FACTOID # 4: Alaska spends more money per capita on elementary and secondary education than any other state.
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Discussion - Education > Best Educated Index

These are comments that our moderators found as non-authoritative though possibly interesting for further discussion on Education > Best Educated Index


18th February 2013
yeah dude Wisco is the best state ever. we is sooooo smart up in here this united states america thing you guys. we are so sick down here guys! lets go bucks!!!!
5th January 2013
That's so funny. I'm from Mass and when I joined the military I was sent to Mississippi and I didn't like leaving base because speaking to people was really tough. Now I get it.
10th December 2012
Check out California. This is what happens when you leave the border open. Think I am wrong, check out the region which has the smartest students, it's nowhere near the border.
18th November 2012
Being from Connecticut, I now know why I'm so smart.
9th November 2012
There's no way Wyoming ranked #17!I remember complaining about the education system in Wyoming. It was an absolute joke! We moved from Wyoming to Florida with our children. Enrolled them in the local school. Wow! What shock!!! The counties curriculum was at least 3 to 4 years ahead what my children were receiving in Wyoming! It was a challenge for my children but they stepped up and adjusted very quickly!
Jon Schell
8th November 2012
"student achievement, positive outcomes and personal attention from teachers" - I am failing to see how this qualifies as a reasonable metric to gauge success in education.
VT baby
6th November 2012
Knew it was going to be Vermont on the top. It's interesting to see how this correlates with which states vote which way for president.
From Az
30th October 2012
Probably the results are because in Arizona there is no Bilingual Education
Judy P. Smith
16th October 2012
As a graduate in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois, I spent 20 years teaching in Arizona as a substitute teacher, teaching various subjects, grades and schools. I was very glad my children received their education in Illinois because of the quality of education in Arizona, I would definitely home schooled them. With the money they were allotted, it was inexcusable.
NJ to GA
10th September 2012
i moved from NJ #4 to GA #40. im a straight "A" student but will my grades be lower if i move back up north? Im a gifted student also but...... it was easy. i now understand
5th September 2012
I have heard that Arizona had very good schools ..actually was thinking to move there for better education..??
16th August 2012
@NJ... yep, you are BEAST ?!? smart huh?
don't hate
13th August 2012
az still has the highest budget
10th August 2012
Nevada is horrible, though i thought we would be lower
30th July 2012
And Vermont #1 - 95% of communities have no public schools. Hmmmm
A Yankee
30th July 2012
Glad to see that us Northerners are ranking high! I'm a Yankee and proud of it.
8th July 2012
Ladies and gentlemen....it's simple! People from the South are SLOW!
27th June 2012
i am from CT and i just returned from visiting Phoenix, AZ for five days. i talked to about 14 people on the light rail, bus etc. the most prevalent self description i got was: "I am a college grad and work in a restaurant." it seems that even the "well educated" in AZ don't do well. Unless you have no kids and have no plans to have kids, I would not go there to live.
24th June 2012
Glad to see a southern state in the top ten. I hate stereotypes. Go Virginia!
Proud Southerner
23rd June 2012
Glad to see a Southern state in the top ten. I hate stereotypes. Go Virginia!
17th June 2012
Ayala, I am from Arizona and a teacher here. I did, however, move here from CT a year ago. It is amazing how far behind the students here are although it is partly ESL...the school I teach in has a 77% ESL population and partly because of the distance students are from schools. Also, take into account the 'unified' school districts...something you would never see on the east coast. It's sad!
14th June 2012
im from washinton but i live in hawaii... i want to move to oregon
12th June 2012
My sister recently moved to MN from MO and constantly complains that the schools in MN are lacking when compared to MO...wha???? As a former MN teacher, I have always known better, but I wonder what the heck is in the water in MO? It's a good thing for her children that they moved to MN before they got into my sister's Kool-Aid. Crazy lady....
12th June 2012
Was educated in NJ which is a top state. Now live in KY which is poorly educated and boy can you tel it. They don't believe in education here! sad but true!!!!!!!!!!
7th June 2012
The scoring data seems to be off a bit because raw percentages are not used in all of the categories of testing. Many use raw numbers to rank data skewing the results towards smaller states such as Vermont, Mass, and New Jersey. Since I was born and raised in Iowa, I believe that Iowa's education systems is very good. I went on to attain a masters and Ph.D. without leaving the state.
19th April 2012
Is this current? I see 2005 next to everything.
10th April 2012
Moved from montana #9 to arizona #50 i feel like a genius in my new school
14th March 2012
I don't think your school could have been that much better, OH-IO, as you spelled "you're" wrong.
29th January 2012
I am a student in Ohio and have moved from Deleware City Schools to Olentangy Local Schools. From my experience Olentangy is WAY better than Deleware city. Just goes to show that education can differ dramiticly even from just a change in the School District your in.
Is there a correlation between easy acce
24th January 2012
It seems as if States with easier gun laws have a hard time educating their children
21st January 2012
My previous post wasn't posted maybe it was to lengthy. I will down to the meat and potatoes. We moved to Colorado from Kansas. My children are learning curriculum here in Colorado, that was the course of study in Kansas the previous year. From my personal experience Kansas is a whole year ahead of Colorado.
21st January 2012
Yikes tons of typos on my previous post. I am not representing Kansas well lol. To my defence it is 2 am. Why am I up so late? Trying to find a good school for my kids :/ We may have to consider moving again.
21st January 2012
I Lived in Kansas for 30 years went to a suburban school and graduated with a superb education. My children where going to the same schools as I did, but My husbands job moved us to Co. It has been a nightmare here. hardly any one on one attetion plus they are a whole year behind kansas. I have no idea if all Co. schools are like this. We live in a good area, but my kids are relearning curriculum from their previous school. I feel this whole year was a loss. I am concerned they will never be up to the same standards. I am not rich so this review isn't from a bias opinion. Everyone has access to a great education, no matter what class you fall into. I do however say most the good schools are in the suburbs. I am originally from Wichita. Houses cost for a 4 bed 3 bath 106,000-150,000 and these are nice house 1800-3000 sq. feet new or old construction. I know you do not have the veiws, but for the low cost of living you can visit the more "pretty" states.
18th January 2012
Makes total sense, I'm from Connecticut would love to speak to someone from Arizona.
you dont need to know
16th January 2012
Lol I'm mexican and i actually get good grades and I live in minnesota :D
Contradictory New Hampshirite
8th January 2012
To 'Sean'

