KY
  • Hopkins Lacy Turney (Senator), Democrat, TN


  • William Upham (



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