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Encyclopedia > 180 (number)

180 (one hundred eighty in American English, one hundred and eighty in British English) is the natural number following 179 and preceding 181. For other uses, see American English (disambiguation). ... British English (BrE) is a broad term used to distinguish the forms of the English language used in the United Kingdom from forms used elsewhere. ... 179 is the natural number between 178 and 180. ... 181 is the natural number between 180 and 182. ...

List of numbersIntegers

<< 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 >> This is a list of articles about numbers (not about numerals). ... The integers are commonly denoted by the above symbol. ... 179 is the natural number between 178 and 180. ... 181 is the natural number between 180 and 182. ... 182 is the natural number between 181 and 183. ... Cardinal One hundred [and] eighty-three Ordinal 183rd Factorization Roman numeral CLXXXIII Binary 10110111 Hexadecimal B7 183 is the natural number following 182 and preceding 184. ... Cardinal One hundred [and] eighty-four Ordinal 184th Factorization Roman numeral CLXXXIV Binary 10111000 Hexadecimal B8 184 is the natural number following 183 and preceding 185. ... 185 (Roman: CLXXXV) is the number equal to 37 times 5. ... 186 is the natural number following 185 and preceding 187. ... Cardinal One hundred [and] eighty-seven Ordinal 187th Factorization Roman numeral CLXXXVII Binary 10111011 Hexadecimal BB 187 is the natural number following 186 and preceding 188. ... Cardinal One hundred [and] eighty-eight Ordinal 188th Factorization Roman numeral CLXXXVIII Binary 10111100 Hexadecimal BC 188 is the natural number following 187 and preceding 189. ... Cardinal One hundred [and] eighty-nine Ordinal 189th Factorization Roman numeral CLXXXIX Binary 10111101 Hexadecimal BD 189 is the natural number following 188 and preceding 190. ... 190 is the natural number following one hundred eighty-nine and preceding one hundred ninety-one. ...

Cardinal One hundred [and]
Ordinal 180th
Factorization 2^2 cdot 3^2 cdot 5
Roman numeral CLXXX
Binary 10110100
Duodecimal 130
Hexadecimal B4
Vigesimal 90

Aleph-0, the smallest infinite cardinal In mathematics, cardinal numbers, or cardinals for short, are a generalized kind of number used to denote the size of a set. ... Commonly, ordinal numbers, or ordinals for short, are numbers used to denote the position in an ordered sequence: first, second, third, fourth, etc. ... In mathematics, factorization or factoring is the decomposition of an object (for example, a number, a polynomial, or a matrix) into a product of other objects, or factors, which when multiplied together give the original. ... The system of Roman numerals is a numeral system originating in ancient Rome, and was adapted from Etruscan numerals. ... The binary numeral system, or base-2 number system, is a numeral system that represents numeric values using two symbols, usually 0 and 1. ... The duodecimal (also known as base-12 or dozenal) system is a numeral system using twelve as its base. ... In mathematics and computer science, hexadecimal, base-16, or simply hex, is a numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16, usually written using the symbols 0–9 and A–F, or a–f. ... The vigesimal or base-20 numeral system is based on twenty (in the same way in which the ordinary decimal numeral system is based on ten). ...

In mathematics

One hundred [and] eighty is the sum of six consecutive primes (19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41), as well as the sum of eight consecutive primes (11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37).

The sum of Euler's totient function φ(x) over the first twenty-four integers is 180. Since 180 is divisible by the total number of its divisors, it is a refactorable number. The first thousand values of φ(n) In number theory, the totient (n) of a positive integer n is defined to be the number of positive integers less than or equal to n and coprime to n. ... A refactorable number or tau number is an integer n that is divisible by the count of its divisors, or to put it algebraically, n is such that . ...

Using degrees (°) to measure angles, 180° is called straight angle, and makes a semicircle. 180° is equivalent to π rads. In normal space, the interior angles of a triangle add up to 180°. A degree (in full, a degree of arc, arc degree, or arcdegree), usually symbolized °, is a measurement of plane angle, representing 1/360 of a full rotation. ... This article is about angles in geometry. ... A semicircle of radius r. ... Lower-case pi The mathematical constant Ï€ is a real number which may be defined as the ratio of a circles circumference (Greek περιφέρεια, periphery) to its diameter in Euclidean geometry, and which is in common use in mathematics, physics, and engineering. ... Some common angles, measured in radians. ... A triangle is one of the basic shapes of geometry: a polygon with three vertices and three sides which are straight line segments. ...

180 is a Harshad number in base 10. A Harshad number, or Niven number, is an integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits in a given number base. ...

In other fields

  • 180° also means antipode. For example, a "180-degree change" indicates a radical change.
  • The maximum possible score in one turn at darts (three treble 20s).
  • In astronomy, when two planets are 180 degrees apart, they are said to be in opposition. In astrology, this is an aspect that is considered to be negative in influence.
  • The year AD 180 or 180 BC.
  • A BMX trick where a rider rotates the bike and themselves through half a turn and lands, now rolling backwards.

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