FACTOID # 3: It's not the government they hate: Washington DC has the highest number of hate crimes per capita in the US.
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Discussion - Crime > Firearms Death Rate per 100,000

These are comments that our moderators found as non-authoritative though possibly interesting for further discussion on Crime > Firearms Death Rate per 100,000


Shelley Peck
28th March 2013
@Thomas 10th March 2013: You know as well as I that the "people" referred to in the First Amendment WERE the people in the militia. There was no standing army at the time it was written.

You must also know that many in Congress are opposed to background checks on ANYBODY. The NRA spent nearly 3 million on lobbying them in 2012.
26th March 2013
To the comment Thomas left? I support more detailed background checks but would that be a solution to people stealing guns?
26th March 2013
To embellish on Thomas' post, the militia ARE the citizens, as distinguished from the professional soldiers.
5th March 2013
The problem with this is that it includes everything from accidents when mishandling or cleaning guns to suicides to murder. This is not just people going up and shooting other people.
11th February 2013
Ted, you are ignorant. In a study of 104 nations, the U.S. was 28 in firearm murder on that list. 6 African nations on that list had better firearm murder rates than in the U.S. and these are black nations. 2 nations of the list were higher than the U.S. One was South Africa with the highest white population in Africa. The other nation was Algeria. By the way, Egypt has a murder rate than the U.S. This list had 21 nations in the Southern Hemisphere. These nations suffer from the United States having a legal ability to purchase a high number of weapons and then have Profiteers in the smuggling business. All we do is have resellers providing them to the smugglers. Hell, black market is Capitalism. Our insanity spreads. Can't be upset with Columbia selling cocaine when we have firearm manufacturers with the support of the NRA doing the same with firearms in the U.S. By the way, Massachusetts and New Jersey have suicide rates 60% lower than the top 10 top states on the firearm death list. So, people appear not to commit suicide if a firearm is not handy. EVERYTHING you stated is false and would lead an uneducated person down your way of thinking. That's insane and I won't have it without an educated statistician's input.

One more thing, cities sit next to states with no regulation. DC sits next to Virginia and West Virginia and Maryland. They have easy access in border crossings. New Jersey has a 5.2/100,000 firearm death rate yet the firearm murder rate is right at the national average. The easy border access to Pennsylvania is the culprit. Their success in total suicides, firearm suicides, firearm accidents and their very low rate of unknown firearm death reason speaks well of their universal permit process on all repeating firearms. Hawaii's rate of 2.8 firearm deaths are for two reasons. They have the most restrictive firearm regulations and they have no border crossings. the firearm murder rate is 0.07/100,000 and the total murder rate is 1.2/100,000 which are all best in the nation. The difference of 1.13 speaks to a truth, people who want to murder may find a way. However, the rates are extremely low in firearm murders and that provides very, very low murder numbers. Are national murder rate is 4.7 and the firearm murder rate is 2.75 just out for 2012. These are horrible numbers compared to the rest of the free developed world. Even as we have dropped those numbers they have always been eye popping bad compared to other nations and even to our own state of Hawaii who does not have to contend with border crossings of insane states regarding firearms.

So, Ted you are not only an ignorant man but dangerous in your thinking too.
11th February 2013
Regarding suicide (which are included in these statistics), take a look at Japan. They have more than 300% the amount of suicides we in the US have and guns are illegal there. Suicides will not stop or even decrease if there were no guns in the United States.
25th January 2013
How is this the "most recent" when on the bottom it lists the source as "Number of Deaths Due to Firearms per 100,000 Population, 2002"... Not really recent.
Ted B.
21st January 2013
Why not protect our children in schools the same way we protect our judges in courtrooms; with locked buildings, armed guards, and security check-ins? Are the thousands of children in our communities less important that the handful of judges? Are our children not worth protecting?
15th January 2013
Weren't most of those suicides done with assault rifles with high-cap clips?
Who wants to pay a lot more for twice as many cops to find all these violations?
Last I noticed, no place has less-strict gun laws than they had in 2002.
2002 Murder stats: Handguns, 8286; other guns 2538; knives 2018; blunt objects 773, other 2588.
For a state that permits hunting by natives (those born in the state), Hawaii has the crazy set of guns laws imaginable. I think this goes back at least partly to the separatist movement. And the laws between Bloomberg's private enclave are far different from the rest of the state outside of Noo Yawk Sitty,
Bill Howard
14th January 2013
The real problems with firearm issues are the same as all issues in a politically correct environment with too many narcissistic self worshipping ignoramus' too ignorant to understand how ignorant they are. And think by just calling others names like whackos who have different views on highly debated issues, somehow levitates themselves to a higher consciousness. In every society where the governments became corrupt and turned on it's civilians, revoked their right to bear arms and confiscated the civilian weapons. And statistics can be skewed to support any side of any argument. That most things can show significant statistical correlations all depending on what your comparing. The truth is usually not found in the known variables, but more in the confounds you ignore to recognize. How many people were decapitated last year in Africa by machetes? Evil will always find a way to kill. You all give opinions and state viewpoints as facts which is the lowest denominator in stupidity. I'll be the first to say I don't know. But I'm certain that when my home was invaded by seven men, that without my firearm I would be dead. It happens far more than you think. Pray it never happens to you. But if it does, good luck with your mace and bat.
7th January 2013
The relationship between access to guns and gun-related deaths is proportional, true. But don't overlook where the US sits in the world when it comes to overall murders. Access to guns is not a proportional relationship to number of murders. People will just find another murder weapon that is probably much more gruesome.