"I live in Minnesota..people always complain about the taxes but I always say, "go live in a low tax state and see how you like it." Then I name the states and their standard of living versus their taxes. Minnesota..I love it here."

Yeah, like How New Hampshire is number 1 in Standard of Living but number 47 in tax burden? 0.o
21st November 2011
NJ is beast. We are smart up here in the north :)
16th November 2011
I can see the trend of the Southern states being at the bottom of the list. I'm not really sure that is accurate. People have stereotypes about every state, but I don't think the South is that low in the education scale overall. I don't think any of these types of lists are ever accurate. I understand that it has a certain criteria, and I respect that. I'm not going to dispute this list, but I think that education is more than school. I don't think there will ever be a survey or list that shows the truly intelligent states. I don't dispute these findings, but I do dispute the way we go about judging it.
30th October 2011

In that case, AZ would be doing much better thanks to their immigration law.
28th October 2011
I grew up in Massachusetts, going to public schools the entire time. I will tell you it is definitely one of the best as since then I've traveled the country and met many different people from different states and backgrounds and many (especially from the South) are uneducated. By this I mean consistently improper grammar and spelling, as well as the inability to hold an intelligent conversation. I also did not experience so much racism until I moved OUTSIDE of the state. In Mass I had friends of different racial backgrounds, outside of the state I was told I could hang out with my Hispanic and black friends because I "wasn't white", even the hispanics and blacks didn't hang out together and never mind the Asians! It was ridiculous. So don't tell me it's that those states have higher amounts of minorities, it's because different groups are working against each other and not for each other. Start working as a team and you'll see a huge difference in what comes out of the work you do.
19th October 2011
Look everybody, Texas is Dumb!!
CO Educated Skeptic
12th October 2011
Hm, this report shows the source as being Morgan Quinto Press in 2005. The location of this press appears to be in Kansas. Compared to the statistics the US Chamber of Commerce released (http://icw.uschamber.com/reportcard), where Kansas received an F (2009), Kansas ranks high. Arizona is also ranked one of the top states on the US Chamber of Commerce site, but ranked last here.