More guns means more gun-related violence as a specific category, but lower overall violent crime and murder.
Beverly Tillman
2nd January 2013
Sad, if people a 20 to 30 years in advance we will see these automatic weapons, will be turned around, Americans will be in a situation will be another Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, these American to feel that they need these weapons should join the service did they can't protect the country. these gone then I need to protect a home to kill a deer
take your blinders off, looking to the future tell me what you see. assault weapon is the mass killing, law enforcement do not carry these weapons why should probs
31st December 2012
DC should not be in this comparison. It is a city and not a State. The death rate from guns has dropped by more than 50 % in DC since their Gun Laws went into effect. Most of the gun deaths in DC are from guns purchased in Viginia that has very lax gun laws.
29th December 2012
They want you to believe conservative states have a higher rate of "Gun Violence" than liberal states.

What they fail to tell you is this:
Conservative States have a higher number of citizens defending themselves from thugs, rapists, crackheads, burglars. (i.e...a good thing)

Liberal States mainly consist of thugs, rapists, crackheads killing innocent people who had their right to defend themselves... Probably because a politician made it illegal for them to use a gun to defend their right to life.

When will people learn...criminals do not obey laws. Gun restrictions only applies to law abiding citizens! I don't want to live in a society where only criminals have guns...and denied my right to protect my gift of life.
24th December 2012
Also note that the source given for these data, statehealthfacts.org, does not actually report the same numbers.
24th December 2012
Did you just say globally? I'm sorry, but any other country in the world that has more restrictive gun laws than us, do not suffer from so high death rates by guns.
Secondly, are you blind? Do gun nuts with an agenda merely look at the top 1 place and say "Yup, figgered" and move along their day while ignoring the next few states? Hawaii is at the very bottom. What's the explanation for that one, they're just more laid back?

The real problem is people thinking that seeing this stuff on a list with bars next to them is actually definitive of anything. These don't factor in what percentage of deaths is crime related, accident related, or the fact that some places are just crime centrals to begin with. It's not supposed to either. It's meant to give you statistics, and that's all. People need to stop looking at these numbers and instantly seeing causality.
24th December 2012
Does wearing larger shoes make you taller? No, of course not, taller people have bigger feet. And areas with higher crime rates want more gun control.
Gus Laderson
23rd December 2012
There sure are some very dangerous states out there, important to consider when vacationing in the USA.
19th December 2012
I guess that denial really isn't just a river in Egypt.
17th December 2012
No gramma. With out the guns let's see they'll die from something else.


All injury deaths

Number of deaths: 177,154 Deaths per 100,000 population: 57.7 Motor vehicle traffic deaths

Number of deaths: 34,485 Deaths per 100,000 population: 11.2 All poisoning deaths

Number of deaths: 41,592 Deaths per 100,000 population: 13.5 All firearm deaths

Number of deaths: 31,347 Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.2


Now let's ban cars , gramma by tomorrows time your car is deemed unsafe because its an evil item that kills people so you now need to give it up for the better of the society on top of that this chart doesn't show death that's been caused due to the exhaust from the gas from cars let's be lucky the toll is so low.
Captain Larry
17th December 2012
Guns like fire can be a tool or a curse, and without fire you could get cold and have to eat food that could cause illness. The framers of our constitution new very well that GUNS are a tool that protects but can also hurt, but they made it the 2nd amendment because it was needed to protect the 1st amendment. The framers of that great document knew that if the 'People' couldn't protect themselves from OUR own government we would become slaves to the government and not a FREE people. In the last 100 years more than 150 million people have been killed by there own governments AFTER they removed the weapons. I wounder how fast our government would change and how fast the crime would rise if our guns were taken away. With my gun in hand I will remain a free citizen, without it I could be subjected to more laws like Obamacare.
Chris P Ham
16th December 2012
As the National Rifles Association says: "Guns don't kill people. People do".
10th September 2012
Um, Im pretty sure this is wrong... Alaska does not have a high gun violence rate at all. When someone's murdered with a gun up here it makes headlines... And I know that Washington DC, Chicago and I believe New York have the highest in the nation. We do have an extremely high rate of suicide, but I don't believe that would bump Alaska up even half the list, even if every single one was with a firearm.
24th August 2012
Do you really think making guns illegal would mean less guns. Drugs are illegal in there's plenty for everyone who wants them
21st July 2012
Note that this "study" doesn't separate suicides, homicides, self-defense, etc. Since at least half of "firearms deaths" are suicides, what we are really seeing is that suicides choose the most effective locally available method. In the San Francisco Bay Area, suicides have a strong predilection for bridges; in Arizona they shoot themselves.
pete mcguire
16th July 2012
why don't your maps work? I have tried them at home and at work on IE, Chrome and Firefox (all in both locations). What's up?
29th April 2012
Newspapers should have to print a monthly report of how often people are forced to defend themselves. This would show that all gun deaths are not crimes.
30th March 2012
what is the name of the guy who made this i need his/her name for a citation
2nd November 2011
I dont like you, my friend does'nt like you either.
30th September 2011
Also... "Watch This" Syndrome. Hilarious. I had a friend whose last words were, "Hey, watch this!" (not firearm-related). He made the national news.
30th September 2011
Numbers are numbers, not ideologies. It's pointless to attempt to politicize this chart to either a pro- or anti-gun bias.

As an aside, the thing about guns and suicide are that they are one of the most certain - and quickest, therefore least painful - methods, and therefore more likely to be used by those who have access to them. Less-sure or more-painful methods may not be employed by some without access to a firearm. At least *some* suicides would not kill themselves if they didn't have a gun available. And before I am accused of being anti-gun, I would like to state that I am 100% pro-Constitution (and therefore pro-Second Amendment) and absolutely pro-right-to-die (although we don't recommend using firearms for a number of reasons).
25th September 2011
Remember that these are not murders with guns, these are deaths with guns. These stats have nothing to do with crime. If a state has a high amount of people "allowed" to carry guns and to keep them in their homes, and because of that there are a lot of criminals killed by citizens defending themselves and their property, then that state will be high on the list.

States low on the list may have have a lot of citizens and homeowners bludgeoned to death by criminals, but you would never know it by these stats.
28th March 2011
GrammaT seems to think that people wouldn't commit suicide if guns weren't there, after all, nobody ever slashes their wrists, hangs themselves, takes pills, jumps off tall things...

Sometimes death is death, and it will happen no matter what tools are available.
22nd March 2011
I think that's quit amazing that these statistics are all from 2002; indeed, post-Katrina Louisiana should be more along the lines of the Southern States. (E.g., due to the 9th Ward). Believe me folks, New Orleans -a.k.a. "DNC Bastion of the Deep South", was a canker sore on Louisiana pre-Katrina. I can "guar-an-tee" you that those stats don't hold up to 2011! (-;
14th March 2011
57% of ALL deaths by firearms are Suicide. USGO 2010
13th March 2011
It is amazing how so many people only allow their dogma to think for them rather than clear reasoning. High gun access equals higher death and murder rates and it always has. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just deluding themselves and refuses to accept what every honest peer reviewed study has shown for decades. The 2nd Amendment was written to correct the fact that the constitution did not allow the state militias to equipt their own militias. In a slave revolt for instance a Northern President could have seized all armories, the 2nd amendment prevented that.
19th February 2011
Interesting statistic about Michael Bloomberg and his crusade for gun control. The STATE of New York, with pop. of 19.4 million, has 5.1 deaths by firearm (homicides, accidents, police use, etc) PER 100,000 people, which includes, of course, NYC with 8.4 million people (about 45% of NY total pop.). In 2010, NYC alone had 666 drug related deaths PER 100,000. Hmmmm...seems to me the focus should be the war on drugs, not the war against the 2d Amendment.
18th February 2011
@grammaT Cars kill wayy more people then guns.