Additionally, it's stated that the outcomes of Morgan Quinto Press' 2005 stats emphasized three factors: "student achievement (somewhat vague), positive outcomes(very vague) and personal attention from teachers."

Time Lord
5th October 2011
Wow, that's a pretty strong correlation: the above-average states are mostly Democratic-leaning, and the below-average states are mostly Republican-leaning. Vermont, the most liberal state, is #1. Arizona, the most racist state with the most stupid governor, is dead last.
15th September 2011
Go Kansas, screw Texas! :D
13th September 2011
wow... what's up with Arizona?
4th September 2011
I grew up and graduated high school from MS. I was #2 in my high school class. I moved to Indy and completed my Bachelor's degree and did equally well considering the fact that I worked a full-time job while taking 12-15 hours each semester. I am now completing a graduate degree and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Therefore, to the poster that believes if you do well in a poorly ranked state then move to a higher ranked one, there would be a drastic difference in the grades you could achieve, I strongly disagree. I know Indy is far from being at the top but it is way above MS. I believe that I would perform equally well if I moved to a state that was at the top. Scholastic achievement has a lot more to do with the individual than it does with the state they are educated in. ..oh, and by the way, I'm also an African American. ***minority***
24th August 2011
My mother was a teacher in Ct #2 for 20 years and CA #46 for 10. This report comes as no surprise to her. She was very disappointed with CA schools. The curriculum was not as rigorous. Also, CA had many more children whose first language was not English.
23rd August 2011
I live in Minnesota..people always complain about the taxes but I always say, "go live in a low tax state and see how you like it." Then I name the states and their standard of living versus their taxes. Minnesota..I love it here.
15th August 2011
Az dead last. Explains why I am unable to have an intelligent conversation with people here without hearing an f bomb every five second.
15th August 2011
Ma does have a good education system

20th July 2011
Of course Jersey is up there. It's full of wiseguys!
3rd July 2011
JA -

The listing you alude to ranks schools by a number of factors (financial support, test scores, etc.). This ranks states by the average education of its citizens (not its students). Totally different.
19th June 2011
This does not jive with this list.

14th June 2011
Im from New York and I just realized that almost all of the Northeastern states seem to be in the top ten...really proud to live up north!
Concerned AZ Student
7th June 2011
Wow! I must be really dumb compared to other kids in vermont The Straights A's that I get would probably be straight F's In Vermont! I feel so ludicrous and simple-minded!
6th June 2011
Hello I was born in New York And they rank 10 in educational standards that is great but now I live in SOuth Florida and they rank # 36 in education that is a shame.
steven sanchez
6th June 2011
Hello my name is Steven I was born in New York City and they rank number ten that is great but now I live in South Florida and it's a shame that they rank number 36 in education that its a big shame.
26th May 2011
Yay NJ :D
23rd May 2011
Five of the ten worst are Confederate Southern states. It appears that the states with the highest number of black Americans are ranking the worst. Stereotypes are born of truths.
14th May 2011
Colorado is in the red?! Are you kidding me? This thing must be a joke.
12th May 2011
North Carolina is in the blue! *Fistpumps*
5th May 2011
Six people live in Vermont and they all have MBA's.
4th May 2011
I work for an educational company and am not surprised by the outcome for the majority of states. Connecticut always sets the standards due to its high income #1, low divorce rate #49, low child poverty rate #49, and high educational attainment of its adult population #2.
Some of you are saying that states with higher white populations did better, but Connecticut's minority rate is 25% which is high. Also, look at NY and NJ both of which have very high minority rates of over 35%, and Massachusetts with about a 21% minority rate.
21st April 2011
haha, its great to know that living in AZ, i get the worst education in the country.
15th April 2011
Minnesota Reppin!
14th April 2011
WA state #1 in rain fall, Well thats something we can brag on.
12th April 2011
It's sad to see Texas at number 24 but at the same time we are kind of disadvantaged from northern states due to the fact that almost 350,000 hispanics dropped out. I'm pretty sure there isn't that many hispanics in North Dakota and South Dakota combined.
8th April 2011
Progressive states know where their priorites should be. As for immigration skewering the stats... how many of the bottom 15-20 consistently vote Republican?
2nd April 2011
Go Democrats!
21st March 2011
Go Minnesota!
17th March 2011
Okay... but why CA is at the bottom? maybe not counting the smart Indian brains?
H. Ford
17th March 2011
Okay, but why CA is also in the bottom? Maybe all those smart Indian brains are not counted in?
Proud MA Resident
11th March 2011
Massachusetts...this is pretty amazing. We have an excellent cross section of races and cultures here, and we still rank #3. Other states say they value education, but we prove it. Way to GO!!!!