"motor vehicle nuts seem to benefits of walking and road rage and accidents and "watch this" syndrome. Death is death is death... without the vehicles, they wouldn't be dead! Get it? "

Great logic there GrannyT, its because of parents like you passing on there logic to the world that this place is doomed.
4th February 2011
If you remove the crime stats for the five highest city's rates it puts a significant drop in the overall stats. That would put the U.S. on the lowest 50% world wide. Don't punish the rest of us for the wrongs of a few. So think about that for awhile.
philip van cott
1st February 2011
the need to carry a pistol in public should be a security based issue. Automatic weapons should be completely out of the question, and a background check is a must.
31st January 2011
Gun nuts seem to discount police deaths and suicides and accidents and "watch this" syndrome. Death is death is death... without the guns, they wouldn't be dead! Get it?
28th January 2011
So this includes cops & citizens protecting themselves with firearms. Also, you have to wonder how many deaths due to mafia and gangs that get buried out back in NY, NJ, CA etc.
More Guns = Less Crime
28th January 2011

The article above says it all. In addtion a "death rate" is not a murder or crime rate. Every year around 40% of all "gun deaths" are suicides.
Cathy J
15th January 2011
If you notice..... The red states/ highest states are where people go hunting. And not ALL these deaths are violent crime deaths. These are Overall averages... Not good Statistics to use to promote gun control...
Philip Rushe
13th January 2011
Notice the contrast in the figures from Alaska, Palin's home state, and Hawaii, where Obama comes from.
12th January 2011
State of Washigton and california should be on top of the list.
8th January 2011
I live in New Hampshire where you can buy a pistol or semi automatic assault rifle within 30 minutes of walking into a firearms store yet we are near the bottom average in the nation for gun related deaths. To get a concealed weapons permit all you have to do is go to your local police station and file a request form. A week later your carriers license arrives in the mail. Responsible citizens register their firearms and are usually not the ones looking to go out and shoot someone.
8th January 2011
This includes deaths from homeowners defending their homes and other lawful uses of force. It is the death rate by gun, not crime rate. Includes suicides and even police shootings. Doesn't really tell one much.
13th December 2010
how is alaska at the top??
13th October 2010
What really needs to be looked at is the states policy on gun control. DC has had the most restrictive policy along with Maryland. One is the most restrictive and the other is close behind. DC has the highest average death rate and one is only middle of the road for its average. The rest are all over the place in regards to gun control policy and death rate. Stands to reason that gun control just isn't an effective method for preventing death. It seems to happen anyway. I'll take my conceal carry permit and my firearms; thank you.
David S. Zucc.
30th August 2010
Why is it so much in Alaska and so small in Hawaii? After reading an article at http://www.pdfok.com/firearms-death-rate , I would have named other top rating districts. And I am also surprised about Washington DC.
9th August 2010
Washington DC is at the top because it is just a city, and doesn't have suburbs to reduce the average rate like the other states. For example, New Orleans actually has a higher murder rate than Washington DC, but the rest of Louisiana brings down the average.
8th August 2010
Odd the capital district is almost 3 times weighted avg. This site doesnt accurately show that large cities, which have large minorities that prey on their own people i.e. drugs/gangs. Also these cities could be called blue cities, due to their minority, liberal bastions of socialism.
27th July 2010
Notice the year. Very old and gun laws aren't as strict as they used to be. Be interesting to see what it is today.
12th July 2010
Alaska near top, mostly b/c of suicides in Native Americans.
12th July 2010
These are gun related deaths, not crimes. In Kentucky there are probably more gun deaths related to "watch this" syndrome.
Ralph Wedlow
30th June 2010
Odd how Washington DC, with it's unconstitutional handgun ban, leads the nation. FTFY
Caron Speas
14th June 2010
Odd how all the gun-loving red states have vastly more gun related deaths!! These wackos really love their shoot outs at the okay corral!!!
25th May 2010
Alaska at the top?

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