-Proud MA resident

5th March 2011
Of course I feel ashamed. Even I feel that our education systems isn't so hot...
Ryan Lyk
21st February 2011
If Walkers plan goes through, WI will probably remain by the state closest to it without collective bargaining: Virginia.
21st February 2011
States with high immigration rates skew these stats... how can you do well in school if you can't understand English?
Bob DR
21st February 2011
The real issue is our standing against our international competitors. The situation seems to be that the more money we throw at education and the more control the federal government takes the lower our students achievements. As an impartial observer (well I am a taxpayer) I think it is time to REALLY rethink our education system; the current one isn't working. The taxpayers are voting with their dollars as well as their ballots, and you're FIRED!
21st February 2011
The rankings just relfect those states that have the highest %'age of minority populations.

So all you smart 'white' states have something to be proud of
19th February 2011
I am sure Walker can add Wisconsin to the likes of Texas, Arizona and Mississippi.
17th February 2011
I'm pretty sure after walker's thing goes through, wisconsin is gonna take a pretty deep dive down this list here to match the education level to that of mississippi or arizona...tisk tisk...
3rd February 2011
Go KS (grad)! You are within the top 25! You might be higher if you taught the English language well enough to understand humor though.
2nd February 2011
Have you seen the dummies running around California? They are all over the place. I am not surprised at all. LOL
20th January 2011
Who would have thought California was one of the dumbest states out there? I'm so ashamed. Lets step up our game Cali!
20th December 2010
Ima Diva
19th December 2010
We've actually moved up on the scale. We use to be last when I was in school, however I still don't want my kids getting an education from this state. (Louisiana)
18th December 2010
Reason's why I'm leaving the state. Sick and tired of the legislature saying we need to bring in more industry and technology business to the state... then turn around and slash funding for education repeatedly... for many many years and then wonder why they can't get more educated people to move to the state or create them... yup that's my state consistantly dead last :P
17th December 2010
Yay, Oregon didn't come last (: My friend moved to Phoenix and yeahh, she wouldn't be surprised AZ came last. My cousin lives in ME. If they're all like her, it's not a shocker they came 5th.
Joe Stalin
9th December 2010
I'm from AZ. I just read a post saying that we are actually 51st. The Philippines are ranked higher than us!

Also, we might be dumb, but at least we get sarcasm.
3rd December 2010
Actually, I believe AZ_Grad was being sarcastic, and is furthering the joke by calling his or herself 'AZ_Grad' while doing so.

I'm from the Eastern seaboard, so I haven't heard a lot about Arizona's education systems one way or another. Interesting info, nonetheless.
ks grad
28th November 2010
No wonder AZ is listed at 50th, look at previous posts, lol, there are only 50 states in the nation! So what they are saying is not only are they ranked 50th in the nation but dead last!
my name
11th October 2010
Yeahh pennsylvania!!!!
7th October 2010
Arizona managed to make the top 50, I am shocked they scored so high! Go AZ!
5th October 2010
Illinois: We're NOT last!!!!!!!!!!!!
13th September 2010
whaaattt?? i live in arizona, currently a freshman at Arizona State University. Does anyone have an idea why arizona ranks so low??
29th August 2010
Arizona 50th...yeah, I believe it.
12th July 2010
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